Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2015 – Day 20

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa viene momento Brb, Asana Hilario Medina Baba, we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless his entire household and all his companions, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all and bless every single one of us, and grant us all goodness and forgiveness on this beautiful Eve. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to make the most of this beautiful month of Ramadan. I mean, my brothers and sisters, sometimes when we enter the house of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala, we want to engage in prayer, we want to involve in some victory, the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Perhaps we want to read a little bit of the origin, perhaps we would like to maybe get closer to someone who has a little bit of knowledge and listen to something that is beneficial from them. What we need to bear in mind is never disturb others in the same house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you are going to read the Quran, do not read it in a way that the others who want to for example, fulfill Salah, they will be disturbed. Yes, if it is if it is a congregational prayer, then there is nothing you can do about it you have to follow and

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perhaps it will be loud enough for everyone to hear. But if you are doing an individual act of worship, be considerate of the others. This is something very important. It's important for us to strike the balance. So I don't need to read so softly that I cannot hear myself. And I don't need to read so loudly that the person next to me would perhaps curse me because of how loud I'm reading and the fact that I may be disturbing them. Now, there is a totally different example in the verse that I will be reading first this evening, at the end of surah Tulisa verse number 110 there is a hadith Mata, fatale of ebony and bustle of the Allahu Allah and another one of eyeshot of Allah Allah, the

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narration of eyeshadows Allah, Allah says, when it comes to do, and supplication, you need to know that Allah hears you, you don't need to scream and yell at Allah subhanho wa Taala No need to shout at Allah. You don't have to start raising your voice and screaming as though Allah subhanho wa Taala is not listening to you. And you need to know the best is a person who strikes the balance, you're not so quiet that you just saying it in your mind, you know, we are taught that Allah knows what's in your mind before you utter it, right? That does not mean you should not utter the duel. You should attempt to utter it, you should say it, you should try it but sometimes you might not be able

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to word it so perfectly. Sometimes you might not be able to say it exactly the way you want it, then Allah knows. But you try because that attempt is an act of worship, to be able to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala something great. So when we are making dua, neither do we yell No Are we silent completely, but in between we try. We say it in a beautiful tone in a beautiful manner. And the hadith of Ibn Abbas Allah and also Mustafa Ali, he says when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to lead some of his companions in Makkah, Tomoko Lama or the Allahu anhu then he used to read for a little bit loud. So some of the machine some of the disbelievers when they used to listen to some of

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the Quran, some of them used to kiss the Quran, and they used to kiss the one who revealed it, and the one who came with it and the one whom it was revealed upon and so on. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the verse verse number 110, Walla

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Walla, t kawada to have it be Ribena. Anika Sabina Do not raise your voice so much. When it comes to a Salah Salah refers to two things here. One is da which means supplication. And two is the recitation of Quran in the prayer. So don't raise your voice so much and do not drop it so low, but seek a middle course between the tool so that it is something very good, which doesn't disturb those who don't want to listen to it and it does not become too silent that those who need to listen to it cannot hear you know if I'm in a man for example nowadays Mashallah we have this microphone that helps us but if I'm in the moment, I have four people behind me there is a certain volume I may read

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with. And if there are 400 people behind me I will have to raise my voice so hard Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us May He grant us acceptance and an understanding. Look at how beautifully the Quran has advised the companions as well as Mohammed Salah Salam as well as all of us and look at a loss of love for us. He's telling us look, it's a middle course that you need to adopt. May Allah help us adopt this middle course in everything that we do. May Allah Subhana

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attallah accept from us the good and May Allah forgive us any errors and mistakes we may have made. I mean, so what we'll have is the next surah that we will be going through just perhaps a verse or two of that particular surah. There is a narration regarding the surah itself. It's named after the cave. The reason is, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was in Makkah Toluca, Rama. This is mentioned by Ebony Kathir. In his narration of an episode of the 11. He says the mushriks of Mecca they wanted to challenge him regarding the contents of the Quran, but because they did not have knowledge of the previous scriptures, they sent a delegation to Madina munawwara a top delegation,

