Nouman Ali Khan – A Believers Response To Quran Burning 02

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan makes us ponder on what our reaction should be when we come across stupidity and idiocracy in our community. There is a need to have clarity and consistency across our community.

These kinds of inciting attacks are of two types – physical, military kind of attack or psychological, ideological attacks.  The psychological, ideological attacks were predominant at the time of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ.

The only people who can violate Allah’s Book and not do justice to Allah’s Book more than anyone else is the believers themselves. The Quran that was supposed to be in the chest of the believers has gone from these chests and we don’t remember the Quran with our hearts. We ourselves have to increase the dignity of the Quran.  Thus, when we look at these acts of ignorance, we need to be collected and calm and we need to understand that what they are doing is an exercise in futility. And the attempt is to get the emotions of Muslims riled up.

What is the solution for this? The Ustadh elaborates explicitly and we need to hear this video to keep our actions and emotions in check and tackle the menace effectively.