Reflections On Surah YASEEN – Part 10

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Part 10/12 – People Who Refuse to Think

This episode explains ayahs numbered 45-54 from Surah Ya-Sin in great detail. The explanation is about people who refuse to think when the word of Allah come to them, the three stages of destruction, not intending to spend their wealth in a proper way and an awakening preview of the Day of Judgement.

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him 111 salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he was

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actually a sister had a really brilliant question. And I thought that I would start the session by answering that question, and helping everybody understand some things about the nature of engaging the Quran. The question was, you know, we're learning all these, you know, you know, wisdom or philosophical insights and things like that. What is the practical benefit of all of this? I mean, you spent some time so much time studying it, and you're describing all of this, but practically, what do I take home with me? Right? What are some, maybe even she didn't say the words, but maybe what are some action items I can take home and say, I actually got something out of this. I actually

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believe that that's a very common concern. And I also believe it's tied to a certain

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slogan that is, is problematic that has become very common in the Muslim community. And the slogan is that we have to learn every item of the Quran and put it into practice. The slogan is everything you learn in the Quran, you should put it into practice. Now the thing is, not every eye of the Quran calls you to an action and if not mean does not call you to an action

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for talavera de Vaca sahasranama June around turn to his side and said that Musa alayhis salam is a magician or insane is not calling you to an action.

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You understand?

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You know the Allah created trees that have beautifully packaged fruits. Maybe the action is go eating fruit

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you know? But then what is the Quran calling you to

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see the Quran has certain goals.

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The goals of the Quran are identified by the Quran itself. The under contract tahune the Allah Kentucky loon

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macaroon La La Quinta de karoun. Quran itself tells you so that you think so that you reflect so that you ponder, so that you protect yourself

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so that you act in the right way. Sometimes the IOD are calling you to action. Other times what Allah wants you to do is just think

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he just says I want you to think other times he says I really want you to think deeply.

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He says he complains in the Quran of Allah tada barudan Koran, why don't they reflect deeply into the Quran? Allah khudobin Apollo do their their hearts have locks placed on them? You know, when we think of putting something into action, we're talking about something that you do. But our actions are a result of our attitudes, our emotions, our understanding, and much of the Quran is actually shifting our attitudes. It's shifting our understanding, it's making us appreciate a less power is making us appreciate a less wisdom.

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And that wisdom changes the way you see things and how you react to things. So not everything is a call to action. I don't believe that at all. Actually, I don't believe that at all There are there are so many out of the Quran where there's nothing for you to do. But there's a lot for you to

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think about.

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There's a lot for you to consider. There's a lot for you to remember, all of this is a legitimate application of the Quran. That's also putting the Quran if you want to call it into action. The purpose of this exercise I wanted to do two things I wanted to highlight because the lesson in the beginning one for Anil Hakeem neuron full of wisdom, I wanted to highlight some of the beautiful wisdom in the salon. That was my first goal. I also wanted to highlight how it's knit together. Because the word Hakeem also means that it's knit again. I also wanted to highlight how the Quran does not apologize for its vertix it says it like it is like all these profits did and calls people

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out like it should because at the end of the day, Hakeem is also that and that, that I in the beginning is actually driving this entire study. So I'm hoping that's what you get out of it. That's worth it to me. If that's not practical enough, I don't know what else I could tell you. Okay, now, which I'm invading at him said that I actually know the ins is way that de la home when it is said to them. This by the way this this is Section four. And in Section it's a smaller section is just three is That's all it is. So we can get four and five done now inshallah, hopefully, okay. And in this section, just three is you know what we're gonna learn about people who just refuse to think

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they just refuse to think you know why this section is important? Because right now we are in Section four. So how many sections have come before three, the first section called attention to Revelation, the second section called attention to history, and the third section called attention to the world around us. Yes. And so all three of those are ways by which you can think you can think and now we're going to get to a passage this section where people just refuse to think that's their criticism. Now this is the this is a statement about them. Why is it that a home when it is said to them it Takuma Bina at home? Mama Hancock home, why don't you have caution? Would you Why don't you

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have caution and protect yourselves from what is

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In front of you, and what is behind you that are locked into hormone so you can be shown mercy is this the first time you're learning about being taking into consideration what is in front of you? And what is behind, you know, a lot already said there's a wall in front and wall in the back. What did I say the wall in the front meant meant? What does it signify? So alive saying why don't you take heed based on the world you see around you? And if not that, why don't you take heed based on the lessons you may have learned from? history? It's almost like saying, when it is said to them, pay attention to section two and section three.

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So that you can be shown mercy.

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Now, you know, when you say this to someone, think about this, when it is set to them. This, what do you expect the next part to be? When it is when this is set to them?