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the delegation went to meet the Jewish people in Medina and the people of the book, what was the reason? The reason was those people had scriptures, heavenly scriptures. And the people of Makkah knew that if we want to confirm that this too, is heavenly, we need to go and ask those people what it's all about, and tell them what our man has come with sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and ask them how can we catch him? Or how can we try and confirm that he is or is not a messenger of Allah? subhanho wa Taala. So they went, and the Jewish people got together and they told them what to ask him. So from among the questions, they said, Go and ask him three things. If he's a prophet, he'll

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bring the answers.

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What are the three things The first thing is ask him about a group of youth that lived a long, long time back? Meaning the people of the cave, so Pinilla asked him about them. And the second thing, asked him about a man who travelled from the east to the west, a man that traverse the land, he had lots of authority, and he traveled from the east to the west. And the third thing I asked him about the soul, the roof, we spoke about it yesterday. asked him about the soul. So these are the three questions these people were happy, like little children, they came back to muckety muck Obama. Yes, we're gonna get you now. Stuff Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala help us. They didn't realize that they

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were playing a game with Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from taking things lightly that are meant to be serious, I mean, so Allah subhanho wa Taala, obviously revealing to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when he was asked the questions, these three questions, he said, I will tell you tomorrow

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But sadly, unfortunately, by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala some reason Allah knows best why he forgot to say inshallah, you know, you and I are taught that when you want to do something related to the near future or the distant future, you need to always connected to the will of the Almighty. So if I say, I will see you in five minutes, I need to say, by the will of Allah inshallah, that's what we are taught as believers, right. So if I say, We will see you again here tomorrow, I don't have a guarantee I'm ready to be here. something could happen. That might stop me from coming. I don't know what I have a plan to come. Yes. So I just say by the will of Allah, if Allah wills he

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will give me the energy and I'm going to be here by the will of Allah we will be tomorrow and hamdulillah but if I don't say by the will of Allah, it is an error in the sense that it is something that is not ideal, and what Mimi is taught to always relate things connected to the near or distant future, to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, when it happened to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it did not happen because it was a mistake on his part. Rather, it happened so that verses could be revealed to teach the rest of the Ummah including us, a beautiful lesson.

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Amazing. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. Regarding the verses that were or the questions that were asked by the co founder of Quraysh that they had imported from Medina, we know what Allah subhanho wa Taala decided not to reveal for a period of 15 nights. The answers didn't come.

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But you told us you were going to answer us the next day. Well, the answers did not come. So Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he was really yearning and waiting for the answers and he wanted to respond. He wanted to respond to this delegation of maca Tanaka, Rama that had gone to Madina munawwara and he was feeling it so heavy within himself, he wanted to see them be guided. So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala. Thereafter, 15 days later revealed the verses with the responses one after the other. So in Surah, Toka, half, you have the story of those who were in the cave, the youth, right? You have the story of one car named the one who traverse the land from the east to the

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west and he had authority and you also have the answer as to the roof and the soul where it comes from and what is it exactly so Allah explains that it is the instruction of Allah, Allah will not give you knowledge that he does not want to give you all mankind because the knowledge we have in comparison to the knowledge of Allah. As we said yesterday, we cannot begin to compare that's how it is May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us

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At the same time verse number six Allah says,

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Allah Allah Kaaba nafsa Corolla

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ilam yo me No, we haven't had et assefa perhaps you will harm yourself grieving over them if they don't accept this beautiful speech and the Quran, the be salatu salam used to worry so much about the disbelievers and their comments. And he used to desperately want them to see the light, so much so that Allah wants him to say you're going to harm yourself. Brothers and sisters, what we learn from this is sometimes Allah has placed on our shoulders a duty, let me give you a typical example, to look after our children is our duty. It's placed on our shoulders, children are a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So as they grow up, you name them, you give them good clothing, you give them a

