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Al-Muddaththir 1-56 Tafsir 8-25


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The speakers discuss the meaning behind the Trumpet and the difficulties of working as mothers. They also talk about the success of men in their roles as mothers and how they work. The speakers discuss the history of Islam, including the implementation of the Prophet sallahu Sallam and the use of the word "t]" to assert faith. They also discuss the importance of avoiding false assumptions and the need for people to confirm their beliefs. The speakers stress the importance of knowing the natural world and not just a habit.

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Then a lot of parents are assessed for either nuclear off in medical and when the Trumpet is blown, warn the people against the hereafter the punishment of the hereafter. Why because the matter of the Hereafter is very serious. For either nuclear often called nuclear from the newsletters known path raw and knuckle is to blow. What does it mean to blow?

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And now cold is a trumpet, or a bugle, anything in which a person blows? Why in order to produce sound,

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it is something that is hollow from inside solid from outside.

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So for either nuclear fin, or when the Trumpet is blown, why, to begin the day of judgment.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, How can I be comfortable when the one with the horn has placed it in his mouth, leaned his forehead forward and is waiting to be commanded so that he can blow

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just imagine the angel is ever ready to blow the trumpet. Allah says for either nuclear often co further likoma even that day, Yeoman RC it will be a difficult day for the Liga so that the oma even is that day, which is your one RC is a very difficult day, a harsh day.

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It's not an easy day, and especially if you can fit in on the disbelievers. Lilia see not easy at all.

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So generally that day is difficult. However for the disbelievers it's not easy at all.

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For the believers It is easy compared to how it will be on the disbelievers. However in general, that day is very hard it's very difficult.

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are low caffeine a little YesI

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intro to hedge I wanted to we learn Yeah, you have NASA Dakota bircham in Zelda sir rt shaden are lame. It's Aleem, it's RC it's lado ese

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Yamato una De Luca no more Latina

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whatever I couldn't do that Hamlet Hamlet her water NASA su cara, woman whom be sakara

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Interactive Muslim in 17. We have learned earlier for K for that the hoonah income to yo My God will Danna Shiva children will turn gray haired because of the intensity the horrors of that day into the number 87 way oh my own focus is slowly for fuzzy Armand Mr. miletti woman fill up the interim and sha Allah will calm

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everyone in the heavens and the earth will be frightened.

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Allah says love me, leave me meaning leave me to deal with who woman halaqa to and the one whom I created where Haider alone, leave me to deal with the one whom I created alone, where he

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where hate is from well had and what is what hate me alone singular. So only meaning there is none like him, none with him.

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None in competition with him, none similar to him.

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So what does it mean by this woman HELOC to wahida. This has been understood in a number of ways that first of all, where he is the father of HELOC to

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that I created a loan meaning myself

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leave me to deal with the one whom I created. How did I create him where he alone myself, no one had to share with me in his creation. I created him all by myself.

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Secondly, they said that we're here this system of rule of me, meaning leave me as well. he'd leave me alone, to deal with who woman Hala to deal with the one whom I created.

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I will deal with him myself.

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I will deal with him myself. I will call him to account I will question him myself. I will recompense him myself. So what does it show on the Day of Judgment Allah will deal with people how himself the Omni woman Halak to wahida

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13 has been said that we're hate this is the mufe rule of haluk. Too much rule of haluk to whom I created alone, how that he was created alone in the womb of his mother. He was all alone there.

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We didn't have any Well, he did not have any children. He did not have any family. He did not have any wealth. He was all alone in the womb. And this is how people come into this dunya all by themselves alone. What wealth do they own at that time? What supporters do they have? Which family do they have without Neela manakala wahida

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Leave me with the one I created alone, meaning I will deal with him myself.

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Now this person the following verses, they were revealed concerning and will lead even unbeliever. Who was he?

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Well, he didn't know who was he.

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He was a father of Khalid, even when he

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and he was extremely wealthy, and all of the tubes of Makkah. He had a very high rank, and he had a very high status amongst the people.

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He was known as Rihanna to crush the flower of Polish, Rihanna, remember? So he was known as Rihanna to crush and he used to call himself where he'd ignore hate. Why? That no one is like me.

