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Al-Jinn 1-28 Tafsir 21-28

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So we're here the profits are a lot of centers being told to say this to the people that call in Neela I'm Nicola Condren voila, Rashida, I do not have any power to harm you, nor any power to benefit you. My responsibility is to convey called a Neela you do and even Allah he hadn't won an edge of them into niemals Tada no one can protect me from Allah if you were to punish me and I will not find any refuge besides Him. Meaning even I am responsible for what I do.

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In lab lol amin Allah He what he said it except for balau mean Allah knows notification from Allah what he said at the end his messages, what does it mean by this Illa

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this Illa is this not meaning an exception exception from what law and legal accounting one, when I shudder

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that I do not have the power to harm you or to guide you.

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In labella home in Allah, except for this meaning, this is my responsibility, I don't have the power to harm you to benefit you. However, I am made responsible to convey the message to you,

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I cannot harm you, I cannot benefit you, I cannot force the guidance upon you because Russia is what guide right when a person accepts the guidance remember he that is of two types right. So I cannot make you accept this guidance. However, I am made responsible to what but amenable to convey the message to you which Allah has said when he said it and also his messages.

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Secondly, they said that in level one, this is no exception from language Iran even Allah he heard, that none can protect me from Allah, no one can protect me from Allah. And I will find besides Allah normal the head, if I do not convey the message, you understand, if I do not convey the message Illa it gives meaning of in and law.

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So if not for Bella homina, Allah, if I do not convey this message, then none can protect me. None can save me. I have no refuge, no protection. The only way that I can be saved is if I convey this message to you. If I don't convey I am in trouble. I have to convey and I also have to act on what I tell you about.

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This is very similar to what we have learned in sort of America. That Yeah, you have assumed by living our own Zilla in a camera that all messenger convey whatever has been revealed to you from your Lord what Atlanta fall from a love that is solid. And if you do not do that, then you have not conveyed his message. We're long we are single coming in this is number 67.

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So Ella, Bella homina, la he, when he said it, my responsibility is to convey whatever Allah has made me responsible for and also reseller, the reseller is a plural of reseller. I have to convey this to you. I don't have any choice with regards to this. And the profits are a lot of seller fulfill this responsibility, which is why we see that it wasn't just the people who believe but there were all to the general believed.

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What am I jasola? How rasuna who and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger for in Allahu Allah Johanna, then indeed for him is a fire of hell. Holly Dena Fie her Avada abiding there in eternally. In this is also a warning that I am made responsible to convey to you. And that is my responsibility. Whoever does not accept that indeed for him is the fire of hope in which he will abide eternally.

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Either oma you are doing until they see what they have been promised. Had this hat is connected with your coluna Allah He lives in the second meaning, the akuna la vida, that is disbelievers, they come around you, they gather around you, to oppose you to market you to ridicule you and the disbelievers they will continue in their coffin, they will continue in their in their opposition until when until oh man you are the moon until they see what they have been promised. The jinn heard the Quran just once and look at how it changed them. Then we shikimic on the other hand, they are different again and again and again repeatedly. But every time the Quran was recited, what did they do? They

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gathered around the prophets that allowed them not to be inspired by the Quran but to mock at the Quran. And Allah says this attitude will continue had until either oma you are doing until when they see what they have been promised and what is it that they have been promised this punishment punishment which is either of the dunya or the Acura

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They will persist in their faults ways in their Adela and then fissara Muna then soon they will no man of the iPhone now sit on who is weaker when it comes to helpers What color are the other and lesser in number of the awful lot? I infer. Dorf what does that mean weakness altdorf weaker. So who is weaker in NASA run in supporters? Welcome Akala from Cali Cali is few circleloop, lesser fewer in other in number, meaning in assistance.

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So very soon, when the punishment of all of them, whether in this dunya or it comes upon them in the Hereafter, then they will know that who is weaker in helpers and less in number? Is it them the worshipers of late Allah? Or is it the believer is the lotto hate?

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Who is weaker? What's the answer?

