Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 104 The 1st Rightful Khalifah Of Islam, Part 2 – Election of Abu Bakr R.A

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses the subject of argument between the Sunnis and the Shias – the Election of Abu Bakr As Siddiq RA as the 1st rightful Khalifa of Islam.

We have numerous evidences in the Qur’an where Abu BAkr RA has been chosen for the coveted job after the Prophet ﷺ such as in Surah Tawbah and another Surah where the Prophet ﷺ and Abu Bakr RA are hiding in a cave. Rightfully so, there are also innumerable Hadith which highlight the stature and position of Abu Bakr RA.

We have a discussion on the merits of the two famous Sa’ds in the history of Islam. Sa’d ibn Mu’adh, and Sa’d ibn Ubadah. What are they? Listen intently as Shaykh Yasir delves deeper.

Abu Bakr RA, in all probability, chose a delegation which obviously included the senior most leaders such as Umar RA himself and Abu Ubaidah RA. This was done immediately so as to take care of the external matters or matters of the city. As for the  internal matters of the household, Abbas RA and Ali RA took charge along with Zubair ibn al-Awwam RA.

When commotion began to ensue among the people on who should be the next Khalifa based on Abu Bakr RA suggestion to choose one amongst Umar RA and Abu Ubaidah RA, Umar RA could not take it any more and he pledged his allegiance to Abu Bakr RA in a raised voice, thus bringing a culmination to all the pandemonium that was happening until then.

The matter of the election of the 1st Khalifa happened in a day. Only when Abu Bakr RA was appointed as the Khalifa and the Khutbah given by Abu Bakr RA was the body of the Prophet ﷺ washed and prepared for burial.