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Al-Quddus & As-Salam

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Rahman Rahim

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hamdulillah shrubland Amina salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi admiring saramonic

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from the a small La Crosse now the names of Allah azza wa jal that we are doing

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we come to the name produce come to the name to produce

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now, the if you say with me who Allahu la de la la de la Ilaha in who are Rahman Rahim or miracle produce. So we've done the name Rahman Rahim Malik and now we're on to the name produce. Now this name of Allah, Allah azza wa jal, the first thing that Imam Rahim Allah He mentions is that it produces something that by the Dhamma or the consensus of the oma, you're not allowed to call anyone to dues you can call them Abdullah dues but you can't call them to dues.

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And we will we will find out why in a little while.

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Because Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he has got this sofa or this quality of his that no one else shares this with him in the way he is produced, the way he is absolutely sublime are absolutely the one who is far from every sort of deficiency, every kind of imperfectness anything that is a an A or something which is frowned upon or something which people dislike anything, whatsoever, of notes or deficiency, or something which has a lack allows origin is free from that, and that's what makes him produce.

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Now, in the according to the lower country lexicon, you find that this meaning has this comprises of the meaning of the hora or of cleanliness. So what this means is that, for example, in the Holy Quran in surah, Baqarah Surah Al Baqarah. In it number 13. The angel said, One afternoon he said we have one called the Select, we are angels that are We are always continuously

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glory glorifying your praise. And we're always saying how wonderfully you are absolutely perfect and free from every blame free from every disliked pneus free from any deficiency free from anything that is unwanted.

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So, that the word no cut this has been used here. So, that the the whole meaning of this is that allows origin, he is the purifier and he is purified, meaning that Allah in His nature has nothing to to have,

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he has has never had anything that needs purify purification, but he is the one that purifies, so, anything that He has given the name codes or anything of this anything of purity, he has ascribed to himself it is of absolute purification. So for example, one place is known as zero codes, has zero codes means that it is a place which is known as gender. And this place is is a place that is purified and allows ojibwa has his angels in this place, which is known as some of the greatest angels in the space, the top Angel of all of the angels gibreel Allah Hassan, his name is what his name is rueful, kudos, Rhodes, which means that he is the spirit of purity. He's the spirit of

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purification. Now, what does this mean? This means that whoever this being the first that Allah because Allah has made him purified, he is he is purified. And anyone who he is in contact with he will also purify them. So that's why when, when the radar is alarm, who does he come to? He comes to the the likes of the prophets. He comes to the likes of those who Allah has chosen. He has come to Miriam on insulin, though she wasn't a prophet, but she was a very purified woman. Allah, Allah exalted status, he said how her status was that he she has one of the she has the highest highest status amongst all the women.

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In this whole of the world,

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now the same thing as ours,

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which means the Holy Land, Palestine, the Holy Land, and that part of the land that Allah azza wa jal has referred to as an Al Qaeda in the Quran, which means it's a purified land. Now what does that mean? That means that allows origin has purified that land from those who do not deserve to be there and Allah will continue to do that. There There will be times perhaps or there will be people inside there, that they might not be purified but that that whole place wasn't created for that sake. And that is why

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you find an even purifies those who go there. Those people who go there anything over the knee with the proper near with the proper intention, they go there just for Salah just to pray it will purify as in a hadith Sahih Hadith that NASA has has been rated. And this hobby is also in 106 644. It's in si 69201408 amongst other books of Hadith.

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In this Hadith, Abdullah Nam Allah Han who he reports from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Rasulullah sallallahu says the Solomon

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Solomon Ali Salaam, the son of the Dalai

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Lama been a victim of this when he actually finished when he finished making this this house, the actual house of worship, which is the musty, the laksa or the the mustard, not the Dome of the Rock, not the musty that we have got the golden dome over but there is another mustard which has a silver dome smaller than that mustard in the vicinity around the vicinity you can see that is bait and muck this so you know many of these pictures that you've heard about many of these pictures of muscular AXA, it says much to the upside and then it shows you a golden dome that is not actually muscle up. So you need to look a couple of 100 yards away, they will be a smaller mustard with a silver dome

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and that is actually muscle oxa it is a scheme to make the Muslims believe that the golden dome is Muslim.

