Lesson from Surat Al Baqara

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Lesson from Surat Al Baqara: Don’t let your desires delude you.

June 7, 2016


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various aspects of Islam's legal system and implementation, including the use of "weacing" in reference to surahs and loss of ties and negative experiences. It also highlights the dangerous practices of Islam's sub consistently and repeatedly, which can lead to negative behavior, and warns people to not be afraid of their actions and to apply the law in a way that is not offense to others. It is important to apply the law in a way that is not offense to others and allow them to be elevated.
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There are the stories of the wicked. We have the story of a nation and bending Islam in we have many laws we have the legislation of Ramadan, we have one of the most beautiful is about darat and soprano law, everything from divorce to interest and usury to the laws of fighting. All of that is covered within this sort of, it's a very instructional sorta as well. And you might wonder some how to love with everything in the surah it could have been named after many things, it could have been named, sorta till Kitab. For example, you know, it could have been named after the Quran, the chapter about the Quran. But why does it focus on or why is the name of the surah this one episode,

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which is a Lakota, the cow. And essentially what we see as we were just actually going through the laws of divorce, what we see is that a loss of Hannah horchata in the surah gives us the nation of bending Islam as the wicked amongst them, because we have to remember that just as they had wicked people amongst them, they also had rights as people amongst them, that the wicked amongst them, which unfortunately became the majority, every time a loss of Hannah Montana sent them a law, they found a way to selectively apply it because their desires had overcome them. If akula Marja kumaraswamy malata Juan Fusco stock Martin farrakhan at the bottom of every concept was even

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mentioned that those desires became so much that eventually when they could not access their desires the way that they wanted to, when they found no more loopholes, they denied their profits, they started to become aggressive with their profits. And they even started to kill them because the message was not agreeing with their desires. And so even though there was an acknowledgment externally that it's divine revelation to me, no want to be bothered kitabi what's gonna be borrow, you believe in one part of the book and you disbelieve in another part of the book. And of course, eventually number three on minella Dino turkey taba, Kitab Allahu wa hoody, him can no no yeah and a

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moon that eventually they throw the bat the book behind their back as if they don't know anything about it as if they are in complete disregard of it. What is the point here out of everything that we're hearing now the laws that we're going through certain Baccarat the reason why it's named Al Baqarah, is because Allah gave these people a very simple comment. In a lie moto calm and turbo Baccarat, Allah commands you to slaughter a cow.

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They could have taken that command for themselves. And they could have applied it the way that Allah subhanaw taala told them to apply it. But instead in their attempt to find loopholes, and their attempt to selectively apply, they ended up making things more difficult on themselves and earning the wrath of a loss of hundreds as well in the process. When we look at the rulings that we're going through, right now divorce, whether we're talking about divorce, the you know, the IRS about Riba about usury, the longest verse in the Quran is coming up, which is I have today in the verse about debts and how to apply debt. What we notice is that there is nothing more dangerous than selectively

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applying the law of Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, sometimes complete rejection of it is better than masquerading as applying it, while selectively applying it while abusing it, when someone takes the elements of divine revelation that are beneficial to them, and they abuse those elements of divine revelation, while ignoring those that are against them in a case of disputes in a case of battle. In a case of marriage, or in a case of divorce, or in a case of a business contract. Not only are they are you know not only are they earning the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala they are going to find themselves tripping over themselves. And that's exactly what happened with Benny Islam in the last

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panel to Allah mentions, well, you know, that they did not wrong the loss of hundreds adelakun candle and fusa on the on the moon, that they wrong their own cells. Here we have another mention that whoever turns away from the book of Allah subhanaw taala valamar nafsa that he only wrongs himself, you'll end up tripping over yourself and you will end up making things harder on yourself. And somehow knowledge there is no greater abuse, there is no greater transgression than taking what Allah subhanaw taala gives you and abusing it for your material gain abusing it for your worldly elevation. And we find a loss of 100 ties telling us how this can be done in all of these different

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ways and all of these different methods and and all of these different transactions and interactions that we find in our lives. And so Allah subhanaw taala warns us Do not be like that and

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that came before you. And if you notice in this part of suits and bacara, we're no longer hearing the stories of the people of Musa alayhis salaam. We're being told about ourselves, you know what's happened with them has happens. Now worry about yourselves. Now look at your own daily interactions. Now make sure that you yourself are not abusing the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now you need to look deep within yourself and see how you apply it. And it's it's it's absolutely disgusting. When we find people that will abuse the religion for their benefit. You know what happens as a result, they end up making the dean ugly to other people as well. They end up making it horrible to other

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people. We look at our Isa and he his salon by the time he saw a salon inherited the remnants of Benny swai, the last generation of Benny saw the last warning to them, he condemned more than anyone else, the Pharisees, the rabbis, the scholars of the Torah, why because you've caused people to hate the religion, by your selective practice of it and by your abusive. So Pamela, you're in a you're in a dispute, and whenever aspects aspect of life that you're in, and you end up abusing the Scripture, abusing the text, to give yourself a one up on the other person and maybe, maybe you're more you know you're more capable of abusing the text. As a result, you can end up turning that person away

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from Allah subhanaw taala, and everyone who's observing them. So it's a very dangerous game to play with the divine revelation. Instead, Allah Subhana Allah tells us to acknowledge our weaknesses, we have a standard, we have a law, you will inevitably fall short in some aspects of your life, sometimes you're going to be in the wrong sometimes you're going to mess up instead of trying to abuse the law, to justify your mistakes, to justify your mess ups to justify your incorrect course instead of going to lengths even to make the Sunnah ugly, even to make the Koran ugly to other people, because it gives you you know, the higher ground in a dispute that you're having, whether

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it's marital, whether it's financial, whether it's, you know, business contract, or whatever it may be, acknowledge your shortcomings, acknowledge them. A lot is not unforgiving. A law created you and he knows how you are, Allah knows that you're going to mess up. So instead use the darat that he gave you. Well then our attackmen Alina is one comma Hamilton who Allah Allah Dena min Polina Robin Amara to Hamilton, Amara Takata Lana be one for Anna Lena or Hannah antimo Lana from sadhana Ll calm and Catherine. Although we're not trying to escape, we're not trying to claim that we're angels. If our father Adam alayhis salaam could be let it lead away in a moment of heedlessness, then of

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course, we're going to be away in some moments of our lives. But so long as you acknowledge that shortcoming and acknowledge that it's your fault that a lot did not make the religion too hard on you. And a lot did not make the standard too hard on you, and I will still do my best to apply the law the way that Allah revealed it and inshallah to Allah, Allah will always be forgiving. You will never find Allah too harsh or unforgiving with you. You will always find a lot willing to forgive you, no matter what you have done, no matter what the crime was, no matter how grievous the sin was. But don't play with the law of Allah. That's the main lesson we take from sort of Bukhara Don't play

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with the law of Allah. If you're falling short, you're falling short. Let the law remain intact. Don't make the religion ugly and defeat the purpose of it so that you can want up somebody or so that you can gain elevation in this world. We ask a lot to protect us because that is literally playing with fire. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us just in all of our affairs and to make us amongst those that strive for perfection even though they acknowledge their own imperfections and all of their affairs. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us when we inevitably fall short of that standard, and to allow us to be to be elevated in His sight and in

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general into the level of gender and for the dose and the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Lama amin soleimani from time to time

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are you

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