7 Ways To Increase Baraka In Your Time

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The brothers and sisters There's a very famous narration where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said not to call Messiah Hetalia Takara was the man. That time the Hour will not come until time shrinks. Time literally shrinks. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for tycoon or Santa Kashia that a year will feel like a month was shadow Cal Joomla. And a month would feel like a week and a week would feel like a day where you're Kunal yarmulke Sarah and they would feel like just an hour what's a corner Sarah and the the our would feel like a burning bush or like the flare of a fire quickly. Everything goes by so quickly. You don't feel Baraka in time you don't feel blessing in

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your time. And there's a collective manifestation of that. And then there's on the individual level, when you start to look at yourself, you say, where is it going? And I read about people that are so productive in the past and in the presence, where is the blessing in my time, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in another narration also an Behati he directly tied the shrinking of time, to the decrease of good deeds and the increase of certain types of corruption. So he said SallAllahu, it was selling at Saqqara was the man or young Corsola Amell. That time would shrink. And so the deeds the output of good deeds would be less why he was shocked. And greed miserliness.

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stinginess, would be placed in the hearts of people. Well, you have total hordes and the prophets lie, some said and murder would become prevalent, murder would become prevalent. And so there's a direct connection between the shrinking of time and the shrinking of the output of deeds. And of course, the battle with time to make the best use of your time is one that even the Sahaba felt. And most people do not realize the value of their time, until things start to become different until you start to get older and still until you start to get busier, until your health starts to wither as well, until you see some of the consequences of your wasted time later on in life. And then you go

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back and you say, subhanAllah, I should have done things differently. And that's why the prophets on the learning some of course, mentioned, near Matan baboon morning female cattlemen and nurse are here to welfare off some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said that there are two blessings that people just do not take advantage of, and their health and free time. So what does it mean to have darker to have blessing in your time, the technical definition LM l Cathy fill walk till Colleen

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to be able to do more with less time to be able to do more with less time. That doesn't always mean more in terms of quantity, but to do more because Allah Allah just says Leah bluer comm au s and Ramadan, not UK through Anna, that he tests you to see who will do the best with their deeds, not necessarily the most. So it's not always something that's quantifiable, but to do more with less. Well, Carly Molina apply law Rahim Allah to Anna nabina. Tyler says in one of his Hickam, one of his wisdoms, he says Robert Ramadan and Tessa Anna do who work. And who were Rober Morin, kalila twin Anna, who Kaffee Rajan AMDA, who beautiful saying he said that some people live a very long life,

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but bear very little fruit. And some people live a very short life, but bear much fruit. So there are long, fruitless lives and short, fruitful lives. And so if a person is sincere with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, and takes the amount of time the blessing of time seriously, then what they can accomplish in a week is what someone else can accomplish in a day, even in a time where overall time has shrunk. Even now, right? So this isn't just something that we lament the past and we say, yeah, they used to be able to read that much Quran, and do all of these good deeds, but they were different than us. Because even now, even now, with sincerity and steadfastness and taking your time

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seriously, you can accomplish more with the same amount of time as someone else a person might even in today's world accomplish more at the age of 18 than someone else at the age of 80. Right, it is still a thing. If you take the amount of time seriously the trust of time seriously. And so I wanted to just go over seven things that I extracted from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, about how to have Baraka in your time, how to have blessing in your time, what do we learn from the messenger SallAllahu Sallam about having Baraka in our time. And the first thing is that the Prophet saw I saw him was a morning person.

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And that wasn't just by accident. He was a morning person Salallahu it he was salah, and there's an authentic

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From suffer, Mohammed Ali Allahu Taala animal suffer was a companion. He said Rasulullah saw I seldom heard or I heard also la slicin I'm saying Allah Allah Baddeck li OMA T Fievel Cody ha, oh Allah bless my nation. And it's early hours, bless my Oma. And it's early hours put Baraka there. And he said, I didn't just hear the Prophet sites I'm saying this, when he used to send out a battalion or an army, he always sent them at the beginning of the day, anything he did Salah Lorenson, I'm on an individual basis and anything he commanded within the Ummah, he started early in the day it his slots was set up, it was always the morning hours with him. So Allah Hardy was

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starting with his Feds in prayer, and the vicar that came after the remembrance of Allah that came after the federal prayer, and the conversations and the commands and the work that started at the early morning hours. And some of the enema also mentioned that Allah swears by a budget will also Allah swears by the two timings, the beginning of the day and the ending of the day, because most people are either waking up or winding down. And the believer can take advantage of those times to get ahead. And Allah has put special blessing in those times of the day. So that's the first thing starting early. Number two, avoiding sins and drama. And they are interconnected. So I'll start with

