Nouman Ali Khan – Reflections On Surah YASEEN – Part 08

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The concept of the " dead Earth" is discussed, including its connection to the believer and its use in planting seeds from the water. The importance of a strong spirit and complimentary elements within an ecosystem is emphasized, along with the need for a strong spirit to make things happen. The segment also touches on the concept of "ping masks" and its use to protect against infection. The importance of a strong spirit is emphasized, along with the need for a strong spirit to make things happen.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everybody

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in here, welcome, Salam.

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But the nice thing to do, okay, okay, so

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now we're in section three. Part Three is the world all around you unless as well, Ayatollah Khomeini, in a miraculous sign for them is the dead Earth. What does that have to do with the previous hire the previous iOS, everybody will be gathered before Allah being having to present themselves. And by the way, the easiest way to remember that a level take your dead bodies and bring them back to life will be the dead earth.

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He says, haha, we give it life again. Well as rajadamnern have been, and we bring seeds out from it come in who Yeah, Kowloon from which they eat. What an incredible thing to say. You are all going to be brought before me on judgment day. And by the way, an incredible sign for you to think about that is the earth that brings out seeds that you eat from. In other words, when you eat roti in the morning, when you eat a bagel, when you eat bread, when you eat like salad, when you eat a fruit, you are eating a reminder of judgment day

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you are eating exactly what is going to be resurrected. This is resurrection. It's a product of resurrection, isn't it. And by the way, there are seeds, cola highlighted seeds. And for many fruits, when you eat them, what gets stuck in your mouth, the seed sticks out like it's sticking out. Like it's telling you Judgement Day, by the way, don't just enjoy the fruit. Here's the seed like you.

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Every time you eat a fruit, it's like a hobo.

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And it's amazing that an artificial fruits, genetically modified fruits, there aren't any seeds.

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Is that crazy?

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Like naturally are supposed to experience the uncomfort of seed the discomfort of seeds, because it's supposed to remind you of something. So the ultimate reminder goes down our throats every day.

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Then Allah says here, you know, some concept he began with way back he said, you know, in in volta, whereas the ones who give life to the dead and now again, the Earth is dead, and we're gonna bring it back to life.

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Now here, the other thing I want you to understand is that when Allah talks about nature, in the Quran, it's never talked about in isolation, this is a really hard concept to understand. But for people who reflect and think deeply, it becomes easy. So stay with me, okay? When Allah talks about nature, it is not only talking about nature,

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when Allah talks about the sky, he's not only talking about the sky, when he's talking about rain, he's not only talking about the rain, when he's talking about the earth, he's not only talking about the earth, here, he's talking about the earth, bringing life again, but it's actually talking about human beings coming back to life to

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there needs to be a connection made between nature and, you know, natural reality and spiritual reality. That's what the Quran does constantly, constantly. They're inseparable from each other. Now, along those lines, Allah says, previously in the surah, that there are people that are dead, and he will bring them back to life, like their hearts, their spiritual hearts were dead. And he brought them back to life, like that lone guy who became a believer, and that same lone guy who came from the far end of the city, and not just became a believer in his private life, but actually became a contributor and helped others. Yes. Here he says, Allah brings the earth back to life, just

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like he brought the believer back to life.

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But then he said, not only do I bring the earth back to life, I bring seeds from it that you consume that you benefit from, just like that believer who came back to life benefited others. There's a parallel being made between the Earth and the believer. And this parallel is also found elsewhere in the Koran likened to little fight, the companions are compared to a fully grown crop. They're compared to a crop now.

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Let's move on.

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What he has done nothing Oh, I love this part.

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We put gardens in the earth, made up made up of date palms, and we put gardens on the earth made up of grapes

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of our geography homina Lune. And we made all manner of springs water springs gush out of the earth, rivers came out of the earth, waterfalls came out of the earth. Now this imagery, I want you to think just play the video in your head, palm trees, vineyards, waterfalls. Is this something that Quran talks about in other contexts?