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They respond, right? That's what you expect. But you know what's incredible, there is no response. It's left It is as though when it is said to them, Take heed, take precaution based on what is in front of you, right in front of you, and what is way behind you. So that you may be shown mercy, dot dot, dot, dot, dot, there's no answer. You know what that means? Right? They have nothing to say.

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This has nothing to say. And that's the most epic way of capturing how little they think they have no answer.

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It's just left unanswered.

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And so when that is left unanswered, alone moves on and says Well, my tea him in it mean it Robbie him.

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And there is not a single ayah from among all of the IOD of their master. By the way, what is an ayah

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assign a miracle, there is not a single ayah of any of the items they'll rub in Lackawanna Meridian, except all they do for those IOD is that they ignore them deliberately.

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They ignore them by the way i art of Allah,

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the creation or out of Allah. history's out of a level what else is the author of Allah? Revelation. So the first two, the first idea here, they've already been told you should consider the the world around you and history. And now they're being told you should also think about the IRS. But no matter what the outcome to them, what revelation might even come to them, they still continue to ignore it. So all three doors to the truth, have done them no good. There's just nothing for them. Now,

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if you think about these words,

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moving forward

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with a peeler home, and

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when it is said to them spend

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Hmm, this is different. This is the first time people are actually being told to do something, not believe something, not accept something conceptually, but actually do something. This is the only doing command and they'll call in the surah. Follow other than it'll be almost alien follow the profits. Right But even following them and believing in them. But here listen carefully when it is said to them spend from what Allah has provided to all of you and Pico Mimara Zakouma spend from what Allah has provided to all of you.

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Did the IRSA spend on who and spend on what? Nope, I just had to spend.

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It said spend because it's supposed to be clear for someone who's using their intellect to understand spend on the people that need it,

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spend where it deserves to be spent. There are good causes to spend. And when profits talk about spending, by the way in Makkah, there is no machine being built.

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There's no machine nabawi fundraiser yet

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there isn't. So when the IRS are coming to spend from what Allah provided you Who are you supposed to spend it on?

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is an important question. You're supposed to be spending it on the orphan, the poor, the needy, the injured. But are these orphans and poor and needy and injured? Are they Muslim or non Muslim?

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in Makkah, who are they? non Muslims? Koran is coming and telling these people to spend on their own people take care of your own society.

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Do we do that?

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Do we consider that the Quran might be telling people to take care of their own community?

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No, no questions yet.

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So now what is that the lella hohman fukami Morocco como la Cala de la comunidad latina hamano

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do believe the disbelievers said to those who believe those who disbelieve responded to those who believe Wait, last time did they respond or no? When it was said to them? Why don't you take caution? No response when it said to them why don't you spend they immediately responded

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No, I don't remember Lucia Allahu Allah. Should we feed someone had a loved one that he would have fed him himself?

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In the middle of the movie new people are nothing but confused. Obviously confused

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Don't waste our time.

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When you talk about faith, when you talk about belief in a god, when you talk about the afterlife, they don't even care to respond. When you question their spending, they get upset

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because that hits too close to home. Some ideas about belief and afterlife and that's all philosophical stuff to them this Hocus Pocus, Fine, whatever, who cares? you criticize their money, their bottom line, they flare up and say, Excuse me, you want me to spend

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so we're learning here that there are practical reasons to reject Islam. They're not necessarily rejecting the ideas of Islam because they find it hard to believe that there's a revelation are hard to believe that you know, there's a god or etc, etc. What's really hard to accept is that I might have to make some practical changes, like I might have to spend where I don't normally spend money is a big problem. Thank you for turning light on. That really helped

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us. I will say this all the time. It just got way too romantic in here. It just

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works every time. Okay.

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Every time automatic. Haha. Love that word. Okay.

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You know, what does it mean? When they say if Allah wanted, he would have had them? Why should we feed them? Some people say this means the question it from predestination, right? And follow Wheeldon it would have happened. But actually, there's more going on here. What's going on here is excuse me, you keep telling me about this God who provides everyone who provides all the fruits and provides all the trees and provides all the, you know, the ships that sail in the ocean? He does all this stuff. He can't feed these poor people themselves. Go ask him yourself.

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You guys are obviously confused. This is the height of arrogance is the height of arrogance. And in these three is Allah has basically told us there are two ranges left. First of all, they have no answer. Second of all, they ignore everything you tell them and if they do respond, they respond in the most obnoxious, arrogant, insubordinate kind of way, you know, with no discretion at all. This is now what you're dealing with. And now instead of you asking them, it is their turn to speak. Which is which leads us to our fifth section, where kulu and Amata has and why do

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they say when is this promise coming? this promise you keep telling us there's coming?

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What is it? If in fact, you're telling the truth, what promise are they talking about

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the warnings? Now I want to remind you of something. warnings are in three stages. Please remember this is one of those really, really important things.