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But that is not the case. So anyway, when when on that place when they call it the Solomon temple when he built his great granddaughter temple.

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He then asked Allah subhanaw taala for three things. So Allah He asked Allah He said, Oh Allah, I want a I want to judge according to your judgment. Number one, number two, he said metalcon Lamborghini I had him in body. He said that Allah I want you to give me such a sovereignty such a raining on this earth, that no one after me will ever get this this type of raining ever again. So that's why I said a man or a salon his own The only king that rule the entire world who rule the insurgent, he rule the men and he also rule the gins. He also knew the column or the speech of the burdens on

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under the third thing he that he made wonderful was he said

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Allah yah hoo, I had lion has Ooh, la sala fee. I'm

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a human hottie. rtkl mean what are the two Oh, you creature human hottie Attica.

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He said, I do not want anyone to come to this temple of mine, to this place of worship of mine, except that that person that they came, they came to this place where for they came only to pray, they did not come for any other reason, they only came to pray here, that this must it must or must this this temple of mine or this this place of worship, this will make them leave this place like the day their mothers gave birth to them, which means that they have no sin whatsoever. So Rasulullah sallallahu then adds and he says for to General baddeck that Allah gave Solomon Allah Salaam, all three things, all three things he gave to him.

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So since this is our the mocha Dasa, that is the reason why and you can also call it a mocha DISA, which means that the Earth itself that part purifies it's either a purified place or it's a purifying place both of them are okay. In the Quran, we've got our mocha Dasa which is the purified place this is in the Holy Quran. And that means that Alize though that he has purified it, but in according to this Hadith, you can also say this both of them okay, according to linguistics, the next thing is that we will have a hadith and again to explain the meaning of goods or produce the name of Allah azza wa jal produce. How do we know this explanation we know through a Hardee's for

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there's a hadith where Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He himself mentioned the word

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These are desert. He mentioned this word. Now the whole hobbyist has got a whole background here, what his background is, and this is a site that is in Indonesia, to four to six, that's the number.

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I will cite Alhaji rhodiola han who says that a Bedouin came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam. And he was asking for his for his money back which Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam took of him as a loan. He wanted his debt to be paid off.

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But he was quite severe in his mannerism, he was so severe that he says to the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that I will make life difficult for you, unless you give me my my money back. Now this this was this was the nature of some of these bedwin because they never knew the etiquettes of Islam.

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So the West is Allah has no companions. They, they became very angry by this. And they took hold of them and they said,

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What's up with you? Do you know who you're talking to? He said, I'm only asking for my right in the act of a happy I'm only asking for my right. So Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He said, Halla, masa, he will have to continue. He said, Why didn't you support the one who needs to fulfill his right? Meaning that you're supporting me? support him? He wants his right to Allah, you know, the helm or the forbearance of Rasulullah sallallahu doesn't seem so play here. Then Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he sent for holub in case holub in case she came, and prophets of Allah has been said, Have you got any dates? So that I said that you may loan me these dates. And when some dates

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appear again, in the harvest time, I will pay you back off with those dates. So she said fine, she gave she she said, yeah.

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I can sacrifice my father for your signature of a lot since she gave him the dates. And he gave those dates to the veteran and the veteran was fed by those dates. And then the veteran said our faith, alpha la hulak. He said you have completed your promise. May Allah fulfill his promise to you or May Allah make fulfillment for you?

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That's when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he then commented he said Allah Cafiero NASS

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in a hula desert oma la yaku dyfi Hakuna Matata

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said,

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he said these are the best of people. No community of people are purified, notice the word desert. No community of people are purified. until you find that the

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Oh, he said he said no, no, can you tell people a purified where a weak person cannot get his right without getting harmed. What this means is that if you find a community of people, and the weak person can get his right without being harmed without going through trouble, then that community is a purified community. But if he has to go through trouble, we have to go through a lengthy process to try and get his right. And that's that community is not purified. So this side is tells us that the word could those means has a clear link to purification. And Allah azza wa jal will purify the society with people who exist like this in the in the society. So now, you have the word taharah,

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the word the word purification, that is clearly linked with Allah azza wa jal, and He will give His purity to whoever he wants to other so he is the one who will be purity and he will purify whoever he wants. So for example, the first is angels. He His angels are purified, they have no notes, they have no deficiency, they have no lack. He's ambia His prophets they're purified and whosoever from his creation, he wants them to be purified, they will be purified.

