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Yasir Qadhi
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What is salata? Torah where, and where did it get its name from and what is its relationship to the Yama laid so the concept of Torah where and when it was introduced and what is its relationship to the night prayer or 200 or piombo laid

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So realize that tarawih is the name given to the keyamo Lail or to the salata, tahajjud during the night of Ramadan. So when we say tahajjud or when we say piombo ln, this is the night prayer and the night prayer is the night prayer that is done any time from Sonata Asia, up until before Salah till fudger. And the night prayer or the pm will lay or the head Jude is one of the most blessed prayers after the fourth prayer and Allah subhanho wa Taala commands our prophets a lot of artists limit in particular to pray the tahajjud prayer woman and lately fatter head JB Hina philatelic as an advisor Cora boo como common Mahmoud, the more common Mahmoud the highest macom is linked to our Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam praying the night prayer woman I laid and during the night for to head god he prayed that prayer, nephila Tilak It is enough it's not a word you it is something that is supererogatory. It's not obligatory on you, by the way, some of them I did say that. It was obligatory for our Prophet sallallahu wasallam only and not for the rest of us. And so when Allah saying nephila, he is not intending that for the profitsystem it is nothing some Allah said that it is YG for our profit system only because Allah says como la la la la kalila stand for the night except for a little bit of the of the night when you sleep and the point being to had Jude is sorry,

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Tara we is tahajjud in Ramadan, Tara we is the MLA in Ramadan. When we do the nightly prayers in this blessed month, it is called Torah we and the concept of the emulator tahajjud is something that we should all familiar eyes ourselves with because all of the blessings of tahajjud apply to Tara we as well. And in one Hadith our prophets of Salaam said it it has said it is a hustler authentic IDs are they compete am Elaine I command you to pray or meaning I encourage you to pray at night for inner who saw the haina public because it was the custom of the righteous peoples before you so it was the custom number one of the righteous peoples before us number two well koruba tune in Arabic

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one and it is something that will bring you closer to Allah subhana wa tada number three one more cafetera to let's say at it forgives the evil deeds it's x bytes the evil deeds and number four woman her to annihilate him and it prevents you from doing other sin. When you pray to her Jude automatically it acts as a barrier from doing other evil deeds. So four beautiful blessings are mentioned for salata. tahajjud number one, it is the custom of the righteous before and after. You want to be from the elite. You want to be from the solid hain you want to be from the criminal Academy want to get an A in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala then it must come with solid

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hygiene. And number two, it brings you close to Allah subhanho wa Taala number three it forgives your past sins and number four, it is going to be a barrier between you and other sins. And in the Hadith and Timothy the famous Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describe some beautiful places in Jenna, that are so beautiful that the palaces are made out of glass or they're made out of crystal that you can see inside and outside. And they said the rasulillah Who are those beautiful places the highest the hoerauf meant for so the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was sending them said lemon, adorable Colombo automaton what was Sam was Celebi lady when astroneer to those who do four

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things who speak well all the time. They're not vulgar, they're not evil, and they give food to the hungry and they fast and they pray at night when people are asleep. So this is some of the many many blessings of pm will lay but in Ramadan chiamo lay takes on the highest status Why? Many reasons of them the famous Hadith that we all hear and Ramadan is around the corner so let's refresh ourselves with it. It is more difficult to Buhari and Muslim. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever fast stumbled on Eman and YT seven all of his past sins are forgiven. And whoever stands at night of Ramadan woman calm or Ramadan and I am here means praying that I am here means

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praying to God in the nights of Ramadan. So whoever prays in the nights of

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Ramadan extra prayer. That's that our way whoever prays that PM, all of his previous sins are going to be forgiven. Therefore dear Muslims that are we is no joke Tara we guarantees if you repent to Allah subhana wa tada a forgiveness of all of the previous sins that you have done, it is one of the main mechanisms to forgive all of our sins. So let us make it a neat year from now every one of us that unless we have an excuse we are sick or our sisters they might have that time of the month. Otherwise other other than that, let us make it the intention that every single night of this month that is going to come without exception, we shall do some extra nothing extra prayers that we

