Allah Spared me, Why Would I Dip My Tongue in it

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The importance of social media and the media environment in shaping behavior is highlighted, along with the use of apologizing for actions and avoiding offense. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to consider their actions and engage in them, as well as the importance of avoiding offense. The use of pride in speaking and the negative reactions people experience when seeing a dead mule is also discussed. The importance of deep dive in the spiritual teachings of Islam is emphasized, along with the need for more women to practice spiritual teachings and protect against the danger of harming one's heart and soul.

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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala. And bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu, a set of them is his final messenger, we ask a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessing path until the day of judgment. And we asked a lot to make us amongst them along I mean, the brothers and sisters,

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there's probably been no time in our history, in our own history as individuals where we had the opportunity to create our own social circles, to create our own methods and proportions of consumption, what we choose to bring into our lives, what we choose to read, who we choose to interact with, outside of the necessary work and family spaces. It's an interesting time, and some have a lot we spoke last week about the collective character and the collective decay of that character. And there's no doubt that part of that overall nastiness is the political atmosphere. But a pandemic that puts people for the most part in their homes and in front of their screens all the

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time, when we were already suffering from a social media addiction and from an addiction to our screens, makes things even more compelling in regards to what we choose to put ourselves into, and what we choose to put into our hearts and our minds, and things of that sort. And there was a saying that,

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you know, I really loved a long time ago. And let me just say from now, it's not a headache. It's not a saying I'm so happy. I think it's the same of Socrates or some philosopher, where he said that great minds discuss ideas, average minds, discuss Events, Small minds, discuss people, great minds, discuss ideas, average minds, discuss Events, Small minds discuss people. Now, obviously, from our perspective, as Muslims, discussing the Prophet size that I'm in discussing the companions and discussing the son of the pious predecessors in a way of learning from them, and drawing inspiration from them is one of the greatest forms of a battle, one of the greatest forms of worship. But this

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idea is the discussion of people in regards to gossip. And in regards to the things that do not concern us. And we know all of the truth and all of the different things that warn us about engaging ourselves in or indulging that which does not concern us. Yeah, had these in that regard are many from the goodness of a person's Islam torako melayani, that a person leaves off that which doesn't concern them, the ahaadeeth about the silence and the the, you know, the safety that comes with being silent. But somehow I just came across the statement from Ahmedabad that as easily malata Allah, and honestly, this statement, could circulate in our heads, and could give us a lot to

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contemplate upon. And I want us to just think about this and Charlotte's out of the context of him weighing in on this statements or giving his opinion.

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Before I even talk about the statements, you know, the most offensive sins, to loss of Hannah votes, and some of the scholars of teskey have mentioned are the ones that are unnecessary and the ones that are sought outs, you know, there's a difference between you get caught in a situation and you commit a sin or you have, you know, some serious conditions that cause you to fall in a moment of weakness, or you fall prey to your desires, but people that will actively go out looking for sins and actively publicized sins and actively, it becomes offensive, because that shows a disregard for the sight of a loss of hand and what's sad, and that you completely take the idea of mahakala to the

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know of the belittling of sins, you know, you don't take it seriously at all, it's whatever at this point, right? Just go look for it looking for filth and jumping in and getting more and more. And job is not that you are seen and public committing a sentence that you publicize a sin proudly, right. It's to that point where it's just offensive foul and that nature right that you have no consideration for the gravity of the Send anymore. And

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on the other side of that is when something comes your way right now, when it comes to the discussions, and when it comes to things that show up in our WhatsApp and show up at our social media feed and start to become discussions. Then there are certain people that are naturally going to be looked to to be asked about certain things that are happening and you know, in the case of Ahmedabad, Abdulaziz or hemo Lazzara, he was being asked about some of the fits and some of the trials and tribulations that took place with the Sahaba before him and he has not too disconnected from their context. And he is not a person who gossips not a person who's going to show any

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disregard to the honor of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or anything of that sort and there

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There's no one that fears a loss of how No, it's Adam more than him. No one's going to show more God consciousness in the way that they speak in the delicacy and the sensitivity of a matter, then someone like Ahmedabad or disease or Hema Lazzara, he's not that far disconnected in terms of time, he's still living some of the effects of some of those wars and tribulations and trials that took place. Some of these are his grandparents his uncle's, but some had a lot the profound wisdom in how he responded when he was asked for his commentary asked to weigh in,

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and who would be more qualified to weigh in on him? He said till Kadima, kefalonia Danna, he said, first of all that is blood, that Allah caused me to have no hands in shutting up, my hands was not involved in any of that conflict. That is blood that Allah held my hand backer caused me to have no hand and shedding. He said, what an alcohol and other Misa de Sani Fie her and I would hate to dip my tongue in its thoughts of Pamela, how beautiful of a way to express not interested,

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how beautiful of a way to express not interested that his blood I had nothing to do with setting and why would I go and dip my tongue get it now.

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And it speaks to that idea of what we learn from the Prophet slicin among the companions in the analogies of some of these, some of these things that waste our time and potentially sink our asset on the Day of Judgment.

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And I was thinking about that saying of Ahmedabad, also the alongside I'm walking with some of his companions, and he sees a dead mule. And he points to it and he says, For you to eat that full thing you know, imagine passing by a dead mule and it's covered in flies and nastiness and excess for you to eat that full thing is better than consuming the meat of your brother.

