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AI: Summary © The speaker is reciting a series on facial expressions and post-surgical effects, using rules for exercises and techniques. They encourage viewers to practice and share their experiences. The goal is to revitalize the face and make it easier to pronounce the book of Allah.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Mom, Dad. Friend, I would like to welcome you to our first series on our facial expressions and or ironic recitation, you may have experienced a stroke, facial paralysis, Bell's Palsy, named after the surgeon who identified this tightness, it can feel like you can't move certain parts of your face. And you've been to plenty physical therapy sessions, you've seen the doctor tell you to go

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and to do up and down. But it's not as motivating. And sometimes you feel like you can't recite Quran correctly. So today, you and I are going to work on some facial expression exercises, that we're going to specifically use four rules to be lahaie meaner shape on your Rajee.

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So let's get started today, we'll keep it within that three minutes. One exercise we can do with our face. So you want to feel your face, right. So you're going to find your jaw

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place. And now we're going to start moving, I have a beard, but I want to start moving upwards, I want to start moving upwards. And with my fingers, I want to see if I can slowly you're not hurting yourself. I'm slowly tucking everything back in.

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Great, and I'm trying to keep this straight I let that hand go. So with good posture, strong hand.

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I'm pushing upwards. Okay, so that's my first part. Next, I want you to try to come to the

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to the joint and just push forward. Fair enough. And from here, can we get a little bit of facial activation, there go don't have to hurt, but you want to hear that little you can spread your fingers up, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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So what am I doing now, opening up the jaw.

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And I'm being aware that I might hear some clicks and perhaps as a conclusion to our first video. Anyone could watch these and they could laugh. And they might even see you doing the expressions and they may say Oh, look how funny it is. For those of us who are dealing with paralysis, Parkinson's disease, or any type of post stroke effect, neurological effect, you know the difficulty, you know how hard it is to get the

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the face engaged, how hard it is to even frown. I'm here with you. Let's go through this series together. And let's revitalize remind ourself, how to pronounce the book of Allah subhanaw taala there are 12 cervical nerves. This is an impingement of the seventh cervical nerve for those of you who want to figure out what's going on from a neurological perspective.

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But that's not so important right now. We'll figure it out together. Let's pop our jaws. Tuck our chins and let's keep reciting the book of Allah