Ebrahim Bham – Importance of Muslim Brotherhood

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of brotherhood and manhood in shaping one's environment is discussed, as well as the need for everyone to be aware of their rights and weaknesses. The shaping of one's culture and the importance of manhood in shaping one's life is also emphasized. The shaping of one's culture and the importance of manhood in shaping one's life is also discussed, as well as the need for everyone to be aware of their rights and weaknesses. The shaping of one's culture and the importance of manhood in shaping one's life is also emphasized.
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also that was an

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alum Allah

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I'm about to fold the villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem enamul McMahon una de for us they're old enough awaken What? La Nakamura mo more

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respected all ama elders and brothers. We begin by facing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved via creme de la vida, he was sent

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in Islam. We have a variety of rights upon us. In fact, the chapter of rights is a very extensive chapter, which includes rights that we have towards our environment and even the rights that we have upon animals and one very important rights that we have these rights that we have towards people who share the same fundamental beliefs.

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In the columella

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comodoro Sorolla, we don't we have various alliances in the world today? alliances based on civilizations, Alliance alliances based on economic interest? You have NATO, you have European Union, you have the African Union and you have different types of unions, which are based on civilizations which are based on common interests, sometimes based on geographical locations. However, this is a unique type of Alliance. It's a unique type of brotherhood, which is a brotherhood which is based on the column Allah Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah. It is not only based on the column Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, it is not only based on faith, but it's part of

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faith. Therefore to be a Karim Salah when he was Solomon said, learn to follow his journey that took me know what i mean ohata Habu, you cannot enter into Jenna until you have a man and you don't have the man until you don't have love for your fellow Muslim. And I don't look

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for ultimo.

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Should I not show you something that when you do it, Allah will increase love between you and your fellow Muslims. Up Shu Salaam avena. Come spread the Salam amongst you. So this is a very important brotherhood, the Quran and the Sharia has used a very unique approach and method on this brotherhood was a very profound message. For example, let me give you a few examples from the Holy Quran about the aspect of this brotherhood. Normally when you and I when we speak to one another, you know we will use the phrase to not kill another person make Salaam to another person. Don't take out the faults of another person. It's how we normally would make that particular type of conversation. But

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let us be sacrificed on how the Quran puts these very same commands. And that Allah says for cell lipo Allah unfussy can make Salam upon your own self fanatec

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don't kill your own self for not telling me so

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don't search for false amongst your own self. Don't kill yourself if you kill your next Muslim brother you're killing yourself if you making Salaam to your next Muslim brother You are making Salaam to your own self. When you take out false in your next Muslim brother. What joy is there? It is equivalent to taking out false in your own self. What joy can they be in that don't take any joy with regard to them. So look at this remarkable way how Allah tala has given this example of brotherhood was such a profound message. And then even just aspect that it's all one brotherhood. And every aspect of our ibadat is also done with a collective dimension. Our Salat is better if it

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is done in JAMA in zakaat, the well to do in the community, I have been given the responsibility to to care for those who are not so well off. You know, so even with regard to for example, Hajj, it is

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Done collectively. So even our iba has been given a collective dimension to enhance this brotherhood to enhance this Muslim Brotherhood, and such is the sanctity. Such is the importance of this brotherhood, that nebia Kareem Salah why he was sent him, as mentioned by Abdullah Masuda Allah Who?

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In a hadith that maybe sauce and I'm wondering why looking at the Kaaba and the Baitullah nebia Karim Allah Azza wa sallam said ma sama, sama

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hora Mata in de la he minca acaba, very great is your sanctity. Very great is your sacredness. But I take an oath by the beanie whose hands my life lies in. the sanctity of the believer is even greater than your sanctity. And even one three of the Hadith goes on to say that Nivea cream sauce Lim explained himself by saying that you have been sanctified once. And the moment in the believer has been sanctified three times. And in this particular way, it is said that he has been sanctified by his his life has been sanctified, his honor has been sanctified in the aspect that he must not be looked down upon. And he must not be degraded has been sanctified Allah subhana wa Tada, brothers,

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this aspect of the, the the rights that we owe to our Muslim brother Brotherhood is a very great right. And it is very extensive, Mr. Pillai has less than 23 rights that you and I we owe to our next Muslim brother. And one of them has been capsulated in the very famous Hadith five of them have called Muslim Muslim fans. And the reason why I'm making mention of this five, because somehow or the other because of our circumstances, we find that we no more pay attention sometimes to some of these rights that we owe to our next Muslim brother. Maybe a cream sauce limit said that how cool Muslim, Muslim becomes, you have two, five rights do you have next Muslim brother, one of them is

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brought to Salaam to reply to his Salaam, yada to Marie's to go and visit a Muslim and he is sick with the Bible. Jana is to take part in his funeral.

