Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #01 – The Beauty of Faith

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The beauty of faith is rooted in the culture of Islam, and the title of Islam is a physical performance of the wa'ha', the fruit of actions. The importance of faith in obtaining the ultimate goal of Islam is emphasized, including the physical sharing of wealth and the belief in the message of Islam. The need for people to accept and believe in the spiritual elements of Islam is also emphasized. The importance of faith in obtaining the ultimate goal of Islam is emphasized.
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The beauty of faith is that it's involved in every aspect of Muslims life. You and I as people who have come to hold the loss of Hannah who went to Allah in such high regard to be praising him, loving him, fearing him hoping in his mercy in particular, loving him for sending us and nebia me the final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was sent as a correction to all of our affairs in this life. Beauty of faith is an internal concept. It's something that begins inside, but it's also something that manifests on the outside and Imam, the great Imam and has an embassy, he famously said very early on, he lived in the time right after the Sahaba. So he was a student of the

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Sahaba lived amongst them he is from the heads of the tambourine. He was famously quoted in saying, Lisa Emanuel bitterman, me well, Evita, Holly, well, akindele imana, ma Walker, a fellow called was sadaqa hula man, he man is not something that you just simply wish for. It's not just something you say, I wish I was a better believer, I wish I had greater amounts of faith in my heart, rather he mind is something that is believed in the heart held in the heart, but the actions of the body confirm it. And therefore we it becomes important for us as believers to kind of think about what it is that we seek of our faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is it that we seek to instill our

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habits, our characteristics, to embellish the better things that we have going in our life, and to limit some of the negative things that we know have and should have no place in our life? The beauty of faith, of course, is rooted in the tradition in the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In fact, the majority of the Koran, a third of the Quran was sent to tell us about who is Allah and to tell us about the things that we would not know had he not shared it with us through the message given to our Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Two thirds of the Koran are about the things we believe in the things that are present today, the things of the future to

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come, and the things that we were told about from the past. They're the things about the unseen world, things that relate to our faith and faith and color and predestiny and or daymond. One third of the Quran of course, is about our relationship with Allah through our dealings with each other, and therefore the shadow era of Islam, the laws and the typical way of dealing our existence with each other as human beings is very limited in comparison to the issues that seek to embellish and increase our faith. So let's begin to analyze this word IE man and the beauty of a man, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was sitting one day amongst the Sahaba entered upon them a man and

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we begin by studying the hadith of gibreel. This Hadith is referred to as the hadith of gibreel, who came in the form of a human being, he was dressed in very, very white clothes, dark hair, dark beard, and he entered upon the prophets, I send them in the Sahaba, when they added for who I had, and this is the reviver minimal hottub. It's actually the very first Hadith recorded and so a Muslim. And as he entered, none of the Sahaba knew who this man was, but they could see your Allah He asked her to suffer, he wasn't a person who traveled a great distance. So we asked the prophets all I sell them after entering sitting next to him, that his hands were on the, on his thigh,

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sitting knee to knee right in front of the messenger of a loss, I sell him, what is Islam? And what is he man, and what is it son, and those three elements are the three aspects of faith in its totality. Now one of the important principles that you and I need to understand is that the word Islam and Eamonn and ersan when they are used separately, they all mean the same thing. But when they are used in the same sentence in the same Hadith in the same ayah Allah wants us to pay attention to each of the separate meanings that clarify the issue more, you'll come to know that as a part of our submission to a law, our Islam or surrender to a law. That's really the technical

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definition of Islam is that you've given yourself over in submission in surrender to Allah subhanho wa Taala it's all a physical manifestation of your life. They are physical things that you have to say a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammedan Rasulullah. It's a physical performance of the Salah, the movement of standing cleome and rakura and sujood. It is a physical reading of the Koran in my prayers and adhere to the law. It is the physical aspect of siyam of abstinence from food from drink from my lustful leanings towards my spouse. It's being

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Determined to give physically from my zeca and my wealth, I can't pay the car in kind or in duty to other people. It's actually a physical sharing of wealth with others. It is also the physicality of performing the hajj, Mashallah May Allah allow us to return to the plains of Africa and those who haven't been that a lot carries them their Allah home I mean before they returned to him, Islam is very physical in its nature. He man, however, is the second stage and it's almost as if you go from Islam from doing things outwardly that now it begins to change you inwardly and imagine is the next stage where it is now about your rationale and mind that you begin to use your mind to draw you

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closer to Allah so Allah man and to mean that you believe in Allah will mela equity he will come to be He will surely he went to mill after well, further higher he was sorry that you believe in a law in all that surrounds Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that is meant to be believed in Allah, the power of Allah, the nearness of Allah, the observance of Allah, that Allah is a part of our existence, although separate from it that human hulka but his knowledge and his power and his site and his Calderon his ability is very much a part of my life in your life. Number two is that we believe in the angels that there are those who were sent as protectors for mankind, that there are those who

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would receive when it recording the deeds of humanity, that there are those who are created to worship Allah and nothing else. Number three is that we believe in the Scripture, we believe in the messages that were sent before I will never be Mohamed Sai Salim for you to believe in the Quran. You must believe in the original gospel of Isa Allah His Salaam, you must believe in the original Torah that was given to move to the original songs of Zaboo that was given to that Buddha he said, um, you must believe in the serve of Ibrahim, what moves and all of the other scriptures that were given to prophets and messengers, before I went to be Mohammed Salah Allah, how do you send them You

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must also accept all of the prophets of Allah those we know of and those who don't know him, and you must have in your heart, no regard or dislike for one net other than more than the other, no adherence to one that you say I'm not going to listen to anything that Jesus said, I'm only going to listen to Moses or Mohammed, rather, as a believer. Everything that was sent by Allah through all of the messengers of Allah comes from the same light seeking the same purpose and its completion time and Allah He is the message of our Nabhi Mohammed Salim you believe in the accountability of the Day of Judgment. And you believe that there will be a day where you and I will stand before Allah before

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the Almighty God and be honest about the small and the large, the good and the bad. The halal and haram The sooner and the VEDA, that you believe that no sin will ever be, be hidden from Allah, you will never have power to escape Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Mammon coming ahead, there is none of you except we'll stand before a law or the words of the prophets, Eisen. And finally, you believe in fate, you believe in color, and all of these are aspects that we will study throughout our series inshallah, but we believe in faith, that whatever good or whatever we perceive as bad is all from Allah, that nothing happens to us that our law is not too powerful, and to be able to change for us

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that nothing has occurred that is beyond the knowledge of a law, that if all of humanity came to give me something that wasn't written for me, I would not receive it. And if all human beings if all of the nations gathered to stop something written for me, that they can't stop it, if it is written for me by Allah subhanho wa Taala, that that believe in Allah is what gives me salvation. And therefore he man, along with Islam, are things that lead us to the final aspect, the completion of our faith, which is our son, which is the height of all faith, that even though we cannot see a lot, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala, sees us, observes us knows us and is aware of our condition.

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When you put those three together, we total that up and we call that Yeah, a Johann Lavina Emanuel Oh ye who have submitted in faith, or you who have chosen to be believers, Oh ye who have come to accept the revelation to Mohammed Sai Selim, may Allah counters amongst them. Join us in the highest heights of genital Pharaoh dealt with Aaron levie, Mohammed Salim, and the prophets and the messengers who have come before him while suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina wa Habibi been up whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother your hair Brahim was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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