Muiz Bukhary – The Messengers – Day 21 – Prophet Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) Part V

Muiz Bukhary
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Before we begin there is a small announcement for the little children as well as the parents

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behind the request or the parents to bring their children tomorrow inshallah because we have a little surprise in store for the children tomorrow and the team has arranged arranged a little surprise for the children. So please bring your children come tomorrow inshallah.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam either ashrafi them via mousseline. nebia. Now Habib in our quality our unit, Mohammed Ebony Abdullah,

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he was VP of political activity. This means that we begin by praising allies of agenda who is no doubt creator sustainer nareesha protector and kiora we asked him to the pilot who want to highlight wish our good choices the blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of them.

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Before we continue with the story of Masada is that was around a couple of brothers, as well as sisters posed this question yesterday and I thought I'd address it before I go further and Sharma done. And that is in regard to the father in law of Moses alayhi salatu salam, we mentioned that masala is that was a lamb he went to the lands of Midian. And he married one of the two women who were by the well after meeting their father. So the question was in regard to this man, the old man as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the noble understatement of the daughter. When does she say by buena? shavon. Kabir our father is an old man. Right? So the question that came in regard to whether

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this man was prophet Schreiber alayhi salatu was Salam in this regard? Why I didn't mention any names because because there's a slight difference of opinion. There are certain historians who say that yes, it was proper tribalist Islam because he was based in the lands of muddy and after all, and there are others who say that he was not a prophet. His name was schreib. His name was Trey, but he wasn't the Prophet rivalling. So that was done but instead he was a righteous man, a person who believed in Allah Subhana Medina, as we discussed the other day, when he offered he offered his daughter's hand in marriage, what did he say? I am an

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ally, in the sense when he offered his daughter's hand in marriage, he said, You need to, you know, be with me for eight years. And if you want, it's up to you, you can stay for 10 years. Yeah. And but it is so catchy. dooney insha Allah who in a solid him, you will find me from the righteous people, you will find me as a very righteous individual. So this other group of historians state that no, he wasn't the Prophet Shoei but he was not because if he was the Prophet, Shai valleys, that was Alam there would have been proper mention, you know, there would have been a proper mention made about him in the noble for us, but we when we analyze the story, we see that the daughters

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address him as Muna Shea from tibia and then he himself calls himself as a righteous individual. So based on that because of the difference of opinion, we'll go with the

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with the narrative of the Quran that describes him as a righteous individual will love Island Allah subhanho wa Taala was best. Okay, moving on. Now, where did we stop yesterday?

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We mentioned the punishments of Allah subhanho wa Taala that descended upon when Israel Can someone mentioned a few towards the end when we mentioned it started off with what famine, drought, severe drought and then came in came

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floods, right? And then

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locusts, right and after the locusts, we said, I'll Komal lice, lice that you know, brings your blood down and and also a kind of a, you know,

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faux fur type of insect that, you know, destroyed all the props as well. And then came what the thing that hops the frogs, yeah. Remember? The frogs, the frogs all over the place? Yeah. And then finally, something red in color, blood with them. We mentioned that blood started to come out from every source of water that they had even the ribbon nine completely became a red in color. It was full of blood. It was a very difficult punishment upon them. And each time What did they do? They ran to moosari salat wa salam, okay. And they say, intercede on behalf of us. We will definitely believe in you and we will release the venue is right but they kept on breaking their word. They did

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not fulfill their promise. So now what happened throughout that

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You know that stage punishment after punishment what they did was instead of fulfilling their word, they intensify the torture even more than usual over why because the battle is not in the children of Israel were under them they were all slaves right? So they intensify the torture over them instead of releasing them until Allah subhana wa tada revealed unto Masada ceram that this is it, the people have been around, they're going to be destroyed. And it is time for you and the employer to all leave Egypt of us to either reveal this to musala usara to set up

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a larger budget mentioned to the noble for an hour hyena

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and as

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the in

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and be inspired,

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saying, Take away my slaves allies the budget is instructing most or at least take away my slaves by night. For verily you will be chased you will be pursued. So the command was to leave during the darkness of the night. So musala is Rocco ceram. The believers, from the people of Iran, there were a few believers from the people of Iran, and most importantly, that Israel, they all left during the night they planned it out really well. And they left during the night. Now this was a huge number of people because when we saw it was a pretty big tribe. But like I mentioned yesterday, at that point, they consisted mostly of females, but there were males. And there were old men and women as well.

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And then a lot of lot of children. So all of them they leave the lands of Egypt, morning comes morning arrives and around gets wind of this, what does he do? He immediately dispatches all of his he musters his whole army, all of his forces, to go behind Masala Dosa and when we saw him, capture all of them and bring them back Allah mentions as a noble operand for us to feel madda any hasharon around he said corners to all the cities, you know, basically he mustered all his forces to capture batteries in and bring them back to Egypt. Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about the forces of their own and he has the virgin states in a national women's room for the room, warily they are

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nothing but a ship be makani do nothing but a small band of people. You know, he was the ruler at that time, and he had so many hoses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. At the end of the day, that is nothing. So now they left during the night, right. So one day passes and the next day during sunrise was just by sunrise. What had happened was musala hisako Saran and why they were traveling. They kept traveling traveling, they had a good lead ahead of them, right? So they kept traveling until finally they had to pass through

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a passage of mountains pm like a valley and then they come upon the ocean.

