Omar Suleiman – The Death of the Prophet & the Vision of Ibn Abbas

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The upcoming webinar covers the legacy of Shabbat, which is the forgotten month. The speaker explains that the greatest tragedy to strike is the death of the Prophet sallavi, and describes the emotional and psychological toll of the death as tragic. They also emphasize the importance of the situation in the midst of a crisis and encourage individuals to take advantage of the opportunity to collect knowledge and benefit from it. The speaker reminds individuals of missed opportunities and offers a chance to collect knowledge.
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So I want to come on up until I

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mean, what are we going to mean? When are people

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going to have to go to the Come come in and sort of lohani with

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us. Just a quick note inshallah about tomorrow. Tomorrow in shot law, we'll be taking a break from the nightly reflection and instead I'll be doing a full blown webinar on the virtues of the Forgotten month of shutdown. And if shutdown as a whole is a forgotten month and Coronavirus, Shabbat is super forgotten, since everyone's already talking about what's gonna happen with Ramadan. So tomorrow on sha Allah,

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I'll post the link in the comments. As soon as I finished the live stream and track they'll probably edit it into the status please do join us tomorrow night in sha Allah at the at the link and register. It's actually at the status, I believe, blast that as opposed to before the livestream. So, again, tomorrow night, we'll be talking about the virtues of Shabbat, inshallah Tana, in particular, when it's extremely forgotten with everything that's going on. Now, tonight, I want to actually recap something I'd mentioned today in some detail at the Monroe Institute webinar. So Maghreb Institute Mashallah has been having an ongoing, class daily, and today I was presenting and

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I talked a lot about this particular story. So I want to talk about it briefly, but from a different angle and shot Lazzara. While still, you know, recapping the main point, the greatest tragedy to ever strike this oma was the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. If there was ever a time when the oma was at risk of losing its clarity of losing its purpose of losing its mission of being entirely paralyzed, it was when the Prophet slicin and passed away. Think about how heartbroken we are when we see the images of the message of the Prophet slice on empty and then think about the companions of the Prophet slice Allah, seeing the mustard of the Prophet slice alum missing the

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Prophet slice on him as the man and his presence adding a salatu salam and think about how debilitating that would have been. So nothing has the potential to paralyze, like the death of the profits by seller. It is the greatest tragedy by consensus, the prophets lie Selim said, that anytime you go through a hardship with good masaba female sudo su Lila, remember your hardship, remember your tragedy in the death of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that would put in perspective, your own tragedy. And I talked about I'm the loving ambassador, the Aloha My beloved non vessel, the Aloha whom I was 13 years old when the Prophet slicin passed away. And

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this is a young man that spent every possible moment he could with the Prophet slice on them. And we know that it was extremely heartbreaking for the companions that had had witnessed such a close relationship with the prophets lie some to think about what it would be like to now live in Medina without him there's a very famous story of without all the law and who, beloved, who could not give a nun in Medina anymore who broke down a shadow under Mohammed little Salalah and ultimately had to leave Medina because he, everywhere he looked, he thought of the Prophet slice Allah so as he's giving the shadow, Mohammed Al Silva, he says the name of Mohammed sai 70 breaks down. He looks

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around Medina and he sees Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam wherever he is, and he had to leave Medina, Abdullah imbecile the Allahumma was the cousin of the Prophet slice on them, and was the nephew of mamoon maimunah the wife of the Prophet slice on them and he literally slept in the bed of mamoon on the Prophet twice on them at their feets one of the famous Hadith about the pm the night prayer of the Prophet slicin almost I love my bus will be alone I'm sleeping at their feet as a child and watching the Prophet slice alone wake up and pray Abdullah is best used to fetch his loot for him he used to go and prepare the world for the Prophet slice Allah He accompany the Prophet slice on

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journeys sitting behind the profits by some on his riding animal so he's close to the profit slice of them he's someone that the profit slice and I'm literally embraced solo love it was seldom hugged and made out for multiple times. I mean, what would it be like to be hugged by the profit slice alone and to have them make their Africa may allow us the opportunity in the hereafter a llama amin and so that's that's a special relationship when the Prophet sly son passed away of the love knob vessel the love on him as a child and child physically right. But definitely not spiritually or mentally or emotionally. He could have buckled like everyone else. He could have allowed that trauma

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to consume him. But instead he said that there is an opportunity here that no one else is availing themselves of. And that is that all of the companions of the past

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offered slice lm are back in Medina now. They're all around the masjid. Now everyone has come back to preach on us on the profits by Salaam to spend time in the city now those that went out, and those that live far away from the city, and he said, this is an opportunity for me to go to all of their doorsteps now, and to collect knowledge to ask them about the things that I missed out on. Because of my age or because of my absence from the mission of the Prophet slice alone, for the first 20 years of the love. nobis was only 1020 years into the mission of Islam. And that's because of his family being separated from the profit slice on his father and about us being late and his

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embrace of Islam. And he used every moment of those three years, but he knew he had a lot of catching up to do. So he goes to the houses of the companions, sleeps on their doorsteps, one by one, collects every headache he possibly can, collects every store, he possibly can every account about the profit slice on he possibly can. And then he collects that for us to benefit from until today. The point being here is that though he could have just breathed, like most people were doing, he saw an opportunity in the midst of the greatest tragedy and said, let me be the one to take advantage of that opportunity. And so what I want us to think about in the midst of this crisis that

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we're in right now, everyone should be thinking, Hey, what's the opportunity that others are not taking advantage of? What is the thing that I can do that others are not doing in the community right now? Right? And you know, there are so many things and that arena of good deeds is only going to grow because the crisis is going to continue and unfortunately, more people are going to pass away and this is going to become more and more difficult for the community. May Allah subhanaw taala lighten the burden for us and heal us of this. But the opportunities are going to be there. So think to yourself, okay, who's not being tended to right now? What's the good deed that's not being done

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right now? What's something that I can take advantage of in this crisis? and do some good that other people are neglecting? And that's the mindset of our beloved our bustle the line, that's why he was able to get ahead. We asked a lot to give us that mindset as well. again tomorrow night, inshallah Tada. I'm going to be doing the virtues of the Forgotten month of Chabad and the especially forgotten month of Coronavirus shop. So please join me tomorrow in sha Allah at the link that I'll go ahead and I'll throw in the comments right now in sha Allah tada and Zack Hello Hayden for tuning in nightly, and I'm making drought for you and I pray that you make the app for me and my family as

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well. So now when it comes to life,

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