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So, these are from the things that allows origin will will do for his for his servants or for his creation. Now ignore Avi

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Rahim Allah He has not done 10 points to do with produce an Eliza gel being produced and what does this mean? How is he that he is absolutely You know, one, he is purified. Another is that he is free from any form of defect, any form of deficiency, any lack any sort sort of thing that is not not wanted. So he's

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Number one is the duck these who are uninsured aka Allah azza wa jal, he is free and is purified from any any partner, anyone who, who would be his partner he has no foreigners. Second is that these who are uninsured are anyone who wants to try and be similar to him, Allah is free from them.

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attack these who are unaware of that. Allah azza wa jal, he is purified and free from having anyone that is opposite to him. A bad of it. That means anyone who's opposite to you, so we all have an opposite to one another.

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I have an I have an opposite, you have an opposite. If you're a male, your opposite is the female. If the thing is dark is opposite is the actual the light itself, lights opposite is darkness, night is Day Day is night above is is below below is above right is left left is right. Hey, Allah azza wa jal for everything he has made an opposite.

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All his creation, they have opposite except for one, except himself. He has he has no he has no opposites. And that is that is one way we know him to be a produce.

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The fourth one is that this one is our lad, he is completely purified from having any children.

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He will far from having any children,

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the 15th of these one hour ham,

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anyone who who has any kind of thought about Allah, you know, a lot of people have thoughts about God. And they say that, you know, God must be this God must be that they have all these sorts of Allah is purified from them, you can have as many bad thoughts as you want about God. But that's not going to harm Allah by the least is not going to harm Allah by this NASA is kudos, you can swear at him somebody some atheist conservative some, some person who's emotionally eco can can say, okay, you have got so many other partners, and they've got that one, or that thought in their mind. And some other person can come and say that don't even believe he exists. They can say all of that, but

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it's not going to have any effect whatsoever on him being could lose him being absolutely purified and free from any of these thoughts.

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Number six is doctors who need

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allies free from any limit. There is no limitation to God in any single form or any single way. There's no limitation. The only limitation that he might say to us, is the limitation that he has said I won't do this. For example, He said in handcuffs, he said, he said in the Haram to Zuma LLC, I have made Zulu oppression, I have made zulum or oppression I made that haram forbidden for myself, meaning that I will not oppress anyone who is a Muslim. So what does that mean? That means if somebody bought the question and said, Well, if God has no limit, then he should be able to even oppress someone if he wants to. If somebody bought that question, for example, then Allah azza wa

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jal, the answer to that is that I've made this harder. I know this is haram, I've made it myself. I've got the power to do so. But I made it happen twice. I mean, I will never oppress anyone. That's God's choice for himself. But he has no limits whatsoever.

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Now, the next number seven is under hula to absorb bittersweet. Anyone who wants to try and imagine God, no one will be able to get to any anything, any near to what allows Oh, that is like, so he is free from that.

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Number seven. So number eight is tough. These who who until harder, it'll help allies free from having any need towards his creation. He does not need anything besides him. He's free from the number nine is top Hero, Hero de la,

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Allah azza wa jal, he has the power to purify others

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towards himself, meaning that he can make them be purified. He has that spirit that's why he's produced you cannot call anyone else to do to have the power to be purified and to purify others to the extent that has no limit. This is this is something which only allows us to gel has a number 10. And level command frequently was seen this the hard knocks on the fact that he has got no deficiency within himself. That itself is of his great exalted highness. So no one else shares anything with him in that and that's how he's produced. Now one name that is linked closely to this name produces support suborn producing certain rights, the name suborn and also if you look into it

