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Maryam 41-65 Word Analysis and Tafsir 59-65

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However, what happened after the prophets of Allah for haulover then he came after Khalifa from the reflectors called Lanza. He succeeded he followed he came after me embarrassing him after them after who, after these profits came 100 phone success successors have is used for successors, those people who succeed others, those people who come after them from the same note is the word halifa, who is for the

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one who succeeds

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one who comes after one who takes the position after the previous halifa has gone

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so called his successors, but remember that the word hold for the so called on the land is used for evil successors, unworthy successors. And hello with the first half are who good successors

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honnef with the Fatah are those who have really taken the mission forward

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who have internalized what has been given to them

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and they take it forward, they pass it on to others, but wholly unworthy successors that they have inherited, but it has not affected them. They have taken it but they have not passed it on.

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Time for example, you may have seen that a person who has a huge business he has a lot of money, when he dies, his son takes over.

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Now, the son he is not as good as his father used to be where his father put in so much effort to make that business here is his son who is destroying all that business.

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Similar to you may have heard of a person who has a business when he dies, his son inherits the business but he makes it grow even more. Right So on the one hand, you have a successor who is evil who is unworthy and on the other hand you have successor who is worthy,

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so highly visible, unworthy evil successors from the same route self and self self with a sukoon on the lam

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our predecessors who are evil

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Okay, and sell off with the fat how Underland are who predecessors were righteous? Okay, so for hollow from embodying holophone. They were the descendants of the righteous but they were different. They did not have the same Eman. They did not acquire the same knowledge, they did not develop the same Eman. They did not dedicate themselves as their as their forefathers were dedicated.

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Think about it. If a person is a scientist, if a person is, you know, a doctor,

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can he write in his will that when I die? My son should be given my title of a doctor.

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Can he make this will? Even if he makes it? Would it make any difference? Will it make any effect? No. Because the person can only become a doctor when he has acquired that type himself.

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It's my effort. It's by study.

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It's not just that your parents were doctors so therefore you also become Doctor No, for her law firm embarking in California. Yes, their predecessors were righteous but they were not righteous. Why? Because they did not put in effort themselves. So just because their ancestors were righteous does not mean they were righteous as well. So what did they do? Alvaro salata, they wasted the prayer, they neglected the solar. This is the first sign of the downfall of a person's email that he begins to neglect the Salah. He does not give importance to Salah

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adara salata, what does it mean by

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br of sada.

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Leah is when something is wasted when something is perished when something is ruined. It's not taken care of. It's allowed to be lost. It's allowed to be perished and ruined.

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This is what the RS

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so what does it mean by aldara? silica they wasted the solder. This has been understood in a number of ways that first of all, they wasted the seller by completely abandoning its performance. olaru meaning tarraco they left it

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they didn't pray.

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Think about it. For so many people who are righteous but their children they don't pray

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are solid.

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Secondly, we see that olara was also understood as that they wasted it how by delaying it

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because when the Salah is delayed from its proper time when it's not performed at the right time, it's as good as being wasted

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Because remember that every bada every act of worship, we have been instructed with regards to its time with regards to its quantity. We have been instructed with regards to various aspects of it. For example, the facets of Ramadan you can only keep in Ramadan, you cannot say that I will do Ramadan in Sha one. No, you can't do that. Right. Similarly had you can only go into hygiene you can't say I'll go in Ramadan, you can't do that. Similarly, Salah, you have to praise over as overtime you cannot say the Alfredo Sha time because unfortunately, many times because of level reasons, what do people do? They say, I have an appointment right now. Therefore, I will pray Muslim

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later. I will pray my assert later.

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I will pray early. No, this is not correct. We are only allowed to

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join the Salah in times of what when we're traveling.

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Or for example, a person is ill he was unconscious, right? He was unable to pray. Similarly, that you know some genuine reason, some reason for which there is permission in the *tier

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genuine reason is not that I have to go to the mall. And you know there isn't really enough time. Therefore I'm going to pray my son when I come home at the time of mockery, this is not permissible.

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So adaro is delaying it from its proper time because that waste is

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in throw tomorrow. And if 47 we learn for way too little muscle in war to those people who pray.

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Imagine war to those people who pray

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who alladhina whom Ancelotti himself who those people who are heedless of their prayers,

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heedless and he This is understood as that they neglect the proper time of performing the center.

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They don't care if they're praying budget at the right time. They just pray whatever they get up. Nope, this is not correct. olara salata. 30. Eldar was also understood as a subtle meaning not fulfilling the conditions, not fulfilling the pillars. not fulfilling the proper rules, the sooner the adab of Salah falling short in performing the celeb properly.

