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Nouman Ali Khan


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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan makes us ponder on what our reaction should be when we come across stupidity and idiocracy in our community. There is a need to have clarity and consistency across our community.

These kinds of inciting attacks are of two types – physical, military kind of attack or psychological, ideological attacks.  The psychological, ideological attacks were predominant at the time of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ.

The only people who can violate Allah’s Book and not do justice to Allah’s Book more than anyone else is the believers themselves. The Quran that was supposed to be in the chest of the believers has gone from these chests and we don’t remember the Quran with our hearts. We ourselves have to increase the dignity of the Quran.  Thus, when we look at these acts of ignorance, we need to be collected and calm and we need to understand that what they are doing is an exercise in futility. And the attempt is to get the emotions of Muslims riled up.

What is the solution for this? The Ustadh elaborates explicitly and we need to hear this video to keep our actions and emotions in check and tackle the menace effectively.

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pangs of ignorance, the worst types of ignorance. Then he was commanded fosterville sovereign jemena Be patient, in the most beautiful form, show no restraint over your emotions. When we respond, we respond intellectually. And I want to address some of the comments that were made even though they're full of ignorance, at least for the younger Muslims here who get fired up real easy, or get depressed about these kinds of things. First and foremost, two things I want to talk about the first of them is there's no such thing as burning the Koran. There is no such thing. Allah azzawajal revealed this book from low fodmap

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Majid Philo Han mfu kita boon maknoon Allah azza wa jal talks about it is protected and guarded in the seventh heavens. And when Allah azza wa jal came his messenger the mission to deliver the message and people wouldn't take it seriously. They would disregard the Koran, what did Allah azza wa jal tell His Messenger, it's a lot more How do you send them? Oh,

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no, this is just this is a powerful reminder for manchaca whoever wants they can make mention of it. Whoever wants they can benefit from the reminder and they can remember but if even if they don't be so COVID mukaiyama,

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Mahara big server, this is very high speech. This is not some magazine, or newspaper or book that was published here. This is from a very high place. So the fact that you even get to have contact with it and get to hear these words is an honor for you. And if you don't want to take benefit of it, that's your loss. Trying to insult the last book, or to our molars book is as useless as trying to spit out the sun, it's only going to come back on your own face. It's pointless. And so the first thing I want to share with you is the book that what they're burning is ink and paper. What they're burning is things printed in a public printing press turned out burning the Koran, the Quran is with

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a lot of his origin. And then the Quran that came on the earth was revealed on the heart of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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normandin it was revealed on your heart so you can become from those who warned and by the way after that incident of hunka boot of law gives us a definition of beautiful definition of the Quran. Besides the one that is up in the heavens, the the worldly definition of Quran What does he say? But who is

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the pseudo

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those are Moranis IR that we recite. Those are miraculous signs, clear, miraculous signs that lie in the chests of those who have been given knowledge. You want to burn the Koran, you will have to burn these chests. This is where the Quran actually lies. They cannot remove this Koran, the only people in that and the point I want to make here is the only people who can violate the laws book, and not do justice to us book and be criminals against the last book more than anyone else is the believers themselves. If we were given the Quran to keep in our hearts, remove it from our hearts, whether to take money out for

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the cleaner, don't follow the one whose heart has been made void of our remembrance and the remembrance of Allah is the Koran. When the Quran that was supposed to be in the hands of the believers, when it is gone from these tests, when we don't remember the Quran with our hearts when we have no idea what's being recited in Salah when we find it boring and we're wondering what guys in Indonesia we already you know if that's the case with us, then we're bigger criminal Don't worry about anybody else. let's worry about ourselves first we owe something to this book, we owe something to this book. And then on top of this you know what we have done we very quickly we look

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at non Muslims and the things they do but very difficult for us to look in the mirror very difficult. And seriously look in the mirror How can it be that we have Muslims all over this world and I'm not knocking on any countries in particular ourselves, we're guilty as well. And we can you know have we can have decorative pieces of ions of Quran in our homes and big frame diet. You know who who Allah had totally awesome. And the next one is a big screen TV and you're watching movies for like eight hours a day and next to it unless swears by himself that you're running out of time. This is not disrespect of Quran. This reminder is looking at you in the face and you couldn't care

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less. The only thing the Quran is doing in your car is that you know you don't have dual side airbags at least keep a copy of hold on in the car, you know? And while you're blasting whatever filth it is, you're blasting, you know, t pain or whatever, you know, but you still gotta hang the item perceived from the rearview mirror because it's gonna protect you somehow this is foreign to you. You know.

