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Al-Anbiya 51-82 Translation 51-82

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la surah Hill Kareem another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim are the srsly surgery were Sidley, MD. Washington letter melissani kuqali openers in our in Lesson number 166 sootel ambia is number 51 to 82. Translation. What an odd uncertainly entertainer, we give Ibrahima to Abraham bush. The Who? His sound judgment, his rectitude men from a blue before welcome and we will be here with him. I only mean once who know if when all he said Lee to his father will call me he and his people, man, what has he this actor Matthew, the statues allottee which and don't you all love her for it? Our kifune once devoted,

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do they said what's your dinner we found Abba Anna, our forefathers let her for it. IV Dean want to worship

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Allah He said, Lockard certainly control you all unto you all we're about to come and your father's see in Berlin misguidance string will being one day is clear. I know. They said Ajay Turner will help. Have you come to us with the truth or until you are men from alarie been those who play

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caller he said well rather Rob bukom your Rob Rob is rob a semi word of the heavens while up and the earth and lady who fought or hoonah He created them will enter and I am Allah upon that equal that are you all main from a share have been those who bear witness what Allah He and by Allah lucky then surely I will definitely plot a snare McComb against your idols bother after. And that to Alou you altern would have been one to turn their backs

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for jarana home so he made them do that and in pieces, fragments Illa except Tiburon biggest the home of them La La home so that they lie to it. Or to him. Your June they return.

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Carlo they said man who ferula he did Heather this be early hatena with our gods in the who indeed he lemon surely from a volley mean? the wrongdoers? ALU they said, Samir Anna we heard fatten a huge am men yet karamo he mentioned them you all do? It is said the who to him. Ibrahim Ibrahim ALU they said to Ben you all come be with him. Allah upon our you eyes a nurse of the people Lala whom so that they do they bear witness kalu they said have you for Alta you did Heather this be earlier dinner with our gods Yeah, Ibrahim Ibrahim Allah He said Bal rather farla who he did it Kabira whom biggest of them had this first alumina so you all ask them in if ganhou they were young at home,

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they speak for Roger so they returned ILA to unfussy him themselves for ALU. So they said in nichrome indeed you and Tom you all have volume on the wrongdoers. So then Nuki Sue, they were reversed Nuki Sue they were reversed our law upon what Oh see him there had lacquered certainly art into you and you may not have Allah He these young Tikun they speak

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Allah He said do for them dar buena you all worship men from dooney other than Allah He Allah man that which led not yet farrakhan it prophets you share anything with Allah and nor Yoko it harms you

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often lack of for you all walima and for that which that will do you all worship men do nilla for other than Allah, a fella do the not that balloon. You use interact, you all understand

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they said

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Have you all burned him? Once? And you all support? Help, Elliot acoem you're God's in control. You were very lean once you do.

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corner we said yeah, no oh fire. Guney be Burton coolness was Salomon and safety

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Allah upon Ibrahim Ibrahim Alayhi Salam what Allah do and they intended be here with him gave them a plot fudger on their home so we made them an accessory in the worst losers when a Jaina who and we rescued him while often and loot enter to the land, and Lottie which Baraka we blessed fee her in it. Lil Arla mean for the world's what will happen, and we've restored we gifted laahu to him, his haircut is half way our group and your group earlier was sent a nasty letter as additional.

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Were colon and all jalna we made fun of him ones who are righteous. What do y'all know whom and we made them imitate leaders? Yeah, don't they guide the arena by our command. We're ohana and we revealed la him to them fairly doing a lot the good deeds were a karma and establishing a center of the center with ether and giving a Zika of the Zika What can I know and they were learner for us? Are we the ones who worship

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when we open and do attina who we gave him schucman judgment were ilma and knowledge when a Jaina who and we rescued him, men from the city and Lahti which candidate was that our marylu it does it commits. alhaja is the wicked deeds, the evil deeds

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in the home indeed they can no they were our people. So in our evil first team once across limits,

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what are the Horner who and we admitted him fee in rush mattina our mercy in the who indeed he men from a Salim the righteous. Why no one knew it when nada he called out men from public before. First javelina so we responded now who for him fernet Jaina who will be rescued him will Allah who and his family, men from alcohol, the distress under Aleem the great

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one I saw now who and we helped him main from home the people alladhina those who get the Boo they belied the ayah Tina with our signs in the home indeed they can do they were calmer people so in an evil forever aachener home so we drowned them, edge marine all together,

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where their water and their wood was to lay man and Sulaiman or they must sit on it when kumaoni they both gave judgment fee in concerning and helps the field is when Natasha it overran never shut it over when fee in it varnam cheap account of the people were corner and we were they shocked me him for their judgment shahidi was a witness for HANA. So we made to comprehend it. So Damon Sulaiman well Colin and all attina we gave Pokemon sound judgment where Elma and knowledge was the Horner and we subjected Mara with the wood the wood LG Bella the mountains. You sufficient, they glorify what Tyra and the birds Wakanda and we were very lean ones who do what I love now who and we

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taught him Sonata grafting, making levels and gods of armor, Leverkusen coats of armor lecan for you a little cleaner calm so it protects you men from Betsy comb your war for her. So our until you all check your own ones who are grateful when this will a man and for Sulaiman as the head the wind are safer than one that blows forcefully

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one that blows forcefully that God It blows, it proceeds be Emily he at his command ILA to the earth and Lottie which Baraka we have blessed see her in it Wakanda and we were equally with every shaking thing. It means

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ones who know

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woman and from a shaft lean the devil's man who yellow Suna de de la who for him We are meluna and they did MLM work doona other than that because that Wakanda and we were not home for them happy we want to God wants to protect

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Paul all at

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I'm Rena hyena,

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be the vd 101 and Jane.

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the heat

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