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Those who worship other than Allah, because they will have no helper at all on the Day of Judgment, and they will be fewer in numbers as well. Meaning their numbers, their forces of this dunya their wealth, all of that will not come to any aid at all. Nothing at all, will benefit them rather they will be completely abandoned. First Ala Moana man of the earth who now sit on a condo either, because you see at this time on the profit side of Allison would be standing alone, alone by himself reciting the Quran. And all of a sudden surrounded by them wished again who are walking at him, ridiculing him making noise. Just imagine, if you see such a scene, what would you think that the

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crowd of people on one side and that individual on one side who's going to win? The crowd of people, right? Put yourself in a situation like this, you feel very weak. You're the only one and there's so many people against you. But our last panel says they will continue like this and very soon they will see who is it that's weaker in terms of helpers, and who is it that's lesser in terms of number?

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And if you think about it, they were the machine who had gathered up around him in order to mock him. But at another occasion, they were the jinn who had gathered up around him. God who Yokozuna Allah He lived to oppose him No, to listen to him there were so eager to listen. So don't be fooled by what you see.

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Don't be fooled. Don't be deceived by what you see. It's quite possible what you see is difficulty opposition, but in reality, a loss of habitat is aiding you. Very soon the tables will turn very soon, Allah will show you

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call in a diary say I do not know a Caribbean whether it is near to Arduino, what you have been promised, meaning the punishment that you have been promised, I do not know whether it is near Amelia Gerardo, la hora be another or if my Lord will grant for a long period. Emma, what does it mean? A span or stretch of time.

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So I do not know whether the punishment is correct. So it will come very soon.

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Or Allah has set for it a month, a span of time, a long period of time after which it will come. So in other words, I don't know if it's coming now, if it's coming soon, or if it's coming after a long period of time.

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In other words, the matter of the punishment, the matter when the day of judgment will occur. All of this is what part of the knowledge of the ANC

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and this knowledge of the unseen Allah soprano data has kept it with who only himself, he has not told others about it. That the people of Makkah, whenever they were warned about the punishment, what was their reaction, bring it bring it.

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So there have been told, I do not know when it's going to come. I do not know if it's near or if it's far alima lavey. He is the Knower of the unseen Allah is the one who knows the unseen fella you so he does not disclose us little law, law. He does not reveal he does not disclose Alavi upon his life meaning the life that he has the knowledge of the unseen that he has, he does not disclose it to anyone amongst people.

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He is the Knower of the unseen and he keeps a knowledge of the unseen with himself. He doesn't tell others about it. This is very similar to I will assess whether your inventories me in loving Russia, that people cannot encompass of his knowledge except what He wills whatever he decides to keep with himself. No one can find out about it. People can only know what Allah tells them about.

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So in this is basically the restriction of a car being warranted as the punishment and at the same time they're being told that you don't know when it's coming. I don't know when it's

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Coming only Allah knows

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why because Allah is the Knower of the unseen

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in laminated on metal Assouline, except whom he has approved of messengers Illa This is an exception from what? This is an exception from the previous ayah, which is that Allah keeps the knowledge of the unseen with with himself.

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However, some knowledge of the unseen, he gives it to who moneta law, the one whom he approves middle azulon of messenger, meaning, he gives Bart some knowledge of the unseen, do his messengers, do his messengers, why is it that he gives some knowledge of the unseen to his messengers? For two reasons, so that, first of all, they can fulfill their mission.

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Like for example, whatever the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about, for instance, whatever is in the Quran of the people of the past, or what will happen in the future, is that knowledge of the unseen or was it once upon a time knowledge of the unseen? Yes, they will come in and bear it levy is an utter new he LA, this is of the news of the unseen which we revealed to you, you did not know about it, your people did not know about it, isn't it? So, many times we learn about this in the understory of use of our SNM it was lost, people did not know about it.

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So once upon a time, it was all part of the unseen, Allah informed his messenger why, so that the messenger could fulfill his mission.

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He understand.

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Secondly, another reason as to why the messenger is informed of some of the knowledge of the unseen remember, not all but some are, is to make it as a miracle for him,

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so that his truthfulness is proven to the people.

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Any incident you remember from the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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that when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was with us, they were digging the trench, and there was a huge boulder that they could not break through. And then the profits or losses that came in struck it and the light, you know, came out and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them about what he saw, and the victories of the Muslims were going to have in the future. So this was what kind of knowledge of the unseen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told about them later on it came true. And this proved his truthfulness, any other incident.

