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said I want you to lie on a couch with your brother. Yeah. Hey Ibrahim with another daily tip see the Tafseer of Jews. I'm not a pseudo a day we're at the first chapter that was ever revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. So I send them it's a chapter all of us as Muslims immediately recognize, at least know the very first few verses of it, of the 96th chapter of the Koran read or sortal to Ladakh, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins this momentous chapter, this amazing statement to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with important lessons to ponder and consider, in this order, you're going to see that Allah subhanaw taala makes mankind come to an understanding of their utter

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dependency upon him for their survival, that there's no such thing as I can go it alone and I can make it on my own, there's always a need for you to turn to your divine, the ultimate Allah soprano to Anna. Number two, it's a reminder about the importance of knowledge and where it truly stems from the importance of the favor of a law upon mankind in blessing us with the ability to learn, teach and transmit to others and have it built on with future generations. A lot also speaks about the consequence of evil that is done and showing empathy to the path of truth and immunity to the path of God. have also speaks and commands us to obey Him in all circumstances in all conditions, even

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when it's not entirely clear that the default within the submissive soul of a believer is to always accept that which was revealed by Allah as a path of truth to him a lot begins by saying ikura read spamela the very first word given to the prophets lie Selim is about enlightenment and learning and study. Now consider that the prophets I seldom was Rumi, the word only means it sounds like the word only my mother, right? Oh, me. And that's exactly what it means. Only means like, you've just come out of your mother, Leia, Ala Moana shy, you don't know anything. So the Prophet was, oh, me. Well, that couldn't be multitap you didn't know what this book was what this revelation would be sent to

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you or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam if caught up, Bismillah. Read in the name of your Lord, meaning read with the power given to you by your Lord, give read with the faith that has been decreed for you and no other person to be the transmitter of this word. Read in the blessings that you will receive from your Lord, read, seeking to enlighten yourself and others by the word of God through this revelation across all of that means it cannot read, come to an understanding study and the fruition of the importance of this revelation of God this Malbec link it back to your Lord and levy Halak He is the one who created he's not the one who created from things that are already in

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existence, he brought into existence but do semi lateral or that which was not there, he made out of nothingness, something and that frustrates anyone who wants to speak about God in an unintelligible way and say, you know, prove it prove is there. your actual life is testament to the creation of the one who made from nothing, something so kind of colorful inside. So the next verse is he's the one who created men, look to yourself for Leonardo da insano mimico let mankind look inward into where they have come from what they were created from. So Allah says, Allah Al insana mean Allah, He created mankind. And now you our creation comes from that thing that is coagulated that clings

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within the womb of their mother. astounding statement, considering the time this was revealed in a column read, and you will find your Lord is the Most Generous if you link this sorta to the previous sort of sort of the theme you see that Allah says that he created mankind p as any taco him in the best of modalities and creation with enlightenment and an insight, the roadmap they tell us that the greatest creation of a law that he blessed mankind with is the ability to study and learn and read and transmit and build upon the knowledge of those in the past. If so, it comes back to reading. And therefore there's two forms of reading of Korra, which is the divine reading what has been revealed

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to you get caught up on Google Chrome and also read and use what has been revealed, to come to discover that which Allah has allowed you to discover of the sciences of the humanities, all the things that you interact with in the world, and live the kind of he's the one who's giving you the ability to study and learn and transmit with the pen. And therefore two levels of knowledge, the divine higher knowledge, which is the knowledge delivered from a law received by a lot, and the knowledge that stems from it that comes from the creation of a law that we can discover, which separates us from the animals and the other creation, even the angels I lemon in Santa Madame yanam

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verse number five, it is a law who has taught man that which he could not have known without him, and therefore the discoveries that we come you find it astounding that many of them are accidental, you know, penicillin and these kinds of things, medical advances, engineering advances. It's not something where someone

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deliberated upon them and then came to fruition, but many of it is something that is fortuitous, and by Divine Decree, he allowed mankind to come to an understanding of things that he could not have understood without divine intervention. Kela nevertheless, Allah says, In Santa Liaquat, even with all this, mankind is prone to overstepping and transgressing the bounds with disbelief and evil deed. De Leon means it's like a tsunami. It's like you know that there's a bearing you go over it, you flood over, surely mankind is prone to flooding over in their sins and in their dealings with God who's stuck now? Because they consider themselves self sufficient, that level of mankind who

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says I can do whatever I want, who's there to stop me? I'm master of my own domain I'm, I'm the one who chooses what's right and wrong for me. I have no authority but myself my decisions in that a lot of big arogya Do they not consider that to a lot is their eventual return? Do they not consider that everyone will be accountable for how they lived eventually they will stand before the main core of all existence. Then a lot in verse number nine onwards begin to give a case study of Abu Abu How can we become a sham? Who is the Pharaoh of our own mother wounds evil character in the time of the prophets lie Selim Otto at Ludhiana Allah says, Do you see this man who forbids you from prayer?

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I've done evil cylinder. Do you see this man who has wickedness in his heart won't even let you pray and won't leave let you pronounce my name.

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I want you to encounter a little boy that doesn't this man. I will just consider for a moment that perhaps you are on a path of guidance. I'm a little bit dakhla that you're only seeking to enjoin pious and righteous conduct or at the bullet Oh Allah, doesn't he? Consider Have you not seen yeah Mohammed so I sell them how we denies this truth and turns away from it lm yallambie and Allahu Allah is in the aware that a law sees all and knows what he is up to and what he is seeking. Doesn't he know that the command and the order and the power is with God color? Now let me let me untie if I will generally doesn't see this behavior, this attitude and his ridicule and his trosset ease that

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he's committing towards you. Let us find that now. So yeah, I will catch him by his for lock. I will bring him down by his head. Now so you have to nkV about him heartier by that lying deceitful head of his his forelock that formulates his sinfulness where he thinks up the evil malicious ways to harm you failure an idea. He will try and attempt to call upon his counsel and assistance and helpers, but who will avail him send them to reserve Ania I will summon the guardians of Hellfire against him kelela to Tahoe yeah Mohammed Mohammed remain firm Keller lateral there who don't obey Him in when he prohibits you from prayer when he purposely prohibits you from piety. Kendall Apple

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Terra, who was Jude walked at him and Paul prostrate rather to me and draw closer to Allah, some kind of love the very last word of this ayah invites us to nearness to Allah and that neediness is achieved by increasing our adoration, worship and affection of Allah. Especially in our prayer fest you would walk prostrate to Allah worship Allah and you will draw near to him soprano tada and integrity girl message delivered to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam important statements that we come from it is the intoxicating power of wealth and authority. Abu Jaitley thought that there was none that was beyond him. He is same as Pharaoh. He said, Don't you see the

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kingdom of Egypt mine who could say no to me? It builds within them at debilitating inability to submit themselves to a lot. It also speaks about being aware of the criminality of others, but to continue with our path unhindered if what we know is truth and lit by the path of guidance. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to grind our way. Allah Subhana Allah to add up, has sent this for an over 2030 years to the Prophet Mohammed Salim to strengthen his heart and it began with that word, read. And therefore I say to my dear brother, my dear sister, continue your path of knowledge for it will lead you to prosperity to sujood to Jenna and nearness to Allah. May Allah always continue to

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bless us with enlightenment in Nepal and and of its dealings and teachings. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to port Baraka in this series and allow us to complete it. This was your brother Yeah, Brahim with another daily tips here the 96th chapter of the whole and soil Delilah. This mural, the HELOC, it is Surah a de

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la he