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hamdulillah in the middle who want to stay and will be he wants to talk to or will want to stay deep. Whenever we live in Thailand and Julian phocoena woman cicr Melina in omya de la, la la la la

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la la, la la la la la la la sharika Why should why no Mohammed Abu Rasul Allah, Allah Al amin was once in a movement in Saudi King, where her definitiva the Romanian announced along with the local wasabi, his pseudo was so happy he are in an army and then someone local to run away from home and z is eaten ibnr no matter what. So, what he what he said it was a llama was very funny. He was hiding, while engineering minister Nabisco nutty boxes yesterday he lived within a mailbag pharmacy Kumasi we took a lot hit either Faina home a tequila ajaya who Maharajah? Well there was a woman hateful I tested all praises due to Allah alone. And when we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in

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repentance and for forgiveness. Julio Allah subhanho wa Taala guides them can mislead and human law leaves to go straight there is none who can guide and I bet when he said there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And then Mohammed Salah law where I mean he'll send them is both his servants and His Messenger.

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Today, of course, as we all know, is the first day of the new year of 2021 according to the Gregorian calendar. Of course, as Muslims, our religion obliges us to follow the lunar calendar.

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And so months that are imperative in our Deen, like the holy month of Ramadan, or the sacred month, like the head jet, are lunar months and are established according to the lunar calendar, and not according to the solar calendar. And of course, as we know, the Sahaba are the longtime

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adjumani in that they instituted a calendar for the Muslim civilization based on the hedgerow of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the history calendar, and upon that basis, much of the world actually function for many, many years. And so it is part of our Islamic legacy, and something that we shouldn't soon forget. And we should try as much as possible to connect ourselves to the history calendar. And recently I've done myself with my children, taken them and tried to show them make them memorize at least their birthday, according to the HD calendar. The reality is most Muslims if you told them what day were you born in the hingedly? calendar? They don't know how old are you

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according to the hingedly calendar, I don't know. One brother turned 40 he said I need to make the DA n number that I should know that. That was her that I mentioned in the Quran when he turned 40 and make a certain number and that Allah mentioned, but he's doing it according to the Gregorian calendar. I told him you already 40 probably two years ago, right? But we lose track of our own legacy in Islam, it's important for us to connect to our hidden calendar. At the same time. Is it wrong for someone to take the opportunity of the new year according to the Gregorian calendar to reflect over what happened in the past? Is it wrong for us to sit back and reflect what happened

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this past year? And what might come this next year? No, because any opportunity to reflect over the nature of time is important. And the opportunity to reflect over our actions is important. And the opportunity to do what has to take ourselves to account is something that the believer should take advantage of any opportunity to reflect over our actions, our perceptions, our opportunities, and to resolve to do better is an opportunity for every Muslim to take. So as we enter into the year 2021. And we look back at the year 2020. What should our attitude be? How should we reflect over what has happened in this previous year? Now we've all heard people obviously are always talking about the

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year 2020 now, and people continuously say over and over throughout society, the year 2020 is the worst year ever. This is the worst year. And even people will try to you know mentioned mentioned basically the worst things that have happened that happened in this year. Netflix even made a documentary called Death to 2020 and the documentary or watch it but basically it's people talking about all the bad things that happened in 2020 and how it's the worst year ever. And obviously there is a pandemic and there's resulting deaths

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like far

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And there's resulting deaths. And there's a number of crises that have a role as this past year. And the sentiment is somewhat understandable. millions of people worldwide have died from COVID businesses have been shut down. The massagin have been shut down around the world. And so people have blamed the challenges and the problems of the year 2020. If something bad happens, they say out of 2020, they use 2020 as a comparable for other bad things. If there's another bad thing, they said, that's a 2020 thing, because now bad in 2020 have become synonymous in society and in the lexicon of society. But had a lot of the other day, my son turned four years old. He was born in

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2016. And, you know, I got a notification of what I posted, for my friends online the day he was born. And

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the thing that I posted when I said something like 2016 wasn't all that bad. And I remember that I wrote that because at that time, everyone was saying 2016 is the worst year ever. And you can go and Google this yourself. You'll see there were articles in the New York Times, and the washington post on Literally titled 2016 was the worst year. And they talked about all the bad things that happened in 2016, Donald Trump became president, all these celebrities died, climate change became worse. This this, this, this, all these different reasons that occurred.