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Now which ocean is this? Are we talking about river Nile? Are we talking about the Mediterranean seas? Well, scholars of history, they mentioned that there is a difference of opinion as to whether it was one of the Mediterranean seas or the Red Sea itself. And most of the historians point out to the Red Sea. So they basically came by the Red Sea. And now they were at a loss in regard to what they should do. Because now they knew that fairground must have dispatched his forces, and they could see a cloud of dust far behind them. And they knew for a fact that the horsemen of the round was galloping towards them. And when they look forward, the huge lost ocean, they did not have any

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artillery, they did not have any weapons you find that people have around, nor did they have a boat or some kind of ship perhaps to get them across the ocean. They were trapped right in the middle. And now by the moment the people have been around the the forces of Iran we're getting closer and closer around was with them. And they're around was urging them forward. Because we're around. He had his you know, instructors, his advisors and all of them and they told him they are trapped the Red Sea, they can't go anywhere. There's no way out for them, you can catch them. So Brown was very confident and he was galloping as fast as possible to catch up with them and you know, take the hold

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of them, capture them and bring them all back to the lands of Egypt.

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Now for Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the noble conference about all whom wish they did, they pursued them, they chase them at sunrise further.

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Now what happened now they had come so close now they could basically

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I almost see one another. And when the two hosts saw each other call us horrible Moosa in

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salon when they saw around or they could literally see around, they could see these people they're coming in and they can see the clouds of dust they can see the horses, the animals all galloping towards them. All these forces all these soldiers every all of them then coming towards them, they look behind them they see the ocean there is no way out. They were you know, on the show of the of the ocean or the of the beach at that time. So they say inanimate raccoon, we are going to be overtaken, we are finished. We are finished. There's no way out for us. And at that point, Mousavi salatu salam he said he hadn't received any commands of Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay. He replies

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in Maria Robbie say the he says name rarely in my visa you have to be with me is my law and He will guide me how many brothers and sisters in Islam I want to point out something.

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Do you notice something different here?

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Do you notice something different in the way Masonic Salaam handled the situation in the way Masada is reacted any difference will now be affected? fear is gone. All the while you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala had to reassure masalas that does not have been answered, either you are going to you know, be one from the victorious ones you are going to be you will overpower them. But at this point, he hadn't still received the command from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as a human being he also knew that, you know, we're all trapped in the sense the ocean behind us he didn't know about the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the great miracle that's going to happen in another few minutes

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he didn't know about it really hadn't received the command from others.

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But he was sure because of all the torture robot because of the experiences and because of the lessons he had learned throughout the mission. He knew that Allah subhanho wa Taala is there for us and he is not going to let us down because after all, he is the best Disposer of affairs now he had mastered the concept of Romania, Dr. Abdullah II for high school. And that's why he says in the merrier of bcfd, indeed minor and He will guide us towards a path for us to be if you don't come out of this predicament for us to come out of this problem. So he was very, very confident. And it was at this time the minute he uttered this and of their own, and his army they were nearing musasa

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Muslim and who are a allies original commands masala was around to strike the ocean with one last

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one powerful as

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he was commanded to strike the ocean with his afsa he immediately obey the laws of the Lord's Island, he immediately complied. And he struck the ocean struck the water with his song. And what happened was Panama documentaries in the novella for an hour hyena ala moose

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can Ba

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ba ba,

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ba now the reinspired musala ceram saying strike the sea strike the ocean with your stick. And the minute he struck the ocean media brothers and sisters in Islam, the sea parted into to the sea parted into two. And the two parts became like the huge mass of a mountain canto de la de basically the two sides, the ocean split into two. And the two sides became like two walls, huge walls, just like two huge mountains and the middle, there was a dry pathway, you know, reserved for them to cross the ocean. Most islands, Dr. Solomon who destroyed quickly rushed through the middle. Now, if you were to think about this, and if you were to look at it from a modern point of view, this is

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basically a tsunami.

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This is a tsunami that took place when you look at the description, because what happens when a tsunami takes place is because of huge pressure. What happens is the water goes back, the water recedes and that's what becomes a huge wall up there. It becomes it's basically a huge tidal wave. a tsunami is a tidal wave. It's a huge wave. So this pressure is caused for a number of reasons there can be a volcanic eruption under the sea there can be and most of the time it's because of an earthquake or these you know the

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tectonic plates are under the ocean they move because of that movement, the friction, it causes the water to recede and it creates that wall. So this foes Allah subhanho wa Taala obviously created the edge of the minute he struck the ocean that caused such an eruption there was so much of energy in it that the water receded it became two huge tidal waves, two huge tidal waves and the middle was dried perfectly dry, masala Hassan was around and the soil, they cross very swiftly they cross over and Alhamdulillah they reach the other side safely. Now Phil town and his forces they reach the ocean. And when you study the way how a tsunami works, the water can rise and rise for some time, it

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can become a reality. So this must have been like one mega tsunami, it must have been one huge tidal wave. And now frown comes at the correct moment. And he looks at his forces. And he is feeling insecure, because this was another huge sign. He knew that this is not for him. It was all for musalla he was not being the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he was feeling very, very insecure. And he knew that if he were to go forward, you know, this is not going to be good for him and his forces, they're all going to perish. But the people from behind, they were all urging him telling him you around and you know you are lower than most high and the ocean has you know, parted

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for you because you are the Lord You are the god they kept urging him forward. But he didn't want to go for but he was at the at the head of the army. If he moves forward, they all follow suit.

