What is the purpose of Hajj

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The best action that is done during these days of Malaysia is no doubt and hash which is the fifth pillar in Islam and hash the hash is all about establishing the Quran Allah. It's about establishing the remembrance of Allah, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran in surah Al Baqarah and in Salthill Hush, when he mentioned an homage to us the pillar and hush. He continuously over and over reminds the Hajaj about establishing the remembrance of Allah and remembering Allah much in Surah Al Baqarah Allah azza wa jal he said for either a folk to make out of it for the Quran, Allah and Allah Masha Allah al haram with guru who can come Allah azza wa jal is telling the people when you finish from

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Allah and you move on to Moose deliver, then establish Allah subhanho wa Taala is remembrance make vicar of Allah observation, Allah azza wa jal then he says, for either a way to mana seeker, comfort guru, Allah, how can we click on

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the vicar, Allah azza wa jal, he tells the journey once again, when you finished all the rituals, rituals of an Hush, he says, For God Allah, make mention of Allah. Remember Allah can be critical about

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the vehicle in the same manner, you would make mention of your parents when you are young and even more, you know a child. When a child is at home. Growing up, the only thing he knows is to say Mum and Dad, that's all he knows. And he says it so many times. You know, people that have children know this about their children. They continuously repeat mum, mum, mum, dad, dad that and this is exactly what Allah azza wa jal is saying. He's telling the judge when you finish the hush, and look how beautiful this is, because when you finish and harsh, you're clean from your sins, you're as though now you're a newborn. So as you're a newborn now, Allah azza wa jal, he gives instruction and

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command to the judge. And he said to them, when you finish the rituals of an homage for God Allah, remember Allah azza wa jal Kavik recomb accom in the same manner, you used to always make remembrance and mention of your parents Oh Aisha, that Nicola and remember Allah even more love Akbar? Allah azza wa jal in Solothurn Bacara again for the third time, he says with guru Allah Hafiz a yam in my do that make dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala during these days during these days of Tunisia, in Salton hush Allah subhanahu wa taala says, Lea shadow Manaphy Allah Who way as guru SML Allah He fi a yam in Maluma, Allahu Akbar once again, everyone absolutely Allahu Anhu he says, and a

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young man who met the known specific days of the 10 days of the Asia, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who tells us way of Guru way of Guru salah. This is a present tense and present tense in the Arabic language implies continuity. Hola my brothers and sisters in Islam rush to remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa Dyana rush to the Quran, Allah subhanahu wa taala rush. Now there are people that have finished seeing Subhan Allah 100,000 times, there are people that have made that clear and they have surpassed the 100,000 mark, there are people up to 200,000 times they've reached Subhan Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah, La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, the simple the simple worship, that doesn't

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require woowoo doesn't require facing the Qibla doesn't require all of these just from where you are, make dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala these are the deeds of a thicket, and who shows that are in Mecca. Now they're about to start their house. They have been commanded to establish the Corolla during their house, because that's the purpose of an homage to remember Allah azza wa jal now if you cannot be with them, and were not able to be with energy and doing hdc do the purpose of an Housh do what the purpose of an homage is, which is establishing the Corolla, so establish the Corolla he Tana from where you are from your homes. You can join the judge with this great ritual, and that is

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the Corolla he Subhanahu wa Taala