99 Names of Allah #79 Al-Mu’tee

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Santa Monica. Tonight's name is El Morphe. Allah azza wa jal is a more free and more free means that Allah gives. He gives and he gives and he gives. And even if you're asking or you're not asking, he just keeps giving everything that you have Allah azza wa jal has given it to you. Now, some people might ask, wait a second, wait a second, wait a second, I asked Allah for some things, and he doesn't give it to me.

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So how can he be the giver? Elmore Lee?

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What's with that?

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if you ask Allah for something,

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one of three things is going to happen. And they all mean that Allah is listening. And Allah is responding and answering to what you asked.

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The first thing that Allah can do

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a lot can give you exactly what you asked for. So if you asked for a chocolate sundae, and you wanted to eat that one night this week, and you got it then mashallah, Allah gave you exactly what you asked for. But that's the lowest level of an answer from Allah.

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That's the least good answer, believe it or not.

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The second thing that Allah has power to Allah might do to respond to your answer isn't to give you exactly what you asked for,

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but recognizes the fact that you asked him for something, and so he's going to keep something bad that was going to happen to you. And he's going to stop that thing from happening to you. And you're never going to know. Because how could you?

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That's the second way that Allah responds when you ask him. The third way that a lot responds when you ask him and this is the best thing that can happen

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is if you ask him for something, and he doesn't give it to you in this life, but he saves it for you for the next life.

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So you want your chocolate sundae. And Allah has given you parents, and those parents say no, it's not good for your health, to have a chocolate sundae.

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And Allah saves it for you for once you die and return to him.

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That's the best response that a law can give you. But Allah responds with all three, depending. That's because a law is more likely he is the one who gives and gives and gives. And when we realize that

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we know that Allah never stops giving.

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That's all for tonight. I said I'm on April.