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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being calm and serene inside to manage stress. They explain that alcohol and drugs have negative effects on one's well-being and that it is important to take advice and get advice to manage stress. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being calm and serene in order to manage stress.
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Our secret is such that we will feel tranquillity. Allah said in the Holy Quran,

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Allah the Quran Allah, he talked to my Innaloo Allah says there's only one way of getting ourselves to feel fully calm inside, you know, we want to make ourselves really, really calm inside. We want to make ourselves serene inside fully tranquil inside. And a lot of us do a lot of things to try and get that done. Right. So we will sometimes go through you know, we sometimes people go on a holiday to get that sometimes people even tend to sin, right? So sometimes people will turn to, you know, alcohol to gambling, what will that do? Alcohol will take you out of you know, your state of worry for a little while. But then once the alcohol effects have worn off, you're back to where you are,

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your problems are still staring at you and you're not you're feeling even more drained. Drugs, people tend to drugs, you go to a really high and then after that a real low after the drugs effects are finished. You feel disgusted inside, what a person will look at haram with the eyes, I'm trying to find satisfaction in that they will feel have a very self non February low esteem, you know, self esteem inside every one of these sinful pathways will lead to something where a person will feel you know, they're not they're not you know, they're not really calming themselves down. Even when a person listens to music. What does music do? Music just resonate your emotions. That's what it does.

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A person is in love you listen to a, you know, a love song. You just resonate in one part one part of your emotions with that song, you're in sadness, you listen to sad music, it just hits a chord inside you. You just relate to it, but it doesn't actually make you calm or doesn't make you serene inside. It doesn't. It doesn't no matter what type of music you're going to listen to. It won't make you Cirino calm inside. You can go and talk to people you can talk to people about your stress about your problems. Yes, sometimes we need to take advice please take the advice and get the advice Yes, but is never going to fully keep make you come. What's the thing that makes you fully come? The

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creative the human beings has said in the Holy Quran, he says in Surah Assad surah number sunnah number 13 is number 20.

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Sorry, Rod, I think zone number 28 Allah azza wa jal says Allah be the Kerala heat up minute Hello, Allah says only through the remembrance of Allah will hearts and your insight become come only through the remembrance of Allah. So look when we do the liquor of Allah we are calming ourselves down, you will seriously feel come I'm gonna ask you to do this. If you're driving alright, I'll tell you the if you're driving and you will take care of Allah will notice that you will actually drive slower you will drive slower. I'm going to kindly ask the the sister with that child please just just come down there and bring them bring them back into it. You will feel the calmness of

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Allah through your gestures you will feel the combs you drive you drive slowly. If you're if you connect your mind in Salah automatically you will be going slow in Salah guaranteed guarantee because your mind is now in the vicar of Allah dhikr of Allah makes you calm it makes you serene In fact, if you carry on doing the Dhikr of Allah gUfU calm calm throughout the day. Anyway.

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