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jabril Allah He said that was lambsquarters FCM, they mentioned briefly is that Islam came forward and urge the horse of fear around to move forward because it's such an oppressive such a tight end. He didn't want him to escape the wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even by, you know, not going into the ocean, he pushed the horse of their arm forward and the horse galloped forward, the military round galloped forward, his forces everybody, they follow suit, and now they're all going through the passage, that's when the tsunami came crashing down. That's when the two tidal waves which were like mountains, like two huge walls, they came crashing down and destroyed every single individual

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from the forces of Iran, including Iran. But a small point to be highlighted.

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For around is now drowning. He is drowning, I mean, water, the ocean is not just one tiny part of the ocean, we're talking about salty water from all over the place. And just imagine coming crashing down a mountain of water. Just imagine the false the volume, you understand. So everything was destroyed, there's nothing to you know, talk about the ground was floundering in the water and was about to die. scholars of Tafseer mentioned that at that point. Okay. At that point, he wanted to

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believe in Allah subhana wa Jalla. He was fumbling for the words he was fumbling for the words because he thought Oh, this is it is going to die and he realized it all, you know, his claim for divinity, we're all false. And he thought of seizing the opportunity and was fumbling for the words to profess his belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. But zebrina is Raja Ram, so that water was stuffed into his mouth and then he kept quiet and then debris that is that was alive. He says that he feared he feared that even at that point, being such an oppressor being such a tyrant after all that he did, after all the corruption all the mischeif all the wrong, all the evil that he did, if he had

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turned to Allah subhanho dialer debate is that Muslim actually feared that allies a virgin would forgive him.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, when you look at this, you know, it fills your heart with so much of hope because Allah subhana wa Jalla at the end of the day, he is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful, we should never, ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Some of us some of us sadly think that you know, I've committed so much wrong I'm committed so much of evil, Allah won't forgive me. You know that thought of yours needs a separate over that thought of yours needs to separate over because Allah is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful whenever supposed to give up hope in the mercy of Allah subhana wa jal anyway, the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala was in

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motion, Eliza Rajan exempted retribution from them and drowned them all in the sea because they rejected so much of his science a lot, not least want to do. So many signings Allah subhanho wa Taala showed them from the first two miracles, the snake in the hand, an optimist sign up to sign but they rejected

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All of the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala they fail to take warning from those signs. So they will or destroy they will all drown and later on the body of around the sea, you know actually coughed out the body of around nine of the shows. And until today when you go

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visit Egypt you'll find the body of around is still preserved and intact. And it is a sign for the nations afterwards to ponder and reflect in regard to what happened to the nations of the past May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all.

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Now in regard to the bedroom destroyed and Masada is that was Sara Eliza was it mentioned in the novel on which I was nappy Benny straw Ian back at a wider tomia Bianca funa Allah a tsunami level. Okay, well, Java's nappy Bunny is not in the back. And we brought the children of Israel with safety across the sea. Allah subhanho wa Taala wandjina musawah Mamma Mia, Allah azza wa jal say Booz Allen, that was Rahman he saved all of the individuals were with Booz Allen that was the believers who believed in Mossad. But now

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put yourself in the shoes of a sorority just as how around the disbelievers had witnessed so many signs, even when we saw it and witnessed all these signs and these are amazing signs, you know, clear manifest signs and just a while ago, Allah subhanho wa Taala saved them from the oppressor from the title around by helping them by bringing them across the sea in such a miraculous way. But just a few days pass and now they Allah Subhana Allah mentions the noble Koran but comin yaku funa Allah Azza wa Milano, after a period of time now they cross by a village they actually are traveling they're moving right. So they pass by a village where they find the people of the village used to

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worship idols because they could see idols and accompany acuna as normal level. So when they saw these idols, they looked at

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them and they requested they demand the demand. Fallujah, moussaka, Atlanta Isla

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de la salatu salam, you know, why don't you bring about for us an idol just like they have, you know, why can't we also have idols like they have IRAs. Now you see now the issues with the battle is raw in begin and you will realize what kind of a nation they were, I mean, after witnessing so many signs of Allah subhana wa Tada. They, you know, kept on persisting in their ignorance and in their, you know, stubbornness benezra after witnessing so many signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now look after witnessing so many signs after witnessing the power and the grandeur the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala they look at these idols and they asked Mussolini, why can we also have

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idols like they have idols, a lot of activa the trying to associate partners unto Allah subhanho wa Taala musala Islam looks at them very sternly and he says Carla, in that component alone, you are indeed nothing but a nation and ignorant nation. You are all ignorant, you're so ignorant. After witnessing so many signs you want to worship idols, you want to associate partners and to Allah Subhana Ward's island