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the obvious here with since

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he mmamoloko Amo lontana when he met Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah, this amazing child, who at the age of eight years old, just clearly was way ahead of everybody else. One of those kids that would make multiple world records happen, that there would be coverage of the brain of a chef or a whole lot to add on what he was doing. He was clearly a genius. He clearly had something special going for him at a young age and his T train my medic Rahim Allah says to him, listen to me, Oh young men, in the auto Allah but Allah Allah Kabhi kanuhura I see that Allah has put a light in your hearts. He didn't attribute it to his upbringing. He didn't know he said, Allah has clearly put a light inside of your

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heart fanatical fit, who will be looking at democracia don't extinguish that light with the darkness of sin. Allah gave you something special. Don't mess it up with sin.

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So whether it's your memory, or it is as Allah subhanaw taala says when Quran and what Turco luffa Tekna Allah him Bala county Mina Santa had the people of the town, believed what telco avoided sin they feared Allah they avoided sin. The implication of Taqwa is toward Kumasi as avoiding sin, then Baraka, then the blessings of what was coming down upon them would have been present, but it was the sins that took away the blessing of what was given to them. And so, since decrease the baraka of wealth, they decrease the buttock of time, they decrease the baraka of intellect, they pollute everything that they are present within, because all of those things, those faculties and those,

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those blessings that Allah gives to you are gifts from him. And he will not allow you to keep those gifts, if you tarnish them with disobeying Him. So the light will be extinguished in your time, the light will be extinguished. In your mind, the light will be extinguished in your wealth also, and so many other things that some of the scholars also say. And this is why I said avoiding sins and drama, there is humble Misaki, there is the hem, the anxiety that sin causes. When you're a messy person, you get yourself into a lot of messy situations, don't you?

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When you're a messy person, you get yourself into a lot of messy situations. And so you only have a certain amount of headspace and a certain amount of heart space, and a certain amount of time space. And if you occupy that with sins in the consequences of sins, the messiness of sins, then naturally that's going to paralyze you from being able to be productive with your time, because you're always trying to get yourself out of a sin that you committed. They're mostly self inflicted, right? Grudges take apart space, drama takes up time space, all of it takes up headspace, right? It just takes away from what time you have. And so if you're a person who's not messy, who generally avoids

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drama and causing drama and inflicting wounds and gossiping and things of that sort, you likely have a lot more time to focus on what's important rather than always trying to climb out of something that you've inflicted upon yourself. So that's the second thing. The third thing and there's something very interesting about this heavy

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spending time with your family. You say wait a minute, that's why I feel like my time is going right I can't find time to spend with my family I can find time to do all this other stuff. But I can't find time to spend with my family. I just didn't know Monica will be alone on the narrates that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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Men and YouTube self Allahu Felicity he will use Allahu fi every he fed Yasser Rahima prophets lie Selim said whoever wants to be granted more wealth and have their life extended. Then let them keep a good relationship with their family ties. Let them establish their family ties, you think to yourself, Wait a minute, family pulls me away from being able to make money properly. I've got to do more in my career. And that's why I don't have time for my family. I don't have time for my family because I got to do this you still find time for the leisure you still find time for all that. But I don't have time for my family because I got to do this important stuff. Okay. And the prophets lie.

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Some is saying that in the design of ALLAH SubhanA hoods, Ana, spending time with your family. Being good to your family actually increases the bulk of your earning and the bulk of your time.

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And we trust in Allah subhana wa Tada with that that's why you read about the prophets lies on you say how was he able to bounce a lot but basilica blessing and what the prophets I saw them did in his time in every way possible. And Scylla Torah him starts with your parents, starts with your parents, if your parents are alive, right? It starts with your spouse's, then your children then you know the closer your uncle's, your aunts and so on so forth. There's blessing that comes from that blessing that comes from the do out of those people, blessing that comes from the robot from the pleasure of those people. And so, all of us should take that as a sign. You know what, no, I'm not

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going to relinquish those family ties, in the name of what in the name of making more money or making better use of my time because the prophets lie. Some said the opposite is in fact, true. And subhanAllah you look at the the way the scholars pointed to this, or explain this idea of the prolonging of life. The prolonging of life. Some of them said Sunil Gulati Phil just said that Allah blesses your health and blesses your ability expands you. In that sense, some of the scholars say the baraka T theory, he would tell people that Laurent Allah blesses them by just putting more in their time, Baraka in their time, and, and guides them to do actions of good deeds of obedience.

