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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses the following points in this lecture:

  • The translation and explanation of the most common duas recited during Taraweeh and Witr prayers is explained clearly.
  • Sahaba performed Qunut inside of Witr Salah.
  • Muslim scholars have put together duas from Quran, hadith and their own understanding.

Ibn Umar RA said, “The Messenger of Allah ﷺ rarely left a gathering making this supplication: “O Allah, give us a share of fear of You that will prevent us from disobeying You, of obedience to You that will help us to reach Paradise, and of certainty that will enable us to withstand the calamities of this world; cause us to enjoy our hearing, sight and strength so long as we are alive, until we die; avenge us against those who wrong us; support us against those who wrong us; do not make our calamity in our religious commitment; do not make this world our main concern and all that we know about; do not send against us those who will show no mercy to us.”


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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who either already he was so happy woman while I am about today's quarter I will do something different. I had a question a few days ago about the concept of inodes in Witten and if we could go over what we recite when we make the drop, and so today inshallah tada what I'll do is I'll summarize some of the items that we say in the wood solder and realize that the winter Salah is actually technically independent of the canoes, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the point of winter was to be an odd prayer not necessarily to have a code note in it. And therefore the format I have actually have different positions about

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having a note in the Witcher, those of the Hanafi background they're very familiar with, with it being associated with Odin, although it is only in the witness Allah, but those brothers in the Shafi background, one to the shaeffer, eight brothers, sisters made Coons celestial fudger right this is selected for the for the fudger in the sharper image of Ruth is done in fudger and other Medina have other rulings. So inshallah which other the correct position is that Quaaludes, the DA can be done at any time. And the prophets are sometimes did it in fudger, sometimes in motive, sometimes in Asia. And also it is permissible to do in winter. And we learned from the Sahaba and

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Tyrone that they would like to perform the canoes in selected winter, in the month of Ramadan, especially, and especially in the last half of the month. So they make an emphasis that at least the last half of the month, they have every single with it. And the Prophet Mohammed Salah said them as we have done many years ago, maybe somebody remember, he actually did not really leave for us the proper method, or I shouldn't say that. But I should say he only prayed thoroughly twice. He only printed only twice. And then he didn't pray it for a third time because he did not want the oma to think it is obligatory. So he showed us that you can pray that our way and then left it at that. So

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we don't have details about witted and about what he did in that particular evening. But the Sahaba after the Tabby rune, they were the ones who began praying eight or 20 that God that's where this stuff comes from some predates on page 20 and also amongst themselves, they began doing the wood up inside of the wizard, the root inside of the wizard and it has become the custom now across the Muslim globe that with your Salah inter alia, that is done. And as for the wordings there is nothing explicit from the Sunnah because our processing did not do that type of widget. But what has happened is over the course of centuries, Muslim scholars have simply added together prophetic to

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us. And most of what we hear every night is taken cut and paste from a hadith. So this was taken from Bahati that was taken Sunni, they're widowed, a third was taken from Timothy and we have now a set up this is not coming in its full form from the Prophet system. Rather we have cut and paste here and there. We have prophetic to us, Quranic to us, and it's just become the staple in the dorm. And of course it is well known that you can add your own to us as well. That's why if you listen to any famous of the Quran of the world and it will it will you go to in many parts of the world that Imam will just from himself make a draw from the heart and there's nothing wrong with doing that.

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And some of the phrases we'll go over today. In the famous head Ethan was study by Mohammed in volume three page 245 in the Muslim world has any been added the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is the Muslim woman Mohammed narrating from Al Hassan ibn Ali, the grandson of the process of them, and it hasn't even it only has their own 10 IDs narrated from him. This is one of them. In fact, this is the first one in the mustard and hasn't been added on the Allahu anhu He said, I lemony Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akali Martin aku nephew odo Twitter, my Profit System taught me words that I should say in the root of winter. So these are the

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words that the Prophet system taught to his own grandson and hasn't and it hasn't was how old when the processor died, who remembers? We talked about this.

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Seven, eight years old when the processing passed away, so Hasson said my grandfather taught me this door Allahumma Dini Freeman had eight ruffini female outfit, whatever learning females were late, robotically female athletes working in Sharla Casa de la in the hula illumine wallet tabarrok Terra Bella watch are late and therefore 90% of the times when we began our code we began with this right Allahu Medina a few men had eight so what does this mean? Allahu Medina female headed Allah guide us in a certain way Stockmann guide us along with all of those whom you have guided our law the righteous people that you have guided make me from those righteous people. Along Medina Freeman had

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eight one

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and grant us.