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good upbringing, you teach them manners, you teach them the Quran, you try your best, there are certain things at a certain age that will get beyond your control. There's nothing you can do about it. They are now adults, they've chosen a path that perhaps might be wrong. May Allah forgive us, you may be able to remind them and so on, but you will not be able to treat them as though they were two year old little children. They are now adults. They've chosen a path it's up to them. So yes, we do grieve but you don't grieve to the extent that you become depressed and you become a case yourself that requires medication. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. It happens to people. we

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grieve so much regarding things that are beyond our control. It's not in your control, leave it it's a last test for you subhanho wa Taala May Allah not test us with tests that are too difficult for us to pass my brothers and sisters, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he desperately wanted to see guidance. Allah says Well, if we haven't written guidance with him, that's if the door is closed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. So the same applies, you want certain things your way they will not happen your way? That's a loss plan. So don't start depressing yourself about you get used to the fact that you're not the only person in

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existence. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala help us May Allah grant us a deep understanding. These are beautiful lessons. Yes, the reasons of revelation may have been slightly different, but the lessons we draw from them applicable in my life and yours. My brothers and sisters, we see in community in society, the downgrade in terms of spirituality, we witness it, we see it live May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. But at the same time, there are certain things you can do. You can remind the person you can talk to them, you can perhaps continue to say a good word or two, but you will never ever be able to provide that guidance that is in control of Allah for that person you may want to

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make do out so remember anything in your capacity, get it done the rest, leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah help us May Allah grant us sanity? May Allah help us rectify our own weaknesses and illness. And then verse number 23 and 24 connected to that. In sha Allah we spoke about a few minutes ago by the will of Allah. So Allah says, Allah de Polan, Alicia in

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Danica GABA in

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long, do not say that you are going to do something in the near future or distant future except by adding to it by the will of Allah by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remember Allah if you forget to say that, say for example, I forgot to say inshallah, and I told you, I'll see you tomorrow. And as I walk away, I need to remember Allah if I remembered that I forgot to say inshallah, I need to know say it whenever I remember or at least remember Allah subhanho wa jal. So I say it's COVID Allah Subhana Allah, all praises due to Allah May Allah forgive me, inshallah, and so on May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us moist in our tongues with the remembrance of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala For indeed it is the best the best, you can offer your own tongues. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant disease, that was a narration of ribnica here reported by the Ibis audio level and

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then we have the last few verses of the Surah Surah.

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There is a very interesting lesson that we learn from some of the reasons of Revelation. And there are many narrations, some of them are weak, some of them are a little bit stronger, but they point in one direction and that is the people who engage in acts of worship. And then they like to be reminded about how good the act of worship was. Sometimes you know you reading Salah, now I'm coming to our our own life, right? You You fulfilling your prayer and you standing and suddenly you know your father walks in and now you're standing a little bit more calm, you know, because as a youngster, people are worried about their dads you know, and sometimes you in the masjid and you

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standing in Salah.

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I recall and I'm not joking with you, you know, we have a bad habit as muslimeen we are supposed to be looking down when we're reading Salah. Sometimes people are just looking everywhere beautiful Matthew, I wonder what the chandelier costume and you're looking at this. If only I could have a fraction of the money they used for those bricks there. I'd be a loaded man. So by the law, and we don't realize this is a distraction. Don't do that look down. So I remember when I was young, there was a certain man and Uncle I knew he had a habit of looking up. And as a kid, we thought we're gonna fix him up. So we were walking past him and we greeted him and he did this. And then he

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realized he was in Salah, and he quickly looked down. And Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us for playing the fool. But May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive him for looking up as well.

