Let Your Water Flow To Your Neighbor

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The Prophet's agenda was guaranteed and was something that everyone wanted to know, but was not specific to the whole life of the people. The agenda was important to the lives of the people, and Allah's rewarded actions were recognized. The conversation is difficult to follow and is difficult to summarize.

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Brothers and sisters, as we look to the situation that is around us right now. And we see the breakdown of our norms, our infrastructure that we're so used to. And obviously, there's a lot of frustration to be had about government break down about the corruption and fraud that exists within some of the private companies and just this entire web of corruption that leads to people suffering in the way that it does. And then there is, of course, looking at the inspiring stories of people coming together. And as we are reduced to these very basic means of hours, getting back to certain basics and how we interact with one another. And so if you think back, you know, many of you lived

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in the days where it was not uncommon to go to your neighbor's house to ask for something to ask for something as simple as sugar and salt. And obviously, we've moved away from that in our lifestyles today, because now you can amazon prime things. Now you can, you know, order something from from your grocery store and let it be delivered to your door. Now everyone is independent or so we thought, because of the means that we now have at our disposal. And then what did we see happen this week, neighborhood groups form, people say I'm going to a grocery store, can I get you something, people checking up on one another neighborhood groups coming together, and it was really beautiful

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and inspiring to see. And that is how we're meant to be as people. And we also see this scene of devastation, where while some are recovering, and getting back to normal to some semblance of normalcy right now, we've got our power back, you know, less than 48 hours ago, most of us have water in this area, at least, we can get complacent once again. And at the same time, you have people that do not have access to water or power for days now, almost going on an entire week with no access to Potter to water or power, right around the corner, some of them from refugee camps. And they never thought that they would see this type of devastation again in their lives, especially not

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in the United States of America, the richest country in the world. And here they are swarming trucks looking for water bottles, putting snow in their bathrooms, hoping that it will melt so that they can use the water wrapping themselves up in freezing temperatures. Some of them have not seen these types of temperatures, even in the places that they flip. And we have an opportunity, obviously, to come together and to think more deeply about some of the basic ahadeeth that perhaps we might neglect, because it seems distant from us. And I wanted to speak specifically about water, about clean water. And some of the things that we learned from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, about the

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blessing of sharing clean water. And I know that this often comes up when you're building a well in a distant place. But I want you to think about the simplicity of providing water to your neighbor handing a water bottle to someone when they need it the way that they do right now. And what you find with water is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned something about it in regards to every single one of our societal interactions, but the reward is unlimited. And let me go through one by one. When it comes to the public space, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prohibited the private the privatization actually of water in his society the water was you know,

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built in wells and people were to provide water to as many people as they could people had a right a collective right a public right to water. You go to a person that is in your house the prohibition on preventing a guest of yours from water. Your guests can make requests of you sometimes that might be unreasonable. And obviously, men can you crema lifer, who one of the signs of the goodness of tough one a person is that you honor your guests, but you're not allowed to prohibit your guests from water they asked for water you give them water, when it comes to your neighbors, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told as obeyed while the allowance on anhu and this is perhaps very

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applicable to us right now. When you irrigate your garden, then make sure that you let the water flow so that it can support your neighbors as well. And the first is the first story that is revealed in the Quran about a people was a people who used to hoard in their garden in Belo Nahum, Kenya, Bellona us habit genetti in oxen, oxen, Malaya, snow layers, lesson one, the Hamas vein, a lot tells us about the people of the garden, who inherited a garden from their father who was a generous man. And the children did not inherit the generosity Unfortunately, they turned the generosity into greed. And they said, Let's go out and let's take everything that we read from

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The gardens early on so that the people can come and get anything from it later on today. And what happened as a result of that Allah subhanaw taala took away the whole garden from them, Allah subhanaw taala destroyed the garden, they did not realize that it was the generosity of their father, that put blessing in the garden that allowed it to grow and grow and grow and grow. So the first story of the people in the Quran is the people who used to hoard and we see now the importance of us thinking beyond ourselves thinking beyond our neighborhoods, if you were driving, you know, somehow a few days ago, it was a stunning sight lights on the other side, complete darkness on this

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side. And you see the disparity, especially when you go to the low income areas not to hoard and especially not to hoard water. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells us about it in a much greater way. And this is what I want you to think about and panela we often minimize, how beautiful the reward of Allah subhana wa tada is for a small action, because we can't perceive How blessed and meaningful that action is. When it comes to a knot when it comes to water as a form of sebata process Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would mention the rewards of doing certain actions. But when he talked about water, he only talked about gender. There's absolutely no limitation he talked