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And even in 2016, there was a one TV show, they brought all the celebrities together, what did they do? It was a clip of, you know, five minutes of 20 celebrities or 50, celebrities, whatever was each of them cursing the year 2016. So everything people are saying today about 2020. They were saying back then about 2016. And so society is accepted, cursing, the years where bad things have happened, cursing time, and the things that have happened that we dislike and cursing the days and the years associated with it. But our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to us, let us have Buddha.

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He said do not curse time. Laughter super de Fein la hora de he said for indeed Ally's time, is how do you think we'll call it a what is meant by this is that

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the things we curse that happened over time are really things that happened by the command of a loss of panel data. Right? And sometimes, you know, the Arabs will even say this, it was not in your mail, not curse the day that this happened, curse the day that this thing happened to the hour that this happened. Right? And but really by doing that you're cursing the one who by his decree, these bad things have taken place. It's the decree of a law that this person died or this happened or that happened. And so when the Prophet sallallaahu out he was sentenced to in Allahu Allah His time. It doesn't mean that time is an attribute of a loss penalty. But it means that when you're cursing

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things that happen over time, you're really cursing Allah subhanaw taala the one was caused things to have taken place, and other had the footsie that's in Bukhari and Muslim that for a long time, and we said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said, Follow along to Allah in Vini. No other the son of Adam abuses me. How do we use the last panel to either? Yes, so we're done. One. He says he curses time and I am time the quality will lay low and the affairs are by my hand by the decree of a loss penalty. I very nice indeed. And so if we curse time, we're really cursing the one who was created time, the one who created the day the one who created the hour, the

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one who decreed what would take place and we seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from being people of curse to Allah subhana wa Tada. But as we reflect over the attitude of society over the year 2016 and now the attitude of society over this year 2020 really, we can see are the attitude has not changed. What is the attitude? The attitude is complaining. The attitude is saying, oh, the worst, the worst, the worst, is focusing on the negatives. The attitude is just complaining about things being really bad.

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And what has that attitude gotten us? Have we become better because of it? No. If you told the person today, what do you prefer 2020 or 2016. They're all gonna say 2016. At least in 2016. You can go watch a sporting event. You can go to the restaurant, you can also wear a mask everywhere. In 2016. There were so many you could travel wherever you wanted to go. Now these things have all been closed. So the person who's complaining today about 2020 would have loved to be in 2016. But when they were in 2016, what did they do? They complain.

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And so the attitude of complaining has not caused us to progress. The attitude of complaining hasn't made anything

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thing better for us. And so instead of hating the year 2020, instead of cursing 2020, and the days and the things that have happened in it, we should actually be grateful over the things that have happened in 2020 grateful for the successes we have, and even the failures that we have endured, grateful for the happiness and the sadness for the fortunes and the misfortunes. And because of this, you see that the setup is solid, there are the Muslims, they would look for reasons to be grateful, no matter how bad the situation was. And they said, no matter how bad something has happened, there is at least three reasons to be grateful to a lowest penalty, the minimum three

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reasons to be grateful. The first reason is that whatever happened, and we'll see that did not affect your dean, you will see but whatever tragedy it is, didn't affect your dean, you're still Muslim, you're still connected to our last panel to Allah, that's number one reason to be Rachel to alive zildjian. Number two, however bad it was. It's not as bad as it could have been. However bad, then we'll see though was, it could have been worse, right? Even when you look at 2020, and the pandemic, and all the things that happen, it could have been worse, we'll get some kind of luck. You know, this deal. This disease of COVID is very infectious, but the death rate is very low. And

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Nigeria was very infectious and the death rate was very high, there would be millions, maybe billions of people who passed away, and Hamdulillah, which then hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, there's lockdown. But we have internet, and we can communicate with each other. And we can have phone chats with one another. And we're not completely cut off from each other, and hamdulillah there's so many reasons to be grateful, because it's so much better than it could have been. And three, because of our belief as Muslims in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. And the color of our lives origin. What happened was written, a lot wrote that this would happen, and it couldn't have been avoided, there