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warnings are of three kinds. The first warning in the Koran is the destruction of a nation.

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nation shall be destroyed the people of New York shall be flooded the people have moved shall have fire rained on them from the sky, etc etc. The first warning is what the destruction of a nation the second warning is judgment thing.

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That's the second warning judgment. It was the first one so if you're still awake,

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destruction of nation second one judgment, a third one hellfire.

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123 Talk me through it again. What was the first one? destruction of nation second one? judgment, a Hellfire and all three of them are related. In other words, if you are one of those nations that get destroyed here, then you're going to really take a beating when Judgment Day and that's going to feel like a vacation compared to hellfire.

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So all of that is really part of one promise. Why is your life lights off?

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Oh, anyway, not going there again.

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stop it.

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She already said no.

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You're not gonna look any better unless you're like,

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Oh, just kidding. Oh, kidding. Okay, I gotta go back to hold on. Okay.

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this promise, when is it gonna happen? Are you serious? Go ahead. And you know what, why don't you bring it? Why don't you let it happen? By the way in the previous ayah. Just now they said, If I'm so wealthy, he can take care of poor people himself. Didn't he basically say that? Now there's another surah in the Quran that says that.

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They say namaha Kiran, Nia, Allah is bankrupt. We are rich. Allah says sunak to boo Mercado, we will write down what they say. One of the very unique statements in the Quran, Allah will write down what they say write down what they say when they say what

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the law is poor and they are rich. And they basically said something like that here.

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And this is why in this surah uniquely you find

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Why neck to blue market demo.

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We write down what they send forward and the weekly leave behind. This was worthy enough of a crime what what it's so bad that Allah is going to write down. He already talked about the writing down ahead of time because something worthy of being documented and then thrown in their face, like no other has been said. But you know what, even though they said such a horrendous thing, such a terrible thing, saying when is this promise coming or actually saying, If Allah wanted, he would have said it this time, a lot already prepared the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam that they will be saying outrageous things that are worthy of writing down so they can really be punished for them. So

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let's edit in the beginning next to Macondo was our home from naka de una, what they actually wanted to send forward is actually here. Now, they asked us obnoxious question and this is the height of a lot of anger with them. So now it's going to begin, the first phase is going to be the destruction of nation, Mayan Luna Illa satin wa Hadith and this means two things it means they're not waiting for anything except a single explosion. It also means they're not going to get to see anything except one single explosion, that Hulu home that is going to grab them while home Yaki see moon while they're going to be casually making arguments with each other, they're going to be talking

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about Allah and what he's going to do and what he's arguing for God. Yeah, punishment. Yeah, scared. I'm really scared right now.

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They're going to be making sarcastic jokes in Macau to be here snazzy own, they're going to be making jokes and fun out of it. And in the middle of their casual conversations, a single explosion will grab them. But this is not the first time a lot talked about a single explosion is it? Well, let's talk about the lesson from history with the nation that kid got three profits and then it also got a believer in that nation Didn't he say in Canada tell us I hadn't eaten for either Hong Kong we don't. It was nothing but one single explosion. Unless as that is no longer a lesson from history that might just become your future.

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I'll make that history repeat itself. I don't just tell history to tell stories of life telling us

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well, homie, aka Simone, they're gonna be in the middle of a just whatever conversation, you know, questioning each other. By the way, why did that nation get killed? You remember what brought it on? What was the last thing that kind of just did it?

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They killed a believer.

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But now for Quraysh. The fact that they're questioning Judgement Day in such an obnoxious way is enough, even if they haven't killed anyone yet.

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That alone is enough that Allah says I might just take them out right now. For now, do not associate and

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and if I do, so they're not going to be able to leave any will. Those he has used to leave a will though siendo Koran is also used to give good advice,

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to leave a will and to give good advice both of them. Now, what do you leave a world for?

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Now we call it out.

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your kids, your kids, who you have a lot of hopes for, for their future, which is why you put them on two ships not too long ago. Now unless as I will give you an explosion, and in the middle of your discussions, you're gonna be wiped out, you're not even gonna have a chance to run over and give your kids some good advice.

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They're not going to be capable of leaving a will. And they're not even going to be capable of going and telling them kids protect yourselves. I made I messed up and Allah got me but He better not get you know more with him your God and they're not going to be going back to their families. So this idea of kamanda glorietta home, you know that to put hopes in your children is now being reinforced when you have your soul. So that was the destruction of the nation one explosion they're all going to be wiped out they won't even have a chance to warn their family or say their final goodbyes. They won't get that chance. Then the next immediately next thing whenever you have this so next thing you

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know the trumpet is being blown into the horn is being blown into. It is blown into the horn literally is the translation it something indescribable is blown into the horn for either one minute, then all of a sudden, from unmarked graves, a lot of bohemian saloon they come running all generation after generation young saloon means to rush Astra Illa McCann, NASA to rush but it also has to do with knutsson. In other words, there are multiple generations are going to be running together towards their rub. Allah already described this before when he finished the lesson from history when he said all of them are going to be gathered together. And now he says all of their

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generations are going to be gathered together. And he already mentioned that there are going to be in ages does not kubu kubu means graves. I just asked actually Jeff means an unmarked grave. You're walking over it. You don't even know there's a guy buried there. That's how forgotten you people will be if I take you out

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and then you'll be running towards they'll be running towards their master

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Fallujah wadena so they wake up on judgment day, they come out of these unmarked graves, and they're running towards their problem right now they were running away from the road.