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Yes, many times the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would narrate the incidents do the companions that remember the Battle of others, so and so will be killed here, and so and so will be killed here, so until will be killed here. So when that happened, this is what proof that he is indeed a true messenger.

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When the Jews have a nuclear when they decided to throw the boulder on him, profits or a bonus and was informed on how they were going to be built up, when he sent a letter, the profits or a bonus and it wasn't formed.

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When the Michigan had decided to kill him in his own house, the profits on a lot of Cena was informed about it, and he left right in time, it wasn't just by luck.

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So there are many, many incidents in this era, that we see how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was informed of the unseen. Why, so that it would be as an evidence of his truthfulness. So 11 is Solomon was suited, but just remember, that a loss of panel data gives to his messenger, only some knowledge of DNC, it does not mean that the messenger then becomes it will have no it will laborers who only Allah subhanaw taala none but him any information that Allah gives to his messenger that's only part of the knowledge of the ANC.

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And there are some matters which he did not even inform his messenger about, for example, who came and asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about when the day of judgement is going to be in What did he say? That the one who was being asked does not know any better than the one who was asking.

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So in lemon is tell them it was Julian. And over here also, if you see in the pseudo coup here, say it has been revealed to me, and later on as well. were unknown, or Unknown, Unknown. What does that show all of this has been revealed to me, I do not know of it myself. I did not hear it, I did not see it. I was informed about it. Which shows that the messenger is not audible a riding a wave is only Allah. So eliminated, Ahmed was suelen. Whoever Allah approves of messenger, so he gives him some of the knowledge of the unseen and then whoever is chosen as a messenger, for him know who So indeed he meaning Allah, yes, local, he causes to enter meaning he dispatches he appoints he sends

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for me mania day he before him meaning before the messenger woman Humphrey and behind him meaning behind the messenger rassada. Watchers guards observers, meaning whoever Allah chooses as a messenger. Then what happens

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He reveals to him, he sends where he to him, he gives him some knowledge of the unseen.

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And when that is being revealed to the messenger, that what happens Allah sends before him and behind him, guards, angels to preserve him, to protect him, to preserve him against you against the shale clean so that the shale team cannot interfere. They cannot interfere with the revelation.

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And they cannot steal of that information either.

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You see the shale thing earlier they will go up to the skies in order to eavesdrop but now when they were he was being revealed they could not do that anymore. There were angels, hello sun shades and Russia guarding the skies.

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So it's not just that the skies are being guarded. But the messenger is also being guarded, by who? by strong angels Russell Russell, over here gives meaning of guard watcher observer, angels who preserved the messenger who protect him.

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Now, the revelation that Allah Subhana Allah has sent the Quran What is it? The only Kalki taboo, lovely Buffy There is no doubt in it. And this Quran has been revealed in its original form and Allah subhanaw taala has taken the responsibility to preserve it. So while the Quran was being revealed, as well, no sheltering could interfere at all. Allah had appointed firm guards to guard the profits of a lot of systems that no shouting could harm him.

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If you think about it, any other ordinary human being with him is with every person is a shaitan. Who is inspiring evil to him, isn't it?

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Who is putting what was in his heart? You read something good. And then you know, you have a negative thought concerning that in your heart. Does it happen sometimes? You reading something good. And children casts doubt in your heart. Right? What if this is not true? And what about this? And what about that? This happens with ordinary people. Imagine if this started happening with the messenger, the chelina interfering in this thinking they're corrupting his thinking they are making his Eman low, they are making his Eman weak, they are creating doubt in his heart, then would the messenger be able to convey what he no way? Similarly, it happens with you that you hear something?

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But can you doubt yourself that what if I heard wrong? Can you of course, easily, but the messenger where he was brought to him? Could he doubt himself? Maybe I heard wrong, no.

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Right? If there was no way this could have happened. Why? Because the messenger was to convey to the people and in order to make sure that the messenger conveyed properly, Allah subhanaw taala protected him, protected him against you against the sheltering as well.

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Similarly, we see that ordinary people they can be affected by the shutdown, they can be affected by the Jin Jin can harass them, they can physically harm them, they can possess them. However, this cannot happen with a messenger of Allah. Why? Because he has to convey the messages of his Lord to the people.

