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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The removal of graduates from the upcoming weekend is historically important for removing distraction from one's hearts and healing practices. Forgiveness and remorse are important for individuals who have had negative experiences and past struggles. forgiveness and remorse are also important for individuals who have had negative experiences and past struggles. The importance of forgiveness and remorse is emphasized in light of the loss of loved ones, hosting a webinar and sharing links.
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The last lots of so much to know. And he will still be here, woman one up. So we are officially now in shutdown. I don't know if all of you got a chance to attend the webinar last night, but it's on our YouTube channel. Now you can watch the entire thing there. And I spoke about Chabad. Everything about the history of sharp and the subculture about jurisprudence, how to observe it,

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the 15th night and and the significance of the 15th night. And there's one point that I wanted to elaborate on a little bit tonight. And that is the idea of the removal of graduates. This is a really important point to not just talk about which I've done, but to talk about in general on how we're reflecting on life and mortality and everything that's happening around us right now.

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The last panel tada has chosen this month to be the month in which he purifies our records, gets our hearts ready gets it gets it gets us ready for the month of Ramadan. And part of that is the Hadith where the Prophet slicin said that Eliza looks out at the creation on the 15th night of Chandon and last panel to Allah forgives everyone, but there are some conditions and one of those conditions is that they don't hold hatred in their hearts. And we know the Hadith of the Prophet slice Allah about that man that was a man from the people of Jamaica not because He fasted extra not because he prayed extra, but because he slept every single night, with a clean heart. One of the most healing

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practices that you find from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice on is this idea of going to sleep at night and removing all graduates from your hearts, forgiving people. And if you can't find reasons, forgive them for them, then forgiving them for yourself, allowing them to be a chance for for us to,

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to not be to not be barricaded from a loss of habitat and but allowing the chance to forgive them, allowing us the chance to forgive them so that we can find that peace within ourselves and find that reward with the loss of Hannah Montana. The famous story that we reflected on with electricity for the love of Santa Ana was some time ago, we actually asked for her to Hibernia for the Lola con,

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let them forgive and pardon, don't you want Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you as well Don't you want the last part in you as well. And that was with the man who had slandered his daughter and Allah subhanaw taala telling us that the holiday a lot of time and that it's not about him, it's about you and what you want from a loss of Hannah Montana. And so opening your hearts by removing the distraction of all else so that your heart can properly love Allah subhanho wa Taala so that you can properly heal so that you can stay focused and not be distracted by those grudges. not be distracted by that hatred, not be obsessed. You know, I get this question sometimes Is it okay to

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make you're up against someone and doubt and mother on the profit side? So I'm certain the supplication of the oppressed has no barrier between it and the loss of hundreds. So the answer is yes, if you've been wronged, you can make that against the person that's wronged you. And no one can remove that from them alone, tell the one that's oppressed don't make up against the one that's wrong, too. But one thing that I do say is don't waste all of your time against the one that wronged you or else you're wronging yourself by not spending your supplication properly.

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This is a chance to get close to a lot, you have a lot to talk to Allah subhanaw taala about, you have a lot to remove from your own record, you have a lot to aim for, you have a lot to strive for. So taking the time out to say you know what, if I can't find any reason to move on from this, from that person side, I'm going to move on or from it for myself, and so that I can seek that elevation with my Lord, that elevation of status, that peace of mind, that purity of heart, so I can focus on doing what's important, and I can focus on making the strides necessary for my own betterment and for my own for my own hereafter, especially with the Coronavirus and the you know, this pandemic

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going around.

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You have to think about how quickly things are unfolding right now. And death is always imminent. Whether there's a pandemic going around or not. Each one of us is always threatened by death at every moment of our lives. It's unpredictable. And it could take any one of us and so many people die with unresolved disputes with unresolved grudges, and having let those things consume them and never having had the opportunity to reconcile. In fact, so many people let others die without having that chance to reconcile with them. And then

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Have the rest of their lives with regret for not having taken that step to just say, you know what, it's not worth it. I'm going to put this behind me. And I'm going to move on for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And so it's a very simple reflection. But as I've said in a previous video, you know, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. That's especially true when it comes to the reward of a lot that's being presented to us right now and shut down compounded by the pandemic of the Coronavirus and how quickly things are unfolding. Take that time even if it's someone you know, that you've had a grudge with, for a long time, take that time

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to say you know what, I'm going to be the person to to, to remove that. And even if the circumstances don't allow, even if that person is not going to want to move on, my my hand is extended, right? My heart is open to forgiveness and moving on no matter who it is no matter what it is. So yes, if there was any time for us to squash,

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Muslim social media drama, it's now but more importantly, if there was any time for us to squash the grudges in our lives, the disputes in our lives, the you know, even even if they've been in the background for a long time, now's the time for us, inshallah Tara to really think about doing that. So May Allah subhanaw taala, allow us all to, to be able to do that, and to move on.

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And again, that doesn't mean relinquishing your claims. That doesn't mean relinquishing your rights by any means. What that means is moving on for your sake. So that Allah subhana wa tada could show you that forgiveness and that mercy as well. And especially with people that we love that we had disputes with,

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it's important for us to put that behind us inshallah, we don't want to have the regrets after they've passed away, or let them have the regret after we've passed away. And then the only time that that gets resolved is in the presence of a loss of Hannah Montana. So from my perspective, it is Siobhan and there's a lot going on on the outside. So I personally want to seek forgiveness from each and every single one of you. If I've ever said anything, or done anything that's affected you or hurt you, if I if I made a joke that was insensitive, or was dismissive and something that I said, or you found something that I said to be, you know, harmful, then please do forgive your

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brother. And, you know, I pray that a lot of the ones that allow us to always keep our hearts clean from one another, or clean have in regards to one another and on top of that to unite our hearts and to connect them all collectively to Allah subhanaw taala so that we can move forward in the most productive way. So it's a very basic message I don't have much to reflect except now's the time. The 15th of Shabbat is upon us if we even lived to see that to clear our hearts of Ramadan so that we can be prepared for it if we even live to see that. And if we don't, then it's still time in sha Allah to Allah because tonight might be our last night. Tomorrow might be our last day. no grudges

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worth missing out on the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa tada or leaving something in the background that distracts and pulls all of us away. So may lost parents I forgive all of us for the wrongdoings that we've committed against others may Allah subhana wa tada heal us with the wrongdoings that were committed against us and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to collectively

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remain focused on him and connect to him and to pull one another up for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala does that come along? tonight in sha Allah Tada. So please do check out the webinar of the link on chatburn. I talked a lot about shodhan in every way, and I pray that it's a benefit to you inshallah. So please do watch the whole thing when you get a chance. Our creative team at yaqeen is making it into you know, practical infographic and Charlotte's Anna but it's still better to watch the whole lecture and actually I'm going to be transferring right now over to mass inshallah to Anna for their nightly webinar, which is highly beneficial as well. So I'll put the link both to the

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shotgun webinar that was done yesterday, as well as the massive webinar that I'm about to sign on to in Charlottetown it in the comments. And again, thank you all for listening Zach Wilson. I want to learn

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