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typically don't do and that is the name given to salata, Tara, we now who instituted on our way, where did it begin? It is narrated in the authentic books of Hadith Sahih Bukhari and others that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day in the nights of thought are one night in the nights of Torah where he prayed in the masjid on his own, there was no institutionalized or we, he prayed on his own. And some people were also praying. And so when they saw him pray, they prayed behind him, it was not announced, it was not something that the call came out the event was given no, he happened to be praying to her family, the people behind him saw him pray. And so they just decided

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to join new spread the next day. And more than doubled it is said that people came so the masjid was a very much full. And when the Prophet system came out to pray, and he prayed, the preamble laid, so the people behind him also prayed. Then on the third night, the news spread across the whole city. And the masjid was jam packed, the mustard was full of people, then the profitsystem did not come. And the whole night went, and they he did not come. Then he came out at fudger. And the mustard was still there. And he said to them, I knew you were here. I didn't I wasn't sleeping, I was praying to her that I knew you were here. But the only reason I did not come out and lead you was I was worried

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that it might become obligatory, I was worried that either allies or agenda will make it obligatory. And then it would have been difficult for you or some other people would assume that it's obligatory. So as Rama for you, as a mercy for you, I did not come out and pray. And that was the last normal bone of his life. sallallahu wasallam and he passed away and therefore the concept or the institution of praying was just established and then Allah subhana wa tada and it caused him to come back to himself. Then during this is how to declare the law when nothing happened that people would just pray in the masjid on their own during the first year of almost time as well. It is said

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that that would happen. Perhaps in the second year, some say in the time of Ramadan, blah, blah, blah, the last one that is reporting this I have Bahati from Abdul Rahman urbanization in a car read that he said one night myself an unbelievable hotel, we walked outside and it was one of the nights of our bond and we went to the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we saw groups of people praying on their own or in small Gemma art, somebody praying on his own. Somebody praying with one Imam, somebody praying with a small group and they're all in the masjid Helter Skelter split up, and so on whatever Bob said, I feel that we should combine all of these people upon one

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body, and he then decided to choose ob Eben kab, who was one of the main clora our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever wants to learn the Quran, let him learn from one of four and number one on the list was obey even gaps over a vocab is considered to be the audio of the Sahaba. And many blessings are mentioned about obey I have a life story about obey, you can listen to him, listen to that online. And then the next night obey was leading. And the entire congregation was in one Gemma and Alberto hapa was very happy. And he said, near mlbtr to have he What a great new thing that we have done. And this is a deep theological controversy, What did he mean it etc. I

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have given another lecture about that. I don't like to. It's not something I like to do to encourage you to listen to other lectures, but I don't have time to go into all of these other tangents, I have given an entire lecture about the reality of data or innovation between the various philosophies and schools out there. And so you can listen to that talk and this narration of Omaha top plays a very crucial role because he said what a great bit is this near mlbtr to hardy What did he mean? How has it been interpreted? That is a different topic, but for now we understand what he is saying is that yesterday everybody was Helter Skelter. Today everybody is combined in one Gemma,

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what a great thing that it is. And then he said, Well, well, well the T and m one and half mentality or hormone. Those who are sleeping right now are better than those who are praying

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And then the narrator himself said he meant those who will wake up at the end of the night are better than those who are praying to now. Now we're going to come back to this point over here. Now this is the first year. Eventually, books have a seat of history mentioned to us that promotable hapa would appoint two imams for the men, and they would alternate back and forth. And then he would also eventually one of the sisters could not hear. So then he appointed an Imam for the sisters, remember, there's no microphone there is no you know, loudspeaker, so the sisters are all in the back, they cannot hear. So he appointed another Imam for them. And for the men, he would also have

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alternating, you know, either one day one day, or some say, some rocks or some rocks over here. And when He instituted or we, He instituted it upon what the prophet system himself used to do, as our issue says that he never prayed more than 11 o'clock at night. And so it was a trick of Torah, and then three Raka of winter, that is a total of 11 however, towards the end of his hate alpha, after a few years towards that, because Bob was the halifa for 10 solid years, remember, and so towards the end of his career, after sometimes in the middle of his philosophy, he changed eight, and he made it 20 rocker art with whittard to make it 23 Why did he do this, the famous Maliki scholar Al bergy,

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from underdose, the greater Maliki scholar and badji He said, The Wisdom why honorable hottub did it from eight to 20 is to make it easier for the people because the a trucker will be so long that the people would bring their sticks and they would stand to get support and we got so long. And so he made it 20 to make it easier for them smaller bits they can rest and whatnot. And

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the when he made it 20 they also began another habit or a custom that goes back to the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending What is this custom issue says that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gather usually out of band fellow artists and and Krishna hinda will do the hidden thumbnails of the band fanatics and and Krishna henault will do the Hindi film recently for life and the Prophet system would pray for then he would take a break pray another four. And she said Don't even ask how beautiful and long they were beautiful and long. That's the point of that are we then he would take a break then pray another for too too long then take a break then he would pray three recap with

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her. So from this in the time of arrival hottub they derived the customer habit and that was after every for rocket to to after every four they will take a break. And this break or this rest in Arabic It has a word and that is that we have that we have means an interlude that we have means a break and the plural of that we have Tara we and so Tara we means multiple interludes or multiple resting breaks. That's what the meaning of tarawih comes. And this is why the tarawih prayer was called Terra we and the earliest person I could find FYI who said this was the famous Hanafi Mama salasi inescapable mob sort. He says that Imam Abu hanifa explained why they called the Torah way

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and he mentioned this point that they were the rest after every four guards and Abu hanifa Rahim Allah passes away in the year 150 hedger so he's talking about what he heard from his teachers who are the Data tab your own and they are learning from the tableau and and the Sahaba and so this notion of tarawih being that which breaks into various after every four this is something that goes back to this name total we now the people of Medina began praying this 20 autocrat and why 20 By the way, it does not appear that there's any particular reason or wisdom why I'm gonna call Bob went to 20 McCarthy is just a number that was more convenient. Perhaps he wanted to double to 16 that go 16

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is I don't know I'm we're just assuming nobody knows why it was 20. But Bob did Institute the number 20 and this custom then spread to Makkah from Medina. It started obviously because the caliphate was in Medina and we'll hop lived in Medina, it then spread to MCC and within a few years or generation may be at the very max of generation the people of Makkah will do something else to handle it this is what happens when you are in Makkah that after every for a guard during that interlude that break you know we called it the Torah which means the Torah we heard the breaks after every four occurred there would be that break. And so people began standing up and doing pull off in that break and then

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coming back to continue the Torah we Okay, now somebody can say how can they possibly do toe off in a break and we respond that realize that when there is no rush and no crowd, it is very easy to do throw off very quickly and alarming. You know, I have done more numbers than I can count and he literally mail handed me I'll accept more than 1000 or more

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As I have done in my life, and there have been times that I have done a tawaf in less than 11 minutes I have timed myself that at times you know, these days it's almost impossible to well right now it is empty, may Allah bring the crowds back. We missed those crowds, but when I would go and it would be crowded, I would miss my times when I we used to go as a student, and I would go in the middle of the season, and I would do it at 3am or something, and it was absolutely dead empty, and you could kiss the black stone and you could do a walk in 1112 minutes walking at a moderate pace. So this is the turtle we have now the people of Mecca regularly began doing pull off after every

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four recart Subhana Allah when the people of Medina heard we don't know exactly when but estimate around 100 100 or 120 100 or so this is going back and forth. The people of Mecca and Medina are competing with one another for good. When the people of Medina heard this, they decided because they cannot do throw off what should they do? They decided they're going to increase the number of records of tarawih and so they decided to pray instead of 20 a generation after a miracle Bob, they decided to pray 36 silica they added 16 Records, and then three to make it a total of 39 almost 40 like they wanted to almost double it. So 39 record they will begin to pray with Witter and that's