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And this this is this is a very scary thing that we reduce the cron to trinkets and I'm not saying don't keep a copy of cron in your car and put the reminder from the rearview mirror. I say you should do it. But when the remembrance is gone when the remembrance

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For the believer from the Quran, when it doesn't touch their heart, then there's a very serious problem more serious than anyone trying to burn some copies of this book club is far more serious. And so what they are trying to do, first of all, just let's address what they're trying to do. What they are trying to do is proving a last point, you really do not need fionnula hibiya for him Allahumma de Moody, they're trying to extinguish on less light with their mouths and allies going to complete his light. There is no way around it. They can bark all they want, they can have as many barbecues as they like, that's not going to change anything. The word of Allah will be complete. The

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word of Allah will be some supreme when it comes to law.

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What can EMA to law he he alone? Yeah. And by the way, that's humanize me I didn't even put condition on it. And so to Toba, he said the speech of Allah, it is supreme, he didn't say it will be Supreme, or so that it becomes Supreme. He just said straight directly in a supreme, you don't have to elevate it, it's already elevated. It's already there. Nothing can bring it down. This is speech that you know,

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this is not new, these attacks. So I conclude my first point with this, that we have to ourselves have increased dignity of God, we ourselves. And when we look at these acts of ignorance, we need to be collected and calm. And we need to we need to first of all understand what they're doing is an exercise in futility. It's an exercise in futility, and the attempt of it is to get the emotions of the Muslims riled up.

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You know, not done, don't think we're not disrespected by their act. We are, this is offensive, what they're doing is offensive. But the way we respond is is the way we should be responding, not the way they want us to respond. That's the first point I wanted to make. The second thing I wanted to bring to your attention. Is that in the CNN interview with this pastor, he said, yeah, we we don't have any problem with Muslims, but the Sharia laws from the devil. So what he says, right, and this is something that's being repeated over and over again, how barbaric Sharia law is, and there are actually some in more academic circles, not these ignorant, like, you know, evangelical types of

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things. But in more academic circles in places like Harvard and Columbia University forums are being held about how, you know how Sharia law does not jive with modern civilization, and how they have they actually had seminars about this last few years in a row about how you know, the the principles of Islamic law, that deal with women and inheritance and things like that, or with these kinds of issues. These are controversial laws. And we need to find a way to help the Muslims reinterpret them in a way that is more politically correct, etc. And they've had forums on this issue several forums in more higher academic circles. But how do we respond to that? How do we understand that, first of

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all, let's respond to the pastor for yourself, not for any videos. Any law of Islam that is mentioned in the Quran that they call from the devil is already mentioned in the Bible, a lot already revealed it this what Allah revealed to us is a confirmation what was already revealed, and the things they called the most controversial, the thing they call Jihad controversial, read about smiting nations in the Bible, then you find and NPR did a show just on this, which book has more violence in it? And there's no comparison, the Bible is far more violent, according to their standard. We didn't say anything. We didn't say anything. And they don't the Bible talks about not

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sparing given a man woman or a child and burning down trees and breaking every house. You know, there are passages like that in the Bible, but then they conveniently say, Yeah, but we don't follow our book. What a thing to be taking pride in, right? We don't follow our book, but they want us to be that way. So panela The second thing here is the one of the things that was recently made a big case of all you Muslims are barbaric. You have this law of litho. That means somebody leaves Islam. And when somebody leaves Islam, they miss it. They don't understand the feel of it at all. And this is not the forum to talk about its interpretation or understanding. But they say, oh, if somebody

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leaves Islam, you're gonna kill him. Really. That's something you don't know about. When moussaka he sat down, went up to the mountain, and they started worshiping the calf behind him, and he comes back one day the Lord revealed to you and forsaken Valley come, hi.

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This is in the Quran. This is in the Torah, kill your own people, the ones who have left Islam and worship their calf, their punishment is they should be executed. This is not Sharia law. This is the city.

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And it's a continuation. It is not something new. This is something in your own book.

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You don't look at that it's controversial.

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That is better for your nation, as far as you know, as far as your Lord is concerned, and he will accept your Toba if you do so. you punish each tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel, each tribe in pseudo Bakara, we learned was commanded to execute those who had left Islam and we don't we're not saying that we do that with our people, actually, because there's more involved to this slide. Again, it's not the forum for that discussion. But to think that a pastor somebody who teaches the Bible can get up on a on a podium and talk