Hajj and the Day of Judgement

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah quick reminder in sha Allah Tada. There's a hadith that we all know, probably the first Hadith that we ever learned, and one of that hadith that we teach to anyone who becomes a Muslim, and the hadith is goonyella Islam Allah comes, Islam is built on five pillars. shahada solid cm of Ramadan is a cat and hygiene bait and performing version. Now Subhanallah the shahada without it you are not a Muslim, and the solid five times a day it makes sense. To be a pillar of this deen and cm once a year makes sense to be a pillar of the deen zakat, helping the poor or you being helped yourself makes sense, but has to be a pillar of this deen and

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millions of Muslims die and they do not perform it and they are not sinful. And spirit of the deen it's a pillar of the deen How can something that millions of people die without performing it and they are not sinful? Be a pillar of the deen. So it has to be there has to be a major reason because the one who prescribed it is the Hakeem himself. And even if you perform it, it will take seven days of your life span. 60 7080 years take seven days. So how can something that takes seven days and seven days of my life is the pillar? No. So now it's a pillar of the deen

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there has to be a major reason and of course there is there are many I will mention one today and then Monday and Thursday. Inshallah number one reason one of the main reasons the importance of the Hajj is one, that it reminds us of the Day of Judgment. Allah He reminds us of the Day of Judgment and this is one of the main problems that we are facing in our Ummah, that we have forgotten something called the day of judgment in the Latinos of Dona Ana Seville Illa Lahoma there when should it be man so young woman is up. They have severe punishment because they have forgotten the Day of Judgment.

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Now look at the preparation for hush from the moment you prepare yourself your hash to hygiene you save all your Halal income, you gather your family and you're telling goodbye as if you're going colors you're dying. Even when you go to Hajj and you wear the pieces of Iran, the two pieces of Iran now you are wearing them yourself you took a shower yourself and you put those two pieces of cloth yourself there will come a day that somebody will shower you and somebody will put those two pieces on you Subhanallah just like the day that you are leaving this dunya even look at the say when we go up between Safa and Marwa running back and forth that reminds us of the day that we will

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be running from one profit to another begging them for shafa and they will all say Nipsey Nipsey until we get to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanaw taala grant us is Shabaab, the tawaf and the Crowder's of the tawaf. Now you are being very careful and protective of your wife of your mother on that day. Subhan Allah, you owe me a federal money, our children will run away from us. And you think that this is a big crowd. This is nothing compared to the day of judgment. So every factor reminds us of the Day of Judgment, and the biggest delille the biggest evidence that the Hajj comes every year to remind every Muslim about the Day of Judgment is SubhanAllah. Look at

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salted hash, salted hash, if you read it, by the way, many people go to hijack when they read what human beings have written about hedge. But they never read what the creator of has said about hedge how many people want to hedge and before they leave, they look at the hedge. There is no insurer shahada, there is no sort of solid there is no sort of CME there is no sort of zakat, but there's sort of hush and nobody reads it he sort of has before you go. So Subhanallah inserted which by the way, because we concentrate a lot on the rituals, which is good, but look in the whole sort of Hajj, you will not find minute you will not find Mustafa you will not find the alpha you will not find

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Xiomara nothing intuitive had was the first area

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A Yohannes would

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come in let us show you how the yo method owner halted the Hello consumer or the ITIN and

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what are the uncle knew that he Hamelin

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water on nurses who care or one of whom the sukkah when can when can the more he shed the Allahu Akbar Surah Al Hajj the first to Aya is about the Day of Judgment. All mankind feel have Taqwa of Allah because the the earthquake of Yeoman Kiama is Aleem when the woman cheese look at the image Allah gave us a mother feeding her baby. The most loving image ever. The most care taking place is between the mothers and her new baby. Allah said

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she will ignore

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whatever I can lose at Hamlin Humla, and the pregnant woman will drop her load. And you look at the people and you think they are drunk, but they are not drunk. But because of the other one that day, the tournament of the day is mind blowing SubhanAllah. So, every single year, it's either you're going to hedge or you know, somebody who's going to hedge for the whole community, the whole Muslim ummah will live the season of hedge. And one of the main reasons Yeah, one is to remember the day of judgment, and imagine that it will end with this, imagine that the day of judgment is constantly on my mind.

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Always on my mind, will I deal with riba? Will I skip Salawat? For no reason? Will I take off my job? Imagine that the day of judgment is always on my mind. Subhan Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala make the Akkad our main concern? May Allah subhanaw taala does not make the dunya our main concern may Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts and make us love one another only for his sake. I mean, Robert Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was like me and you me