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what we find. A Mama shaffir is saying that zafrani asked him amisha fairy about the Torah we enema Michelle fairy said a to nursery omona bill Medina TV this rainworth Allah Thien when we met Tabitha tinware I should in what a sufficient in mythological book that somebody the famous color zafrani asked him and Michelle fairy What do you think about tarawih how many regards your mama shaffir he said I saw the people of Medina praying 13 nine rock as we explained 36 plus 339 they there was 36 and they saw the people of MK praying 23 Rockers, and there is no harm in whichever position you want to follow. And Mr. McCaffrey also said that, if they lengthen the preamp, and they make the

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search this small, that is good. And if they make the TM, the TM here means the recitation if they recite very long Sutras, and they make the search the short, that's good. And if they recite smaller suitors, and they make the search those long, that two is good, but I prefer the first I prefer for tarawih that that are that the recitation is long and the search this are short. So this is the opinion about thorough way where it comes from not the opinions or the meaning of turabian. By the way, it's not the only meaning. Some scholars of the past also said that the term Thoreau comes from the people of Mecca, not Medina, that this tawaf that they would do, they would call that the

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interlude. And so from the people of mK editora, we And anyway, the point is that both of these terms go back to that rest and into the rest from the long pm. So from the long PM, they would rest by doing the Watson panel, those were those were the days we rest by just leaning back and lying down, they would rest by getting invigorated and twinkle offs have had a lot and one of my teachers shuts them down or the metalizer just free him from the womb that he is currently undergoing in jail. But shusterman also said that I also have a psychological interpretation of Dada where it's not historical, he said, we also can come from the phrase Rihanna

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ra which means to find comfort from the phrase of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rihanna be her Yeah, yeah, Bella, that bring comfort Oh, Bella, through the Salah. So she has a man said that the Torah is one of the greatest comforts of Ramadan, it brings comfort to our soul. And so it is called thought are we because we find peace in it. Now, that's not a historical interpretation in psychological one, historically speaking, the naming was done in the end of the first or the beginning of the second century, not by the Sahaba, not by the prophets of the Law Center, but by the students of the Sahaba or maybe even their students and early scholars in Mama shaffir and

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others are using this term. Tada. We have no problem over here now. Mr. McCaffrey explicitly said I found the people of Medina praying 39 I found that people have a yarmulke praying 23 and whichever you want to do is fine. And this has been the standard position throughout Islamic history. Dear Muslims, please do not begin to especially at this time of COVID lockdown and things are already tense. Please do not revert to the very petty issue of eight vs 20 Subhana. Allah from a historical perspective, it is non existent this controversy did not exist throughout the oma. It was begun by one scholar of the last generation May Allah bless and forgive him. Passionate scholar of Hadith

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very zealous but very unique.

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is an interpretation and he began claiming that to pray 20 Raka is an innovation or a beta. And as she asked me and my teacher said that whoever says that to pray more than eight is a bit. That person himself is saying a bit, because no one before him ever said this in Islamic history, and that is very true. This interpretation that that all we must be a certain number of records. This is wrong because that our way is not a false color. It is enough to sign up, you want to pray more, you want to pray less you want to pray, 2336 you want to pray, whatever, it's not something that a lot of zoa gel has legislated true. Our Profit System is his own custom and habit he would pray a

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tracker plus three some have added two which is the introductory so when he would wake up at night our profit system would pray to very quick record just to begin the Torah. We heard the claim which was a This was any any day, not just hon bond, then he would pray a trucker and he said Don't even ask me how beautiful and long they were, then he would pray three Raka Witter, but he didn't tell us in fact, when the companion came and said yellow pseudo law, how do I pray the family, he said, Pray Mussina Mussina fayda harshita Saba, pray to Dakar to Raka. When you think that it's about time to pray, fudger then stand up and pray with it. So this hadith is explicit. And this has been the