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in the Hakuna Matata pero mahone Vu about it of Macedonia, Milan masala is that has now been added to it by saying verily these people the ones who are worshipping these idols will be destroyed by Allah subhanho wa Taala for associating partners unto him as virgin. Now as they were traveling at a given point, musalla he salatu salam, he had an appointment with a loss behind him was it he had to speak to Allah subhana wa sallam he was commanded by Allah azza wa jal in regard to that particular appointment too fast for one month he had too fast to one month before speaking to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He has the budget mentioned to the Koran Well, why didn't Moosa Allah in Allah Allah and

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he stayed we appointed for Moosa 39 so Masala Dosa he left the venue is right in, he put his brother Harun Elisa was like in charge, and he had to go speak to allow us to kind of have a dialogue to he wants to ask the lies which are in regard to the divine commandments in regard to the legislation for the Israelites and other matters. So he was instructed by Allah subhana wa Jalla to fast but 30 days before the appointment. So he goes in seclusion, and he fasts for 30 days, and after 30 days now he approaches the point where he had to speak to a last minute mozzarella, but after fasting for 30 days, some scholars rocklahoma ly mentioned that it wasn't

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consecutive 30 days it was consecutive 30 days, he had this foul smell that was coming from his mouth, which is natural when a person fast because of the emptiness of the stomach. There is a foul smell that emanates from your mouth.

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So he went by a particular plant, sweet smelling plant that you know had runes that had a good smell a good fragrance to it and he brushed his teeth something similar to miswak to to remove the smell because after all he's going to speak to Allah subhana wa Tada. This is what is mentioned in certain books of them say, so now after doing that, he goes now to the point where he had to speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then ally surgeon informed Mussolini, so that was lame as to why he did that and Allah subhana wa Tada. He also informed him that the breath of a fasting person, the breath of a fasting person, is Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying this is more relevant to me almost than even

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the fragrance of mask than even the fragrance of mask. So there is a bad odor that comes from your mouth know for a fact that you're fasting for the sake of Allah subhana wa that it is because we are fasting right? So that smell is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala than the fragrance of the mask but that does not mean that you go around and start breathing into people's faces, right is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala but we must behave accordingly. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala now instructed musallam that was not because of the fact that he had you know removed the the odor. Allah azza wa jal instructed him to add some heavy ash he was commanded to fast another 10

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days, he was commanded to fast another 10 days to complete 40 days. So he completes for them when you go to Ravi arbaeen. Elena. He completes 40 nights now and then now this conversation with Allah subhanho wa Taala begins he speaks to allies, because after all, we're telling them a lot more setec Lima masala is that was known was known as Lima. He spoke directly to Alice behind him or to Allah and Allah azza wa jal, he gives Mussolini's wrap around the Torah. He was given the commandments he was given the legislation that he and his people who had to follow now after all of that musala his wrath was Sam he asks Allah subhanho wa Taala something and alliance of adventures this amazing

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incident in the novel for

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me bagina one can

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be irony

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in a big Bala dharani wakeeney

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Ilana Japan is Rama

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Rama Khanna

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00:27:43 --> 00:27:47

Blue Moon in Gemini Giada whoo

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whoo Sallie Mae calls in our kalama Morocco

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to slam cape at the time and place appointed by us Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and his Lord spoke to him. He said oh my lord, I don't be Iranian and he asks Allah Subhana Allah O Allah. Do you know because most Allah is not only hearing the voice of Allah Subhana Medina, a voice that befits his majesty and glory Kamali To be sure, he will generally not like our voices when I say voice you should not think oh, it's like how I'm speaking. No, the voice of us was Annalisa committed ha there is nothing in comparison to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. We affirm the voice of Allah subhana wa gyla. But in regard to its how we don't know Allah subhanho wa Taala we make the will we, you know,

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entrusted to Allah azza wa jal in regard to how the voice of Allah Subhana Medina was a lot of talks about his face in the novel called Anima talks about his hand in the Noble Quran we affirm all of that, but in regard to how the face we don't say that his face was always like our faces right? Because they come into the shade there is nothing in comparison to Allah Subhana Medina, we affirm the face but in regard to how we don't know love one item below nose face, okay, so he was hearing the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he was so intrigued he wanted to see a lot behind him was Allah after all, which video would not want to see Allah subhanho wa Taala right so he grinds out

00:29:18 --> 00:30:00

the Allah or any undue delay when I want to see you. I want to see you Yeah, Allah lives images that informs masala Islamia masala terani you will not be able to see me because in dunya you cannot see Allah subhana wa Tada. The day of the AMA the believers will all get to see Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all with his sight means that we all see him right. So Allah azza wa jal informs this to Musa alayhis salaam and then Allah subhanho wa Taala but he keeps insisting Mossad is that was Sarah and then Allah azza wa jal informs Masada to ceram Okay, under illegible look at that mountain and beside Busan is another scam. There was a huge mountain there was a barren you

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solid rock mountain. He said look at the mountain. Okay, but in this particular Montana for Silverthorne law as he said I will reveal a fraction a fraction of a tiny fraction Malema agenda rapala Fatah talks about it. I will live in a tiny fraction to that mountain and if it can stand it if that mountain can stand it, then you will be able to see no sooner Ally's original form was that was about that the mountain just blasted into smithereens into tiny little pieces. It basically became dust. The minute masala is that was ramsau at wahala Moosa.