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So what is the show that they are praying but it is as though they are not praying? Because their Salah does not become any benefit? It's just a physical exercise. That's it.

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They're praying. They have no idea what they're saying. No idea what they're saying.

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They may have some idea but their heart is not involved at all. There's no issue there's no fear, there's no humidity, there is no hope nothing.

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It's just a physical exercise. That's about it.

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This is something very dangerous. Allah subhanaw taala says a Barceloneta

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for Hello from embodying holophone, there came a generation who neglected the solar who wasted the solar did not give a talk, did not have any who sure did not pay any attention to solid did not give any importance to it.

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And what's the reason behind that? When does a person do that? Whatever OSHA word when they follow the desires, when they pursue the desires when their aim becomes fulfilling their desires. Think about it when a soldier neglected when his Salah delayed, when a person wants to fulfill his desire of sleeping. Right? I want to sleep five more minutes. 10 more minutes, just half an hour more. And then I will get up and pray. Think about it. Whether you get up and pray at five o'clock or at 530

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you have to put in the same effort, isn't it so you have to get up? Correct. If you pray at five o'clock, you'll be praying on time if you pray at 530 for instance, if sunrises at 540 then you're wasting yourself How will you be able to have any concentration?

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How will you be able to pray for that on time it will not be possible.

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And if you think about it, the effort is the same and getting up.

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But one physical movement makes it smaller and other physical movement does not make it center wasted that entire effort is wasted. Whatever OSHA what what's the reason behind that following the desires similarity we see that sometimes following desires such as let me go to the mall. Let me go here. Let me see what's happening over there. unimportant things, unnecessary things. And even if they may seem very important, they're only desires of dystonia. And for that son has been compromised.

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What does the law say for sell fail Kona.

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Soon, they're going to meet deviation they're going to meet err, they're going to meet punishment.

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They're called

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Consequences even though they're the children of righteous ones, because many times people say my parents are very righteous. Yes, my mother she wears a hijab. My father goes to the masjid. My parents are very charitable people depend on the good deeds of their parents. However, we see that when it comes to the dean, the righteousness of the parents cannot benefit a child.

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The child has to become righteous himself, he has to put in effort himself. So a person who neglects the salah and follows the desires. What is this consequence for so far? you encounter a year late from the reflectors lane while Yeah, what is this deviation?

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So such people they are in error, they're misguided. What is it show that a person who neglects Allah and pursues desires? He is clearly in error. There is no doubt about that.

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Because many times, even people who are very involved in the deen very dedicated to the deen they will neglect the Salah.

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Think about it.

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Just as many times we think that you know we're studying the Quran we're so righteous. We're so good. We're serving the deen. But how many times is Salah compromised? Or? How many times is it neglected?

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This is not correct. Because if a person is not paying attention to his seller, what is almost a for sale by owner Yeah, they're an error.

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No matter how many apparently righteous deeds they may be performing.

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In reality, they are in error.

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Secondly, he is also understood as particular Valley in hellfire. It's an Islam Allah, proper name of Allah and Hellfire, which it has said that it is extremely deep, and it's very foul smelling. So for so for Al Conaway. Yet this is what their consequence is going to be. For who? Those whose parents were righteous.

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Those whose ancestors their predecessors were righteous, but they themselves were unworthy.

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They were just proud of the fact that yes, my parents are so righteous, but they didn't do anything themselves. It lamentable except for the one who repented

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because every person it's possible that he can make mistakes, but the door of repentance is open mantova the one who repents what am an end he also believes notice the man has mentioned think about it in the previous if hasn't been said that they used to do covert they used to shake what has been mentioned. What was your fault?

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About salata, whatever Shahada. Does that make a person cafe that a man has mentioned what Amina? Some scholars say that when a person leaves salad deliberately

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because you are one of the meanings of Eldar? Oh is that when a person abandons a salad leaves the salad does not pray

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that it is equal to coffee.

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Because we learn that once there was a person who was not praying with the rest of the believers, to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him unless the Muslim Are you not a Muslim?

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What happened? How come you're not praying? Are you not a Muslim? So what does it show that when a person deliberately leaves the Salah, it is as good as cowfish.