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position of pretty much the entirety of the oma for the last 13 and a half centuries, up until one particular shift or item comes along. And again, any May Allah reward and forgive him and and bless him for all the good that he has done. But still everybody is human. And he had a position that went against pretty much everybody else. And because of this, and this great shift, he began a movement that became very popular across the globe. And this movement then began saying to pray, eight is the only thing possible to do more than eight is a bid or an innovation. And this is, frankly, without any scholarly merit. And I'm being gentle when I say that. There is no scholarly merit in that

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position whatsoever. This is something that you look at historically, pray, whatever you want to pray, but the more important thing about the quantity is the quality. Please do not discuss back and forth if somebody says that it is better to pray 20 say sokola higher, make sure you pray the eight as the Prophet says and great End of story. Don't worry about the quantity worry about the quality more than this. Now. The point being therefore pray as much as you want. It's a Nuffield sila or a sadhana Salah Roberto hottub clearly instituted 20. Whoever wants to pray 20 no problem. And the Prophet system clearly used to pray eight plus with it that's 13 whoever wants to that no problem.

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Please do not make this a point of any animosity. Both positions have historic legitimacy, even though the one who wants to follow the profit systems position. More importantly, than the numbers should be the quality. And the reason why Omaha pop did 20 remember was to make it easier. You know, you have 1000 people praying 2000 people praying, not everybody can spend the entire two hours people have to leave people have to come in and out. So when you have shorter guy, it makes it easier for the congregation. Therefore both have their positions. And although there's no outage in either one that is done.

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The other issue comes now that suppose in regular times we had the Torah we pray in our Masjid suppose in regular times, we have the throwaway prayer. Is it better to pray with the GMR? Or is it better to pray at home? Now again, this is when we have the choice these days, there is no choice. And this is again, a difference of which one is better. Every scholar said both are permissible. Every scholar in Islamic history said whichever you want to do, it is fine. But now scholar is different. Which one is the better of the two? And generally speaking, the Hanafi school and the Humphrey School and the Maliki school. Sorry, the humbly the Hanafi and the shaffir. Excuse me, not

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the mighty, generally speaking, those three said it is better of asuna to pray with Jamal, even to him. Mr. Mohammed is typical has multiple rewired, the humble is know what I'm talking about. And the Maliki method was the one method that was very clear. And they said that praying at home is better off

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for the one who's able to do that. Otherwise, if he's not able to do that, then you can pray in the Gema. And the reason why the Maliki said this was that the default is that certain prayers and knuffle prayers are done in one's privacy and between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and you should do it as long as possible. When you're doing it in public. You have the problem of people looking at you people your media might be corrupted, you have the problem of you're you're basically if you want to do longer, the mom wants to do shorter. Also timing because all of the meds have say one taraweeh is done. It should be done early in the night because you want to make it easy for the

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people. And yet the profitsystem himself encouraged us to pray at the end.

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The night. So we have to look at ideal and we have to look at minimal and the minimal is to pray at any time and the easiest is right after Isha. And that's why across the Muslim world that all we have done right after slaughter Asia, because not everybody can wake up at 3am at 4am and pray preamble late, but that is the real and the best time of PMO late and that is the time when, as our Prophet system said, Allah Himself comes down and he asks, Who is wanting my forgiveness, I shall forgive him who is asking me I shall give him who is demanding of me anything, I shall give him what he wants, that happens for you through the label of hate in the last one third of the night. So

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there's no question that that is the better time to pray. But there are ways to make it easier for the oma is in the beginning of the night. And in my humble opinion, Elon knows best. This question does not have a blanket answer it's a case by case basis. If a person is going to find better humidity and better horseshoe and better a bother praying in public listening to a beautiful quote on praying you know, in the routine than that is better. And if the person has the him the fortitude, the courage, a person has the the the desire to pray a longer prayer in the middle of the night at the end of the night. And there is no question that praying alone in your house that always