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You will find that to be or actually glorifying Allah what glorify mean what does it means? I am declaring that Allah is free from every defect, every blame every thing that is unwanted, every disliking anything that is impure, I am declaring Allah is free from all of that. So when I say super Han of law, that means Allah is free from everything else and he is sublime, he is glorified, he is purified. He is someone that is exalted above all the rest of his creation that have got these nukes or they've got defects in one way or another. They've got that analyzed, the only one that doesn't have that that's what tasveer means. You've you've done testing now the angels, they say new

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Sadie Hamrick Wanaka so lucky. We'll find that in the 30th verse of Surah Baqarah, that the word spear and tuck these which means glorification of Allah, and saying to Allah, how purified he is both of them go together.

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Now one of the things that Allah azza wa jal, he does is he purifies His servants through different ways. One way he purifies them is that he gives them a book from himself. That book is of Quran for example, the Quran is mocha Thus, the Quran is absolutely purified. And he has given messengers to ourselves, that these messengers, because of alarming produce, and he has made them purified, they are able to purify others. That's why you will find in Surah Baqarah, in number 129, you will find Rasulullah sallallahu. One of his qualities was use a key him he purifies his Sahaba so alive, purified, he purified Gabriel gibril came to moms and dads and moms wasn't purified. And Mohammed

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Salah now has the ability to purify others, but not in the same way obviously as Allah azza wa jal does, but through the hokum of Allah through the command of Allah through the help of Allah, he is able to do that with the Sahaba.

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Allah has given given us cleansing water, a water that cleans ourselves, this is again from his bounties of him being produced. Now you can say, for example, if you see anything that is purified is our origin comes from who come from Allah zosen. If you see any new for a new light, you have to say that that new is from originally from the light of Alaska, we're not saying Allah exists here in this nor in this light, for example, what light here we're not saying Allah exists in light, but his power is that because he is nude, he is light, he causes light to appear, he is the causal and the giver of light, they will Same way, when there is any form of purification, Allah is the giver of

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that purification, then Imam could to be he says, you know, the same goes with with knowledge. If you find any knowledge, you must realize that the tawheed is one, that any knowledge whatever you see comes from the knowledge of Allah and the fact that Allah has given the power of the person to have knowledge that comes from him. Anywhere you see Pooja, Isaiah, you see power, you see dignity, that again from Allah azza wa jal, it comes and that person is able to have that because Allah provides that. So now he says, you know, I'm called to be says that since these are something that allow give, as as a gift, so his book that is given as a gift, he's the fact that he's given the

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fact that he's given profits. This is a gift from Allah, that's fine. But there's certain things that we have to earn for ourselves. One of those is that we have to, we have to purify ourselves, he says a beautiful Arabic So statements he says, Jezebel Allah you caught this inner Sahaja Shabbat, it is it is obligatory on every single human being, ourselves to believe in Allah being produced, that we purify our egos from the unwanted desires, it has family here and it should be had and we purify our wealth from, from any kind of doubt that it might have or kalbi anila Voila. We try and purify our hearts, from any time that is absent minded from Allah or heatless from Allah azza wa jal

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was he and in Mohali fat and we purify our limbs from any thing that will lead to us rebelling against Allah zosen Mamata Mira, he Annie mula, mula Havas and any any eat anything that we eat, we make sure that we we have we make sure that we have made sure that this This food is is helpful for us. And it's a means of something which Allah has allowed for us to eat. And all this can only happen if we follow His commands if you follow the produce history.

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A month and we stay away from the things that he has told us to stay away from. And he says, For example, Salah, you can say that you are going to be purified through your Salah, and that's fine. If you use it in the right mechanism, then it will purify you from that which is unwanted beside you. That's why in the beginning of the 21st Jews, Allah said, in a salata, tanhaji fascia, Salah will prevent you from any obscene thing or anything that is evil, Salah will prevent you but only when you use it in the right sense. Because he says that an S cannot really purify you, but it's the actions of yourself that purify you for either a fan of Alec externado kaaboo Akasha. When you find

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that you have gone through a process of doing certain good deeds that have cleansed your heart, then you will find that your heart will be inclined devote devoted to Allah was the heart of Africa and Vahidi without the Vatican II, you will find that the manifestation of your own purification of your heart will appear on the outside of your body. And you will also find that that will transcend transcend beyond you go from yourself to others, so others in your company because you're because you have purified your heart and others who are in your company they will be purified as a result of you being purified. Just by staying in your company, your whole family, your children, those around

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you will will sense that sense of purification because you are one that is purified. So as a summary.