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And Allah has taken the responsibility to guide people to the messenger is only a means. So that means also Allah will preserve and protect what's a very, very big lesson in this ayah for us,

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that anyone who works for the cause of Allah, that Allah will protect.

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He is in the protection of Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala protected the profits on a lot of them against his enemies, all types of enemies, enemies from among the jinn, and also from among the men.

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A police came with that flame of fire to throw on the profit side of Arsenal, he was praying, could you do that? You know, the prophets, Allah, Allah doesn't actually have the power to even capture him and tie him up to the pillar of the masjid. And he didn't. Why? Because you remember the dogs today mannerism.

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Right? Similarly, we see the machine of Makkah, the Jews of Medina so many times he attempted to kill him, they attempted to harm him good they know they couldn't, why? Because he was being protected by Allah.

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So the one who goes out in the way of Allah, then Allah protects him, Leah lemma that he may know Yama, he who does he refer to? Allah subhanaw taala. That he may know and obviously Allah knows from before, but this is knowledge that is going to be manifested, that is going to be shown, so that he knows and Abdullah who is alleged to be him, that they have indeed conveyed the messages of their Lord, meaning the messengers, whom Allah has chosen, whether it is from the angels or the human beings. So for example, in the debris, for example, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah knows that they have in fact conveyed to

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they have conveyed it properly, as it was without any alteration. This is why Allah protects the messenger.

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What a healthy manner they him, and he has encompassed. He has encompassed whatever is with them. The hell Toby melodiya meaning he is encompassed in his knowledge, whatever is with them, meaning, whatever is with his creation, with his messengers, whatever they do all of their activities or loss of penalty, Allah knows all about it. Well, I saw Kula Shay in other day, and he has enumerated all things in number.

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So in this ayah, what do we see? Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala get the profits out of autism in such strong protection? Why, in order to ensure that the message has had been conveyed properly,

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secondly, the Yama Yama is also understood as he meaning Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam may know

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he may know. And the other level is Allah to be him, that they also convey the messages of their Lord who the previous messengers, the previous messengers before convey the messages of their Lord in similar protection.

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This is the way of a love this is a super novel, every time he sends where he, every time he sends revelation, then he protects the messenger.

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And Allah is informing His Messenger over here about this that he knows that the previous messenger is also conveyed in a similar fashion.

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So Leah and Emma and called the abalone who decided to obey Him, what a half of invalidating

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conditions in other than Allah has encompassed everything, all people all didn't, none can escape his knowledge, none can escape his power, he has the power to control everyone will help me validate him, Well, I saw kulesza in other than every single thing, Allah has enumerated our size from from House idea and your site is do count to enumerate the list. So, every single thing Allah has listed it, how are they in number, so he has kept count of everything, every burn, every atom, every small and big thing Allah has kept its count. So for example, when it comes to Revelation, even, every single word every single house, every single IRA, every single soldier, every single hook of Allah

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subhanaw taala has enumerated it

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a precise number and he knows the number. So that nothing is lost, you understand? Nothing is lost at all. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is left out, but rather whatever he wanted to be conveyed. It is conveyed Exactly.

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be another

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and the end of the pseudo axacon lashay in other than what does that show to us? That every single thing, Allah subhanaw taala knows its exact number, precise number. So nothing is lost. Nothing is forgotten from the deeds of a person to the words that a person has uttered, which is why, on the day of judgment, a person will see his record What will he say maryada kita la mirada, Malacca Villa de la sua.

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And similarly we learned elsewhere in the Quran. That not a Li fault, except that Allah knows about it. So every single thing from a drop of water that falls down from the sky, to a snowflake, anything at all, a tree applies.

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alief dust, everything Allah subhanaw taala knows about it, he knows its number, he knows where it is, he knows where it will end up what will happen to it, all of the details related to it knows about it. So the science shows to us about the knowledge of a loss of habitat, how comprehensive it is how complete it is.

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And in that knowledge is also included knowledge of the messenger, his activities, the people who are coming up against and people who are opposing him, so Allah will protect him. Allah will ensure his safety and security

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this the heruka wanted to be a celebrity