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Mousavi salat wa salam, he fell down unconscious, it just fell down unconscious. He fainted. I mean, he saw that because it was too overwhelming. It was too much for him to bear. And he didn't even look at Eliza gel. He was looking at the mountain and he saw the mountain blasting into smithereens. He fell down unconscious, he fainted. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions them

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on birds on a lake.

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And now when he recovered his senses when he came to his senses, he said super hard blow up and to do your glory. We have to do subhanak Super so tonight I turned you in Toba. I turned to you in Toba. So the hand of Glory be unto you were an outward what we need and I am the first of the believers here. The difference is faith very strongly in Allah Subhana point that many brothers and sisters in Islam.

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I did this in Muslim Abu Musab Sharia law, one of the states in the repository, the professor at NYU Medical Center, but sort of lies in the law while he said it was reported to have said in the law law. You know what I am buddy Nemo. Ayanna. Yes.

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Uniform lady I'm a lady cobalamin in

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the Hurry, Pamela Hammond la hija boo No, lo kashia who got super hard to watch he menza la de basura aka McConnell.

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Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala does not sleep in La la la, la la, la de la jolla. Now notice it benefit His Majesty his bloating to sleep it does not benefit Allah subhanho wa Taala that he should sleep. Your feet will kista your fall. He raises the scales of things and he lowers them you will fall in a cobalamin in the night the needs of the night go up to him before the deeds of the day. the deeds of the day go up to him before the deeds of the night. Hey Jabu knew the whale of Allah subhanho wa Taala is made of light location Babu if he has Virgil work to remove it apart. Suba had to watch he he months he Pissarro boom in the glow of the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala the

00:33:08 --> 00:33:36

grandeur of the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala would engulf every single would burn every Africa he would burn every single creation of his in the path of his eyesight to ashes along with it would burn every single creation of his in the path of his eyesight to ashes. Now when you talk about the back of his eyesight remember the sight of Allah subhana wa Taala is not like your side LASIK

00:33:38 --> 00:33:47

eye sight yeah the way for example, my sight I can look up to the wall there and I can't see past the wall. I mean, I can't see past this wooden

00:33:48 --> 00:34:29

frame, right? I can't see under the ground, there is a certain distance that I can see. I mean, even if it was an open area, there is a certain distance I can see I can't zoom. I can't zoom and I can't see but there is nothing hidden from the sight of Allah Subhana Allah nothing. So scholars Rahim Allah mentioned then, once this is established, that there is nothing hidden from the sight of Allah subhana wa tada that means every single creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala would burn to ashes if Allah azza wa jal were to remove his way because nothing is hidden from the sight of Allah subhana wa tada every single creation of his would burn to ashes. This is the greatness and the glory of our

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

mega Alliance region. Okay, so coming back to the story of Musa alayhis salam alaikum lagenda mentor to inform us Alex that was rabea Musa in his stuff he took a nasty bit he said that he will be calamy almost I have chosen you about men by method but by my in the center Allah nasty beside it buy my message, what we call me and by the fact that I am speaking to you for sale to go akumina shagreen. So take what I have given you and be from those who are grateful

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

To me, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all to render gratitude unto him as a result. I mean, now masala is that was salam, his join knew no bounds because he had the he had the unwashed with him slates he had written all that which Allah Subhana which Allah had instructed him that the law that legislations the divine commandments. He takes all of that and he rushes to Israel. Now to inform them of all of this he was so happy, he rushes back to them, only to find out as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the noble Koran, what the Father home will Moosa embody he mean polygamy marriage, just

00:35:39 --> 00:35:46

only to find out that during his absence, they had started to worship

00:35:47 --> 00:35:52

a calf. You know, the little one of the cow, a calf made out of goat.

00:35:54 --> 00:36:23

He could not believe his eyes were just gone for a few days, 40 nights, and he comes back to find out that they have left the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they had started worshiping a golden calf. masala hisako salam, he could not contain himself because we have mentioned this before he was a prophet of Allah who was quick in terms of his temper. He had a quick temper, Eliza with your mentions, while I'm Raja Moosa

00:36:30 --> 00:36:33

Mooney. Me Mardi

00:36:35 --> 00:36:36

Gras have become

00:36:38 --> 00:36:41

our father bureaucracy, de

00:36:43 --> 00:36:44


00:36:48 --> 00:36:54

de la for funi waka do yaku nanny

00:36:55 --> 00:36:56

Schmitz, me and

00:37:02 --> 00:37:04


00:37:05 --> 00:37:50

when moussaka returned to his people, he was angry and he was, you know, very upset, he was angry and very upset. He said, what an evil thing is that which you have done? In other words, worshipping the calf during my absence, okay. And then what did he do? Well, alpha alpha, he threw the slides that he had in his hand when he was so angry with alpha bureaucracy. He, he went and held Harun Alisha to stand by his head like this, okay. And he started to drag him, he started a drag race that was wrapped in another iOS dimensions, he holds the beard of a hard time like this. And he asked him what on earth? Well, I put you in charge, and what have you done? And the knowledge that was that he