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And a person needs to Toba from that. And he needs to revive, renew his email. And he needs to make up for what he did in the past with what our army lasallian and he did righteous deeds

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for Allah. So those people yet aluna janetta they will enter gender while I use the Mona Shay. And they will not be wronged at all. They will not be wronged in the least nothing of their good deeds will be reduced they will be given their award in full and what is that reward? jannetty are the guardians of eternity? Unless you are the man or Eva who which the Most Merciful has promised His servants believing in the unseen

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What does it mean by this? What are the Roman rebels who believe

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He has promised it while it is in the unseen from them. They have not seen it but he has promised

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what are the men are better who believe they have not seen it but still the most merciful has promises you know to them in who can and what are the who indeed his promises ever met the one that is coming. It will be brought to you from the roof letters, hands that are yet to come. The one that is made to come.

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One that is brought one that arrives. So his promises

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Definitely arriving, it is definitely coming. It will definitely be fulfilled.

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We learn in sort of the room number six, Allah subhanaw. taala says, what are the law he lay up for law who are the Who? It's the promise of Allah and Allah does not go against his promise, we learned in sort of ours i a 31. In the law, now you fool me, he does not go against his promise.

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And this gentleman, this reward that he has promised them in the unseen that they have not seen yet of us, as lawyers, Murphy, her loved one, they will not hear in it any law,

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any ill speech, in general, they will not hear any ill speech, what is love? Love is basically, it's derived from the word level, and the higher is the chirping of the birds.

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So what is it?

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noise? Think about it. When birds are chirping constantly as it's very beautiful. But when they're dripping continuously and very loudly non stop, then it gets annoying, isn't it? And it's just noise, isn't it, it becomes like noise. So love is used for noise. It's used for useless conversations, useless conversations that do not bring any benefit to a person that are purposeless, that have no output that do not bring any benefit. It's just nonsense speech. It's like noise, isn't it trying to do your work and people are talking about what they ate and where they went and how somebody was smiling and how somebody was talking. And I can please be quiet so that I can study.

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Right? So sometimes the conversations are important. And other times they're unnecessary.

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They're unproductive, they don't bring any benefit. Right? So love is useless, baseless, nonsense, speech conversations.

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They will not hear any love, any noise over there, no noise in general, no noise pollution.

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No disturbing sound. And now is also used for first speech, such speech which is negative, in which perhaps there is liba there's gossip, or there's backbiting there is, you know, mocking at others making fun of others,

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words that are foul words that are not that pleasant, that may be disturbing such conversations that make a person unhappy when you listen to them. So nyas merona Fi love when they will not hear any love in general.

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Why? Because people who speak louder will not be in general.

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What does it show to us, that if we want to go to gender, then we have to remove level from our speech.

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We have to stop talking about useless things. We have to stop using bad words.

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We have to become kind and good in our speech.

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Last merona v her loved one in last element except for peace. This is all that they will hear in gentle peaceful words good words kind words.

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And Salaam also means that peace greetings from Allah greeting from the angels greeting from one another.

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And it also means good speech, comfortable speech. That speech that is going to be pleasing such sounds that are going to be comforting

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while the homeless go home, and for them will be their provision fee her in it meaning engine bukata noir Ashiya in mourning and also in evening meaning at all times. They will have their risk whenever they want.

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You know sometimes if you go stay at a hotel, they're only fixed times for buffets.

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And if in the middle, you're hungry, you have to go out somewhere or you have to order special food for which you have to pay so much money. Right? Well we see over here that the food of the people have gender, their risk will be bookcloth and Russia morning and evening meaning all the time whenever they want they will never go hungry

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Delica agenda that is gender and Latino, the seminary bernadina which we make our servants inherit,

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but with servants will inherit gender. men cannot be the one who is fearful of Allah.

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The one who is the key, who is the

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person who has the core. So the key will get gentlemen who is

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a person who tries to save himself from the displeasure of Allah.

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Allah loss paralysis, full and full circle leikam Now Save yourselves and your families from fire. So a person who is stalking who is striving to save himself

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Who is striving to save his family, his children, his spouse, his parents, that is the person who will get this reward.

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We learned through that our life I have 43 what to do until Komal. Jenna to remove her Wmr content, I'm alone. And they will be called this paradise which you have been made to inherit, for what you used to do.

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This agenda, which you have. Why? Because you have Taqwa you feared Allah subhanaw taala.

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So what's the main theme of these is what's the main lesson we get?

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If you look at it from the beginning of the sutra, up until now, what's the big lesson that we get?

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Okay, we should become more regular in our prayers. Hold on to your email.

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Yes, practically implementing the belief

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that in the way of Allah, the person will definitely face a lot of hardships, but he has to remain firm. He has to remain steadfast, hoping for relief, hoping for help and hoping for a better substitute.

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Yes, whatever you learn, share it with others.

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If you give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it with better.

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Okay, having conviction that Allah will be there for you. What else do we learn? One more very important lesson that we see in all of these incidents that are mentioned.

