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Riyadul Haqq – Diseases Of The Heart

We often pay a lot of attention to our bodies by joining the gym and eating healthily. We are always conscious of our physical state and how others view us, but there is also an importance when it comes to looking after one’s mental state and spirit (Ruh). What does Islam say regarding the mental state of a person? How can a person live a healthy life both physically and mentally by following Allah and his Rasool ?

The diseases of the heart stem from a person’s corruption of the mind. This can lead to hypocritical behaviour and negative emotions that can consume a person; such as envy, greed and malice. The leader of the hypocrites during the time of the Prophet, Abdullah ibn Ubay ibn Salool, had a lot of what people aspire to. He had a pleasing physical appearance, charisma, wealth and was soon to be chosen as the leader of the people of Madina, yet due to his jealousy and hatred of the Prophet, he regularly betrayed and caused troubles to the Muslims. The reality of the Munafiqeen (hypocrites) was that they had corruption in the heart, despite looking physically fit and healthy. Therefore, we should also be fearful of the diseases which could spread in our own hearts.

Find out in this talk how to identify the diseases of the heart, how they can spread from within a person and what we can do to cultivate and nourish our hearts so that we are pure from negativity and hate.