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This episode makes mention of how true believers would have a beautiful ending to their life – an influential story about the grandson of Umar Ibn Khattab RA, Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahemallahu Ta’ala who welcomed the angels of mercy and constantly recited verse 83 from Surah Al-Qasas during his final moments.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. everyone welcome back to people who earn where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And, you know, I would have been tempted as he's talking Allah tala is one of my personal heroes, and he's someone that somehow I've studied extensively, because the man truly fascinates me. I mean, he's someone that came well after the qualified wash the dean the first for Holika. Yet still, according to the mama Shafi Rahim, Allah to Allah, He is the fifth of them. He's the fifth of the righteous Khalifa. And this man was really able to restore this oma to glory, bring it back to

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its glory, and less than three years of being Khadija and not even reaching the age of 40 years old Han Allah so this is a really fascinating human being. He's someone that's an Imam and his knowledge and his mom and his childhood and his asceticism and his worship and his manners and His justice. Very similar to his grandfather. I'm gonna I'm gonna hop top body a long time, but somehow a lot like like his grandfather, he was afraid as he was passing away that he didn't do enough and that maybe a loss of Hannah Montana would punish him and, and Molina Hakeem, who was tending to Omar bin Abdulaziz, in his last moments of death, or in his last moments of life as he was about to die. He

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said that Alma used to make a deer and this is really powerful. He used to say a llama see it him Emery, what else? Alone Fei Li MD, what else? Oh Allah conceal my true nature from them even if it's for an hour. What he means by that is Allah says, you know, people speak so so glowingly about me. Oh, Allah just conceal me from them for just an hour Subhan Allah and Allah Molina would hear him make this there and he didn't really understand it until Ahmad was really reaching his last moments in life. Now I'm surrounded himself with his family, his wife, his children, he surrounded himself with the orphans of the oma and the poor of the oma. And, you know, it's very touching how he was

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bidding farewell to his wife and to his children and to the poor of the oma that he that he you know, that he was taken care of. And he says to his wife, for the last time he embraces his wife, Fatima, Abdul Malik, and after he hugs her and he kisses her, he says, he says to her to be patient, he says in the manual office lobby, Donna agita home, be lady he sub says that Allah Subhana Allah says, and so it is Omar, verse 10, that Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala will will compensate the patient, he will give them everything that he promised them with no limits without being stingy with them at all, loss of hundreds, Allah will reward those who are patient in ways that they could have

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never imagined. Now, that's not the ayah that we're talking about today. So hon Allah that's later on in the put on, in fact, but this is the last words he shares with her as a verse of Quran. And then he you know, bids farewell to his children. And he asks to be left alone. And this is really powerful, because this was the draft that he used to make that old luck conceal my true nature from them for just an hour for just a moment. And so as Molina says that we all left the room, and we sort of were looking through the crack of the door, and suddenly almost ignored the disease, his face lit up. And he had this huge smile on his face. And we close the door and we could hear him

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say, motto haven't be happy, he'll will do allottee Lisa, we will do it in some way that john, welcome to these beautiful faces that don't belong to human beings virgin. Welcome to these beautiful faces. He was greeting the angels. And then he started to recite tilka da da, da, da da, da da da da da da da in lieu and fill out of the will of Masada will Arqiva to Luma tepee that this is the home of the hereafter This is paradise. And we make we have made it and abode for those that don't see glory in this world, nor do they seek corruption and allow people to attain you know truly victory truly success belongs to those who are pious, and he kept on reciting this verse and this is

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the verse and so it'll cost us 83 and he keeps on reciting till after this is Jenna, this is paradise that's been promised to us by a loss of Hannah Montana. And Molina says that he kept on reciting this verse until we couldn't hear him anymore. So his wife decided to go in. And when his wife walked in, on the law, she found him with his hands with with his face on his palm, reclining and just staring at his place in gentleness and had a lot with his eyes open with a big smile on his face as if he's staring at the place in general that Allah Subhana Allah guaranteed for him. And you know, this is the idea here that Allah has promised agenda for those that didn't seek status in this

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world rather they seek status in the hereafter we live for the fame and for the reward of the Hereafter, not for the fame and the reward of this world because what this world has to offer us cannot, it cannot satisfy what Allah Subhana Allah has put inside of us and that is the desire for his pleasure and for his

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His paradise and this is the way that a truly great man, or a truly great believer leaves this world and we ask Allah subhana wa tada as well to make us those people that seek that glory in the Hereafter, and to make us those people that have a beautiful ending to their lives, that see angels of mercy coming to them to comfort them at the end of their lives, rather than you know, instead of angels of punishment, we ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings. alone, I mean, does that malachite unto you all for joining Charla tada I will see you tomorrow night for another episode of people of color and Western Amani come to LA he will