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Taking our families along with us.

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This is the main lesson

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because you see, close relationships haven't mentioned over here. Son, father, brother, right grandson, these relations haven't mentioned over here.

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And this is very important. Because when a person takes his family along, that shows his determination,

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when a person wants to take his family along, then he will have to face a lot of hardship, a lot of opposition, but he has to stay firm upon the truth.

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He must not give up.

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And if he ever suffer something, he should be certain that Allah will give a better substitute.

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Allah has something better in store.

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Women attend as Alou. And we do not descend.

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Ellerbee me Arabic except by the order of your Lord

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who the angels, meaning the angels only descend upon the prophets. When Allah commands them to do so.

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They do not come by their own will.

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lahoma Bina Athina To Him belongs that which is before us, when our whole funner and that which is behind us, warmer Vayner there Lika and that which is between that, what does it mean by that which is between what is before and what is behind us? Meaning the present state

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where we are now the present time, because before can also be understood as future and behind can be understood as best and that which is between future and past is the present time. So the Huma bainer Idina woman, alpha Now, why am I being a Delica woman cannot book on a CEO and your Lord is never forgetful.

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It is reported and so he Buhari, that even our vessel that are in who said, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once said to Angel jabril that may America and the zorana axotomy Mehta zorana. What prevents you from visiting us more than you do? So? Why would the Prophet sallallahu Sallam want gibreel to go visit him more often? To bring more revelation

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to bring more instruction to bring more guidance from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So he would eagerly wait for God to come. And this was especially in the modern era, especially at the beginning. Why? Because they were he would not come that regularly as it came later on in the modern year. So this was especially in the modern era. And we learned earlier that once the machine they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking him certain questions, do check his truthfulness whether or not he was really a messenger of Allah. So they asked him several questions. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told them that I will let you know tomorrow. But what happened there where he did not come for the next 15 days. So when finally, Angel Wu came, it is said that the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, or it's possible that he asked at another occasion. So what's the response that Allah subhanaw taala gives in the Quran, that woman at Ana Zoo and we refers to the angels and that an SLO is from a zoo, which is to descend over a long period of time.

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To send again and again, over a long period of time, you come down once, then you come down again then you come down again, repeatedly over a span of time, time after time.

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So the angel did not come down, bringing revelation bringing instruction to the prophets of Allah, such as early we read, that they came to Korea etc. Then similarly the angel came to Maryam as well. So the angels do not come in labby amblyopic except by the command of your Lord, meaning what Allah instructs them, it is only then that the angels can go to the messenger, otherwise the angels cannot go. And the armor of Allah the command of Allah is always based on what on his wisdom. So if the revelation does not come for some time, there is some wisdom behind that

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lahoma been at a dinner when our whole for now, warm Urbina dyadic, meaning all of our affairs, all of the affairs of all of the angels are known to who Allah subhanaw taala meaning he has full control and authority over them.

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Because remember, that the angels they do not have freedom of will or choice, right. Whereas the human beings they have this free choice, this freewill that they can do whatever they wish to. Obviously, they have some limited abilities. However, human beings have this freewill because of which they can do whatever they want to, but the angels, everything that they do is at the command of a loss.

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So all of the affairs of the angels are within whose control within the controller and

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so an angel by himself cannot wish Okay, let me go and deliver this message to the messenger. No. What am I cannot book anastasiya and your Lord is not at all forgetful Nessie is who one who forgets. This is simply Felicia as well. All of these nouns that we have been reading in the sutra at the end of the ayah most of them are super Misha. So Nessie is one who forgets one who is very forgetful. So your Lord is not at all forgetful, meaning, if he does not send revelation to you for some time, it's not that he has forgotten you.

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There is some reason behind that.

00:27:22--> 00:27:32

There is some wisdom behind that. And who is your Lord, but somehow it will up the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Well, ma baina Homer and that which is between the two,

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he owns the heavens and he owns the earth. And whatever is between the two, whatever is in the two as well. For a Buddha who so worship Him, meaning worship only him worship only Allah soprano Dinah to the exclusion of all other beings and things and not just worship him. But what's the big Leary bad that he but rather have patience over his worship? is forbidden from the reflectors sadara sobor is patience and is tabara. Yes, Babu Isabel, is to try to have patience, do make oneself have patience,

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to force oneself to be patient.

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And remember that sovereign is to control oneself,

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to bind oneself to tie oneself. So establish, bind yourself, even if it goes against your desires.

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Hold on remain steadfast in your over what you're a bear that he over worshipping Allah Hunter.