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Allah azza wa jal been produce he is one who is whose glorified one who's exalted from every type of blame deficiency thought argument against him. Anyone anyone thinking that he's got a deficiency anyone ascribing anything to him, he any partners to him, any similarities to him, any kind of vision of his to him, all of that allows origin anything whatsoever, Allah azza wa jal is purified from and is above his creation in the sense that any anything besides him they have some kind of imperfectness to them, but only it is only allowed, so gender has no imperfectness to himself and that is produced. So who Allah say would you please to allow who levy La Ilaha Illa. Who are Rama

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Al Malik, Allah produce and then as salam so not the name of Allah azza wa jal, a solemn

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asylum, the name of Allah, we find, it obviously means it means peace, it means the one who possesses peace and it means the one who gives peace okay. So the one who is peace, the one who is the possessor of peace, the one who gives peace, all of these meanings are in a salon. So we find in for example, so to use the 10th surah and number 25. Will La Jolla Illa daddy Salah analyze the one that calls to the abode of peace. What does that mean? That even means that allows origin calls us to the abode of pieces Jenna so either means Allah calls us to Jana and says, Come and join the abode of peace because you can't find anything but peace in general. Or it means that is Salam

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because Allah is Salam. He's the one who's peace. So it's his abode, meaning that he had just as in the Quran, you will find when Allah azza wa jal, he gave the Sheikh Hamad to Saleh Ali Salaam, he said to those people, not that Allah, this is Allah Sheikh and what does that mean? That means that I have, I have given it the name of naka de la mushy, comm meaning that you must not touch it, you must you must revere it, anything that a lot says uses as a way to as a possession to himself. It shows that we must revere it, like for example, beta law, beta law, Cava. We don't say that a lot of lives there. But because Allah has said which is my house, it means that Allah azza wa jal has made

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it has shown us his possession over this house specifically, which means what that we reveal that house we honor that house, we treat that house with respect. That's all it means. So that is Sam, meaning the agenda, the Allies callings agenda. Everyone will honor that Jana, there will be no one that will dishonor that Jana. mm could be says that you cannot name anyone, Sam. You can say abdulsalam but you can't name anyone Sam. This is one of the things why because no one really has the true possession of giving absolute peace except Allah azza wa jal Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam when he will finish his Salah

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He would say stuff, a lot of stuff a lot of stuff in the last three times.

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I seek forgiveness from ally seek forgiveness or allow three times you say that. Then he would say, Allahu Manta Salaam or LA you Assalam You're the one of peace or minica salaam and peace comes from you. Or tabarrok the other Jalali when a crown you are you are one that is exalted You are one that is blessed, blessed. Yeah, the Jalali will Ekrem Rasulullah sallallahu. Some will say this drama, after sometimes after select another a number of hardy thermal of drugs that he would say, but this is one of the ones that he would say. So immediately after the A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Salaam Alaikum. What's that? When it when we in our Salah say a Solomonic will not allow we are sending

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peace on to the angel that is sitting on our right and the angel that is sitting on our left will also we can send salom on to the some, some, some orlimar have said that it is to the people who are sitting on our right and the people who are sitting on our left or the jinzhu or on our right and the jinzhou on our left are the angels who are on our right meaning within the hole within the place where we prayed or the angels who are on our left so that is seldom done but that's why

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there is no need after the Salah you know some people have a habit that after the Salah they said the Salaam and then they get the handout and they say Salaam Alaikum Salam Alaikum there is no need of that. There is no need of some mustard going to then the people you know shaking the right shaking the left mainly in some Turkish mosque it happens, but that there is no need of that. Because the moment you said a Salam Alaikum this way Solomonic in that way it covers all those people and you've you've meant that that's fine. But it's immediately after that you can see that rasoolullah sallallahu wasallam is saying that what that piece comes from Allah we recognize that we