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is nothing we could have done that would have made a difference COVID was going to happen is going to happen no matter what a lot wrote it, it was decree so don't drown in regrets. The only things that people do when something bad happens, if only I did this, then maybe this would have happened. If only I didn't go here, maybe I wouldn't have got this disease or this one. This was written by a must have helped Allah, Allah wrote that this was gonna happen. So don't drown in regret, this should help the person improve. So the more we feel grateful to Allah subhanaw taala actually, the better we feel, and allows a penalty, it tells us when you're doing that, right, the law and ethics,

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if you try to count the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, you'd never be able to count it is beyond our comprehension and awareness, the blessings of a lot. So Allah says, last bill o'reilly who never know what you're talking about, Lina, Allah has spread upon envelope to you in his favors.

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What is apparent and what is hidden, meaning there are blessings of a lot better apparent that we can recognize the blessing of family, the blessing of food, the blessing of drink, the blessing, the blessings that we are aware of that we can comprehend, that we can understand. But he says there is conflict, there is a broth cleaner, there is blessings on the last panel data there is now that you have no idea though, that you can't even understand that you cannot even comprehend. It's beyond our knowledge and understanding, but things that we are, in fact indebted to a lesser penalty. And to be grateful to a lot to have sugar, the last panel Tada. It requires humility, that the person realizes

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that you are in need, you're in need, that if you didn't have things that will last held that Allah gave you, you would be worse off. And so to realize and to recognize, that Allah Subhana Allah has given you that requires humility, for you to know that you're in need and that a lot of debt has given you. And the person who's arrogant, doesn't think a lot of how to Allah, because he thinks that anything he has this is right, that he is entitled to it. Second thing is that to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala is that you have to appreciate and love a loss of handle data to truly be grateful to him, you have to love him, someone has done a big favor to you. They loaned you money at

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a time when you're really desperate, you have a sense of respect, a sense of love, a sense of admiration for that person, you know, that person helped me out at a time where I needed help, you're always going to have a certain amount of love for that person. And so if we have this type of love for human beings, what should our love be for a loss of penalty Allah who blessed us with every blessing that we have enjoyed and even ones that were not aware that we are enjoying and three is to act in a way

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that shows that we are grateful to the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. So imagine if someone gifted you a new car, they gave you this president of a new car, amazing gift, beautiful gift

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And then you take that car and you do something with it that harms that person or displeases that person. So you take that car and you run it into his house, you drive it right into his house, you break his house down. That would be ungrateful. Everybody would say that's so ungrateful. He gave you a gift, and then you use that gift to displease him. So likewise, I lost how that gave us gifts for us to be grateful to a lost count that is to use these gifts in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada in a way that is pleasing to Allah as Odin and not to displease him with the gifts that we have been given. And this show is shown in our profits in the long run, he was telling them

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that he would pray all day and all nights.

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And he would pray all night, I showed the law says that the feet of the prophets a little longer, he's no more bruised and bleeding from the amount of prayer that he was praying. And she said to the prophets of the love where it was sentimientos who will love us and that will cut off for a while.

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them becoming law her, she said, O Messenger of Allah, are you going to pray this much your feet are bleeding from how much you're praying, even though you know that Allah has forgiven your sins. Allah is Forgiving your past sins and has forgiven your future sins, and yet you're praying this much. And he says, Allah Aisha, I fell upon adventure where I said, Oh, should I not be a grateful servant of Allah subhanaw taala And so yeah, Allah, he's saying Allah has forgiven me. But shouldn't shouldn't that make me be more grateful to Allah Subhana Allah shall not make me be more developed Tomas Canada shouldn't that make me use this life that he has given me in a way that is more pleasing to

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Him? So kinda whoa tada and forth to be grateful to Allah subhana wa tada means to verbally praise Allah subhana wa to actively praise Allah subhanaw taala if someone gives you something, you know, you praise that person you say thank you to that person. You know, you praise them for having gifted you. What should our praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is why sugar is an active thing that we do a lot of men, with their own family have dealt with acts, in gratitude, do gratitude. Gratitude is something that you do. It's not just something that you have, it's an action that you do. It's something that you actually have to engage in. We'll call it a shocker. Allah says in few

