Why Did The Prophet (PBUH) Accept Unfair Terms

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During the time of the Prophet (PBUH), the Muslims were denied entry into Makkah preventing them from performing Umrah unless they signed a treaty. There were several unfair terms in this treaty, yet the Prophet (PBUH) signed despite that. Why did the Prophet do so? Shaykh Hasib Noor sheds light on this issue.

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The speaker discusses the prophets and their actions during the time of Islam's spread, including signing a treaty known as the Treaty of Pavia, which allowed the spread of Islam through alliances and trade. The speaker also mentions the prophets' promise of a law, which allowed people to spread Islam through alliances, and the actions of the Prophets, including their ability to spread Islam through alliances and trade.

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Why did the Prophet sly send him except Unfair Terms when signing the Treaty of Abia?

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When the prophet SAW I said I went to perform a lot to Mecca he was stopped from performing on the law, and he had to sign this treaty known as the Treaty of Pavia. It had such unjust terms, one sided to the polish the pagans of Mecca, that the prophets I send return, and many of the companions felt sad until a loss of 100 revealed to them the reasons for why this was considered such a great victory and why the prophets I seldom assigned it. Number one, first and foremost, the prophets lesson believed in the promise of a law and he relied on him not only that Islam would spread, but that a lot of times I promised them pilgrimage. The second that it's legitimize the sovereignty of

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the Muslim nation for the first time now, it allowed peace to spread and between the quota sheet and Mecca, as well as the people in Medina and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So there would be an armistice and assigning of peace accord. And thirdly, the prophets of Allah said And because of this, he was allowed to freely have alliances and trade which allowed to naturally spread Islam by teaching it to people who came to Medina, as well as those whom the Muslims met in their journeys to Syria and Palestine. So because of these things, the prophesize I'm understood that the greater good was in signing a treaty of peace, rather than accepting injustice and continuing the oppression by

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fighting them head on. Rather, the message of Islam would be spread by having that form of allowing it to spread naturally through these alliances and allowing Medina to spread as a sovereign state.