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So the reality is, we tend sometime to become a little bit more conscious of our Deen because people are watching. It happens, doesn't it? People are watching, you know, you give a charity quietly no one knows. And then people here you've given a big figure and you just start clearing your throat you know, now Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, May that not be the case. So obviously there are reminders in the Quran. The Quran reminds us only because it's normal for shavon to come and try and attack you and me normal shaytans job is to attack and allows job is to forgive or part of Allah's mercy is to forgive

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shaytans job is to distract to try and attack us and allows mercy dictates that for as long as we tend to him he keeps on forgiving. So Angela, look at that. A lot Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us from

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our beef, Aliyah malamala. Saudi had

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very bad at Yama be

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verse number 110. So total caf. Allah says whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah. I'm looking forward to the meeting with my maker, and I hope you are too then you need to do two things. The first is do good deeds. And the translation of the term good deeds means acts of worship that were taught by Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you want you're looking forward to meeting with Allah, the One who was at the top of the entire list and still remains the top of the list is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he knows he will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala he will be the first to actually be resurrected and so on. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent him to us to teach us how

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Allah wants to be worshipped. So we will worship Allah according to the teachings of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. That's number one. The second thing you need to do, you need to protect yourself from associating partners with Allah. Voila, you should be bad that your ability I hadn't never ever associate partners with Allah in worship, or the creatures of Allah subhanho wa jal, we worship Allah and Allah alone. And this is how we will be able to meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala in a good condition. So the issue of rectifying an act of worship because people are watching the minute you become conscious of what you just did, you quickly turn back to Allah stuff and allow Allah

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forgive me for that. I believe in you and you alone, and I read the acts of worship to you alone. Don't let shavon bog you down by making you think that now that these evil thoughts came into your mind, that's it, you are doomed. No, you are not doomed. You go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. With a lie you keep on going back and keep on going back. And you know what? The best thing of all, the mercy of Allah dictates that your exam result will be based on the final answer you wrote, not on what you wrote while you were still in the exam room. But right at the end before you handed in your paper, what was your condition? That's what Allah will judge you according to. So if you've

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committed sin all your life, but at the end, you change and you repented, your result is according to the repentance. And if you commit if you did good deeds on your life, and at the end, you quit all the good deeds and went back into the clubs or went to the clubs for the first time and discarded the link with Allah subhanho wa Taala you will be judged according to the end, that's the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The end is what counts.

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You know, something that comes to my mind is football. A lot of people love football. They can score what they want at the beginning of the match. It depends what the score is at the end. Am I right? Sorry to give you the example but people know about it more than anything else. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. I remember a youngster, Tell me please, I need something and I'm like, I wonder what's going on. Please, I need and this youngster was looking distressed like depressed, someone passed away or something. Maybe my team wins make on my team wins. And I'm like, Are you serious? Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. People have taken it to another level. May Allah help us to be

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able to strike a balance. No one is saying sports is bad. But sometimes the way we treated it becomes bad for us because we've lost balance. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us

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With that beautiful balance. Let's move on to Surat Maria. Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed a verse which clarifies for Mohammed salatu salam, the position of the angel jabril alayhis Salam gibreel alayhi salam used to come to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was revelation. It was awesome. It was beautiful because imagine something happens. The next thing Djibril Allah Islam comes and everything is cleared and clarify the verses recited and that's it from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mashallah tabarrok Allah. So according to a narration of Buhari as well as soon as the to mediation and anessa even a bustle of the law, he says the Prophet sallallaahu salam once told jabril alayhis

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salam o jabril? Can't you are what is stopping you from coming to us more often than you actually do? Come? You know what this means? We want to see you a bit more so panela look at the beauty, the best company for a profit is an angel. Do you know that? I mean, can they be something?

