Spending for the Sake of Allah

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The speaker discusses the concept of Islam's promise to grow one's income and to pay back one's money. They also mention a story about a man who was promised a 2016 date but never received it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not letting fear or doubt hold one's mind and offers advice on how to overcome fear.

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What compounds beyond that for whatever he wishes, Allah azza wa jal wishes for us whenever it's time to spend for his sake, to realize that he's not asking you to sacrifice even if you may feel that we at first, Allah is asking you to realize that it's a trade. It's not a sacrifice. And you're trading with a kitty with the most generous soprano what's odd, even the prophets of Allah Allah you will seldom helps us visualize this further when he says that no one gives for our minds the time or our team's mean caspin play even when I left but Allah who is

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the equivalent of a date, a date, that's part of his generosity, you know, someone to accept what they don't need, like you who have needs will not accept the date you feel like they need me. Allah is saying he'll accept even a date of your income and Allah only accepts that which is pure of good wholesome money. He says, except that our Ramadan the most gracious the most merciful accepts it with his right hand for you will not be held that develops it for the person Kemah Europe Dr. Hadoken follow the same way one of you develops grows, nurtures his baby horse had that Hakuna can Jevon until he arrives on the Day of Judgment basically, and he finds it the size of a mountain that

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this is not just for you to visualize that your Salah can really grow in this world. It's for you to realize that your saga continues to grow even after you bench visualize that you know the concept of your money coming back to you with some other thought is true. But don't think that that's your repayment know when you're dealing with them. ketene Allah azza wa jal even when you die, your money continues to grow free Subhanallah look i This is what he does, and that's why it was narrated. And I'll end with this. Did you know the the traceability is is not established, but it is reported that I leave that be bothered by the above and was once working with his sons, the grandchildren of a

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prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and someone asked for southern someone asked for charity.

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And so we sent home if we have any money at all, his wife Fatima probably Allah Ohana the daughter of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we have nothing but these six silver coins. And they are the depth money, the flour money, the bread money, bare minimum, we're down to the bread money.

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And so he said, gold tells her to give us the bread money. And so he took the six silver and he gave them to the man in need. And then he went on in the market. And he purchased a Campbell for 14 dental home on deferred payments. Like I'll pay you later

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on credit, I guess, had no credit. So we bought for 40. And he went around and before the day ended, he found someone in need of a camel. And so he paid 100 Different for it. And so he paid the first man the cost the 40 Dharma and he said the six didn't have home. He said take this to your mother and tell her this is Allah's promise. Six became 60 Because of the conviction of heart it happens the same day or soon enough. But when it happens, don't think that's the end of it. Allah azza wa jal will do so much more than 10x so much more than multiplied by 10. So much more than blessing you and your whole life. Rather it could be your seventh grandchild. It could be your day of judgment

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that you continue to get the can I call it the residual benefit the residual income of yourself a thought may Allah make us all people of charity that we are prophets of Allah for Allah Selim wasn't taught some kind of thinking the shadow under either head that is the federal governor to winning