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And then we're in Java to Java to accept his Java that somehow or the other we do that somehow or other we do and what does metal artists and then when a person sneezes in, say Alhamdulillah you're supposed to say your

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five rights that you owe to your next Muslim brother. And the demands of this brotherhood a very great so Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says here he Halina Harmon who is

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a woman I saw a new hire a man whom Subhan Allah. Oh you who believe Don't mock at your next Muslim brother. Don't mock at your Muslim brother. And look at the reason I saw you.

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Perhaps the person whom you are mocking at he is better than you wait matters most. Where does it make the most? mosquitoes money gives us one beautiful example. He says that one day the the the Friends of the bride. They were grooming up the bride and they were making her ready for her wedding. And they were telling her that you look so beautiful. You know we are we are adorning you for the big day. You are going wait to your husband. Look at how beautiful shalom you're looking. And she said nothing. She said nothing. And then the friend said we are telling you we are adorning you we are making your beautiful, we are saying how beautiful you are saying absolutely nothing. And

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she said What does it matter if you say I am beautiful? If my husband says I am beautiful when I meet with him, then it matters not so much. If you telling me I'm beautiful, what does it matter much. So what if at the people tell you You are good or bad. If Allah tells you if you are good or bad, then it matters. So Allah Allah says, Don't mock it another person, perhaps the person whom you are mocking at is better than you wait matters most in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers, part of this whole particular aspect of Muslim Brotherhood is this, that we don't look down upon other people. We don't judge other people. We don't leave in other people. The aspect of we have the

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right, because Islam is a religion, in which How can battle truth and falsehood, vice and virtue has been defined by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah has perfected Elias completed, Elias completed 10 and perfected religion. Now right and wrong cannot be changed by any human being by any by any more

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Wanna buy any chef, it has been determined by Allah what is right will remain right till the Day of Yama. And what is wrong will always remain wrong till the Day of Yama, right and wrong cannot be changed.

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We can determine an action to be right and wrong. Someone is doing something that is right. It is a correct action is reading five times daily salatu salam ala, that is correct, he is doing a good deed. He is drinking alcohol, that action of him drinking alcohol is wrong, we can determine it, because Allah has determined that particular action to be wrong. Having said that, after a person does wrong, we don't have the right to determine whether he is a success or failure. We don't have the right to say whether he's going to gender.

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The reason why we don't have that right is Allah will judge you and I cannot judge the quantity we can even regard ourselves. Even if we are doing more good deeds and another person or apparently doing more good deeds and a person to be able to make that determination. Who is better than another person in the eyes of Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah says,

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don't praise yourself, don't ever attribute purity to yourself.

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He knows who inspires

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your good deeds becomes valuable, if it is accepted by law. Where do we have any guarantee that our salad has been accepted, our good deeds has been accepted. Therefore, we conclude our salad by reading a stuffer reading three times as Dr. Ola because we don't know whether when you go somewhere you get a receipt, you have given money, you will never get a receipt after you have a good good deed that Allah has accepted. If you ever get it's left to the mercy of Almighty Allah. So therefore we have got no right to regard ourselves superior to another person. We don't have the right to look down upon a person because of his past deeds, or because of his apparent weakness. As a demon,

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Cassandra hokulani says, You have no right to regard yourself as superior to another human being on a one to one basis. You don't even have the right to regard yourself superior to a disbeliever and then he goes on to explain this that the disbeliever can get hit if Allah tala can take away your Hidayat and he can die on your mind and you can die on paper it comes in a hadith and maybe a cream sauce himself. Sometimes a person does good deeds there is one spent between him and Jana, Allah tala takes away he died.

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And then he does the work of the work of a bad person. And he goes to Johanna, sometimes a person does evil. He says one spell between him and Johanna and I'm not gonna give him he died. And Allah subhanho wa Taala after giving him a diet, he goes to China, you don't have the right to say that you are better than another person. And you can't judge a person because of his father's deeds, or because God will judge his demand. Osama bin Zayed rhodiola who was in a better feeling look at the circumstances brothers. He was in a battlefield while fighting one person and he chased him. He pursued him. He cornered him when he quantity millet Laila Hill Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah brothers,

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anyone can say apparently he did it to save his life. He was fighting against the Muslims. He was born and then he read the kalama. Osama bin Zayed took the same meaning he killed him because he was part of the battle when Libya Kareem sossaman. came to know about it now via Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said oh Osama Why did you kill a person when he read the kalama jasola he did it to save his life. Maybe acronym saw some said Chicago. Did you open up his heart to see what what intention he read the caliber?