00:37:50 --> 00:38:30

was not like, masalas that was around. He was very soft spoken. He said, given our own. Oh, my brother, please. You know, don't don't blame me in the moments that I phony, that the people they threaten to kill me. They threatened to kill me and they were threatening me. And I fear that there would be a war. You know, if we tried to do some things I waited for you and this person is excused. Most Allahu salatu salam, he looked at the column and he asked them, Why did you you know, do this why are you doing this? Why are you worshiping this in place of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is just nothing but a an idol. It was a calf. A calf made out of gold. Okay, it was made out of gold.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:33

And its insides were hollow, there was a

00:38:34 --> 00:39:16

hollow tube kind of a thing by its mouth. So because of the air used to enter through the calf. And there used to be this hollow sound that used to come from the calf. They thought this was some magical, you know, super cows. And they used to worship it during the absence of mortality. So that was set up. So now musasa doesn't ask them. Why did you do this? What made you do this? And they said, Look, we don't know. The culprit is this man. He is the one who instructed us to do this. Who is the man bring him forward? He's Samuel H. Okay, so bring Samir in forward. And then our last panel dimensions. Masato salami asks samory color buka samedi, what made you do this? Oh, Sammy,

00:39:16 --> 00:39:57

what's your problem? I mean, what made you do this then samedi PSA is part of our soon to be male and be able to Ruby for copper to Cabo de de la Sol, Veneto. Ha maka Delica, Sameera plaintiff See, now what happened was samedi once when this is what the scholars or tafsir mentioned once jabril alessa salaam had come down and Sam and he had noticed in Oh, remember, you can see angels in their true form, so scholars FFC had mentioned it was perhaps a time when it was time had come in the guise of a human being okay. And Samir he had observed this and he had taken for copper toccata me after a lawsuit, he had come on a horse up knowledge that was around and somebody had taken a little

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

bit of sand from the footprints of the horse

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

And this sun has special properties because after all, it was connected to an angel. This is what the scholars of Tafseer mentioned, he had taken that sand and he had fashion the calf out of the gold jewelry that the Israel had. And he blew this dust he blew this sand and I know some form of magic that he did. And he blew this sand on the calf and the calf started to move a bit. So I mentioned that he only moved once is another important move twice was just a time maybe it never moved at all. It was just a hollow sound that was coming from inside the calf that made them all believe that this is some special staff and they started to worship the cat musala is that was ram

00:40:40 --> 00:41:15

very sternly he exiles summary. And he says color fed hub for in lack of in hierarchy and akula reserves. he examines him and he says where your punishment in this life will be that you will tell the people do not touch me. You won't be able to touch people nor will others touch you you will have been banished. No one will come near you you will live your life alone. So Sammy was banished away from them in Israel. And that was the end of the story of sanctuary. And musar is that was like immediately saw that that calf was

00:41:17 --> 00:41:46

you know broken down into pieces and melted because it was made of solid gold and silver and whatnot precious metals. It was broken down and melted and the remaining was all thrown into the ocean so that nobody would ever commit that act again. But now they had to make Toba they're committed to a grave error. They had to all do Toba because of the mistake they committed. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala informs most islands that was haram and informs them yeah, Tommy in

00:41:49 --> 00:41:51

the Hadith de como la a La

00:41:52 --> 00:41:56

Ilaha a con uno.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:05

de la come in.

00:42:09 --> 00:42:51

They were commanded to make Toba and what was their Toba? They had to fight one another. That was their job, they had to fight one another. In the sense the ones who did not worship the calf had to fight against the ones who worship the cat. Now this was their form of Toba. So the minute the command came down, the ones who did not worship the calf fought against the ones who worship the calf. And because of that particular war, because of that war, 1000s were killed 1000s were killed from the ones who worshipped the caf and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions metabo alikoum he accepted your repentance in other words the world around him. He is indeed the one who accepts repentance,

00:42:51 --> 00:43:32

the Most Merciful philosopher pining for data 1000s working from the remaining now most alleys that was wrapped was still not happy because this was a great error from the ones remaining from the believers he chose 70 of them 70 special ones from them. They are the ones who used to indulge in a lot of worship, they were very righteous, he chose 70 of them and he once again went to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and to cry out and seek His forgiveness as much as possible. So these 70 individuals including Musa alayhis salaam, they sought the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa tada and Allah azza wa jal forgave all of them. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to Musa alayhis salam

00:43:32 --> 00:43:40

after that. I look at the boundaries right. They demand now that Amazon is almost no we won't believe in you.