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I have no comparison. I have no competition. No one is like me. No one is similar to me in my Well, no one is similar to me in my power, in my beauty, in my authority, in my knowledge.

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So he used to call himself or he even worried. And he was a paternal uncle of Abuja. And he had 10 sons

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10 sons he had.

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And he was also extremely wealthy. It is said that his properties were stretched from all the way from Makkah to a part if this is how wealthy he was, he had a lot of property. And according to some narrations, his yearly income was about 10 million dinar.

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10 million dinar that was his yearly income, annual income.

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And just to give you a comparison, abubaker of dinar, and when he was a halifa, remember that when he became the halifa, he went to the marketplace in order to do some business that he could get some money to provide for his family, or whatever, and who he happened to pass by. And he saw these few girls who wanted to ask aboubaker O'Donoghue for something but alberca Donna was not there. So he went looking for Bobo Khurana went to the marketplace found over there. And he said, What are you doing your job is that you're totally fine. You're busy in the marketplace. So he said I have to provide for my family. So I'm one of the nine who said that no, you cannot leave your work. This is

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a full time job you have you cannot leave it even to make money. So then I will look around and said if you give me something then I will not continue with this business. So he said, How much do you need? He said 300 dinars a year

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300 dinner a year. The salary of the halifa was how much 300 Deena and Walid bin mobila. His yearly income was how much 10 million Dino

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10 million Dino so just to have an idea of how extremely wealthy this man was, how rich he was, when he didn't. This is why he used to call himself where he said I have no comparison. No one is like me. So Allah says the only woman haluk to wahida leave me to deal with him. I created him alone. I will deal with him alone. And I brought him in this world when he was alone as well.

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What Tula who and I made for him man and well that is one do that is extensive, man dude is from muda muda muda, which means to extend to stretch, and mahmudullah is one that has been stretched one that has been extended. So I have made for him. I have assigned for him I have granted to him. Well, that is ma'am dude. What does it mean by mom dude, meaning it is extended. It is spread over miles and miles as I mentioned to you, his properties. His gardens were from their stretch from Accra to afar if this is how wealthy he was, madam Duda spread over miles and miles. Mahmoud is also understood as Kafeel abundant.

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He had abundant wealth that continuously generated from his crops from his livestock from his business. constantly being generated mom dude extended, constantly generating unending supplies, whether Nina shuda, and sons that are ever present.

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As I mentioned to you, he had 10 sons, and to hood This is a plural of the word Shahid. What does it mean by this sons that are shoot? This is understood in two ways, first of all, who are always present by his side, never leaving for any trade, or for any other need.

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It is said that he had 10 cents and of those 10 cents only three became Muslim eventually. And who are they call it even Really? a sham even Walid and Amara have been really, really low on the rest of the sons. They did not accept Islam. However, all of the suns however they should. They were always with him.

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The Arabs, what did they do, especially the people of Makkah. They were merchants. They were trading

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To men, and they will travel to Syria, they will travel to Yemen, in the summers in the winters. Why? In order to have business for the purpose of trade?

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Now, imagine if a person is going from Morocco, all the way to Syria, or he's going from Morocco all the way to Yemen. Is he going for a day is when we do this? No, these business trips sometimes took months, two weeks.

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So the men mainly were those who would go for these business trips, and once they would go, they would come back after weeks after months. However, Waleed, even though he was so wealthy,

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and he had so many workers that he never had to travel for business, and his sons never had to travel for business either.

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He had so many workers, he never had to travel himself. His sons never had to travel either. So his sons were always there with Marina Shahada, and imagine his sons they lived off of who their father. Why, because he was so wealthy, were benina Shahada, then she heard is also understood in another way, which means that they were always present. His sons were always present, always present were at social gatherings at big events. People, you know, looked up to them. people listened to them, people respected them, their testimonies, their words, they were accepted. What Medina Shahada

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and this is the true worldly success of a person that when he himself is successful, and his children are also successful. So Bernina Shahada

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Allah says womanhood doula who Tomita and I spread everything before him easy his life Muhammad to them heat meme had that What does my head mean? To prepare a cradle to flatten a bed to flatten a sheet to take out all of the curves everything from there so that it is nice and smooth? So my head too, I smooth and I ease for him. He is Muslim for the purpose of emphasis. What does it mean by this?