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In other words, when it comes to the worship of Allah, a person does not have to see Okay, do I feel like it? Or do I not feel like it? If I wish to do it fine, I will pray.

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If I wish to read then I will read. No, a person is not going to follow his desires when it comes to the worship of Allah. You cannot go by what you feel like doing. You have to go by the principles. When it's time to pray, you have to get up and pray whether you want to or not, is stability by that he forced yourself keep yourself steadfast in your over there, you better have almost died.

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And this also gives a sense of that constantly engage yourself in the worship of Allah. What do we learn that fair enough all of the funds of what a lot bigger for that when you have become three of one thing, then get busy. Again, stand up in prayer. What a lot bigger follow up and to your Lord director longing. So a believer never turns away from the worship of Allah in his life. He never thinks that I've done enough. And because I've performed this task, that's it. I don't need to do anything more. No, was a bit leery about it. And keep in mind that your Lord does not forget. So

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Your Lord is watching you was severely bad that he

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held our level. Do you know Lahu? For him semiya Any similarity? Anyone who has the same name? No, there is no one who is like Allah. Therefore, he is the only one who deserves worship. The way that you must dedicate yourself to Him is not like the way you dedicate yourself to others.

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When there is no one like him, then worship and dedication should be exclusively for him as well. The word semi we have done this word earlier as well. What does that make me? One who has the same name as yours? So Sammy is namesake?

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Is there anyone who has the same name as Allah subhanaw taala?

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Is there anyone? No.

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Is there anyone who has the same attributes as Allah, no, same quality, same power, same abilities, same characteristics, not at all, he is unique.

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And also semi is used for one who is similar to the other.

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One was similar to the other he is his shabby. So do you know anyone who is similar to Allah in any way? No, he has no partner he has no co equal. So when there is no one like him, so worship Him alone dedicatedly.

00:31:26--> 00:32:13

So what do we see in this ayah that worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is a full time thing. It is not based on when your Eman is high. And when your mind is down? No was forbidden very badly. Because you see, definitely when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would receive new revelation, that would be a cause of increase in his logging increase in his email. So many times we wait for learning about new things. Or we want another Eman boost, and then only we increase in arriba. But what do we see over here? What's the theory behind it? Regardless of what situation you're in, regardless of how you're feeling, you have to remain steadfast under the bed of Allah.

00:32:14--> 00:32:22

So whether where he comes or not, whether where he comes now or it comes later, you still have to visit yourself in the worship of Allah.

00:32:24--> 00:32:56

Because your Lord, He is not gonna see he's still there. He is still watching you. He still deserves your worship. And since there is no one who is like him, therefore you must dedicate yourself entirely to him. We learned so little to her, to her will lately It is such a man with dark or buka pomoc Allah your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has he detested you. So if the revelation has not come for some time, it doesn't mean that Allah has forgotten you. It doesn't mean that you stop worshiping Allah. No, you have to do it anyway.

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the worker,

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bee worker

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una una

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boom, boom.

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to one.

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is a bit leery about that he force yourself means that first strive to be better strive to increase. And don't just think that Oh, today I'm feeling very down and today I'm very distracted. Therefore if I don't have closure, nevermind, no is familiar evaluate the force yourself to have it make it the very best, because this is the purpose of your life

00:37:01--> 00:37:32

is COVID more letters and means more effort. So you have to put more effort in doing the subject. And you see, the thing is that a person who tries to have Subhan Allah gives him something, isn't it? A person who tries to be patient, a person who tries to be steadfast, then Allah will give him the stability. Allah will grant him the steadfastness. But the fact is that you have to try for example, if you're standing in prayer and you think oh, who should come naturally

00:37:33--> 00:37:55

and I'm just still waiting for that time when I will have more concentration in my sadhana. Maybe when I reach up high up there then I will get crucial insula but the fact is that you have to put an effort you have to strive and when you will try when you will put an effort when you will focus when you will repeat when you will say with consciousness, then you will see the horseshoe.

00:37:57--> 00:38:46

Exactly, that we see the health Arambula who semiya there might be many people who believe in being zoo, okay, who provide who give life who give that similar qualities like that which Allah subhanaw taala has. However, Allah is the only one who has all of these qualities, all of these qualities. So it's possible that somebody claims or another being is the one who provides but at the same time does he give like, does he have power over debt? Does he have full knowledge of everything? No. Is he Whitehead? No. Is he ahead? No, only a las panatela is like that. And when he's the only one the only one that he deserves Riba as well. All the time from you. Therefore Islamic Gary by dt

00:38:47--> 00:38:55

soprano Kala whom will be home deca, Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta Mr. Federica one Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh