Zakir Naik – Is the Riba which is Prohibited in the Quran the same as the Interest of Modern Bank

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A bank officer, Ms. Sreedharan, discusses her professional career and her role in interest income. She explains that interest is a factor that makes a person rich and poor, and that it is a reflection of profit and loss sharing. She also discusses the importance of profit and loss sharing in Islam, citing the success of the Sharia and the Iranian government.
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Good evening, sir.

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My name is Ms. sreedharan. I am a bank officer.

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And I will be earning my salary from my bank. From the bank's main income that is interest. I have some Muslim friends who have reservations even taking a food or tea from my home, assuming that my source of income is from the main interest income of the bank. Please clarify if the interest as mentioned in the Holy Quran is the same that the border bank is practicing, receiving or paying one second, my question is incomplete. I'm sorry. And I have my own professional difficulty upsetting mobilizing deposits from my Muslim friends are lending loans to them also, because they involve receipt or payment of interest. Please clap me the petitions. Whatever your non Muslim he works in

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the bank. He asked a question that why do Muslims resist don't come to his house? Because he's earning money from interest? What does Islam say about interest? And he finds the difficulty mobilizing fun from the Muslims. Rather, the Arabic word mentioned is Reba.

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means interest, as well as usually some people. The thing that Robert has not been interest but includes interest as well as usury. interest, according to the dictionary means money earned on money Lent,

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and usually means exorbitant interest, both user and interest. Both are prohibited and the Quran mentions the word Riba in no less than eight different places. In surah, lemon chapter number three verse number 130. In his Renaissance app number four was number 161. It's mentioned sort of chapter number two was number 275, thrice, instead of Baccarat chapter number two was number 276, as well as in Surah Baqarah, chapter number two was number 278. And 279 as the translate the last verse, suitable for chapter two verse number 200. And 279 says, that if you give up not your demands of Riba of interest, then take notice of all from Allah and Russell, so anyone who deals with interest,

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give them taste, or takes interest.

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He is waging a war with Almighty God Allah, and with the messenger prophet masala Solomon is one of the major things in Islam,

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one of the major sins and one of the things one of the lower level of interest is equivalent to doing Zina adultery with your mother. Now, what is the logic behind it? You can hear my talk on interests the economy promulgated by the Quran, it's a big talk for logical for me to prove to you why interest is haram it will take a few hours, which will not be possible now. But in short, the reason interest is primary cause it makes a rich person more rich and a poor person more poor. And furthermore, interest encourages many evils. Now if you know in the 80s most of the bank, they funded gambling dens, they funded alcohol bars, etc. In Islam, we believe in profit and loss

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sharing. See today, you being a banker, you know, the company which has the lease debt is a better company.

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This interest was started by King George the fifth the banking system, he is the main culprit, reverse it wasn't there. And now, to make the rich people more rich. If a poor person wants a loan from a bank is difficult, you want to see what is the other side? How much is he earning? So it's more difficult for a poor man to get known. And furthermore, if you analyze the top companies, the top companies they are debt free companies. Therefore, today we find

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stock listing

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you know Anil Ambani he floated the reliance power

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how many 1.1 lakh crores or 100 times more than what he wanted?

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No bank would have given him so much money what he did, he floated stock. What is talk? It is Islam he says from Profit and Loss sharing. Correct.

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In interest, it is haram because there are many negative factors in Islam we believe in profit and loss sharing. You know, you buy shares, you buy shares of a company, if you make profit, you get profit. If you make loss, you make a loss. It's not fixed 8% 9% and the other person makes a lot of money. So what they do, they float shares. So if you buy stock of a company, as long as it's not alcohol company, it's not bank. It's not haram activity. It is Islamic. So we in Islam believe in profit and loss sharing. Anil Ambani

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he floated, he got 100 times more than what he wanted right 1.1 lakh crores

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In one hour itself he got more than 10 times in what he wanted why

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people thought okay if I invest with Anil Ambani and not get that fixed 8% 9% 10% and 20% 30% 50% you know, and the mutual funds if you're a banker, GM basics number 116% in one year

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one in Islam we believe in profit and loss sharing

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that there is no

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interest fixed amount on money earner money Lent is haram. For more details refer to my video cassette interest free economy promulgated by the Quran that the reason if you change your bank from a conventional bank to Islamic bank, inshallah you'll have Muslim customers inshallah and today, the Indian government, the RBI, the finance minister has been given permission for a true Islamic bang, but there are people approaching him. I spoke to Chidambaram when he came to Saudi Arabia and there are high possibilities Manmohan Singh, our Prime Minister, initially was the finance minister. He understands finance better, there are high possibilities inshallah, inshallah. He's studying the

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system along with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and the Finance Minister, Mr. Chidambaram. There's a high possibility is very soon that we will have Islamic system and you surely see to join Islamic bank that there is in today Citibank health climate window, HSBC has ceramic window, most of the international banks have Islamic window. Why? Because they they find they'll make more profit, and they'll give more profit to the clients. It is Islamic. So if we follow the Sharia, the Quran and say Hadith, you also earn and you let others on.

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Thank you very much.

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