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When does the Quran talk about palm trees and vineyards and waterfalls? When it's describing paradise, isn't it?

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Now the exact same language is being used to describe this world. Why? Because this world is supposed to be a preview for Gemma. As a matter of fact,

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Ghana is not a binary gender is a spiritual truth. Yes, gender is a spiritual truth but palm trees and waterfalls and grapes, these are material, physical truths. I told you every time Allah talks about a physical truth, he is tying it to a spiritual truth.

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Now I want you to understand this connection.

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Jana would not be motivating if I did not describe it in words that describe the nia.

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I'll say that again. Jenna would not be motivation. If Allah did not describe it in worldly terms.

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If Allah did not say, well, thank you have a Maya rune. They will have fruits that they get to pick from. Hmm, Oh, hello. Well, let me tell you remember Ayesha Hoon, and flesh of bird that they are going to love. They're going to bite some of that chicken and go he

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has that over? Why left me today? mitani remember is the home.

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They're gonna like to recline on beautiful couches. Ah.

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Now I can't if you have no idea what a delicious fruit is. If you have no clue what a delicious drink is, if you have no idea what a palm tree looks like, what a waterfall looks like, then all of these ions about genda are irrelevant. They don't mean anything to you.

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As a matter of fact, those things only have some significance, because of what Allah put on this earth, even though the spiritual truth of gender is far more enhanced than anything you've seen in this world, man.

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What are also known semiotic, well, Mahabharata can be washed off. No It has ever seen, no ear has ever heard no imagination no heart has ever seen imagined. It's never come. Yet still. There's a preview.

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There's a preview. So in the previous ayah, Allah used the earth to give us a picture of a believer, and in this ayah, Allah is giving where does the believer go into janma. And he uses the palm tree and all of these things to describe really the scene of Jenna basically saying, Look, why don't you want to go to China? Am I giving you a preview? Doesn't that make you want to go more?

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You should want to go there. Just because of what you've seen in dunya. You should go to beautiful places in the world like a waterfall and say if I did this and dunya

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Wow, what's he going to do? And

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you got in front of a beautiful mountain. You sit by palm trees. Palm Trees are so cool. Just sitting by them.

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It's just you feel relaxed? I don't know what it is. Maybe it's not the drugs that make California relaxing.

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It's the palm trees.

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Something about palm trees. I know I I don't like the weather in Houston. I'll tell you now. I don't like the weather in Houston. Just like I don't like the weather in Karachi.

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But I do like something here. On the highway next to the big tire shop. There's always a palm tree there.

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Palm Trees makes me happy. Especially when you come from Dallas.

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You have shrubs

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you see palm trees just get happy.

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is a sign of just something exotic. I don't know. You know what?

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I mean? Are you Leah kuruman summary?

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So we did all of this so they can just eat from its fruit that's it.

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You think I made all of this so you can just copy it.

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So you want to do so that they may eat from its fruit? Well not I mean, that's who ID him and their hands that make these fruits. And by the way, I mean that Who? For Hanukkah, Nikesh Mufasa in ma Hua me. Where does the pronoun go back to and who makes it easy English for you. They say that the word who goes back to the springs of water coming out so that they can eat from the fruits of the water that he produced brings out and they didn't make the water with their own hands.

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Of all the things human beings can do, they can plant the seed with their own hand. They can dig with their own hand, but the water that comes out of the Earth is not they're doing and this is significant because a spirit of physical truth is always tied to a spiritual truth. And water in the Quran is compared to the Quran itself. Water is compared to the Quran itself. Quran comes from the sky and what else comes from the sky. Water comes from the sky called iron brings the dead hearts back to life. Water brings the dead Earth back to life. So water is constantly compared with the Koran and water is completely pure and purifies. It is not it doesn't need to be pure itself. It is

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the thing that purifies everything else. That's how purity is attained on this earth and the book of allies in and of itself, pyramid purifies people use that key him It purifies them So water is always compared to the fur on and he says now so they can eat from his fruits, the benefits of the water, but they didn't make the water with their own hands. Just like in the beginning of the course the surah the Quran is not the work of a human being.