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about paradise. And I want to give you two stories that are as far apart from each other, or so it seems as possible or it's normal the whole time, who responded to the call of the Prophet salaallah horning was sent him when he said whoever purchases the wealth of rumor has agenda has paradise guaranteed. There was a while in Paradise, there was a while in Medina, that was so important to the lives of the people. And the owner of that well, who was not Muslim was taking advantage of the situation with the new Muslim migrants to Medina, and raising the price. So the prophets I said, Whoever purchases that well has done a phenomenal the law and who said I've got it, even though he

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himself had made the migration was an invulnerable situation. He worked out a plan to purchase the entire well, and to make it free for everyone to be able to provide water for everyone in the profits license that level regenda What's the connection between the earth model the load side angle in this situation, and another story of that woman who lived the life of sin, but she entered gender With what?

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putting water in her shoe for a thirsty dog.

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She enters Paradise by that action and there is normally a lot of time who is guaranteed paradise for his action. What is the connection between the two the scholar has mentioned this idea of the provision of water embedded in a powerful Hadith from jaboticaba Abdullah Abdullah the alongside with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam set them in half of our mat whoever provides water whoever constructs a well, LEM yes Rob Minho. Nothing will drink from it that has a liver that is a living being mean insane what I didn't and what I thought you know, from human beings and jinn and even birds and wild bees in general La Jolla, Tiana except that Allah will reward them on the Day of

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Judgment, woman vanilla, he must be the chemist has a path often done a low level beta and for gender. And whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada the size of a bird's nest are smaller Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will build them a house in paradise. Just like there's proportionality with the house in paradise for the house of Allah that you build in this life, meaning, it's not that this is only for a person that can purchase a whole message that they get that reward coming up, even if it's the size of a bird's nest, meaning even if that's your share in it, that's your agenda. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying the same when it comes to

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water, that you provide a little bit of water for people that need it. And they drink from it, even non human beings, and Allah subhanaw taala will certainly give you the reward. And that gives us a connection to that story beyond Toba, by the way beyond repentance. You see the Prophet sites that I mentioned that I saw a person strolling in Paradise, because they remove something harmful from the from the road. There's a connection to that Hadeeth to the lowest branch of faith, email total other and a cleric, the prophet sighs I'm said the lowest branch of faith is that you remove something harmful from the road so we have a connection to that story. We have a connection to this story as

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well, obviously of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and gratitude, but the blessing of just making sure that people have access to clean water and the prophets of Allah

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It was sent him said the best charity on behalf of someone that passes away is flowing water is a well that you do on their behalf and the profit slice I'm taught us that the most long for reward is a sip of water from his hand sell a lot. Why didn't you sell them on the day of judgment? in gardens under wheat under which rivers flow? May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us that station May Allah subhanaw taala allow us that rank allotment, I mean, their brothers and sisters, whatever you can do in these next few days to provide for people, again, carry water bottles with you if you have them, pass them out. If someone's coming to do work on your house, ask them if they have water. If you see

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anyone do you have water, pass it out. And obviously, this does connect us to everyone around the world that does not have access to clean water that now we might have a connection to in the sense that we felt a little bit of what that feels like. And then Chatelet there'll be more meaningful when someone says What about clean water in places like Yemen, or places like Somalia, you'll immediately respond and Chatelet to it because there's an experience now that you'll be able to recall there is a brother and all ends panel I have to share this a brother who

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just is so beautiful. So Pamela the way that when you asked him May Allah bless him, and he wants to remain anonymous. We asked him for some water bottles and you know if you go to the stores right now and they were holding their their cases to only a certain limits, and we asked for water bottles to pass to the refugees. What did he do fills up everything he has everything he has 1000s of cases of water says take it all and deliver it to those people. The spirit that we have to have is that spirit of being flowing in our generosity, and especially when it comes to the bare basics that maybe we don't pay enough attention to but those bare basics might be what get us into Jenga and so

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whether it is filling a shoe with water, or building an entire wealth of water, may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be amongst those that share from what he has given to us that are grateful at all times, with our hearts with our tongues with our deeds. May Allah make it easy for our brothers and sisters around us and around the world that do not have access to clean water right now. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of them may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be in service to them love them I mean a full equality. Other stuff a lot of electricity started missing info stuff, throw in a hole or for Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim Allah Allah

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