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And there's one thing to say about the meat and what the rotten meat represents. Right, your headboard had to come and yet Colella, Aki Mater, would one of you like to consume the flesh of your brother, your dead brother? That's one thing. But the second thing is what is the content of those that are flocking towards the meats? Why be a fly? Why be a fly in the first place? When we seek to be people of substance in the sight of Allah subhana wa tan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was talking about the people that have heard this from him on the Day of Judgment most hated to him on the Day of Judgment. The first person he mentioned was a third category of people thought

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or thought or are people that talk too much, too many heartaches? Why do they weigh in? What even brought you to this discussion? Were you even compelled? Did you really have to weigh in? Did you really have to give an opinion? Did you really have to comments on it? Why allies origin spared you from it? Why did you then go jump into it? It doesn't involve you? Why did you involve yourself? But that's the reality is it's not just about the substance of the things that we're flocking to. It's about our substance when we find ourselves looking for these things, and then pouncing on these things. Now, so Pamela, we find in the Koran, Allah subhanaw taala says when I have that kind of

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Illa, Allah LDAP,

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that the only people that are capable of reflection and really benefiting from the Koran, really benefiting from deep moments of debate and introspection are people of pure thought, people of pure thought, every sin is a distraction from a loss of Hannah, what's sad. And there is a direct connection between the way that rotten meat attracts flies, and the hidden pearls that are ready to be extracted from the plan and ready to be extracted from the pseudoknot. And from the seal through a deep reading, when you're reading through it, and you're finding things because you're paying attention, I want you to think to yourself, the difference between reading the Koran, on your phone

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with your notifications on

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and reading the Quran, without anything around you. And without looking at anything else. You could do a whole hunting of the whole.

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But you've got it on your phone and you've got your notifications on and your messages are popping up and you're getting pulled into this and then you'll pull back in and not extract anything new. Why is it that remember? shaeffer akima. Allah said that every time I read the Quran, I found something new and it's that I did not find the time before men who would frequently finish the entirety of the recitation of the whole time because he was paying close attention, searching looking between the lines reading into the IRS, not to make up Tafseer but because the Quran is full of infinite reflection for us to extract and

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To extract and to extract to dive deep, deep, deep, deep, deep. And so a person should think to themselves, what do I dive deep into? What do I really get in between? And what does that say about the content of my heart and the content of my character, especially in a time when we're creating our world in such a virtual way? So Pamela, we've talked about from the very beginning of this pandemic, the importance of the poor and the poor, and the poor and your daily recitation of the poor and where is it? How much are you reciting every day, it's not enough to recite at once a week, your daily recitation of the Quran every single day, even if it's a page with a double interfaculty

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with reflection, dive as deep as you can into it, and ignore as much of what Allah has spared you from, you know, some ham a lot of the reason why gossip is so juicy, is because every weigh in is suddenly given weight, even if the one that's weighing in has no authority whatsoever, just because there's a weigh in again, flies, weigh in, weigh in, weigh in. You're not interested in the weight of the person, you're interested in the gossip interested in these types of things.

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And then we hear all of these ahaadeeth about the dangers, the dangers of liba the dangers of NEMA, the dangers of slander. And how sad is it some Hannelore on the day of judgment that a person finds that what prevented them from Jenna was a tweet or a WhatsApp message. May Allah protect this? a tweet or a WhatsApp message stops you from going to Jenna? Why? Because the prophets like Sam said, Jen and a man

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person of NEMA will not enter into genda May Allah protect us from harming with our tongues? May Allah protect us from occupying our hearts and our minds with things that are of no benefits and not pleasing to Him? And may Allah allow us to dive deep into the poor and and into the Sierra of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions and to learn things about ourselves in these moments of social isolation that we did not know before and to grow closer to him in a way that we may not have been before And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be in a constant state of seeking Him with our thoughts, seeking Him with our words, seeking Him with our deeds, seeking Him with our hearts to

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kind of hope which Allah loves me I mean, upload all the other stuff a lot of you like when he started the Muslim infrastructure in a horrible horrible thing. And hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He will be here elemental Allah a lot more than what Nino and what me nuts when a Muslim you know what a Muslim that I hear a lot in neck SME or on Caribbean Mooji Buddha a lot. A lot more fertile and I will handle water for Noah to I did not. Well then I alumna and for Santa we're in them tougher than I would have worn them in a lawsuit in a law firm in the Cafu and Corinne went to HIPAA law so far for a law firm in the caribou and killing went to Africa for the ILA hella

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anti sapan. I couldn't have been avoided. I mean, la isla de untersuchen. Akina could no no bottom in the supermarket now. I couldn't I mean a lot. I mean, a lot of affiliate Idina, Oklahoma, Canada bonus Ihara. I've been a headline as well you know the reality now porewater iron well, gentlemen subpoena imama long answer this one and most of our female female sciatica I'll do my body be ha la isla halfword f1 in Edmond Covina frequently McCann Allah Annika one I mean I was wondering what version out with one and then being him said You mean about a lot and a lot more gradually than what you thought about. Well, you don't have an infection he wouldn't even care he would abandon your

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endo Nana come to the corona first Corolla has croquembouche Kuru and a Nana Is it the comb? Wallah? dhikr Allahu akbar wa la jolla no knots in our own buckling Sala