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of my servant arsha cooler. And the scholars By the way, they talk about what is shakin, and what is shuffle because both are mentioned. And they say shakin is the one who is grateful to a lot. Shakuni is the one who is grateful to a lack of support is an emphasize shakin means grateful Shaku means grateful with an emphasis. They say shockula is the one who is grateful to a lot during a calamity during a difficulty, so there's a calamity that has come to you. And during the calamity, you see something in that. And again, as we look over 2020 and all the challenges that are with it in the pandemic and all of that the gratitude to us. pathauto should increase, we should be grateful even

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in the difficulty. It was mentioned that a man from vinius Hawaii, was blind, was paralyzed, had leprosy he was homeless. He was on the ground in the middle of the street. And someone walked by him. And this man in the middle of the street imagine he's blind. He has leprosy. People are avoiding him.

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Finally, or also our free time, the fact that we have free time in our lives that, you know many people you know night and day have to work just to survive. People in countries have to work two three jobs just to be able to put food on their table. And yet some had a lot

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you know the luxury of going home and having some free time this is a blessing from Allah Subhana Allah Tada. Also the blessing of peace and security. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men also have income ammunition, if you survey him off, and he just said he and don't quote a woman, okay, no matter who he is no dunya, the prophet SAW a lower incidence of whoever begins the day with

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peace and security in their home. And they have health in their body, and they have enough money to get by a single day. It's as if they have all of the world. All of the world has been brought to this person. And this is the reality because the person who doesn't have this is the person who is in desperation. Right? And if you think of it, this step up from

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like, the food that the common person eats, write the food that a common person needs like rice. The difference between rice and the food that somebody who's really rich eats lobster, there's a difference but in the end, you're filling your stomach. But the difference between rice and not having food is a huge difference. Right? And this is why the profits little lie it says if you have the necessities, you have all that is needed when you land hemmed up one colony, how those software developer stuff are all normal for him.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who aren't early he also happy Omen wider.

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inshallah, just because I think the audio got cut off the hook, but for those who are following us online, to go back to the story of the man from vinius Ryan, who is suffering blindness and leprosy, and you know suffering

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from homelessness, and he's in the middle of the street, and a man walks by him and he overhears this, this guy saying to himself Alhamdulillah All praise belongs to a lot, olevia I found him in the patella, he kaffee, Roman, anass, and hamdulillah all things belongs to a lot, who has saved me from the tests that he has tested many other people with, well, from what any leader, and he has favored me a tremendous favoring over the rest of the people. And so the man stops in his tracks, and he turns to this man who's homeless, and blind and suffering leprosy, and he says to him, How could you say this? You know, imagine, you have blindness and leprosy and all the and you're

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homeless, and you are saying that Allah saved you protected you from the tests of other people? What tests did Allah not give you? A law gave you all the tests. And so the man said we had he said well on to you. He said, didn't Allah give me the sun and Kira didn't give me a tongue that reminds that, that is reminding of a loss of habitat. There are minds that thinks about a loss of habitat and engages in Vic, well Alban Shakira didn't Allah give me a heart that is grateful to Allah subhana wa tada and did an Allah subhanaw taala give me patience, to persevere over these tests he gave me in my body. And so he said, Allah has given me far more than what he has given other people that he

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gave him this connection to a lot the remembrance of Allah and gratitude in his heart. Before we conclude, inshallah, I want to talk about how can we be thankful of a loss of handle to either, first of all, one of the recipes of gratitude is not to be greedy for more, right, the profits a little longer it was sent him said, couldn't burn and Teflon, Ash could be content with what Allah has given you the content, you will be the most grateful of people, the most thankful of the people be content, and you will be grateful and proud of law in our culture.