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Osama bin Zayed said nobody saw slim rebuke me so much that I wish that the Earth could have opened and followed me and I hope I could not have accepted a man you know what if only accepted demand then and not before this?

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Who are we to be able to judge these particular aspects taunting a person with regard to his past? O'Meara the amount to set out to assassinate the level of what greater Guna and some can they be that that employee He is lying back in right next to me a cream sauce? And when we take his name we say alpha Hawk. We just we just ooze with admiration with regard to humor yet he set out to kill me a cream saucer.

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I read you know in a very beautiful book on the smiles and tears of love is awesome. This is one incident of death. Yeah, it can be he came to the via Kareem Salah who it was Solomon said yes. I wish to accept Islam. I wish to accept Islam. So maybe I can him system said I accept. He said no Sula, Allah forgive my sins. He said yes, Allah will forgive your sins. He said yes.

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He said yes. Why are you asking? He said I've committed such a sin. He said, What have you done? He said, I am buried seven of my daughter's alive.

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I buried seven of them.

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daughters alive. Nobody's awesome, said Stan, he didn't know what to say. Cheap la salatu salam came all the way here and said, Allah says if Allah because of the kalama will forgive his Spoofer? Why would ALLAH forgive his burning seven daughters alive? Now when we say death, yeah, who say

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yet the person who planted seven of his daughters are like,

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Who are we to judge a person with regard to his weakness.

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McAfee was someone who fought against the Muslims, they have to he became a Muslim, very famous warrior. very amazing warrior in terms of in the time of the battlefield, but he had one weakness. And what was his weakness, his weakness, what he used to take alcohol on the eve of the Battle of Katsuya, he took alcohol serpina Allah who imprisoned him, chained him up.

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So he couldn't take part in the battle. The first day, when the battle is taking place. He is saying, seeking poetry, that I'm a warrior, my place on the battlefield. Here, I am chained, I am locked up because of what evil that I have done. One weakness that I have committed. And he was showing regret with regard to in Selma, the wife of the General serpina workers heard that poetry instead what are you saying? He said, I gotta be great. I've been wrong, but I want to be part.

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She said, What must I do? She said, he said,

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free me, I promise you, if I go in, I get Martin, I mattered no one what they don't need. But if I get back and I'm like, my life is still alive, I will come back and I will be present myself again. And I will tie myself again. Selma frees him up imagine goes into the battlefield. serpina be what custody allow to do is looking at the battle. And as he says in the battle, he is seeing such a brave person. He's changing the whole course of the battle. wherever he goes, he brings, you know turmoil in the range of the of the enemy. And the sapping worker said Who is this? I can't make him out. If it was not for the fact that I had imprisoned. I would say he does.

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But he couldn't make up his mind. And then Apple margin comes back in person attacks himself. Selma tells us at the end of the day, he was showing regret, untied him. He went onto the battlefield. Sadly, the real class came to me and said, What have you done? He said, I feel regret I will never take alcohol again. And sadly they will pass prism. They you know on the day of the Battle of Atocha was the person who was had the weakness and he had committed the act of taking alcohol on the eve of the battle. Who are we to judge people what it will do? Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge people My dear respected brothers don't harm people. The aspect with regard to it is such a great importance

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three types of animals. One animal is that benefits you like the cow the sheep? one animal is that which harms you the spider, some poisonous spiders or the scorpion, one animal is that which neither harms you need a benefit to maybe in one forests of the world. He said oh human being Oh believers try to be like the animal that benefits others unfounded

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as the best of people are those who benefit other people. If you can't benefit at least don't harm another human being

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such great emphasis has been made mentioned with regard to this in our shop we have been told to leave

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it someone else how many times have you

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tell us that two keys The password is good, but it is enough in by kissing the hatch I said you are going to harm people don't sweat because you're gonna have

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such a great emphasis upon not harming people. I said mysterium huzzah. hokulani has made mentioned you know, he's written a very beautiful boundaries on the difference of opinion. So, in that particular book is in the beginning of the book, after is given an introduction. And the introduction speaks about a hadith on the importance of the rights of the believers then afterwards he gives so many examples of how people despite the difference of opinion they respected one another. So in that book,

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there are a few quotations of as a Muslim and

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a hadith which he has narrated one of its many firsts, Hakuna Matata

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said to abuse a Muslim is an act of transgression. And to kill him is an act of copper. And under the commentary of that, he says Baraka language is the habit of an open center.

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valka languages is the is the habit of an open center. Nowadays in certain circles. vulgar language is regarded to be a sign of piety

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yet, maybe a cream sauce

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consent and those

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rights. vulgar language is a sign of an open center in that particular headed in that particular book

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in Malibu, manga minun a curse is he a cursed Is he good to see that person who harms another Muslim brother and then generates another Hadith whenever cream sauce in when honorable Riba is Tita is allistic is a Muslim.