00:43:42 --> 00:43:58

Ask them why. What happened? We just now sought the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa jal. No we will not believe in you. We will believe under one condition. We will believe under one condition. What is going to mia musala maneira que

00:43:59 --> 00:44:00

la gente

00:44:02 --> 00:44:03

como saw

00:44:08 --> 00:44:48

they said almost a landmark mirrorlink we will not be we will never believe in you had to turn around Maharajah until we see Allah subhana wa Jalla live we want to see a lion surgeon. The minute they said that because after witnessing all the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala and only now Eliza just forgave them. And they start up with this you know obstinate and stubborn demand for alpha that kuhmo saw about there was a flash of lightning suddenly, no sooner they added this there was a flash of lightning and they were all killed on the spot. They were all killed immediately. One of them says whilst you were looking at musala shadows and I was looking at them and they were all killed by

00:44:48 --> 00:44:59

this flash of lightning. mazarin starts with Alex immediately Christ unto Allah subhanho wa Taala I came with 70 of them if I go back now alone

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

There were two things that I killed them and that will cause another big problem amongst my tribe or Allah, please forgive them and give them life again, Ally's a virgin. He accepted that there are most islands that were stolen from a bank Now coming back the multicam line the road analyzer Virgil raised them up from the dead once again, so that they could become grateful unto Allah subhanho wa Taala these were the things that were happening amidst the battle Israel they were a very you know, stubborn nation and that's why sometimes you know, people say don't ask questions like why because they were a very you know, inquisitive, stubborn nation water will make things a lot difficult for

00:45:41 --> 00:46:21

themselves they should make things a lot difficult like say for example, there is this one incident very quickly. There was one man who died a man who died amidst them before that they were on their way towards this enemy this journey they were on their way towards by tomorrow this so during this journey, this incident takes place one man dies from the battle Israel in and they go to Mussolini's Rotterdam and they asked masonic lodges gamea Moosa, we want to find out who killed this man who murdered this man can you help us out in this regard? masala is Raja Ram he prays to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the command from Allah subhanho wa Taala comes but it for themselves tomini in non la

00:46:21 --> 00:46:22

jolla, Morocco

00:46:25 --> 00:46:27

corlew Dona

00:46:29 --> 00:46:53

Paula Abu Dhabi lanie and Khun Amina Naja Heaney, the command from Allah subhanho wa Taala came that they were supposed to sacrifice a cow. They were supposed to slaughter a cow. So he immediately informed them slaughter a cow. This is the commander of us behind them what time they come and ask him we want to know who killed the murderer, who Sarris Islam told them slaughter a cow, you will find out.

00:46:54 --> 00:46:57

They looked at Masonic status and said, Hello.

00:46:58 --> 00:47:05

Do you take us for a joke? That's in Islam. masonic lodges. Can you take us for a joke? Are you pulling our legs for a

00:47:06 --> 00:47:09

moose? Alessandra looks at them and says follow our

00:47:10 --> 00:47:28

journey. I seek the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala from becoming of those who are ignorant because he sees so much of ignorance in them. They asked they want to know who killed them in the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala gums slaughter a cow. And then they say, Are you fooling with us? Are you playing the food but

00:47:30 --> 00:47:39

then they go and say okay, fine, we'll start a car but now what was the first command? slaughter any cow just go and slaughter a cow. That was a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you know what they did?

00:47:42 --> 00:48:06

In an AMA he didn't tell him almost pray to Allah subhana wa tada and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in regard to what cow should we slaughter? First the command can slaughter any cow, but they want to know what kind of a cow they should slaughter so masala Does not he plays for Los Alamos Allah. Allah azza wa jal informs Carla in La Jolla punto in

00:48:10 --> 00:48:44

big Corona our new manera Anika Luma to Morocco. Eliza Rajendra informs masala cassava tell them it should be a cow, neither too old nor too young. Now the conditions start coming neither too old or too young. But it should be between the two conditions it should be in between the two conditions neither too old, not too young. And then musala is not was around to them for fibroma tomorrow, just do what you are being commanded to do. Don't make Don't complicate things for yourself. But now they wanted to complicate things for themselves. Carla,

00:48:45 --> 00:49:03

can you buy Ilana Mani amasa Can you please please pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala and ask in regard to what kind of a cow call it pondoland Arabic Ilana Malanga What color should the cow be? Now they want to know What color should the Tao be? Allah subhanho wa Taala informed in

00:49:07 --> 00:49:11

the sutra now, it should be a cow yellow color.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:34

You know like running a milk Packers. It should be a yellow color cow it should be bright in its color. And it should be pleasing for the people who are looking now look how complex it has become. It was just not any cow. But now they are look for a cow and either too old or too young and a yellow color. But still go ahead and look for that car. No again, call

00:49:38 --> 00:49:38


00:49:46 --> 00:50:00

to your Lord and ask him to make it clear for us you buy in an AMA what type of a cow because in Albacore Akasha Elena, because all the cows look similar to us. All the cows look similar to us but in general

00:50:00 --> 00:50:14

alone. And then in sha Allah if Allah wills we will be guided to to doing the correct thing. masala is not a surprise to Allah. And now the final condition comes about it should be in the Hubba Curatola the Lu theory will

00:50:15 --> 00:51:01

tell her was a llama to lashes it should be a cow night the train to till the soil now what are the fields which cow generally you have a cow to do what to train the to to to the ground to water the field This is why you use a cow you don't have a cow just to chill and walk around on the streets. Now they had to find that kind of a cow a cow that has never tilled the ground, nor water the crops and muscle damage to last year that we have. And it should be you know, a cow free from all defense. Now they say Paul, to be hot now you have said the truth after making it so complicated for themselves and an edge. It's a bit hard now, to come with the truth of Apple, how am I gonna do if I