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prayer in the middle of the night is the best. And the reason I'm saying this is because now dear Muslims, we don't have this choice, this choice is thrust upon us. Now, we were all praying in our homes. So So handle law. In fact, for some of us, this might be the best that our we have our lives if we discovered the joy of actual tahajjud. That having been said, Dear fathers in particular, and family, people in charge of the families do realize that there is some responsibility for your family and children as well. And so try to do something if your children are of age and they're not going to spend the whole night awake or get up in the end of the night, at least do something with

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them in the middle of the night and the beginning of the night. So that this thing is done that somehow is prayed is prayed in the house also realized as well that leading the tarawih prayer the Torah which is a Nuffield scholar and so firstly, according to most of the methods a child can lead the nephew Salah some of the methods have been stricter and said that

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that for the father Salah you cannot have a child lead child meaning what is mama? Yes, so there's layer by layer. So there's a child as a toddler, and then there's a child that is in the tummies and Mama years means they can understand like imagine a seven year old the average seven year old understands I need to do will do I cannot break my will do I have to pray in a proper manner. a two year old would not understand these things. So obviously a toddler is too young to lead anything but there's something called sin that tummies and tummies is that a child understand is Cognizant, right? Definitely the few years before puberty so puberty, let's say it's 12 years old, 13 years

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old. Definitely the 10 year old the nine year old is old enough to understand what is how long and how long how what breaks we'll do to go and do will do again that is called sin the term used when does it begin? It varies from child to child. There are some children at the age of five they fully understand the point being you want somebody who knows how to do with who and who knows when we'll do breaks and who knows to pray side and a serious manner that is called Cinder tummies. And since that is a nephila, Salah it is not a fun Salah therefore, you can have a child lead by all of the format's have no problem, you can have a child lead. Why do I say this because in many households,

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some of our children have memorized more Koran than us, some of our children are going to the field school, and they will hamdullah done 510 15 years with better touch with than the parents. And so this is a good opportunity to encourage these youngsters to lead the slider. Now, a girl can only lead other females inside out. And so if you have a high fever, or a young girl that is doing HIV, she may take her mother and her sisters, and she may lead them in the salon no problem. And she will stand in the same row as them not in front of them. And a boy can lead both boys and girls in de Sala and this is something that is well known There's a famous hadith of avid of genocide was

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actually a little bit

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a little bit funny in its own way that embeddedness Allah says that the tribe that I was very beautiful Hadith is high bodies very long. I'm going to summarize it in my own words, that unbelieving slms says that I was a young boy, you know, six, seven years old, and the and the tribes would go back and forth in our village and we heard of Islam that way. We were not in Medina, he's in in small village. And we heard of Islam that way. And these tribes the Muslims would come in and out and I started memorizing the Quran from them when they're going through and back and forth. Because I was the youngest I had a good memory. I memorize the Quran, even though not as a Muslim.

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Eventually my father accepted Islam after the conquest of Makkah. And my father went to the Prophet system Medina, he came back with this question

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commandment that at every time of the Salah the advance should be given. And then the one amongst you who knows the most Koran should be the Imam. So I'm going to says an AMA says that they looked around, they did an exam, they quizzed everybody. And they discovered I knew the most Koran because I was memorizing from the travelers and these are all new Muslims now the tribe, but since he used to interact with the Muslim community since he would sit with them and listen, look at them pray, he memorized pseudo from the Quran. So he said, they found me to be the one who knew the most Quran even though I was six or seven years old at the time, so they made me their mom, and I was a poor

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child. I didn't even have full clothes, I just had an upper garment that would come on top of me. And when I would go into sedge, the my back would be exposed, right? Because he was poor when you're poor, you're now he didn't even know he should have actually put it on his waist. But he doesn't know he's a child anyway. So he's a six, seven year old. And so I went into search there and my back and he literally the back, you know what I'm talking was exposed. And so a lady screamed out from the back. And she said, Oh, people cover the behind of your Imam right. Some lady screamed out right covered the behind the view, Imam. And so the men came together after the Salah, and they purchased