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It's difficult to be content, the person goes on social media, they go through Instagram, all they see is all this person is on vacation, this person has this kind of house, this person has this kind of car, and they just see one picture after another and they see what other people have. And so they feel for themselves, I don't have very much, the Prophet says, Be content with what Allah has given you. And this leads to, you know, the idea of looking to those who have less than you. Consider those who have less than you the profits in the long run,

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are 11, who attended 11 o clock, look to those who have less than you in the dunya don't look to those who are more than you in the dunya why vain now, as though Allah is very natural, organic, because when you look to those who are more than you, you are more likely to underestimate the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada, you underestimate what Allah has given you. Allah gave you a lot, but you can't see it now because all you do is look up to the people who have more than you. When you look to the people of less than you, the people who struggle to eat the people who struggle in their lives. He said, The law of law gave me a law give me more than he gave other people on hand

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to the left, you begin to realize the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. And likewise, we need to be aware of our blessings, know what the blessings are, that we see in our lives to consciously actively try to identify blessings we see in our life. Unless parent Allah said about prophet nor honey he sent them in Okanagan Shakira. He was a grateful servant in the Tafseer, even though the Allahu anhu said, when he commented on this verse, he said, Man, listen, God will act upon us. Illa Hamad Allah for the vatika Salida de la no abdon shahpura that

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we're out in the water Island, and because he would think a lot to kind of tie that with each of these things and us consciously thinking about us constantly. constantly thinking consciously thinking about the world.

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lessons of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala mentioned him and spoke about him as a servant, grateful servant. And for another method for us to be grateful for the loss of habitat that is to make due to a loss of habitat. Well Father obidos era initial and aromatic ality and Antonio,

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beautiful to see my lord enable me to be grateful to the blessings that you have given me and upon my parents to be grateful of the blessings that my parents have given me as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to my husband, we alone,

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tell you have

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words that you should say, at the end of every sauna, at the end of end of every sign is actually the Ross I didn't begin anything. Oh, wow. I love you. I love you. And then he said, Omar actually tell you something to say at the end of each letter. He said, what is it that I should say? He said all along that I need to click or Chicago was the only guy that he said that maybe this two hours in your life helped me and aid me to remember you to be grateful to you and to have excellent character and to as our into a worship with excellence, or Krishna, Nevada to worship you with excellence. The fifth method for us to be grateful to almost penalty is to thank the people for things that they

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have done on our behalf Malaysia greenness, let me assure you that whoever has not faded the people has not been a loss of Hannah Montana. And finally, number six, for us to realize that no matter how much we spend on one soldier, we can never fully think no matter how much we think, and we can never fully thank him. And it was mentioned that one of the prophets said to almost come with it at all, how can I thank you, one of the facts that I think you requires me to be thankful for the fact that I'm able to thank you, I have, you know, enough guidance and consciousness and ability to think of the blessings and to thank you is something that I need to thank you for. And so it was held their

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hand and said, if you know this, and this is the maximum amount of sugar that a person can have the maximum amount of gratitude is to realize, understand that we can never fulfill gratitude to a loss of Hannah what, because of this reality, no matter how much we think a lot, we are still in debt to a lot. And if we realize is that will keep us from falling into arrogance, and to realize that we need to constantly turn to a loss of humans either with gratitude. And the reality, you know, especially over this year,

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where there's been so much trouble and problems that have occurred,

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you know, being grateful to us kind of the height of the headsets, our mental health. And there's been a lot of studies on this path in this regard. You know, UC Davis has a study of people that were suffering from depression. And they told them, we took a group of them and told them all you do every day, wake up in the morning, write a letter of things to be grateful for. And they did this and the people that group that did this. We're far happier, by the end of just a short period of time, or just two weeks, you are far happier than depression lifted significantly than the group that didn't do this. And so the more you're able to allow us to either the more alone gives you in

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this world and in the next world would in Chicago from less even the home if you are grateful. And indeed Allah will give you more in a law of Milan introducing me Yeah, you know, somebody who was named Sima alongside he was in a harness. He didn't want to be in a way Have you been long forgotten him in the medical otaku when I'm abroad? Also the Matador sundiata Europa salatu wa sallam and then he really didn't want to do what he was hiding until you've been fighting. Well, I mean, well, I you know, I saw him along with other female

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colleagues as

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However, to do no one else who are here to look at either one or nothing else. In our latest interview, I'm going to go hammer I mean, along as it is now on Simeon, where are the public accounting that's unhappy with Dean along with the man was able to be here in

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Santa Rosa not rushing in, in Omaha. Hi, everyone. I'm glad that you in so many ways have been pulled back when Hannah

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was relying on Coco marshmallow and that he has gone

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low reanimate snuggling up the bottom side