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That I made his life smooth and comfortable for him, his wealth, his children, everything is prepared for him ready for him smooth for him. He doesn't have to put in any effort. his wealth is such it has reached such a point that it's just generating more and more money itself. He doesn't have to take any worries any tension, any work. His sons don't have to carry the burden. Money is being generated itself. They as a family are respected. People look up to them people listen to them, or Mahatma who Tomita. If you think about it, any person who goes into politics or any person who starts making money, what does he have a lot of competition

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for? Well, even the leader had no competition. Why? He was at the top there was no one who was like him. This is why he was called where hate or hate him and where he. So Allah says one Maha Shula who Tomita I did all of this for him

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some mail tomorrow and as he and then he desires that I should add more, as either that I should give him more, I should increase him in his Well, in spite of having all of this he still desires that he should be given more. This is his greed. There is no end to his greed. There's no end to his desire. He's still not satisfied with what he has. And it's amazing sometimes, but there are people who have so much wealth, but what are they concerned about? making more wealth, making more money?

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I mean, what are you going to do with that money? Honestly, sometimes I wonder that if a person has so much money, he has a huge house, he has a huge car, everything is set up, everything is nice. He's still busy making more money investing more and more. What are you going to do with that money?

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Honestly, what?

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So so my tomorrow and as he This is true, the more wealth a person has, the more his desire for it increases, his greed never comes to an end. And this is why the statement of the profit side of autism is so true, that at the son of Adam had two values of gold, he would wish for a third. And nothing can satisfy can fill his stomach except for except for dust mud. When he dies, then it is that his desire will come to an end.

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So my ultimate goal and as

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Alyssa Scala No way, meaning I'm not going to give him more than that. I'm not going to increase him in his wealth. Why? Because in the who can only a Latina and either he has been toward our versus obstinate, I need who is our need.

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One who is stubborn in his opposition, who opposes the truth despite knowing because their stubbornness and that you know what the truth is? You see it you recognize it yet you don't acknowledge it, why you're being stubborn

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So he has been with our eye out there I need What does is refer to the Quran.

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Now this man will even the little, he was apparently very wise knowledgeable. He was aware of the Arabic language. And it is hard he was fully convinced of the truthfulness of the Quran.

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Because any person who knew the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had a little bit of understanding of the Arabic language could not deny the fact that what the prophet said a lot is and it was saying was, indeed, why revelation, it was not his own word. But in order to save his position as a chief of his people, in order to remain as the only person who had no competition, he was not prepared to affirm faith, he was not prepared to accept Islam to become a believer.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam confronted, obviously he stood up and he started warning people.

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And he warned people in many different ways, openly secretly, at individual level, public level, he called people from the mount Safa. And similarly, when the hajjaj were coming into Makkah, for the purpose of Hajj, what would he do? He would go and do Dawa to them as well.

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And other people of Makkah became worried that look, they're outsiders who are going to be coming into Makkah. And if Mohammed savasana, goes and recites them, the Koran they will get influenced by him. And if they get influenced by him very quickly, his message will spread everywhere.

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So they had to come up with a plan to warn people against the profits out of

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that, what do we say about him, so that people don't listen to him?

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So all of the chiefs, especially the chiefs, they held the conference, and they got together in order to decide what kind of campaign they were going to launch against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the height season. So, well, even earlier, he said to the chiefs, who were there that if you said contradictory things about Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we all would lose our trust among the people. Therefore, let us agree upon one opinion, which we should all say without dispute.

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Look at how intelligent he was, that we all have to say the same thing. If you say he's a poet, and you say, he's a madman, and you say he's insane, then people are not going to listen to us. So we all have to agree on what we're going to say about him.

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So some people said, they would call Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam a soothsayer. Well, even though he doesn't know Biola, he's not a soothsayer. We have seen the suit says what they murmur and what they utter has no remote resemblance with the Quran.

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Some other people said, then we will say he is possessed.

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So what he'd been really I said, he is not possessed. We have seen bad and insane people. The way one walks disjointed Lee and behaves foolishly in that state is known to all who would believe that what Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam presented was the incoherent speech of a madman.

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Then the people said, then we say do you support when he said No, he's not support. For we know poetry in all its forms and what he presents conforms to no form of it. That we know poetry very well. And what he says is not poetry.

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Look at how convinced he was how he recognized the truth. This is why I called him or need.

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The people said that he is a sorcerer. Well, he said he is no sorcerer either. We have seen sorcerers and we also know what methods they adopt for their sorcery. This also does not apply to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam sorcerers they keep unclean filthy Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was told with the avocado hero who does a bad job.

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So then he said whichever of these things you said about Muhammad, it would be known to be a false accusation by Allah. His speech is sweet. His route is deep, and his branches are fruitful.

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To add this, Abu Jamal, he began urging will even valina that your people will never be pleased with you unless you say something about Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. I mean, you have to say something about him. condemn him. You've said such good words about him. He's not a boy. He's not a magician. He's not this. He's not that people won't listen to you, you have to condemn him. So well even Alito said let me think over to while then after prolonged thought and consideration, he said,

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the nearest thing to the truth is that you tell the Arabs that he is a magician, he is a sorcerer

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who has brought a message by which he separates a man from his father and from his brother and from his wife and children and from his family.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that in who Kennedy I attina are neither he recognized the truth but just to keep his position. What did he do? He opposed the ayatollah serpentine.

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Allah says the old Hippo who said, I will cover him with a very difficult punishment, or Hiroko, or Yoko Ono.

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haircalf What does that mean? Well hook to overcome to overtake forcefully

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and oyako is to impose a difficult task on someone led to here Connie, and Emily are strong. Remember into little calf.

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Just oh whoa, whoa, I shall force him to sorrowed what the sarode mean, ascend to go up. So I will force upon Him I will impose on him the suffering of a punishment that is only going to increase that is ever increasing, from which he will have no relief ever so or he will serve Buddha. Sara has ultimate understood as a mountain and Hellfire, which the people of Hellfire will be made to ascend, and they will fall down from it. We learned about this earlier as well, since the old Hippo who said ooda, I will force this punishment on him, this punishment that will only increase this punishment in which he has to ascend that mountain and he will fall from it. Why? Because in the hoof

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Indeed, he thought and deliberated, Saqqara, Ufa kotecki What does that mean, to contemplate, to think?

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So he contemplated what Katara and he evaluated, he made a decision. He made a decision in his mind. Because when the people were asking him, what do we say?

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He was thinking, no, you can't say this about him. No, you can't say this about him. And when Abu Jamal said you better say something negative about him. So he said, Let me think about it. Allah says in Africa, he thought waka Dara, and he decided for coup de la casa de la. So May he be destroyed for how he decided to de la This is a kenema which gives the meaning of making a draw against someone.

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It doesn't mean he was skilled, but rather what does it mean? May he be cursed? May he perish? May he be destroyed for how he deliberated for what a decision he made. May he be cursed and perished for what he said, for the decision that he made concerning the Quran?

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Some cotulla cave, then May he be destroyed for how he deliberated some another, then he considered, he was thinking, and he was reflecting.

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And so Manasa NASA, what does it mean to look to consider? So he contemplated What did he contemplate the faces of the people who are gathered in that madness.

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And he contemplated as to what to say about the Quran, because he was basically looking for just one thing that he could say, against the Quran against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, by which people will be turned away from the Prophet sallallahu

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just one or a one fault, anything that he could come up with anything that he could twist and misrepresent and as a result or and people from the Quran.

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So Allah says, For cotulla k for some Mattila, k Takada, so Manasa, he thought again,

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and even when he thought again, did he say something positive? No.

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So marva said then he found we're better at his scout.

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Aversa is from newsletters I've seen and other means to found it is to basically contract the skin which is between the eyes,

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the skin that is between the eyes, the forehead, basically, this is our Bursa, to scowl to look sternly so he found like someone who is in a very deep thought, you know, when someone is thinking about something really reflecting on it, what do they do?

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They contract the skin which is between their eyebrows.

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So, our Bursa and basara basara is from the rotator is bassy in LA and it is to increase in others to really tighten the skin. So it is a step ahead of agasa to increase the contracting. So somehow Vasa will vessel a las panatela described his facial expressions over here, that how he was thinking

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and how he was looking at people. Allah says some adebola Then he turned back, meaning turned back from the truth. He could have almost, you know, made all the people convinced about the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah, and he could almost have accepted faith himself as well, but he turned away from there.

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When would you have said to him, your people will not leave you you better say something negative. So at the bottom was takahara. And he was arrogant, meaning he arrogantly said to them what all of you are saying is not right. You don't know anything? I'll tell you. It's the kabara

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istikhara he was very arrogant in his manner. That everything that people said he said, No, no, no, this is not gonna work. This is not gonna work. And eventually what he said also

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istikhara he was very arrogant

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for color then he said in her that this is not elastic, except magic, that is your cell that is handed down your cell from the root letters Hamza or what is so mean? the trace of something the trace is what stays behind. So, I thought is to transmit, to pass on.

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So, you saw, it is handed down. This is only magic that has been handed down from one generation to the other, from the people of the past, and this has reached Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. In her there he said, this is not mean this Quran is not Illa called Bashar except the word of a human being. This is not the word of Allah. This is the word of a human being, this is a speech of human beings instead of the natural Ayah 103. Also we learned what are called the natural mo under homea coluna in Nima your early mahoba. Shop, and we certainly know what they say that they say it is only a human being who teaches the Prophet.

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So in her that Illa Conal Basha so don't get impressed by it.

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So this is what they decided they were going to spread amongst the people

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with this recitation,

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see, me woman,

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Bell, football.

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It's amazing how his expressions and the way he thought the way he reflected the way he responded to the people, all of that is mentioned in so much detail. And besides that, what else has mentioned his wealth and his children,

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and how he was perceived by the society, how much influence he had in that society, everything is mentioned in so much detail, to show how the wealth of this dunya can really receive a person

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that will either novella, he had everything of this dunya but how he was deceived by it.

00:28:09--> 00:28:13

And how he was drawn away from the truth because of this deception.

00:28:15--> 00:28:31

Allah had given him so much, and because of all that wealth, and power and authority, he did not accept the truth. He did not want to give up all the greatness the grander of dystonia.

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He saw the truth, yet he did not acknowledge it, and rather, what was he doing, striving to prove it wrong?

00:28:40--> 00:28:45

So we see at the beginning of the surah, on the one hand, Allah subhanaw, taala mentioned the character of the day,

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how a diary should be, he should have good luck, he should do suffer, he should acknowledge the greatest truth, worry about the greatest reality, or a book of Aqaba. conferenza. This is how a diary should be. And then on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the way off the people of this world, that how are they lost and dystonia?

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People who don't acknowledge the truth, people who are proud, who belittle others who belittle those who are lesser than them.

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And we see that first and the sooner the diary is told as to what he should do what he should focus on. And then an example is given of what kind of people a person might come across when he's calling people to Allah.

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And then how should a person deal with these people? That first of all, don't be impressed by them? Because look at the way he's mentioned in these ayah, who gave him all of his wealth anyway.

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Allah, the only woman Hanako wahida. So don't be impressed by such people. And yes, he looked very impressive as he was thinking, and he was reflecting, and he was thinking about what to say, every suggestion that was given he turned it down, while how intelligent he is. But then Allah subhanaw taala tells us Don't be impressed by him and say

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Family Leave is matter to me Love me woman Hanukkah Haider.

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So when a person comes across such people, how should he think of them? First of all, don't be impressed by them.

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Because many times who is it that people follow

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those who are wealthy, those who are influential. So don't be impressed by them. And secondly, leave their matter to Allah. And remember that Allah is the one who created them alone, and he will deal with them alone.

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Okay, let's listen to recitation again.

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