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Episode Notes

This episode talks about Surah An-Nisaa verse no.123, fourth juzz where Allah SWT says whoever does a wrong deed/commits a sin will be compensated for it and he will not find besides ALLAH SWT a protector or helper. A story worth listening about Prophet SAW and Abubakr-as-Siddiq R.A which shows us how the companions of Prophet SAW feared Allah SWT.


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The segment discusses the prophets and their actions during the previous week's episode. The prophets mention a verse that says, everyone is going to find a punishment for a wrong deed, and that anyone refuses to commit bad deeds will be punished. The segment also discusses the importance of not being afraid of the backbreaker and the need for everyone to be reunited with the Prophet's life.

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Salaam Alaikum Welcome to line buddy cats, the brothers and sisters Welcome back to our series people have put on where every night I share with you a story of our pious predecessors and how they interacted with the poor and so tonight as we move on inshallah to Allah to our fifth Jews

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this story actually involves the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself. It's a very interesting narration and it shows you the fear of a loss of hundreds and that these companions really had the prophets why Selim he said to Abu Bakr to decode the long time he says, Yeah, abubaker

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aqui Okay, I attend on Zilla Talia, he said, you know, do you want me to share with you a verse that has been revealed to me? So I will back it all the time, who obviously said Bella Bella Salalah, of course, a messenger of Allah, what is it that's been revealed to you? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited the verse 123 of Swords denisa which the you know, which says Minneapolis Zoo and UW he, when he left home and dooney law, he will he and well, and also, you know, a loss of Hannah Montana says, Whoever does a wrong deed, whoever commits a sin will be compensated for it. And he will not find besides a law a protector or helper. So it's a very scary verse that

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essentially everyone is going to be you know, to find is going to find the punishment for the sins that they commit. When Rebecca it'll be a lot of time I know heard that. He says further in the pathway debt to Islam and fee Lottie had to get and apply to law. He said that I felt like my back broke, I felt like I was about to collapse. He said that I, you know, he said that I almost shrunk. Like, I went down, like my posture was ruined, and I felt like I was about to collapse. And I will break the law and who started to cry. And he started to say just pass Sema to LA, de Pon Sema, to pass him on to God, which means the backbreaker has come that which breaks the back has come that

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which breaks the back has come and the profit slice on him he sees a double Beckett on the law and who panicking and he says molokhia abubaker What's wrong with you? Oh, Becca, so well Beckett will the law and who says Be Abby until only our School of Law by you know, my father and mother be sacrificed for you a messenger of God? What are you now let me I'm gonna sue you know who amongst us does not commit bad deeds. Who amongst us is sinless? We're in the ubiquity zoo in America. And Allah is really going to punish us and compensate us for each and every single sin that we've committed. So to sort of la sala lahardee was

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an anti abeka and what else have you known as for you Oh Beckett and your your companions, the believers for in the comfort zone of either deca for dunya hat telco la la Santa come denote what Amala Haruna for huge Metro daddy callaham hot u del v Omen Kiana. He said that as for you I will back it in the believers, he said that you would face the the punishment or you would face the compensation for those sins in this world in this dunya until you meet a loss of Hannah once Allah completely free of sins. And he says as for the others, the wicked they would you know, all of those sins and those bad deeds would be committed until would be collected until they meet Allah subhanho

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wa Taala with all of their sins, to be repaid. And you know, to be to be punished for on the Day of Judgment. So the prophets lie Selim is telling I will record on the line has something very powerful and this is a concept in our faith. It's very important to note that a soul loss is seldom said that Allah Subhana hearts Allah will try the believer in his health and his wealth and in everything that he has, until he completely purifies him from sin, so that he meets a loss of Hannah Montana, with nothing on his record, every sickness, every anxiety, everything will come to you. And it will be a means of purification, a source of purification for you. So use that to bring you closer to a loss

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of Hannah Montana, embrace the hardships and the trials Allah sends your way. So that hopefully, you know you face the consequences of that in this world and not in the hereafter. But this shows you the fear of a lot. I mean, we look at a person like Rebecca on the line who and again, you know, if there was anyone that didn't have to worry about that, outside of the prophets of Allah, it would be the best man to ever walk the face of the earth that's not a prophet, but even have a record of the longtime man who was afraid and he used to say every time he heard that I call Siemens that the backbreaker has come the backbreaker has come we asked a loss of Hannah what's added that he not

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burden us with with with that which we cannot handle in this world. We ask Allah Subhana what's out of that he allows us to meet him completely purified of sin and that Allah grants us the best of this world and the next and that we're able to meet him with a good record and enter by His mercy and be reunited with the Prophet's life.

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A llama amin does often low height on See you all next time on our series people have bought an was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.