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And now they're running towards their route because they don't have a choice anymore. And they wake up when they wake up from these graves. So this is such an epic thing they cry now Oh, this couldn't possibly get any worse.

00:20:24--> 00:20:27

When asked what am I even came in and

00:20:28--> 00:20:41

the worst possible thing from of all punishments. So when they wake up and they see the beginning of judgment, they say this could not be any worse. I cannot imagine. Could it be worse though, or it hasn't even started yet homie.

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parties are getting started.

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Manga Asana member Kadena, who woke us up from our sleep.

00:20:50--> 00:21:12

From the place we slept in the time we slept. They literally say, who woke us up from our sleep, you know why that's significant. Because messengers came to wake people up from their sleep. But people were completely unaware. Because when you're unaware, you're a coffin. and a half ill person is like a person who's sleeping. And a person who's sleeping is like a person who's dead.

00:21:13--> 00:21:37

that's already been established before. So this is not the first time you're being woken up. This is the second time, the first time you were being woken up by the messengers of Allah, this time, you're being woken up by Allah Himself. That's the difference. So they say who woke us up? And they say, who woke us up because everybody who tried to wake them up before didn't succeed. So who is this power that is able to wake us up now in Medina.

00:21:40--> 00:21:43

This is what man promised.

00:21:45--> 00:21:49

They use the word, man. Because the messengers used to call them to

00:21:50--> 00:22:12

man, because they used to make fun of a rough man. But you know what? Now we're learning that they learned they listen to the message really, really well. So well, that when they wake up on Judgement Day, they remember all the promises that the messengers made, and they can see connect the dots themselves and say, This is exactly what a rough man promised was sadakazu saloon and those that were sent were all actually telling the truth.

00:22:15--> 00:22:16

Which means you knew,

00:22:17--> 00:22:22

which means you heard it well enough to be able to review it right now. Here this is exactly what they said.

00:22:23--> 00:22:24

Oh, no.

00:22:25--> 00:22:28

Now allows origin takes us further.

00:22:29--> 00:22:32

In Canada, Lhasa and wahida.

00:22:33--> 00:22:51

They just come out, they're running and all of a sudden, there's another explosion for either home Jimmy on the day, and then all of a sudden, they are all standing made to present themselves before us. criminals have now all been gathered together. This was mentioned at the end of the destruction of that historical nation. Now it's being mentioned as you guys are going to line up to,

00:22:52--> 00:23:01

you're going to be lined up to you're also going to be standing before this before your robe all lined up together. McDonald in Arabic means someone who is made to present their case

00:23:02--> 00:23:03

to bring

00:23:04--> 00:23:10

the one who is brought. He has to have food he has to be ordered to say hacer una

00:23:11--> 00:23:12

de ski has really big

00:23:13--> 00:23:15

Okay, I know I understand. Okay.

00:23:18--> 00:23:41

So now you are presented before Allah and Allah will now address all of these people. He's terrified criminals who used to make fun of our rock man, and now in front of our man. They're just they're talking direct unless talking directly to them. And he says to them for young today. Today then latos law munaf sunshine, nobody will be done any kind of wrong.

00:23:42--> 00:24:22

Nobody will be charged of a crime they did not come in. Nobody will be done more harm than they actually did because we have a perfect record of everything you did. So there's no possibility of any wrongdoing. Wait, where's that record? One a tabula rasa home Bakula in Asana houfy umami movie we write down everything they sent for their future and all the impact they leave behind them and we recorded everything in an open clear book so there's no possibility of you doing any wrong it's a review of that I want to dishonor in law by Quantum Time Alone. You are not going to be paid anything except the very things you used to do yourselves

00:24:23--> 00:24:27

you're going to be paid in full what you used to do

00:24:28--> 00:24:38

having said this Alice switches over Okay, this is you you don't need to know what's what's gonna happen with them now. Those guys there may be other things happening with them but a lot puts that hits a pause button on them.

00:24:39--> 00:24:42

Meantime, let me take you to the believer

00:24:43--> 00:24:48

in have an agenda tell yo Murphy show will in fact, I'm going to spend some time on the side.

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