Quranic Reflections 2 Episode 7 In a living hell

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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Several years ago, I was watching an interview with Hollywood superstar, Robin Williams before he committed suicide. He was talking about his battle with depression and his addiction to alcohol. The reporter asked him, Why are you putting yourself through so much difficulties? What he said was amazing. He said, I'm doing this because I was living in a living hell right away when I heard that. I remember the verses when Allah subhanaw taala said in the abralon fe now, we're in Fujairah, Fiji Rahim that indeed the doers of good, their name, they're in blessings, and the doers of evil that they are in Jehoiakim. They are in hell. Right away. When we hear this verse, we think Allah

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subhanaw taala is talking about the Hereafter. And that is correct. But when you reflect on the reality of the lives of the solid 18 of the pious ones, you feel and you see that they're living in this pleasure, even in this life. And you see that the doers of evil that are living in hell, even this life, then when I start to reflect even deeper, I said, subhanAllah that even in the graves, the doors of good they are put into a garden of the gardens of Paradise, and the doers of evil are put into a pit from the pits of the Hellfire. Later on in my readings I found that Imam ignore aim he mentioned the same thing. He said Rahim, Allah Tana, that to do is of good, they are in name,

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they are in pleasure in this life, and the graves and then in the Hereafter, and the doors of evil, they will be in hell and this life, and then in the graves and then in the hereafter May Allah make us all from the doors of good those who live in pleasure in this life and then in our graves, and then we make it to Jana and the hereafter aerobill alameen