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Just like the Quran is not the work

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Together, it's mind blowing stuff, man.

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It's just mind blowing stuff and I study it and I get so happy and then I get so mad.

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I go, why didn't I know this? This is how I pick

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him and then he says,

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then then are they not grateful?

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Now when you get to the end of this ayah are they not grateful?

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You realize that Allah is not just asking me to be grateful for fruits.

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He's asking me to be grateful for the physical truth.

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But he's also making me grateful for what the spiritual truth to which it is tied.

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The Book of Allah,

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the Book of Allah,

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you know, in the in the shadow Ramadan, and

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those are right at the La La Quinta shikun so you can be grateful. grateful for what? For the Quran?

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Chris the month of the Quran the whole exercise of Ramadan is so you can appreciate the Quran that's all it's for. It's actually not for recordings mostly.

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Some people think that's the Hanafi opinion.

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Ah, the purpose of Ramadan is actually to celebrate the Quran

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That's all it is. So you can become grateful for what you have a lot. Now, water is not there doing like revelation is not doing water brings life. Revelation brings light.

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Water is the source of the water because it's compared to the word of Allah water resurrects on the earth and the word of Allah will one day resurrect on the earth going by aku Subhana Allah now

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we're going to go to the perfection of Allah No, well, I can't be compared to anyone. And Allah created this creature like water and there's nothing you can compare to it. He said Subhanallah the Holocaust was so commonly Miss translated, but I'll translate it in a new way first and then I'll translate it fixed way. How perfect is the one who created spouses pairs of all kinds of

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pain to translation? He created everything in pairs.

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That is the translation in English. Sorry, already from relevante Okay, relax.

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Relax it, it's okay. Okay.

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So he created spouses of all kinds, not spouses, or peers of everything, but pairs from all kinds of things. Mima can be thrown out from what comes out of the earth woman and to see him and even from within themselves. When we buy on the moon a lot of things they don't even know.

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Allah created all kinds of pairs. Now somebody emailed me brother, Quran says everything is created in pairs. What about Amoeba?

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What about a virus? What about you know, unique cellular organism that God sees?

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There's so many words that I've heard my uncle say in Punjabi that come in my head. I don't even speak Punjabi.

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But like words like Luda Tao like, you know, they just just come in my head when I read those emails I don't want to get angry at this person is not supposed to be angry. But some questions are just so epic, novel Quran is being undone by Amoeba. And he attached a JPG file. In case I didn't know.

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Allah made all kinds of things in pairs. And as wide doesn't just be in pairs. as well. It also means groups that complement each other. As much as using the Quran like that. Now, matana v as was a man who's not not pairs, but groups going to as large and culatta. You are in three groups that complement each other. Each group complements its own members. It's not pairs. A lot of things made complimentary is what he's saying. A lot of things may complement each other. entire ecosystems complement each other planets complement each other galaxies complement each other. human body, the human body parts complement each other spouses complement each other families complement each other

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neighborhoods complement each other countries complement each other, complete each other, which I'll talk about later. All of this is part of an akula. From within what comes out of the earth to you know, sometimes, it's not just two kinds of apples and two kinds of oranges and not like that, that may be true, but also you know, there are certain environments where certain plants have to grow, and other plants can only grow in the neighborhood of those plants.

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They can't grow on their own, they need other plants to provide them shade or provide the moisture or provide them other things. And some plants can only grow on top of other plants. And some birds can only live in some kinds of trees. They are an associate with that tree.

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This is what Allah did things that need each other. He's

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Perfect he made everything need everything else he's the one who doesn't need anyone.

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That's the point he's making Look around you look at everything and it needs everything else.