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for me a brand new cloak. Amber says it was the happiest day of my life at that time. And I was only six or seven years old. Now, the Hadith is very nice and cute and funny and whatnot. But what it shows us is that during the time of the prophet SAW Selim, this is happening. Ahmed would lead his tribe in Salah because they didn't know any Koran. And he had already memorized a few suitors. And so they made him their Imam. The point being, I'm just mentioning that on the site, the point being that pretty much all there is no there is no issue for a child leaving the site app as long as the child understands the rulings of Salah. And what that means is that in particular, there should be

00:32:01 --> 00:32:39

an element of seriousness. The child should not be joking and laughing, there should be a cognizance and awareness of will do and what breaks will do and they are kind of prayer and you know, even the basics of surgery, so at least teach them even at that time, and then he may lead the family inside up. No problem. Also, dear Muslims realized and we're still on the first question. And by the way, the point of finishing the entire port on during Torah, we're by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, it is not a requirement. It is not a requirement. It is not a necessary part of Torah We are now in some methods, they say that it is encouraged and find in the middle one of the

00:32:39 --> 00:33:16

famous Maliki book sadananda, the student of immorality, he said, I asked him Malik about finishing the Quran, Imam Malik said finishing the entire Quran during the time of Ramadan is not sooner. And so he would say even Malik and Mr. Malik died 117. It is very early. And he's talking about his own custom and what he's saying look, and what he means is not so now, what he means is that the Prophet system did not do it. And technically That is correct. He did not do it. It doesn't mean it's better. By the way. Mr. Malik is simply saying it's no big deal if you finish the Koran or not no big deal. In the Hanafi school, it is a strongly encouraged Sunnah. And that's why generally

00:33:16 --> 00:33:54

speaking, in the lands that follow the Hanafi madhhab, they have this notion that our way and finishing the Quran go hand in hand, and even in the Hanafi school, it is not a requirement. So please understand this point. Yes, the 100 thieves encouraged it. But the molecules in Sha fury say it's no big deal when you finish the Quran or not. And therefore it is much more common in the Shafi lands and whatnot that the microsite just two is three to one higher and then going to record just to make it easy for the people. Whereas generally speaking in our Hanafi lands, there is a much more emphasis of finishing the whole Quran. But the point is, given the circumstances you should be aware

00:33:54 --> 00:34:32

that no scholar has ever said that it is necessary to finish the Quran in surah way, if you're not able to do that, whatever you're able to do, even if you read you know the last Jews ama if you read you know even if you read technically the same sort on every single record, if you haven't memorized more than you have done the so that's it Are we no problem. And the as we already said, the the the the concept of what time is best already explained this that if you're praying publicly, then the GMR should be done right after Asia to make things easier. Likewise, if you're the father of the household, and you want to do it for your family, and they're not going to wake up at three, four

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

o'clock then definitely do something it's better than nothing. But if you are able to privately do something at the end of the night, and that is the last third of the night. How do you calculate last third, the time of maturity and the time of fudger that is the beginning and end divide that into threes. And the last third is going to be that last third of the night and that's typically in our time is going to be the last two three hours before budget that is going to be the the prime time for

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

to hydrate or family that is the best time. So this answers our first question and that is a brief summary of tarawih and the quantity of record and what should be recited and the best timing all of the history all of this has been done and now

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in Fei

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What Is the Origins and History of Tarawih Prayer

This latest series of Q and A all involve the tarawīḥ prayers.

Q1. There was no ‘institutionaized’ tarawīḥ prayers in the time of the Prophet (SAW) – so where did this ritual come from? And how was it historically practiced? As well, is there really a genuine controversy over 8 vs 20 rak’ats?

Q2. In light of our current situation of a complete lockdown, is there any leeway to pray behind our regular Imam via a live transmission? After all, surely fiqh needs to accomodate to our currect circumstances? What have modern scholars said?

Q3. What is the permissibility of carrying a muṣḥaf while praying tarawīḥ?

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