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If one was to choose, we would choose brilliant company in terms of those who will benefit us in every single way. What would be beautiful company for Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, in fact, beautiful company for jabril alayhi salatu wa sallam seeing that the status of Mohammed Salah Salam is higher than the angels Subhana Allah so the point I learned is if Muhammad peace be upon him is telling jabril we want to see you more often. Surely for me, those who are good and pious and bring me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in any way I should be wanting to see them more often. I should be wanting to listen to them more often. I should be wanting to be in their company more often so that

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I feel a blessed person all the time. May Allah help us all achieve the best of company will llahi my brothers and sisters company plays a big role in the type of person you end up becoming.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us sometimes because of the schools our parents have chosen to send us to. We become a certain type of person. Sometimes because of the suburb that our parents have chosen to live in. We become a certain type of a person. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us so jabril Allah His salat wa salam responds verse number 64, of sort of Madame Orman uttanasana in IBM Arabic Allah Houma, Bina Dena Juana Juana Bina dannic, woman Womack bukan, as he, we only descend, as per the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as per the instruction of your Lord.

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So gibril Allah is Allah is saying, I cannot come down on my own. And this is a beautiful answer because it shows that jabril le Salam is explaining, I am acting according to the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I don't come on my own accord. Perhaps if he were to come down on his own accord, he may have come down much more because he would have also wanted to be in the company of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but this is the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he says, To him, meaning to your belongs what is in front what is behind? Absolutely everything belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he's not forgetful, Allah does not forget anything. So these are beautiful

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verses connected to this beautiful incident that occurred at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Then we have another incident of a man known as Obi Wan, Aleph, he constantly used to argue and debate in Mecca, Tomoko Rama, and he used to say, when we are buried and when we are decomposed in the soil, then are you claiming that there is a lord who is going to bring all the decomposed human back into life?

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You know, to this day, there are people who don't believe in resurrection. There are people who think you know what, this is the world that's it, you know, you die and it's over. This story is over. So from that time, there were people like that. One of them was a baby who fell off and he says,

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Are you claiming that we're going to be resurrected Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed several verses clarifying this. One of them was verse number 66. Why opponent?

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EDA, Mommy, doula sofa Raja man is saying when I die is it possible for me to be resurrected alive once again?

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When I die is it possible for me to be resurrected alive again, tell them our

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follow up on

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this man not remember that we created him before from nothing.

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For a lot to create from nothing was super. So for him to bring back something that's there in the decomposed form is even easier.

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panela you know, to buy the vehicle is one thing, and I'm giving you an example in our own lives, you know, you have the money to buy a vehicle, when you have a little dent here or there, to pedal beat it is far more simple, less people are needed people with less expertise are needed. Because now you only need to penerbitan so how Allah, but what about the initial vehicle and its invention and so on, man is far more sophisticated. Allah does not invent but he creates That's the difference. You know, man says, I created this I created no man, you created nothing. All you did is you transformed one creature of Allah into another. So you went into the mountains you dug and you

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transform something that looked a little bit like sand maybe into something that is now steel and metal. And from there you perhaps might have designed it a bit and made it into the shape of a vehicle and some of it the wires and whatever else connected and the electricity and so on, you created nothing you only invented you change the creation of Allah from one state to another but Allah created from nothing. So Han Allah. This is why Allah says when he wants, he says Be entities. Let's try. Can anyone say be one law, he would take them to the metals burner. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. I mean Allah subhanho wa Taala opened our doors and Allah subhanho wa Taala grant

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us a deep understanding. I mean, so this was the response to those who were saying that we're not going to be resurrected. And then there was another fool from amongst the people of muckety muck Rama and his name was Alaska in Alaska with Nima in he was one of those who really hated the Muslims. And this is a hadith Mustafa la reported by suburban olarak kebabs. It was a poor man. He had been enslaved at one stage and hubbub not accepted Islam at the very beginning. But he was a master in terms of being a blacksmith. And he used to make the best source the best swords everyone knew this sword is kebab, even an axe. So a lot of the top people, they did not want to spoil their

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relationship with him because they knew Hey, we need weaponry from this man. So what happened is, they used to deal with him. They used to take the weaponry, and some of them used to pay him back after some time. One of them was an acid ninja. He owed hubub, some money and hubbub and a lot went to now claim the money to collect it to say, you know what, don't do this. You owe me the money and I need the money.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:29

So he says, I'll give you the money on condition that you disbelieve in Mohammed salatu salam

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says, I'll never do that. Not at all. He says, well, then you're not getting your money. He says, I'll never disbelieve in Mohammed, you die, I still won't give it up. You'll be resurrected. I still won't give you that. He says what we're going to be resurrected says yes, we're going to be resurrected. Okay. So now I have a deal for you. When when I'm resurrected, I'll have money and children. And when I have the money, then I'll pay you so meet me on the other side.

