Tafseer of Surah Maryam 27 – You have surely uttered a monstrous statement

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Umina shape on your Ragini Bismillah your Walkman you're rocking? Yo man Axl mattina Illa Rukmani worth the one assume Quran Marjorie Mina Isla Jahan Amma will the Sadat Allah who love him. So yes, we concluded verse 84, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that don't be hasty in seeking the punishment of the disbelievers. We keeping count of everything. And of course that's a message to us as well, that everything is recorded. We will not live beyond our point by a second Noah died prior to it, and we need to value every moment Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah said Sahib to Sophia, fundamentally, I mean home Illa Becca Lim attain. I

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lived with great mystics and erudite scholars, and great learned people and I can narrow all my learning experiences to two things. Number one, I'll work to save on Catia AKA, but the whole time is a sword. Either it cuts through you or you cut through it. And number two knifes your yourself shall alter her bill happy OSHA let Kabul battle. Either you dictate to yourself what you will do, or then you succumb to its dictates to one of two. Either you're going to get up and say I'm going to be reciting Quran I will rise at Fudger or rise earlier than Fajr and perform the headcode or then Your nurse will dictate to you and then you'll just be a dummy and this will ride you and

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unfortunately that has become the condition or eight Amanita hada Illa, who Allahu Hawa O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Have you seen the one who has made his base desires He is God he's diety Abdullah dinar bustle of the Allahu Anhu a man said, just as objects and isms and deities will worship besides Allah, people have also been worshipping their base desires, just their base desires. And remember, this is evil, this is evil and hence you see, there is no limit to the extent of evil and vice that happens. May Allah protect us. Okay, so we move on verse 85. Allah subhanho wa Taala now describes the Yama and Allah makes this comparison, Yeoman natural Mata Tina ala Rahmani

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with Da so what is the Yama Yama that day natural moutain we will assemble we will assemble moutain those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Rahman, to Allah wa FDA as a delegation in the court of the Almighty. So in the preceding verse, Allah subhanaw, Taala is speaking of majorem in the criminal as the disbeliever. Hence, the contrast here of mood 13 will not be the istilah he expression will not be the academic, but rather your mood. 13 will refer to the believer will refer to the believer and remember, every believer is a motive, because it

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literally means to avoid to abstain. And by abstaining from shake and disbelief. You have entered into the arena of being a minority. And then of course, if you abstain from the forbidden, then that's a greater level of Taqwa. And then you abstain from the Shubho heart from the doubtful things in which you preserve your deen for many Takotsubo hottie *a disturber le de were able to be you preserve your honor and your faith and that's a higher level of Taqwa. And then we refer to it as whare, a moto warrior, a person who abstains from all doubtful things etc. Yoma natural Tina Illa Rahmani weft up on that day, yo mama, rule fi right on that day national we will resurrect almost 13

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the believers the buyers Illa Rathmann. They will come before Allah what the was done in a delegation the plural whoo food. ethnocracy Rahim Allah has given great context and detail and I read it myself personally, where he speaks about the different conveniences and the modes of transport and the horses, etc, in which the pious will be assembled, gathered ushered in. So when when when there's delegates in this world, and the delegates of two countries and there's diplomatic ties, and it's a state visit, and then there's red carpet, and then there is the army comes to receive and there is this acknowledgement and, you know, there's this whole hype around it, and this

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is just material world transitory, temporary. Imagine Allah subhanho wa Taala is invited. Allah subhanho wa Taala invited the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the night of Israa and Mirage, right

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it sort of means to travel by night. While mineralogy literally is for Allah which means a ladder. The journey from Makkah to, to Masjid Al Aqsa academically is referred to as a surah. And the journey from AXA to the heavens and beyond is known as mirage. And at times the word Israa is referred to the entire tail, or the word Makarov is used for the entire tail. That's what I love. I have spoken about the grammarians and the philologist and those who dissect the details of the language.

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So Allah subhanho wa taala, send the brach and send us divine convenience, Yeoman natural Mateen. When the pious will be assembled, they will be gathered in Amman and they will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala was done as a delegation and contrast that with the consequences of the criminals. May Allah protect us from the latter category and make us from the former. So in verse 86, Allah says, one has to call Marjorie Mina Elijah Hannah will read up and we will drive and drag the criminals to hell thirsty so Sokka Yasuko we will drive them we will drag them when I saw open McDreamy Illa Johanna wielder with the meaning thirsty just like thirsty animals are driven to water

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while Amma whare dama Madeon so rude referring to thirst, they're going to be coming in thirsty, humiliated, disgrace, and of course they will be shackled, etc. And what great disgrace and humiliation a person who is

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you know what shackled incarcerated, found guilty, how he would be taken.