00:51:01 --> 00:51:47

don't? And then now what they do they go hunting for discount. They couldn't find this cow except that there was one individual who had the cow. And he knew the demand for his cow because this was the only cow in town was another brand and cow Yeah. So he said, Okay, I'll sell you all my cow. But in terms of its price, I want its skin full of gold coins. After you slaughter it, my price for the cow is that you must fill its skin with gold coins. Now they had no choice if it was just any ordinary cow they could perhaps purchase Did you know for a few or one or two gold coins but now they had to pay a whole skin whole cow skin full of gold coins because they complicated things for

00:51:47 --> 00:52:25

themselves. They ask too many questions they ask too many questions and some of us today also suffer this when we soil syndrome. You know we have this binary spiral syndrome where we ask too many questions and tend to complicate things upon us May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all from the when we throw in syndrome the questions Okay, so then they finally found the cow they paid the price they slaughtered it and Allah subhanho wa Taala then instructed them take a piece from the cow be the length of the cow or the tongue of the cow there are different reports to say different parts of the cow take a part of the cow and hit strike the dead man. The minute they did that, the dead man

00:52:25 --> 00:52:44

got up, the dead man got up, he pointed at the person who killed him. And after all, it was his nephew who had killed him his nephew who wanted to inherit from him he wants to you know, speed the process by killing his uncle to get the money quickly. The man pointed at that individual He is the one who killed me and the man went back to

00:52:46 --> 00:52:46


00:52:48 --> 00:53:23

So they immediately found that this man to be they found this man to be guilty and they accepted retribution and with that the story comes to an end but the moral at the end of the day we understand that the venue is wrong. They were very stubborn nation and we will discuss as we go inshallah there are other things also in regard to them. They were headed towards by trip after this what happened in vital bunker, this did they reach by the bumper, this is a little more into you know, and with the story of massage that was planned. But we'll do that tomorrow and shout out. Donna, there was one question that came in yesterday. And I would like to touch on that before we

00:53:23 --> 00:54:09

wrap off. And that was in regard to software piracy. The question that came in was specifically in regard to wiper stickers. The brother who asked me the question said that now why do you have stickers that you can purchase tickets cost? Maybe $1 or two perhaps, and and there are also ways to track and download the stickers free of charge. So is it permissible to do so. So discussing about why but it's just not only Viber? Today, we have people who use cracked versions of the Windows software, they have, you know, pirated copy copies of windows and even other software's as well like say for example, Photoshop After Effects and all the works basically. Now what the scholars the

00:54:09 --> 00:54:50

majority of the contemporary scholars state is that software piracy is tantamount to theft of intellectual property. In other words to simplify it, it is akin to stealing it is similar to stealing because it is the intellectual property of a company of an individual for example, the stickers belong to why burn so if you crack it and if you download it, you're stealing from wiper windows, the original version belongs to Windows and that's why even when you download the pirated version, it keeps telling you this is not a licensed copy. This is not a licensed copy. So deep down you know I'm doing something wrong. I'm doing something wrong, but then we try to justify it no

00:54:50 --> 00:54:59

chef, so expensive. You know, Windows is very expensive. Photoshop is $1,000 how to buy. Sometimes I have even you know, advice

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

brothers who work in our organizations, sometimes you go and they're making all these nice posters, nice quotes. When you look at the Photoshop it's a pirate in Photoshop Mashallah you bring down a pirated Photoshop. Is it helpful or not? No, you have to do it the legal way. Brothers and sisters in Islam This is not permissible and is not befitting, especially for a believer, it is not befitting a Muslim, it is not befitting for a believer to be a robber to be a thief. So it's not permissible at all. And today, when you look at you know, Adobe cc Creative Cloud now it's affordable. Yeah, in those days, it was pretty expensive. You had to shell out $1,000 or maybe $800

00:55:40 --> 00:56:19

to get the whole suite. But now it's only $40 to $50 per month you get all the applications I mean, we use it and we know it's cheap, you can do it do it the legal way. If you're finding it difficult with Windows then switch to Apple after this free you get the El Capitan is coming out in a few months, it's free of charge, you can just download it and install it, but I think even Windows will follow suit and it will be free of charge. But even if it's not free of charge, it's not an excuse to download the pirated version and install it some others they they also justify saying that you know we go to this shop and we pay 100 rupee and bought the CD the pirated CDs. So we actually paid

00:56:19 --> 00:56:59

money you know, you know the true value, you know, the true value like say for example, if an iPhone cost $1,000 can you go to a shop and buy it for $10 I don't know. It's hard for me anyway, that brotherhood as you know Something's fishy you're buying for $10 you know the true value of the of the products. It's not befitting that a believer acts in such a way so we must be extremely careful. We must not indulge number one according to many countries it is illegal and if you are caught, you can be tried for that and you will be held guilty for that may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all so as believers we must not indulge in software piracy in any form or in any way. Not for

00:56:59 --> 00:57:22

personal use not for commercial use. Then there are even people who at times download the software and burn it onto CDs sell it and do all that stuff. That is like intensifying that which has been prohibited May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all and many help us to stay upon that which is halal that which is permissible and to stay away from that which is how long I mean to certain monotonous 11 illegal Moroccan football

Day 21 of ‘The Messengers’ series – Ramadhan 2015 presented by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary at Masjid Noor, Maldives.

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