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Some of them said, and this is beautiful Bukka Vickery Hill Jameel better than Mount Allah extends his life with the good memory that he leaves behind with those people that you left, so they have the Quran Jamil have a beautiful way of remembering you, and that extends you because when they remember you beautifully, then they do things in your name that encourages them to make draft for you, and to give sadhaka in your name, and that allows for your extension on life to exist in some of the scholars that of course, that this is the actual extension of yours that Allah subhanaw taala puts in his books on a person when a person has broken that sense, the fourth thing,

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acts of gratitude. Allah azza wa jal says, What are in Shackleton, let us see them. If you are grateful, I will increase you. Now, let us see then a comb is in regards to faith as a whole your perspective, but also in regards to the specific thing that you are showing shortcode with? What does it mean to be grateful with your health, Allah will increase you when you're grateful with your health. When you use your health to work, acts of gratitude. sadhaka is a means of gratitude with wealth, it increases your wealth. And so gratitude with your time

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sparing your time for service to do acts of Shuker volunteerism, some people think well, I can't find time for the volunteerism and doing the acts of gratitude. Allah extended the years have dealt with it his Salam there Malou added to the chakra, who worked acts of gratitude, and extends his life and he Salam and so a person should always have some notion of sadaqa with their time. And so you know, I want to be very clear here. This is not just swiping a credit card or now whatever you know, doing it online and just donating something sadhaka with your time acts of gratitude with your time will put Baraka in your time. volunteering your time for something good and an act of gratitude

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will actually bless your time as well. Number five, a daily recitation of the Quran specifically sorted Bukhara is where we find the Prophet slice I'm talking about Al Baqarah when it comes to Baraka in time, the prophets lie some certain authentic hadith across all Surah Al Baqarah. In Africa Baraka metodika Hustla were tested to Halbach Allah, He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam possess recite Surah Al Baqarah recite sort of Bukhara, when you do so, you are unlocking all sorts of baraka and to abandon it is a form of regret, what is the theory Halbach Allah and it cannot be penetrated or overcome by an Bacala mattala can can be as as neutral as laziness and as as as

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nefarious Assef as sorcery and magicians Okay,

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It's somewhere there as well. So some of the scholars say that a person who is lazy will not be able to read sort of Bukhara if they have that characteristic of just not being motivated. batalla is a condition I just don't feel like doing anything.

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And the and then you have a narration from more valuable the ultion, who are more Alia said that not only Anil Bacala, as Sahara,

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what I was taught is that Bapatla here refers to a Sahara, the sorcerer's, so it's a protection of the house and we know the prophets I'm told us to read through the Bukhara in the home as a means of protecting it from anyone that tries to cause you harm. And so the scholars say in regards to walk tear in regards to time here, right? The longest sort of the Quran is Al Baqarah. If you read it, the blessing that it unlocks in your life is significant, a significant and so there is a general rule here that if a person has a daily recitation of the Quran, it will increase the blessing of their time. And specifically, of course, here sort of baccarat that has been given to us and it is

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as long as it is panela as long as it is, you will find many people able to memorize through the buckle can memorize the whole plan. But you will find many people that were able to memorize suited Bacala and that's something that Allah subhanaw taala has placed within it as a Bushra as a glad tiding that it's not as hard as you think to approach the Quran with memorization, it's not as hard as you think. And when a person memorizes a bit in the night time it will unlock much better a much blessing for them. Number six, incorporating remembrance into your routine. Likud into your actual routine. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once walking with the Companions, who are the

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Allahu Taala and he said that we reached a mountain on the outskirts of Mecca called June down. So the Prophet sly son said zero harder Jim Dan Saba calm Ofori dune sobre como for redoing sobre como for redoing the prophesy sunset. Go on for June Dan, Jim, Dan is a mountain that's all by itself. It means frozen, right? So it's all by itself there's nothing around it and it's it's it's a staple there. So the profit slice on the saying go Subbu calm Ofori dune. Those who have lived a life of being alone have proceeded and will finally don't have gone ahead and methodically don't have gone ahead. I'm a fairly elementary dune have gone ahead. So they said Yaroslav, what do you mean the

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loners? What do you mean they've proceeded they've gone ahead of everybody else. And he said that ketone Allah cathedra was accurate. The men who remember Allah frequently and the women who remember Allah frequently. Now there's so much to take from this. The prophets lie. Some mentioned this decayed in the context of what subaqua they've they've gone ahead, they have succeeded. They've beat the bunch in the race. They're ahead of the lions. And what their enemies say here is the emphasis of the prophets lie some of them right if you look at his life, is that the kid was not something that was isolated to a place or a time of worship. Vica was in the prophets gatherings it his Salatu

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was Salam. His tongue was moist with it. Likud is when you're cooking, the vicar is when you're walking vipkid is when you're working out the kid is when you're doing anything that is not haram. You don't want to be doing Vicodin while you're haram unless you're doing it to get you out of the haram. The kid is something that you incorporate into your daily life.