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And a person who is having an inauguration or a graduation, how he would be honored privilege, etc. When a so called Magery Mina Elijah Han nama Wierda, verse 86, and they will be taken, they will be driven the criminals to hell, you know, in great thirst, the thirst will be so much Allah protect us and you know, my brother and you understand my sister, not only in the month of Ramadan, but at times when you're extremely thirsty, and you're desperate for a job to drink. And you walk into a shop and you say, Can I have a chilled drink and I'm looking for a fizzy drink or a juice or chilled water. And if somebody cannot offer you something tells you like no, it's fine. It's fine. I need

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something chilled. Right? I for one, finding difficulty find difficulty on a hot day having a warm drink.

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And then the thirst becomes unbearable, the thirst becomes unbearable. And when it becomes unbearable, you resort to whatever is offered to you even if it is warm water. Even if it's hot water why? Because the thirst is simply unbearable. Yetta Jarrah, who, whenever you occur, do you see who deal Motoman Colima can wama who will be made was so cool MA and hammy MA and they will be given boiling hot water homies homies Arabic there's a whole breakdown to this word could refer to a very close friend Milena min Shafi marine while also deep in him, and Hammam could also refer to boiling water of course the plural of both would differ I don't want to go into those academics. So

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Alma and Hemi man they would be given boiling hot water to drink for per Amma whom it will break up their intestines it will break up the intestines and you know they will pass it through the back passage etc. They will have no choice but to drink it harder and also know whom Yoma Dean This is how they would be honored on the day of the Yama because for Shari buena sugar belly him for Sheree Boonah sugar belly heme they will drink like how thirsty camos will drink they will drink like our thirsty camels. But that water will do more harm to them than any benefit la use meno wala you name endure the Shahdara to zoom that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about in Surah sofar polypro haka

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and who Rousseau Shayateen which would look like the head of the devil, and yet the scholars say the test should be is in its Kara here in its dislike, it will be so unpleasant

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as no half

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you know, it would it would it would come from hell. And then for in the hula Aki Luna minha family wound I mean hell Batoon they will eat from it but that won't be food, though it will be sent to them days there is indulge in Nikka Intel as he will carry him. You claim to be the very honorable Well, this is your abode in Nevada, am I going to be hitting the rule? This is what you would doubt

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This is what you were denying. May Allah protect a scary, scary, scary lithography let that mean badly and narrow? The poet said, there is no pleasure in indulging in anything the consequences of which is this hell. Okay, so that's the difference between the pious and the criminal. That's verse 8485.

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Or other verse 85 and 86 in verse 87, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, la Yummly gonna shafa Illa Mani taka Dorinda Rahmani anda Liam Licona shafa they will not have any access to intercession. So they will not be able to intercede doesn't mention it of zero salary, nor will anyone intercede for them. So remember, in fact, the whole body the whole write up is mentioned I've seen the reference to it under this I interviewed Earth money, Assa and yerba Cara Boca Maha Mudra that Allah will elevate your Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to the praise the platform, and then there's Shiva Artie Cobra and the different types of intercession. One will be the supreme intercession that the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will make for everybody who will assemble on the plains and that's the entire creation, asking Allah subhanaw taala to commence the accountability.

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And then of course, there will be the other levels of intercession that will take place. May Allah make us amongst those fortunate people, who will be privileged with the intercession of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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amongst the ways through which we can do it is after the Adan has been called out, then to recite Salawat on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then to read the DUA, Allahumma Baha, the deputy Tama till the end, and then to send salawat and salutations upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of course, to follow up by the performance of the prayer, and not to suffice by the sheer recitation of answering the dura, verbally and being deficient practically and physically, but the one who will diligently recite the Quran, then he would hopefully qualify for the intercession of the messenger salAllahu alayhi wasallam. How often in this world and I have a

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context speak to my contact, don't worry, I'll get you. I'll get you the job. I'll secure you the interview. I will facilitate the visa I will get you a ticket I will arrange this year. Imagine the intercession of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, verse 87, la Yummly Kona shefa they will not receive permission from Allah subhanho wa Taala for any intercession in law, but many Takada Rahmani Ananda, the one who will have an agreement with Allah. Allah would of course be Mustafa, mon Katya, but the one who had an agreement with Allah subhanho wa taala, meaning the believers amongst the believers would be the Gambia, who would qualify the most. And then of course, the solar Ha, and

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then the shahada, and then the profiles etc, according to the different categories, and remember my brother and my sister, as much as via the intercession, so many people will attain Jana in essence, the shofar is just a different expression of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. So ultimately the matter last word, Allah subhanahu wa taala Allah will use the Shiva and through that so many people will be privileged and honored, but ultimately it is the world and the decree of Allah law. Yes, for Aruna Illa Lemonnier Tala yes for ona Illa. Allah eliminate Altaba Mendel, Larry Yasha ainda, who a lovely evening, and who can intercede before Allah, but through his consent, so nobody has an

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independent authority that he can override it. Yes, when Allah says that the melodica or the Gambia or the solar How will intercede then accordingly, respectively, they will intercede, and then so many people would be rescued. But like I said, this is nothing but the grace, the kindness, the boon, the benevolence and favor of Allah subhanho wa Taala laemmli gonna shuffle shefa Illa Manitoba Dorinda Rahmani so the criminals will be driven like thirsty cattle. They will not intercede Of course, nor can anyone intercede for them. Only the one who has an agreement with Allah meaning he died with iman and he qualified according to the different categories made mention of in the Hadith,

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verse 88, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the monsterous and preposterous utterance of the disbelievers what kind of Taha Rahman who will adapt and they the disbelievers said that Ramadan has taken a child Allah subhanaw taala has a child now this is just outrageous. This is just outrageous.