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Now I fear is a very difficult word to translate into English. And what it means is you are free from calamity. Aafia, you're not suffering from a calamity This is what alfia means. And it is reported from the uncle of the process of abass. He said O Messenger of Allah teach me a drug that I can say to Allah subhana wa Tada. So the process of said ask Allah for alfia I busted or Yasuda love, certainly there's something more than this. And the process of said, there is ask a love raffia for there is nothing better than alfia meaning you don't want to be tested. You don't want to be tried. afiya means you're free of afflictions free of turmoil free of stress. afia means you're

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peaceful. You found happiness. This is what afia means. So the President said there's nothing better than alpha. When you get alpha that means you don't have any problems. You don't have any stress. You don't have any financial you just living on hamdulillah comfortably worshipping Allah, this is alpha. So what if enough human Caliphate and Oh Allah grant us protection from calamity along with all of those whom you have protected from calamity whatsoever then a FEMA we're late? And tawanda means to protect a law who will lead you live in the world? Well, he is of the names of Allah tell what law is the action of becoming woody? What so what is FEMA into one late and Allah causes us to

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be protected amongst those whom you have also protected, meaning our lawmakers amongst the guided makes amongst those who have no problems and afflictions make us amongst those whom you protect, whereby the cleaner female athletes, and give us Baraka in all that you have given us and Baraka, as I've said many many times means zyada to hire, whatever benefit is extended. So, we say in English the dollar amount is stretched. money that has Baraka means you gain more from it than the guy who has no Baraka, your $100 seems to go a long way Allah has put Baraka in it. Time that has Baraka, you get more done.

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wells that has Baraka health that has Baraka life that as Baraka so some of our scholars they wrote literally hundreds of volumes, you wonder how could they have written their life had Baraka? Their life had Baraka because one lifetime they could literally write shelves and shelves of books. You wonder how did they do this? Because there's Buttercup so we're by the cleaner, female athlete, anything you give us our law, give us with Baraka you give us $10 put Baraka in it you give us one hour extra put Baraka in it we want Allah Baba and that's why at the end we say about Dr. With Dr. Lee because Dr. Cummins Baraka comes from you. work in a shadow Rama audit and save us from all the

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evil that you have decreed. All evil that happens is almost decree save us wahkeena shall Rama call it any evil any calamity that has been decreed save us from that we don't want any calamity for iNec article D What are you Oh Alec, you are the one who decrees and no one has the power to decree against you. For in Nicaragua D. You are the one who decrees You are the one who says couldn't fire Kuhn as we decided and solely as seen right now. You are the one who says and it happens, and no one has the power to legislate against you for iNec article D You are the one who has called off and about a judgment ruling while you hold on Alec no one can pass against you right in the hula de

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leeuw, Manoir late. He This is a rule from Allah. He never humiliates The one whom he has chosen, who has chosen Allah and Allah has chosen him in a hula de la ville is to humiliate in the hula de leeuw, Manoir late he does not humiliate the one that he has chosen or one can say, one has chosen Allah so the one who has a relationship with Allah will never be humiliated, tabarrok Terra Dinah, what relate to Baraka means all Baraka comes from you to Baraka means there is no evil ascribed unto you to barakallahu isononyl hydretain tabouleh kalevi v Hill Muay Thai Baraka means to you belongs nothing but good and praise and fair and Baraka, and no evil can be ascribed on to you. So, it's

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about doctor what anti elite is a similar to a doctor, that you are the most exalted of those who are exalted, you are the highest of the high and you are the highest of the high from having a partner from having a son from having any equal dilate, you are above any evil that they ascribe unto you. So this is one that is mentioned in the most at the moment. And typically, we begin it with our daughters with this and most of the men do, because it hasn't even added a bit of you thought he literally said the Profit System taught me phrases to say in the note of winter, so from this, we add this in the beginning and time only permits me to work

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One more addition. And the fact of the matter is all of the Dragunov there's lots of phrases, we don't have time to go over all of them, but one other Hadees which was very common as well, that we mentioned it in our news is reported in sunanda Timothy, volume five, page 528 ID number 3502. And this is a hadith from Roma rhodiola one, and this is not dealing with Coons is just a drug. And most of the drugs that we say in the winter, they're just found in the books of our pastors who would make this da da da. So we put it together. So have we have a prophetic draft? And this one goes as follows that even almost said, it was very rare that the profitsystem would ever leave a gathering

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without making this

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it was very rare that he would leave a gathering without making this drop. What is this drop? Allahu mucks him let them in has sciatica matter who do we have a nap in this vein in our brain MRC and we say we were meant to be humane and obeying the law so you think oh well law

