Why I dont discuss issues of whats Halal and Haram in Gaming

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The reason I don't talk about it because I am not a scholar, that is out of respect for what held on the forum means something serious. I don't think people take it so lightly these days, to just lightly call things Hold on, hold on. They're not black and white, like you're making rulings like that is

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that is something extremely serious, that people have great knowledge to do for others. Not every person is responsible to choose how long to hold on for themselves. That's part of, you know, knowledge that is not always necessity. But to then say that knowledge is applicable to others, like I can go and tell you that this is haram and you shouldn't be doing I'm now making myself responsible for what you do. And if I'm wrong, and you do it, I have to deal with that because I'm not qualified to be given out that ruling. That's a big deal.

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That's people who you should do it out of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala because to give rulings is such a weighty matter that you're speaking on behalf of the religion on behalf of the original revelation, you're taking it upon yourself to interpret the Quran and the Sunnah. That is, that is serious. That's super serious. So out of respect of what that is, and what that means. I leave that to people with serious serious knowledge to give to others and they can accept it and hamdulillah and even if that means they have a ruling that says they believe that Playing Games Video games is haram and they believe that opinion to be valid. Mashallah for you don't play video

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games. That's it. It's not for you. Hold on a second you bring it

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Okay, one second. I'll come get it.

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But you know, for

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for me to give out a ruling. No.

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I don't see a problem with me playing myself. It's rare. That'll be fine. And that's why we play Oh, I just got to get rid of this scope. This scope is terrible.

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Hold on me. See if I can rewind it. That's cool.

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Alright, I can deal with that I can do with that I can do that. Fit isn't black and white. And oh, hold on. Take that zombie real quick. Maybe? I'll prove this comment sha Allah.

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Yeah, absolutely. figures in black and white 100% homicide.

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And don't come and say oh, you know, I'm doing it only because I saw you doing it like to say that that's a responsibility like, Oh, I'm coming I'm playing the game because I saw you do it. Therefore. That's basically like a ruling. That's ridiculous. So you mean to tell me that, you know, we're like we're no better than animals and monkey see monkey do. Just because you see me doing it. If you there's any question in your mind. Go do your research. Go speak to people. There's any question that's your responsibility. That is your response. That's a personal responsibility. Don't try to put a foot off on me that over the use of doing it so I'm going to do it

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I'm not one of those people that you should hold in in that religious space like that. Not a shear, not a scholar. Student of knowledge my did my my

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did my bachelor's and master's in Islamic sciences but I did them in data that is like that is my thing.

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People are trolls you