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It is a greatest form of Riba, the greatest form of usery that you attack the dignity of another Muslim

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Brothers This is the demands of our Muslim brother brotherhood, which we sometimes we do not pay attention to. In one ad annasophia Latino says that maybe a cream sauce from one day to Libya in to see what Tom see, well is a pickle pickle history in first and then he come in sumati woman I have pursued that a pocket the happening. woman I have pursued that if I can can.

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I want to pursue this to consider this hadith from one day to another, the ultimate Oh my son, if you can spend a morning, if you can spend an evening where your heart has no enmity, no hostility, no hatred, no jealousy, no ill feelings to another Muslim or to another human beings fall do so. That's

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the question I normally ask people in annotators Howdy. How many of us regard this to be a tsunami?

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How many of us and yet nisource made a specific request to meet us this is my subnet

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that you spend a morning that you have is free from malice, hatred, ill feelings towards an ex Muslim person, one ex Muslim, or another human being, how many of us regard this to be assumed that

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and even if we do so, unfortunately, we will do so with people who we feel are aligned to us. Those who are not aligned to us we've got no feelings. We've got no good feelings towards them.

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Is this with this one that is spent the morning when they have no ill feelings towards another person, this is my son that he will loves this, he will be together with me giedre who is regarded this deed to be a pseudonym, who records this deed to be a means of entering into gender.

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This is our reality with regard to it. Now via cream sauce love letters and with a positive note. Maybe a cream sauce them said in hapuna family Illa Allah He bought

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it harmless rule Colville Muslim Omar Khan, the greatest deed, the most beloved deed after your four eyes, is to give happiness to believe.

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The greatest deed after fries is to give happiness to a believer we don't give happiness, we only cause anguish. The greatest deed after fries is to be a means of comfort, a means of happiness. For others look at the difficulty people are going we have a golden opportunity in these type of situations. Instead of polarizing ourselves further, instead, of course, scoring points over one another instead of you know, perpetuating the type of differences that we have, you know, to be able to make hammer upon this hadith go and give comfort, go and give happiness to people, especially in a time when in this last year. People have gone through such great amount of difficulties. As this

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Muslim Brotherhood. It was strong. When this Muslim Brotherhood was strong, it was a means and purveyor of good, it spread good. It brought about change in communities. It protected Muslims we all know the situation. And we all know the incident. One woman was abducted one woman was abducted and as she was been abducted she said what I'm what aseema Oh, Montezuma, you are the ruler of the Muslims. We are you to help me. We are you to help me. And then he sent an army to protect one Muslim woman. When this was living brotherhood was strong. It protected his own time. When this Muslim Brotherhood was good, and was strong. It nevermind protected his own time. It protected Jews

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and Christians from fighting with one another and protected Jews from Christians and Christian from Jews in Spain, and in Jerusalem. It brought peace and stability to the world. And it was a purveyor of good Muslim Brotherhood today has become weak, then it cannot even protect its own kind, nevermind protecting others. On this day of heritage My dear respected brothers. Let me make an appeal to make this Muslim Brotherhood strong. To be able to be a purveyor of good there are so many opportunities are put in our country in this world. Today the world is crying for people to be positive. The world is crying for people to be able to do good and the Muslim world

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Wood can do it, it did it when it was strong. Let us make this Muslim Brotherhood strong. And in conclusion, I will say, when we say when we must be together in strong, it doesn't mean that we must be completely, you know, in agreement with each and every matter there will be difference of opinion. But beyond that difference of opinion, we have more in common that what we have that are aspects of our difference of opinion. And what a beautiful way to end this by and then to speak about the incident of us being kidnapped by us when I was a student of Imam Shafi. He was a student of imaam Shafi in in a gathering in a divorce in a lesson. he disagreed with his start, and he

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walked out of the class in anger, but he walked out of the class in anger. At night while he was only his bed. In his own room, he heard a knock on his door who come in visiting me at this particular time of the night. He was surprised he said, Who is it? He said Mohammed Idris. He was shocked because Mohammed bin Idris was the name of Imam Shafi didn't expect that this could be Hindustan. When he got up he saw you start at his door and said, Eunice, yes, we had a difference of opinion. Yes, we had a disagreement. It's a small disagreement compared to the 99% of things that we agree upon to not let this one demon come in between us and our Muslim Brotherhood. Do not let this

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one disagreement come between us and our Muslim Brotherhood brothers. This Muslim Brotherhood is a very important and a very great sanctified right? That you and I have to strive towards fulfilling. We are lucky was a trophy wife.

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