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assigned for me a fear of you extreme possum extreme sorry means to assign give me a share. If similar Nachman has sciatica? Give me a share of your heart share of your fear how much share do I want? matter Hulu v been in our beta maaseiah thick enough that will cause me to stop committing sins? Allahu moxham dynamin has sciatica matter who looby Halla is to have a barrier matter who will be he been an hour been Mr. sciatic give me enough fear of you to stop committing sins. Okay, so that's the first one. And then woman thong Attica metabolic una de genetic, give me enough of worshipping Utah, so that I can get into Jenna. So I want enough fear to stop committing sins. And I

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want enough far too. I mean, sorry about that worship to get into Jenna, one minute you're cleaning module how we will be here I Dana masaba Jr. On this version, we'll see about the dunya both are allowed. And enough yaqeen your pain means what? certainty faith enough you're keen to make all of the calamities of this world become trivial.

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Women are just a matter to how we know be here, Elena masaba dunya, masiva dunya, the most labor of the dunya we want to have so much faith that it just dissolves in front of that your pain. Right? So look at these beautiful three phrases, enough Assia to not sin, enough bar to enter agenda, and enough yaqeen to withstand the pains of this world. That's all we need. That's all we need. That's all we need. And that's what this job begins, given. Give us enough Russia to stop committing sins, give us enough thought to get into gender and give us enough yaqeen to make all the problems of this world seem trivial unto us, woman Terran Allahumma be as minor of sadhana wakawaka Tina ma atena or

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other than mahina and Oh Allah bless us Mata allow us to enjoy Mata allow us to enjoy a smile enter and absorbed into our hearing and our searing and quwata you know our strengths, our mental and our physical strength, as long as you cause us to live. So we don't want to be deprived of hearing. We don't want to be deprived of seeing. We don't want to be deprived of physical and mental faculties. We don't want that we seek Allah's refuge as our processing did. Allahumma India rodica orada Illa Allah I seek refuge in You from being allowed to live to a decrepit old age until I become senile. We don't like that we don't want it. If it so happens in our family members. It's our job to take

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care. And it doesn't mean istockphoto law that was displeased. But we don't like to do we none of us wants to live to that age. So as long as you allow us life, our law make us strong. We can take care of ourselves, make us mentally stable, make us bless us with ears and eyes to see and to hear one material and aloha may be as minor of sadhana waka, Latina,

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Latina, as long as we're allowed to live, when you're alone, why this Amina? Now this phrase, it has two meanings to it both are valid, which is good What is I mean that means and cause these faculties to live on, as inheritors for us meaning let us die before you take these faculties away. Let us die before you take these faculties away. And this really shows us what is truly precious for us is not our wealth. It is our physical strength, our eyes, our ears, our hearing our intellect. This is what is our health. Our health is far more precious than our wealth. And unfortunately many of us we don't think of this. We think wealth is wealth is wealth is and we ignore health. And our Profit

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System clearly tells us that health is far more precious than wealth. And there's a famous narration of it has an adversity that a man came to him and said oh has an obesity. I'm miskeen I'm 40 minutes

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Do other law gives me something I have nothing. I have nothing. So it has no boss city looked at him and he was a young man, strong man. And he said, Would you give me 10,000 dinars in order that I take your eyesight away? He said, Of course not. Okay, would you give me 10,000? If I can take your ears away? No, I'm not going to give you 10,000 words. I mean, would you let me give you 10,000? Would you sell your strength for $10,000? I wouldn't do that. And he kept on asking him various faculties that he had, until finally it hasn't been busted. He said, I see you walking around a multimillionaire and you're complaining you have no money. I see you with so much and you complain

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you have nothing. You have the real wealth of intellect of health of strength. And you're saying I don't have I don't have thank Allah that you have these things. This is one more thing Allahumma vs Marina website in a walkover Tina Obama Hey Tina, watch out what is Amina the other meaning of which Allah what is Amina means? I know Allah make these things, memories for later generations meaning meaning, our

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prestige, our legacy should remain after we go. Leave us with a positive legacy. Let the people remember are seeing us hearing us Let the people's memories of us be positive when we leave? which I'd hold Why did I mean that Oh, well all of these things. Let there be a positive legacy after I'm gone. And of course a positive legacy I talked about it on this member as well before it's a Sunday we should aim for a positive legacy having a positive legacy as a part of Islam. We want to have that positive legacy and then we're gonna either mon vada mana and Allah allow us to make our get our revenge for those who have wronged us we are allowed to get revenge. Now of course this hadith