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And you set those goals you don't have to separate like I can only do Viken in the masjid after Salah zyk it is something that you bring into your routine. And that's when you find the story of the baker in the time of hola who's doing as we're all answered why because as he was baking his dome Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar, the output in the dunya that you saw with some loaves of bread, the output in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada was a bunch of palaces and trees and Jenna at the end of every day and answered your ads for him. So for the brothers and the sisters incorporate dikkat into your actual routine. Don't just relegate it to a place and that will

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increase what you earn in the hereafter as well as what you bless in this life. The last thing Dear brothers and sisters keep the company of productive people.

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righteous people are of categories, but specifically productive righteous people keep their company where Allah azza wa jal says was good enough second malady Nia do not have the humble Avada to allegedly doing what shall keep the company of those who are calling upon Allah subhanaw taala night and D. Seek patients through them keep yourself resilience by their company. And there's a story I'll end with here. It's a story of of in our bustle, the Allahumma one of my favorite stories of a young man who had a vision he had been Ambassador the Allahu anhu, ma the cousin of the Prophet slice of them, loved by the prophets I seldom used to sleep in the home of the prophets I seldom

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used to be behind the prophets lie some on his camel and on his horse. He was always with him. So lice alum from the age of 10 to

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13 shadowed him it his salatu salam brought his will do. It was very traumatic for him when the Prophet slicin passed away.

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But he also had an eye and he had a heart that was looking for the pleasure of Allah. So when everyone came back to Medina after the death of the prophets like some all the Sahaba that had gone on journeys, we're all there in Medina tells us friends 13 year old friend, 13 year old in our bus, he says, hey, the US hub the companions of the Prophet sly somewhere everywhere today. Let's go seek knowledge from them. They're all here in Medina, let's go ask them to narrate us their Hadith their time with the prophets, I saw them let's get something for them. And his friend is narrating the incident. He says that I told them, you know, you go ahead and do that. I'm going to keep playing

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and you know, and relaxing. Let's go play with the pigeons instead.

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And I bustle the load on Homer says photog to who he said, I let him go, I left him I went and I started to sleep on the doorsteps of the companions of the Prophet, slice them, collect a hadith collect their knowledge, their jurisprudence, years later, they've grown up and that man is walking by and he's still playing with the pigeons as an adult, and had been a vessel the Allahu Anhu man's house has become the first university in the history of Islam.

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And saying, you know, that young man knew better than I did. He got it. It clicked. Keep the company of productive people. Keep the company of people that are goal oriented. Keep the company of people that are trying to get ahead, work with them together when Roslindale in Santa Fe hosts Elana Deena am and what I mean it'll slightly Hattie or tawassul been happy with philosophy.

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We are all in Los except for those of us who enjoy one another push one another, towards the truth push one another towards joining good and forbidding evil and patience and prosperity. May Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in our lives Baraka in our time Baraka in our risk in our sustenance Baraka in our deeds. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow that baraka to be embedded with his reblock to be embedded with his pleasure with us until we meet him and we enter into paradise in the company of His Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Amin Akuto, Khalifa was stuck. Rhodiola Kumari Syrah must mean first off, we don't know who will afford Rahim.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Juan and he will solve your man Allah. Allah Allah, Allah mumineen me now it's William was singing what a Muslim out here in Oman Mr. Nica Samir on Caribbean Modibo Datawatch Allah Allah foolin our hamlet, wife why now? Well, that's why Dibner robbing Allah and Fuson our inlanta Fergana author Hamner, Lana Coonan, liminal ha serene, Allah Mina, careful when getting into Hibbeler 451 Allah for the YT Deena Abraham Omar Kamara, bonus era, Robin Pamela moment as we already know the reality now portata Aryan Jana Lynmouth subpoena Imam Allah on site one and Mr. La Vina famous article I'll do my Barbie llama is a listener mode

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Muslimeen a little of Cisco Academy mme Miranda Dean Allah advocate Vitamina vitamin Well, original one and then veniam So the mean about the law in the law what they will eat they'll CORBA when her and and fascia he will want curry well belly Yato comuna Allah come to the Quran festival Allah has Quran wash Kuru who are an aroma is it luck on one of the crew Allah Akbar, Allah Yong matassa rune Welcome to salon