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What a fool. Look at how he wants to run away from it allows anyone in telling abarbanel arato, viola one, and this is Hadith, Mustafa la that I'll see you on the other side, I'll have money and I'll have children. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals with number 77. Speaking about this and clarifying the position

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for IE Tel Aviv cafaro be a Latina. Have you seen the one who has disbelieved in our science? Work? Allah, Allah, oh,

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Allah, Oh Allah. And he says, I will definitely get money and children on the other side, which means when I'm resurrected, I'm going to get Allah says, Do you see this man? You see his comment? You see what he's saying?

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About me? Da, da, da, da, da. Has he witnessed the unseen? Or has he taken a promise in the covenant from Allah. He doesn't believe in it on one hand, and the other hand is claiming I'm going to be there and I'm going to get it. May Allah Subhana Allah, forgive us, Allah subhanho wa Taala opened our doors. These are some of the foolish statements of the people who had disbelieved from among those in Makkah, Tomoko Rama, who used to challenge the believers to this day, they are people who challenge us with matters that are pity sometimes because we don't have knowledge. We think it's a major issue. They pick on the treatment of women in Islam, they pick on perhaps the issue of

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inheritance in Islam, they take on so many other things. While it these people don't know any better, if you take a look at the women and how they're being treated. Well, if you look at the globe today, a lot of women don't even realize that they've been enslaved without knowing they've been enslaved. So the way they dress is solely and only to please the eye of the opposite *, some designer who happens to be somewhere across the globe, who's a male who needs to see you as a * object. So he's given you a cup that shows your entire legs and your cleavage and whatnot and you don't know that's not liberation, that in fact, is being enslaved totally, with a PhD. May Allah

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subhanahu wa

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Allah help us really, in slave totally. You cannot go to the door to answer the door when the sister comes to the door because you don't have the makeup that you're enslaved by.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, may he make us from among those who understand and realize the liberation there is in putting on a clock. So how the law you're not judged by your shape by the type of clothing by the designer, this in the sense, the smell and so on you, you are not judged by anyone besides whom you really are your character, your conduct and what you have to offer.

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Today, people see a woman slightly overweight, and they don't want to look in her direction because she may be the best of all women. But they've been trained and enslave to think you know what, no ways don't even look in that direction. Why? What an insult? May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. I'm not saying you should look.

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It's just a point I'm raising May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us me, forgive us, my brothers and sisters. These are some beautiful points. I want to end off with the last verse here, verse number.

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In fact,

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I think we will end it that the time is up and inshallah we hope and pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant us goodness and ease. Like I said, my brothers and sisters more important than anything is the lesson we draw in our own lives. Let's become people who understand the way to salvation is the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala Islam is a beautiful faith, free from all forms of negativity free of bad teachings in that which is evil. In fact, it is a religion that brings about inner and outer peace. May Allah grant that to us. inshallah, inshallah we meet again tomorrow was Allahu wa Sallim wa barik, ala nabina, Muhammad Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed, the shadow

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Allah, Allah highlandtown

Mufti Menk mentions about the reasons of revelations from Surah Isra, Surah Kahf and Surah Maryam. The instances being guidance on offering Salah, ascension of Jibreel AS, importance of In shaa Allah, being conscious of Allah while doing good deeds, disbelievers’ questioning Prophet SAW about the people of cave, Dhul qarnayn, working of soul and resurrection after death.

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