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is in the context of the pagans fighting the Muslims and whatnot. And this is primarily used for the people of the nation what not and of course we also use it and it is meant for those who are harming Islam and what not Allah allow us to get our revenge from those who have wronged us one sadhana, lm and Adana and help us against those who oppose us, meaning again, the origin the evil people, wala tegile mostly batana Fie de Nina. And our law, do not place any more siba in our religion Subhana Allah would have beautiful to her meaning mostly because of money of family. This is trivial, but masiva when you doubt a law when you Islam goes down, that is almost liba that is the ultimate

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masipa don't put calamities in our religion. What I teach animasi Bettina Fie de Nina. We don't want our eemaan to be shaken. Money comes and goes family even people come and go, but our Eman has to remain strong. That's our raw smell. That's our that's our primary wealth. That's what we really have. So Oh la la cha cha mostly but Ana de de Nina don't make most of us in our Deen in our junior it's easier to bear. Most zebras in the dunya everybody gets but mostly buzz in the deen. That is the ultimate calamity. What are the agenda dunia? akubra hamina. Don't make this world our biggest issue that we're thinking about our biggest goal. So the one who makes this world his goal neglects

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what the Acura will attach it dounia Akbar Amina don't make this world our biggest hum What am I because I mean nor the end of our knowledge give us knowledge of the hereafter knowledge of Islam knowledge of the Quran, don't make us only knowledgeable of this world and jargon of the hereafter. And then the final phrase want to send it to Elena with a novena Mala Mala to send it out in Amala hamona. And somebody worked with Ruby net Mother hamona. And Allah do not cause others to control us because of our sins. Meaning we want freedom. We want freedom we want to we don't want to be controlled, and if others control us is because of our own sins. And this is a very powerful phrase,

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in light of the modern political reality of the Muslim world that we don't want to go into this tangent but we are controlled by others because of our sins. When not to send it out in a busy Rubina Maliha forgot to feed our homeowner or homeowner, so a lot don't cause because of our sins, people to control us that will have no mercy on us. And these are the two that I wanted to do. And one final point brothers and sisters, and this is a slightly controversial one, but I will simply say it and leave it at that. The fact of the matter is that over the winter is not an integral part. As we know the dry winter is not an integral part of drop of winter, it can be done, it cannot be

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done. It's not necessary, as well, by pretty much the majority of almost all the odema they say though, it can be said in any phrase that you want. You don't have to stick to the prophetic dollars, meaning it's okay to say anything to us. And if you listen to any of the famous imams around the world, even in the atom, they make their own

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To us, they write their own dollars in Arabic and they say them. So the question then arises, must one restrict the drop to Arabic? Or is it allowed to open the door to other languages? And of course, this question didn't Arise for so many centuries because everybody spoke Arabic, even our great great grandfather's in our civilizations back home. They learned enough Arabic to understand but the question arises in modern times when people do not understand Arabic, and knowing that the dog is not an integral part of sada it's not like Fatiha. It's not like the tech beard or the Subhana Allah or the European altium or whatever which must be in Arabic. This is something that is

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enough to solder in Sweden, Uppsala, and it's not an integral part must one restrict oneself to Arabic. Of course, the predominant opinion of many of our scholars is that let's just keep it safe and stick it to Arabic. Nonetheless, from a technical standpoint, there is nothing that requires us to stick to Arabic, because if an Arab can write any dua in his own version of Arabic, whether it's HUD eg Arabic or Moroccan Arabic, or Syrian, Arabic, and Arabic itself is not the only language that Allah knows. Allah knows all languages, then the question arises, where and why would it be wrong to change to other languages? And this is why I myself have asked many rula this question, Allah

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blessed me to visit many, many and studied with many aroma. And in fact, I visited chef called Bobby, who is one of the greatest if not the greatest, or one of the greatest aroma of life today, and I visited him in Qatar and I asked him only had 10 minutes with him. One of the questions I asked him was this one. I said, Sure, Carla, we can we make a note in English? And he said, yes, if the Imam doesn't speak Arabic, he can make it in English. I said, No, sure. I speak Arabic. I'm speaking to him. I speak Arabic. But I'm asking the community, the majority of the community does not understand Arabic. And English is a language that they all understand. So he said yes, in this

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case, if the majority benefit from English, then you should make the drop in English. And I asked another another very famous atom of maca, one of the descendants of the process of them is a very famous atom in makup. Sharif had him and I asked him as well, this year since Quaaludes can be done in any in any form. Why can't we make it another language if there is a reason to do so? And he said, Yes, of course for you in America, you will make it in the language of the people. It's not a problem. So just putting it out there that technically speaking, in my humble opinion, there's nothing wrong with doing it in any language. But the fact of the matter is, there are many people

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are going to be confused and whatnot. That's why just to stick with that. We're doing it in Arabic but the technically speaking, the work can be done in any language and the law xojo knows best was somewhat akin to law. What about