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AI: Summary © A woman was assaulted by her mother while on her way to meet her in Boston. She refuses to comply with drugs and alcohol rules until she sees her mother, but she refuses to comply until she sees her. She refuses to comply until she sees her mother and is warned not to let her mother take anything until she sees her. Another person describes a situation where their mother refuses to comply until she sees her and tells them not to cancel their appointment.
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Santa Monica welcome Florida to the brothers and sisters Welcome back to people who are on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And this is another narration, it's not about the law of town. And I know that Subhanallah we've had a lot of stories about almost all the time. But it involves I'm going to hop out of the lawn, he actually narrates this, and it's a it's a well documented Hadith. And he talks about the hids law and how when he was about to make the hedgerow he agreed with a group of companions to meet somewhere, and they were to head out, and then the rest of it, you know, becomes

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a very interesting story that involves the poor. And I'm going to hop out of the low tide, and who says that whenever or when I was about to make the hits law, I agreed with two companions, I should know about the law of Thailand, and he shall allow so the law I agreed with these two companions to meet them at the lens of venerable thought behind the Valley of surf. And basically, we agreed that, you know, we're gonna meet there in the morning, and if anybody failed to make it there in the morning, then we were just gonna have to go without them. So if it was just two of them that showed up, then they just have to go. So they agreed upon the time, they agreed upon the place to make

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their escape to Medina, Amaro de la tada and who said so in the morning when I got to the lens of Ben with a fog, I found it I shouldn't be out of the a long time I'm home. And we had heard that he shared with us had been detained and he was forced to abandon his religion. So you had one man now, who was detained, punished, tortured, and he renounced his religion out of that compulsion. And you have Alma and you have the low tide on him. And he says that when we were on our way to Medina, we got very close, we got some heroin, they made it to hold up and they stayed with the tribe of Ben Lam ignore outflow the a long time. And as they got to Cuba, as they were getting there, Abuja had

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an inherited Nishan. They set out to catch

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up why because I Yosh was the half brother of Abuja, so they had the same mother, and he was also his paternal cousin. And so they got their Nabu Jehan and had it come to him. And they say to him in omega, Nevada, and La Yama salata how much Tatar talaaq What are testily lumen shamsuddin hattar talaaq. They said to him, Look, your mom has taken an oath, that she's not going to allow a comb to touch her head until she sees you. And she's not going to take shade from the sun until she sees you. In essence, you know, she's going out there and she's staying out there in the sun. And she's torturing herself, hunger strike, allowing, you know, not not combing her hair, and back then they

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had a serious lice problem, right. And she's refusing to renounce that vow until she sees you. So I actually alone and we really loved his mother. And we know that when people convert to Islam, that's one of the most difficult things in the world, the sense of betrayal towards the parents, right. So I also be allowed to add on who he you know, he started to feel that great sense of pity and honor to hop out of the law and who says I said to him, in the who Allah He in your locale como en la, Li f dinakaran, de Nika father homie said, Look, I know what your people are trying to do, your family's trying to do. All they're trying to do is get you to renounce your religion. Be careful,

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you know, don't let them cause you to abandon your religion. I also the law and who said, Look, I'll help my mom fulfill her vow, I'll go back there, because I have some money there anyway, that I want to bring anyway. So now that I'm going in protection, I can go and I can get that money, that when I escaped, I didn't get a chance to get out of the law on who says, Listen, by Allah, when the sun gets tough, your mom is going to go inside when the light overtakes her head, don't worry, she's going to give up that vow. She's going to go inside. And he said, You also know that I have a lot of money. I'm one of the richest people of Christ. And if you don't go with them, I'll give you half of

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my money. So I'm going to is offering is go ahead and take half my money. Your mom's gonna be okay. Don't fall for it. I actually a long time. He says, Look, just let me go. Let her see me and everything will be okay, I'll get that money and I'll come back. So I'm gonna hop out of the line when he gets off of his camel. And he gives it to Josh and he says, Look, this is a quick camel. This is a really fast camel. Don't get off of it at any point in your journey going back so that if people try to get you you can escape on it, meaning it's faster than the camels that are uninhabited have. So I actually agreed he took that camel and he's riding with Abuja, and he's riding with an

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hateth and I wish I had access to the low tide and he says, look, you know, my camels really slow? Would it be okay if we tie them together so that I can go faster? Can we mount our camels together? You know, and I actually alongside Andrew, even though I'm going to Warrington, his brother at the end of the day, he says okay, sure. If he gets off and as soon as he gets off Abuja and and how to attack him, they tie him up, they break they bring him back to Mecca, and they and basically they forced him to abandon the religion of Islam. So almost all the alongside and who says that

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When we were in Medina when we heard about that, we thought that they had known hope, meaning what we thought that once a person abandons Islam they can never come back. That's like the one thing that will never be forgiven by Allah subhana wa Tada. So there is no hope. He said until Allah Subhana Allah revealed and this is the source xoma verse 53 williard era the levina as laferla unforeseen law cannot woman refer to law in a liar filled with an OVA Jamia in the hole for Rahim that oh, you know, say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada Indeed Allah forgives all sins, and indeed it is he who is the

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Forgiving and the merciful will enable you to become Muslim Allah so go ahead and return to your Lord and submit to Him. So our motto the law and who said when those is revealed, he said I took a letter and I wrote those ions on a sheet and I sent it to hishammuddin allows the first guy who abandoned his religion and to is of no labia he Sham then takes the Hadith he Sham received this letter from owner follow the law and who and all that had released two out of the Quran he said that I read it and I said Allah for him Neha, Allah helped me comprehend this and he said, then I and I asked, both realized that Allah revealed these ions for us. So both I and I, yes, we got on our

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cameras and we went back to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And this is an authentic defense of how Allah what it shows you is that no matter how far you straight no matter how far you've gone from a loss of Hannah Montana, a lot is constantly calling you back with this ayah you know, even shittier which is the worst thing you could possibly do. Allah subhana wa tada is saying, Do not despair from the mercy of a loss parents just come back. And this is exactly what we saw happen with our Yash and with with his son, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to also make us people that do not despair of His mercy, that that do not continue to transgress against themselves and that return to a loss of

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Hannah Montana and repent when they realize how far away they are from him Allah. I mean, does everyone know Highland for joining us tonight inshallah Tada. I will see you tomorrow was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah who were going to cancel

This episode makes mention of the leaps and bounds of the mercy of Allah SWT there by teaching us not to lose hope in the mercy of Allah SWT. A small story about three companions, two of whom were forced to leave Islam because of the family and how Allah SWT made a way for them and revealed verses about their forgiveness from Surah Zumar, verse no.53.

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