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find in that famous part of the Quran sort of harsh Ayah number 23. You find Allah azza wa jal has said I'll put do Salah Mohammed and so on. The word Salam is there. Now Salah is also one of the meanings of Salam is to be to be free again to be safe, or to be to say from from any kind of defect or anything that he is unwanted Salam is also to give an offer peace Salam is also when we say As salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah to one another when you sending peace and we'll come to the meaning of that in a little while now Imam says that salom from from that we find one of the words that's linked to it in the Quran is cell cell means that you are you want peace so when there's a war going

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on, and you have a peace process, that peace process is known as Sal in Arabic. So for example, in social and fun, which is the eighth surah number 61. You find a lot of Agile he says what in general holy sell me if I did Allah, if these people want to make peace with you, then you should inclined towards it, you should allow them to have peace. So this is again, word Southern link to salon from the same three root letters which is seen lamb meme,

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it will embody and others have said while La Jolla Dora Illa daddy Sam, will Lola daddy surrounded ayah in Surah Yunus is number 25 any person who goes to Geneva he is free from what free from all the things he's safe, he's safe, he is in peace. He's in safety, from what from all the things that are in the dunya in the world. For example, there is no illness. In general there is no weakness in general, there is no old aging gender, there is no death in general. And anything that is similar to that. Allah azza wa jal says lavon darussalam in Dharavi him, for them, Allah has given them the abode of peace, that is that lies with the Lord This is inserted Anam surah six and about one to

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Now when we say Assalamualaikum to one another, we mean that may peace be with you upon you stay with you. And

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this is very similar to an ayah in the Quran in surah in Surah Baqarah

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I am number 91 of Slovakia which is the 56th surah of the Quran. He Allah azza wa jal he says fissara Malacca Minh as heavily I mean, peace to you from the people of safety to you whichever one you want to say because it has both meanings from the people of the right now what does that mean? That means that on the Day of Judgment, they will be as horrible you mean

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

They'll be as hard to Shimon and they'll be the savvy tuna savvy they'll be three different types, they will be the people of the right they will be the people of the left and they will be the people who are who are racing from the first of the first ahead. May Allah azza wa jal make us from them from the from the savvy Kunal or one from the people who are racing who are first who are way ahead. So the people of the of the right as heavily I mean, who are they? They are the people who you owe profit or you are read of the Quran, USA from them. If you end up on the day of judgment as as hobbled me from the people on the right, you don't you got no worries, you got no worries because

00:35:39--> 00:36:04

you know that your actions are enough for you to go to Jannah therefore, you will not harm anyone else you will not try to drag anyone else down with you to hellfire. So therefore there is peace from peaceful you will read the Quran from anyone who ends up from us hi William in from the people have right that's what one of the meanings of us have Salaam Alaikum in us, Hi Bill. Me means.

00:36:05--> 00:36:16

It also means that Solomon alive, it means that the people of me and the people have the right they are themselves safe from any defect.

00:36:17--> 00:36:18

And there is a great,

00:36:20--> 00:36:26

lengthy part of the seed vitamin core to be which which says in his own proceeds.

00:36:27--> 00:36:36

He's the seed that he has written. It says that under this eye, it says that they have got safety, they will provide safety they will provide peace

00:36:37--> 00:36:49

and they are safe from what from the punishment of Allah azza wa jal or it means like I said that you are safe from them. And it also can mean that

00:36:50--> 00:37:02

Salaam Alaikum in this hobby lemon could mean that they will say to Mohammed Salah Lahore is under their Jasmine As salam o Allah, Allah Allah, they will get the chance to be close to profit and loss and to say to him, a Solomonic

00:37:03--> 00:37:11

and some have said that they are safe from the things that they dislike, anything that they dislike, they're safe from that.

