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This episode is about the first two ayahs from Surah Hujurat also known as Surah of adab/respect as it teaches us the adab holistically. A small story of a companion who thinks he is going to hell fire instead he is guaranteed by Prophet SAW that he is a person of paradise by the mercy of Allah SWT.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah recaptured. The brothers and sisters Welcome back to people of Quran where every night I share with you a story of how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor and so this is a very famous story but Pamela there's there's really a beautiful lesson to take from it. When the last panel to Allah revealed suta to her gerat many of the companions were afraid, okay, because the loss of Hannah Montana says yeah, you're Latina Harmon law total federal icewater come focus. Alternatively, oh, you who believe Do not raise your voices above the voice of the prophets lie some Allah in essence and one of the reasons why so 300 is called

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pseudo to adopt the sutra of manners is because it teaches us complete Adam, you know, Adam, between us and a lot between the US and the prophets lie Selim, between the believers between the believers and non believers. I mean, it just teaches us up all around. The companions were absolutely frightened by the surah especially the first two ions were a loss of Hannah Montana taala is admonishing the companions who are not showing proper add up to the prophets lie Selim factory find from above Beckett and Amato de la, I know that, you know, one narration is that they were raising their voices in the presence of the Prophet slicin. And Allah Subhana Allah censored even those two

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great men to lower their voices and Amaro the low tide and who had this booming voice when that IO was revealed. So that our model, the Alon, who used to speak so low in the presence of the province, it said that the profits lesson would have to ask him to repeat himself. That's all not whose voice was booming all the time. Now, the man who really felt targeted by this ayah was a man by the name of dabit have no case law, the law of Thailand, and savage ignore base to give you some context was the hot lead of the onslaught. He was the Speaker of the unsought so he used to represent the people of Medina, and all kinds of things. So he had the loudest voice, you know, he naturally had the

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loudest voice because he had to have the loudest voice. When there was a battle when there was a gathering. He was there humbly. So Sabbath will be allowed to add on who, you know, he was one that used to call out to the Prophet slice that I'm with a very loud voice. After the second verse of suited who divots was revealed, Sabbath just disappeared. Now the profits license noticed, as he would notice, with everyone with everyone that sabots was not around. So he asked me more about the law of Thailand. He says, Yeah, a bamboo, Masha and without that said term omarama meanings I didn't mind. What happened to sabots where is he is stuck. The prophet SAW his son and said, Is he sick?

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You know, should we go visit him as he sick? We haven't seen him for a very long time. So sad says in the hola Jerry, look, he's my neighbor. one more item to that will be shackled. And you know, I don't know that he's sick. I've never heard anything about him being ill, even though he's my neighbor. Meaning, you know, if there was anyone that would know he's sick, and it shows you again, the mentality of the Sahaba it would be the neighbor of that man. So he says, You know, I don't think that he's sick, but let me go check on him. So sad went to him. And Sabbath wrote the law and who answered the door, and sabots eyes were bloodshot, meaning the amount of crying that he'd been

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doing was apparent in his eyes. And so it says, Masha, Nick, what's wrong with you? And he says, on zealots had the hill what are called the LM tomb, and Neiman alpha and consultant, and I was relying Salalah, Hardy, who was on them, he said, this ayah was revealed. And you all know, everyone knows that I am from those that you know, out of everyone, I raised my voice higher than anyone else over the voice of the profit center, meaning this ayah was directed towards me, and I'm an alumni. So I'm definitely one of the people of hellfire. There is no way that I'm not going to help if Allah revealed and I have an condemning me that I'm definitely going to help. So sad went back to the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he told the Prophet spacemen, what happened with Sabbath and the prophets? lysozyme says Bell, who am Alexandra

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Allah, he said, rather, he's a person of paradise. So how to Lhasa? Can you imagine what it felt like for thought, but to hear that I mean, an out of this entire story, this entire incident, it starts off with a man thinking he's going to help. Instead, by the end of it, he gets a guarantee from the profits license that he's going to gym. So how about one third of the total The last time I heard that, he started to call out Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Malik just started to shout out to me and he went to the province Lyceum and embraced him. That's the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. As we constantly see, it ties in with what we covered a few episodes ago, this

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concept of never despairing from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, and it shows you Subhana Allah how a person could be as the Prophet slicin him said, just as the law I just, you know, an arm's spend away from hellfire. But then he does one of the actions of the people of Paradise and so he becomes one of the people of Paradise Sabbath is that example of the law of time angle of someone who went from being condemned to Hellfire to being guaranteed by the prophet slicin to enter into general. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to also make us from the people of Paradise, and not to make us from those who raise their voices above the voice of the prophets license that when we hear

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Hadith from the messenger sly Salaam, we prefer

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Our own words to the teeth of the messenger slice and we asked last panda to make us the people who who adorn ourselves with the son of the messenger slice Allah Allah I mean, does that mean lol hydrant and charlatan I will see you tomorrow for another episode of people who are an was salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh