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The conversation is about the car's safety and the importance of not risk it. The speakers discuss various topics such as the car's safety, the importance of giving the car to people in need, and the importance of giving the car to people in need. They also mention the importance of giving the car to people in need and the need for giving the car to people in need.

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Is the car can you please occur on like community projects and

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you know, things like

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schools. Yeah and Lisa, very good question a very good, common question again see brothers and sisters, Allah della Anna, as being one of neuron and others color said that Allah Allah Allah did not allow us to

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think of who is eligible to take the car. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah listed those people who are eligible to take the time in the Quran. Allah Allah Allah says in the Masada to Luna for Cara, well masa kini, well I'm really in all my life at home or for the RV, while I demeanor or feasability Allah he will be in the service. These are the eight categories of zakat that all the scholars agreed upon. Yeah. Now, there is a discussion here about feasibility Allah. Yeah. In the path of Allah in the path of Allah. Does that include does is that limited to jihad? Yeah. Or does that include any struggle? In the for the sake of Allah? Allah, Allah? Yeah, including that word,

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including building institutions etc. No. See? In level so the Arcturians are our second all in Sevilla. So why Allah, Allah Allah mentioned it, okay, in particular singled it out by saying feasable Allah means that it is a particular, you know, a particular a channel. Yeah, which is jihad, and the vast majority of scholars made it limited to jihad. This is feasible Allah, because someone say jihad is feeding the poor ozone. That's a jihad type of that is a type of jihad feeding port. But Allah Allah, Allah mentioned it, and now also the potential for Iraq,

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to give it to poor people. So that is a specific jihad, which is jihad, the enemies of Allah, Allah Allah in the battlefield. Yeah, some scholars have some discussion with it, you is supporting the house supporting them with their head supporting his family. This is another discussion.

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But, and I always say to people, when it comes to the car, brothers and sisters, come on, it is just a matter of 2% 2.5%. You don't want to expend for building schools, as you mentioned, for building institutions for supporting data for supporting there is, yeah,

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except from this 2.5%, you've got 97 and a half percent. You don't want to be spam after a year. You don't want to spend from the rest of your money. You came to that and you want to spend it. Okay, in what you think that you can spend it on? No,

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don't risk your Zika Zika is a pillar of Islam. Don't risk it. And Zika has to rights, the rights of Allah, Allah Allah because you are paying the zakah because of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah commanded us to do it. And the second one, it is what? The right of the people who deserve it. So if you did not give it to the people who deserved it, and you gave it to other people, the people who deserve it, they say, where is our right? Yeah, if you have it between both is still you gave the people who deserve it, half of it. So don't risk it. Don't risk it. Brothers and sisters. I don't know why many people are insisting on using the car money. They want to

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establish everything out of the car money. This is a big mistake. A huge mistake. Don't risk that. Yeah. be on the safe side.

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Not just the safe side. They say this is the correct one. And it is the safest side and give it to with whom Allah Allah Allah mentioned and again, as many scholars said, is start with the most needy people. Start with the poorest in the masala Allah Allah Allah started with what the poorest lil for the most urgent, the most urgent. So if you go on a website, you just click the most needy and you tell them this is yes, this is your Zika and again

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should I pay it here? Or elsewhere? Let me be honest with you, okay. The brothers in Europe. They they they send to this question I said, in Europe in general. Yeah.

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The vast majority of people, they find food

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and they find shelter. Agree or not? Yeah. And they find the clothes. Yes. If in, I think in the entire of Europe in Britain and I traveled to many European countries, if a poor person went to

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any hamburger shop, yeah, chicken chips, pizza shop and they say to them that Listen, I am poor. Okay, I don't want to eat just give me a meal.

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They will give him me or give me a man still be wajib on you, but not from the car. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. However, however,

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we know, in Africa, in Middle Asia, other parts of the Muslim world, there are people who literally speaking don't find bread.

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Yeah. And some of them they are we have seen people interior easily preventable

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death by book because of hunger famine. Yes. Simply easily curable diseases. Yes. Yeah, they should be.

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We should give them our account. Yeah, they should they deserve our see brothers and sisters. It's not about emotional

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approach. Yeah. And yeah, our car should be national. Yeah. No, it's not about national.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said,

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Allah amerihome,

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Valium and Allahu wa him Zakat and talk Hello mean, I'm wanting him to run to fee for Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim commanded it been a devil when he sent him to Yemen. Yes, that was in a proximity or in a city. At that time, there was no transportation, you don't know about the others except after long time. So practically speaking, yes. Take it from that city. Give it to that city. The proximity is one consideration to think about. Moreover, it is one consideration. But I mean, at that time, if you look at the context, you understand how it is important to give the car to you local poor people, but now the whole world became a small village. Yeah. And we are aware of the

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poor people here on that. And Alhamdulillah in the UK, there are so many Muslim charities who can and they are trustworthy charities. We can take this extra money, give it to them, and they can pass them to the poor,

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needy people around the globe.