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Look at how the earth needs the clouds. The clouds need the winds

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look at how the earth needs the sun and it needs the moon and they need each other somehow.

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We don't feel and within themselves within you he made things that need other things. He made the pair of obvious pair people talk about as the male and the female but this goes way beyond that. This is way beyond that. Even though that's a huge significant, you know, men Haleakala come in unfussy commas Raja liters cannula. Why did he make spouses out of you so you can find peace with each other?

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That's enough commentary.

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On a move on.

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But then, there's even in there are pairs and dualities and contradictions, complimentary contradictions inside of me for Allah Maha Fujiwara ha what

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he put he put inside me the urge to just do whatever I want. And then he put inside me the urge to know hold back and just don't go crazy.

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He put inside me enthusiasm and he put inside me restraint. He put inside me He gave me this body and he gave me this rule. He compliment the disappearance I made him appear. I'm not this body I'm this room. But I'm also this body. He made a parable he gave me a called a heart that has the that can have a less taqwa than it can have is the mind that can have the fear of Allah.

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But then he gave me a mind to he gave me emotions here. He gave me thought here. He paired those two up. And that's why I message has to be emotionally appealing and intellectually clear, because I made up a pair myself. He gave this message he gave guidance, but he paired it up. He paired the message with the messenger. You can't just have one

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that he made the night and he made the day then he made this life. He made this life this world and these palm trees and these grapes and these waterfalls and he paired them in the Quran. He paired them with why

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the trees in Jannah and the waterfalls and Jenna and the grapes in Ghana and the you know chicken salmon in Ghana.

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If you're all of it, it's all beard. That's what he does. The only one that doesn't need a pair doesn't need a compliment is what is always a lot that's it that's why in the beginning so Allah Allah The Hanukkah, let's watch how perfect is the one who made things that need each other?

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Because he's the only one who doesn't. And it all ties together when you realize that this life is paired with the next. That's what I mean. When Allah talks about things from this world. They're always tied to a spiritual truth from the next world. Well, I had told him one day and I love this one as something to ponder for them something to think about for them. A significant sign for them is the night. NASA human when we pull the day out of it, did you know that in the Quran, Allah compares misguidance tonight and he compares guidance to what they now day and night or a physical phenomenon but again, we're going to tie it to a spiritual truth What is the spiritual truth night

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is similar to misguided you know volum Mino guru Murthy in a new from darkness to light darkness is or night. Light is day. Right? Unless has assigned for them as the night and we pulled the day out from it just like the Arabs for whom la lune smarten zero. For generations. These people were in the night and pulled out of from within them yanked out of them is this messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who Allah gave the light so they can see the light of day. So when they think about night and day, they should think about how Alliance pulled them out of darkness into light through the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam even this is tied to a spiritual truth.

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But then he ends the ayah so beautifully, he says by either home of the moon,

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then all of a sudden they go dig they get dark themselves. They go into the dark themselves move to the moon to be dark.

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Wait, it was just day. It was just day. They shouldn't be moon our own. They should be lit up moon our own. But he says move the moon why they came out Calderon came out. It's brilliant. It's undeniable. And yet you want to dig yourself in a hole and hide in the dark. Ah, that must be because you're covered from above and there's a wall in front of you and there's a wall behind you and light can't get in.

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Where did I get that from?

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The beginning.

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We pull the day out and they're still in the dark for either and all of a sudden they're in the dark.

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And then he says by the way for either Some even commented. The father who was leaving because he says a fella

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For the moon,

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the moon, if it was using the moon, they're gonna be in the night temporarily then there will be the next day. But he uses the word move of the moon which is permanent, because he's going from the material example of night and day and switching over to the spiritual truth, which means they're gonna stay in the dark. For whom?

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That's why it's mostly moon. They're just gonna stay in the dark. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thanks for watching these videos. If you'd like to continue to support on weekly, please click the link in this video.

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