00:37:12--> 00:37:51

So the all of these things, if you look at them, they all go through one thing which is that the word Salam allows only Salam and He will give them this sofa or this this characteristic on the Day of Judgment. He has added on later on and said they will be there will be three kinds of peace that they will have any person who is from the mean from the people have the right. I mean Allah make us from these people say I mean, when you're in this world, and the Angel of Death comes to you, the angel of death at the time of death will say to you before he takes your soul away, He will say to you As salam alaikum he will say Assalamualaikum to you, that is a beautiful thing. And this is

00:37:51--> 00:37:52

mentioned in

00:37:53--> 00:38:34

you will find this in Surah number 32 alladhina totowa hoon Malacca to Thai even Sarah when it comes on, it's clearly there, that the angel will come and they will say Salaam Alaikum that person and then take you so number two is that when they go into the grave? Then moon Quran, Nicki will say Assalamualaikum to the person before they ask the questions. Number three is that on the Day of Judgment, the angels before they come and greet before they come and meet them or come to them on a day when they will say Assalamualaikum to them on the day of jasmine animam good to be said some of us even have said that it will be one of these three and he has said there is no surprise if all of

00:38:34--> 00:39:20

these three come true for a person who is from the people have the right. Another thing is that a person who is like this in the dunya they will be such people they will be peaceful how a part of the Quran in surah Furqan surah number 25 is number 63 it says at the heart of the Honda hironaka Salama when the people who are ignorant turned towards them and they try and be cruel to them and say words that are that are not liked by them. What are the people of salah and what do they do with the bad man the servants of the man they say what Carlos Salama they say peaceful things. They either say peaceful things or they move away peacefully, or they say Salaam Alaikum they move on.

00:39:20--> 00:39:33

There's all different forces in there one of the meanings of a Salaam a loving Salah means that he is he is the one who provides the peace he is the possessor of peace. So it means that anything

00:39:34--> 00:39:34


00:39:36--> 00:39:59

he is peace, meaning that he is completely safe from all the things that his creation have, for example, His creation of those who will perish but allow them not perish. Lice alized safe and in peace and in amnesty from that his his mahalo or his creation will will no death will overcome them but Lala as he is saved from that

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Or any other deficient that they will have Allah is the possessor of safety that he has he saved from all of these things. There are lemma ignore Allah. Allah says Allah are completely agreed upon the fact that

00:40:15--> 00:41:06

Allah azza wa jal we ascribe to human Musa yes Helen when you say Allah, salam, we are saying that Allah, Allah azza wa jal all peace wherever it is, he is the one who provided that peace. He is the one who provided that peace. So, in him providing peace with that is a surah Yasin. You will find a number 58 Solomon hola Morocco, Rahim, Salam peace, a statement from the Lord of all creation, the statement from him or peace that he gives Salam kolam program the context of that if you look in Surah Yasin is Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment, he will call the people who have done well. And He will say to him Salah on hold on the peace for me, I've said to you that you're safe, and the

00:41:06--> 00:41:52

giver of safety, and the giver of safety. So I'm saying now you have safety is this is a, this is a promise from myself to yourselves, we find that once a man called to me says what is really important is that once we recognize this, it is very important for us to ask allows the adult to provide us with safety and with peace. One of the things that even the prophets will say when they're crossing the bridge on the Day of Judgment, they will say allow Muslim alone or something or law provide a safety or law provide the safety. It will say that when when even the prophets who are crossing the bridge, at that moment, they will be making these voila, so we should make dua to Allah

00:41:52--> 00:42:35

for all kinds of safety in this world and in the next world. He says, As for safety in this world, we ask Allah azza wa jal, he says there's two types. One is a safety on the outer and there's another safety on the inner, we are asking Allah to ask Allah to keep you safe from all different types of illnesses from all different types of diseases and anything that people do not like. Any kind of troubles or difficulties people are going through. As for the ones on the inside of ourselves, we are asking Allah azza wa jal to keep us safe. In our Deen and in our religion, we should ask for that. And we should ask that he keeps our yaqeen and conviction safe, that we do not