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Allah subhanaw taala speaks about how the creation of Allah is livid by the statement, how evil how wicked, how monstrous how nasty, this utterance is. wakad was rough man who won a DA. And they they made this claim and this utterance and the statement that Allah subhanho wa Taala has children. Allah subhanaw taala has repeatedly refuted this year. Let me activate Well, well, let me Akula who suffer but Allah doesn't have a spouse. Allah doesn't need a spouse. Allah doesn't have children. Allah doesn't need children. Cool in Canada Rahmani Well, I don't further oh well RBD say unto them, If Allah had children, I would have been the first to accept it. But of course Allah doesn't have

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lemony Hakuna who went ahead. There is no equal to Allah. There is no rival to Allah LASIK. Admittedly he shaved there is no one like Allah subhanho wa Taala the Isla Hama yaku Luna are know when Kabira Allah is Exalted way above what they blurred and utter. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say here in verse 89, look at the tomb che and it surely you will have said something grave monstrous evil in Surah Tulika of Allah subhanho wa Taala says Kabul ROTC Kelly Madden Gabor ROTC Kelly Madden Donna domine FYE him in Jaco Luna Illa Kariba monstrous indeed wicked indeed nasty indeed, is the statement that they blurred

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II or coluna Illa candybar this is nothing but a lie. This is nothing but a lie. How dare you ascribe children and partners to Allah subhanho wa Taala what Lila Delia Who are you don't even know Allah wa Claritin, NESARA lmsc Herban Allah, some were those who said that the MBR and amo Salatu was Salam ala to Billa are the children of Allah subhanaw taala. Then others used to have this belief that the mala Iike are the daughters of Allah stuff l Bannerghatta. Al bunni Malecon K for DoCoMo in Aladdin, Hola, yo Amin, owner Bill la you some more NL mela desmi

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Warm Allah whom beaming at me Runa in love one are enough vanilla your criminal history che in surah tinyjohn Allah says those who do not believe in Allah, they suggest and allege and claim that the mullah Iike the daughters of Allah, they are females. Milo whom is adequate many items they have no proof to this yet to be around 11 I assume I feel I think I thought I this is my understanding. What in the vanilla Johan email had ppreciate assumption doesn't avail

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before the truth in any way. In verse 90 Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the reaction of this evil statement. The God do some Arwa to yet torna the girl to summer water to get the football in the Minho. What unshockable or do the heavens might just split a Sunday that God got a Accardo Harvin Makara, but close to on the verge perhaps it might just happen to God, that God was somehow on the line. The skies want to just split

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the fat pariatur Fatah either sama en Fatah, Al in Fatah, the skies just want to split

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what an sharp pull out to do and the earth may just cleave open what the Federal Rules Ubaldo hada and the mountains may just crash into pieces. That's the reaction of the creation of the Almighty over this monstrance utterance of men when they ascribe partners with Allah subhanho wa taala. He is a had, he is one he is Samad everybody is in need of him and know everybody is in need of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah does not need anyone. That's not a commentary that's a translation. By the way. If you look at the word in English self sufficient or independent, it only gives us half the meaning that the person doesn't need anyone but the word Samad has two meanings. It means everybody

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needs Allah subhanho wa Taala and it also means that Allah does not need anyone Allah does not need anyone what unshackled Aldo, and the earth wants to split, what a hero in Juba, who had da and the mountains want to crash into pieces, first 91 Very short versus following year and their own little Rukmani whether the simply because they ascribe partners to Allah subhanahu wa taala so this is so evil that Allah subhanaw taala says the earth wants to collapse. But as Allah says humans because somehow it will enter Zula It is Allah that has kept the sky intact, whether insalata in sicoma mean I had him embody and when the time of the Yama comes sure

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li Allah will cause it to collapse. For for a young man even why here, then at that time the skies will be weak and feeble, because that is the time Allah will then decide to dismantle the entire creation. So Allah subhanaw taala speaks about this year. In fact, I'll end with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he says, Nobody is more kind and tolerant than Allah subhanho wa Taala you had your own Allahu Wellard some your RV him or your resume. That man has the audacity, the audacity to say that Allah has children, which is a lie, which is a fabrication, which is totally incorrect. Yet Allah subhanaw taala still sustains that creation, and each one of us can

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look into our own lives, how much we disobey Allah. Yet Allah doesn't deny us sleep. Allah doesn't deny us a Allah doesn't deny us the bounties that he has given us. The minimum gratitude we owe to Allah is not to use His bounties in his disobedience