00:42:35--> 00:43:26

slip into disobedience or into any kind of bizarre or something which which is not like any disobedience, anything that is in innovation in the deen We ask Allah azza wa jal to save us from that. And finally, our our thing is to try and become those who completely turned to him in the submission of woman you slim matcha, who in Allahu masina is an iron the Quran in surah lokman and number 22, whosoever will will turn their face or their body towards Allah azza wa jal and they are doing it in excellence, then they have held on to a very strong link. What does that mean? That we try and keep ourselves safe from the things that is unwanted? And what is that you can find it in

00:43:26--> 00:44:12

Hadith where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said, Allah homogeny cinnamon eolia harben The other is the Hadith. Part of a hadith in Timothy 3419 where Abdullah bin Ambassador the Allahu Allah he reports from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he says Allah Madonna ha Dena Mata de novo lawmakers people who are who are who guide and who are guided via Ballina Allah mobileme Don't make us of those people who are stray or those who make others go astray. Silman de la, where are the only other makers those who are giving safety and peace to those who are close to you? And and we show enmity to those who are showing enmity to yourself or who are enemies of yourself. And

00:44:12--> 00:44:16

Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has said in a hadith of Muslim

00:44:17--> 00:45:00

Hadith number 40 al Muslim woman Solomon Muslim moon I mean, listen he already a Muslim is one whom other Muslims are safe from his tongue and from his hand. So this is the safety that we provide with Eliza Salaam, he gives us the sefa of being in a providing us with that safety, and we should then provide it we should then extend that to others from ourselves to them. And one thing Swan allows him to be he he writes here, which is a beautiful statement. He says that one of the salaf, one of the pious predecessors, he had somebody backbiting another man. When he had that he called him over team seven, he said, You know, he knew that he was a person who's to go go into the path of a

00:45:00--> 00:45:49

Fight. So he said, Have you gone? Have you gone out to fight this? He said no. He said how can they could file or the disbelievers find safety from you. When no Muslim is even safe from you, how do you use your tongue to backbite others? So Imam Hornby says that we should clear ourselves our hearts from deception, from having the wrong type of envy from having any intention of committing evil, we should purify ourselves from from falling into any type of haram or anything. We should purify ourselves into the extent that others and the servants of Allah say from ourselves until we reach Allah and we reaching with Calvin Saleem Calvin Selim. So Allah azza wa jal has said that on

00:45:49--> 00:46:18

the day of jasmine, those people who are impure, you know, those people who are saved from all the disasters of the people who have come with a safe heart, Calvin Selim, Xin surah Shara is number 88, you will find that a lemon law has been selling. So if you try and completely make our hearts free from all of these unwanted things that allow us origin I said, then we should come to him with that type of heart. And the last thing that I will cover is

00:46:21--> 00:46:37

there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is reported in Muslim by Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu. So this Hadees is in Muslim Hadith number 54. That Rasulullah sallallahu is in many other books of Hadith, including Buhari and his other will move

00:46:39--> 00:46:42

that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he said, let

00:46:43--> 00:47:27

me know you will not none of you will enter or you will not enter Jannah or paradise until you believe well let me know what data Habu and you you will not believe until you love one another. I will I do look my eyelashes in either fall to move into habit to Should I not tell you of a thing that if you are able to do it, then you will have love mutual love for one another as brothers in Islam and sisters in Islam, after Salah anabaena can spread peace between yourselves this Hadees has two meanings either say as salaam alaikum wa Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato again and again to one another, or you spread peace between yourselves in the form of act and so on. Both of

00:47:27--> 00:47:49

them are included in this hadith. And please do not forget that when we say a Salam or Aleikum to someone which What does it mean? It means that you are safe from any harm from myself. There is no point of me saying Assalamualaikum to someone and then going around harming them or causing them harm or having bad intentions. This is not something which is allowed

00:47:50--> 00:48:17

to hide we have come to the word salon the next week next weekend at 730. Please try and be here. We will continue from the the name of Allah azza wa jal and moving on to Mohammed inshallah, who Allahu la de la ilaha illa Huwa Rahman Rahim, Allah Malik Alka do su salam, please try and learn is with me and c'est la luna when we say so that we can learn all the 99 names as we go through this zakharova one