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Quran 30 for 30. Al Fatiha and Al Baqara summary.

June 6, 2016

Ramadan is the month of Quran.
Al Fatiha and Al Baqarah
Fatiha (Umm Al Kitaab) –
Opening of Quran is a supplication for guidance. Prophet (saw) “Dua is essence of worship”
Asking Allah for guidance
Baqarah –
Ain Surah Fatiha we asked for guidance and then in this surah Allah responds that this book has guidance.
Allah gives us reasons why we should believe in him in surah Baqarah – stories of how to seek guidance, what guidance is, how to be sincere, reasons we fall from guidance. Always be sincere Allah will be with you.
The Quran is a book wherein there is NO DOUBT. Always seek refuge from Allah.
Allah speaks about 3 people:
Those who believe in Allah and accept guidance
Those who purposely turn away from guidance and their hearts eyes and ears are sealed
Those who are hypocrites who use guidance for their own good (material/worldly benefit).
Story of Adams (as) – fell from guidance (due to simple desire) and was guided again – (Repentance). Follow Allah’s guidance and there will be no fear upon you nor shall you grieve.
Iblis guided Jinn – lost guidance (pride) much harder to return to Allah.
Firawn – a man who insists upon pride and put it before everything including divine guidance.
Bani Israel – Insist on desire, some may turn to Allah again others insist upon their desire until it hardens the heart much like firawn
Sulaiman (as) – had access to desires and a great kingdom! He (as) remained close to Allah, a beacon of guidance.
Ibrahim (as) – Abrahamic way is unique from all the children of Adam. The way of Deen. Representing everything a person would want to achieve in becoming close to Allah. “Oh Allah send from amongst them a messenger that would recite upon them its verses……”
Guidance – Quran
Implementation of that Guidance – Rasul (saw)
Allah places purification before knowledge – purification first from desires
Qiblah is switched to the Kaaba.
Allah has prescribed upon you fasting as it was prescribed upon those before you so that you may attain taqwa.
Fasting is supposed to bring guidance into your life.
Guidance comes in Ramadaan – by gaining piety, glorifying Allah and being grateful. Thank Allah for guidance.
“When my servant asks of me I am near to him, I answer the call of the caller when he calls upon me…..”
Rushd – guidance in your actions (Rashidoon – guided)
Enter into Islam (submission) entirely – do not follow the footsteps of Shaytan and Firawn. Rather follow Ibrahim, Moosa, Rasul (saw)
Allah does not burden you beyond your scope. Every soul will have what is within its scope.
Fatihah starts with dua for guidance
Baqarah ends with dua to be kept firm upon that guidance

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So now I want to come up with a library card. So everyone so welcome to put on 3430. So hamdulillah we finally have come to this and inshallah, what we're going to do. As you can see, this is not a real professional setup. This is not a YouTube series. This is really just me, I have my phone propped up and I'm in my home office. So you might hear screaming kids at some point. You might hear all sorts of things. But what this is going to do is just give us a background to each Jews, each chapter of the program, as we go through our private Hitman as we go through our private recitation. The Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to finish the Koran in Ramadan, to clear it

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his Salam used to come to him and recite the Quran with him once you know, a total of one time, or at least thoroughly one time during the month of Ramadan. And then of course, in his last year, so a lot while he was alone, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam read the Quran which earlier on in his Salaam, two times and that was a sign of his death and that was to give it full truth beats full firmness with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now, as we're going through this for an entire week, we're listening to it. It's the sun not according to the majority of the scholars to have the poor and recited in its entirety. In total, we have at least once it's the sun, of course, for us to read

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on a private level, I wanted us to be able to really understand have an overview of each chapter as we go through it, hence the poor and 3430 ideas. So inshallah you know, hopefully once all bonds over, I'll get around to recording this professionally so that it can be used for future for future Ramadan's inshallah Tada, but at least for now, you'll just be here in my office and shuttle outside or wherever I may be, every day as we go through it, if I'm traveling for any reason, and I will be traveling a couple of times, inshallah, then what I'll do is I'll just upload a video, at the time that I usually do a live stream, so you can expect it every day around this time, but I can't

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promise you that I'll stick to it. And again, if one of my kids comes busting in,

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please Don't mind them in Charlottetown. So we're going to go ahead and start with a fatty half and abakada so because it's the second it's the first day but for most of us you already had total we recited last night and you've already been through the first juice. I'm actually going to do both of the both of the first chapters of the photo and in this one video inshallah Tada, and just sort of give an overview of sort of the Bakula so the Quran starts off with salted Fatiha and in certain Fatiha Allah Subhana Allah gives us a supplication gives us a darat. And so the opening of the Quran is a supplication for guidance is a doula for a loss of Hannah Montana to guide us. And with that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us a dude who in a Bada, that supplication is, in reality worship, it's the cream of worship. It's the essence of worship. And so Allah subhana wa tada teaches us how to worship him properly, and in this manual of the poor. And the very beginning of the Quran is a draft, which shows you the nature of the relationship that Allah Subhana Allah wants us to have with him, that you're automatically able to approach him directly the poor and does not start off with a story about someone else, or something else. Or the story of another person and their relationship with Allah, the portal and begins with you speaking to a loss of Hannah Montana

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and asking Allah Subhana Allah for guidance. So it starts off with Ahmed Kitab, the mother of the book, the foundation of the book, and sort of how to have an ask, you know, seeking a loss of palletized guidance and a loss of handouts and then providing us with the guidance. So the nature of the relationship with the loss of Hannah Montana, is highlighted just in the way that the Koran actually starts. And then somehow, after we ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, the next Surah Surah Baqarah Allah subhanaw taala says that he can he tabula rasa Eva fi hood, unlimited theme. This is the book in which there is no doubt a guidance for people who are in all the loss of

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hundreds of people who are aware of their Lord and who fear Him and who loved him. So Allah subhanaw taala answers with that guidance. As soon as you ask him for that guidance, you ask a lot he did not slip off and was stepping guidance to the straight path. A lot of response. Here is the book in which there is guidance. And Allah subhanaw taala gives us the manual for guidance throughout sorbitol bacara. What's amazing about certain bacala is that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the reason why we should believe in him. Allah gives us the proof of the book. Allah gives us the stories of the of the first mistakes and Allah gives us the stories of the previous nations and of

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the previous prophets. So last time basically tells us what guidance is why you

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should seek guidance, how to be sincere in that pursuit of guidance. Allah gives us the stories of people who fell off the path of guidance so that we don't fall into that same trap. A lot identifies the factors that cause them to fall from guidance. And Allah subhanaw taala affirms that this message is one that requires dedication on the part of the believer, and that if you are sincere, Allah subhana wa Taala will constantly see you through your obstacles. So it starts off with a law saying, This is the book in which there is no doubt if you realize something very beautiful here. The Quran starts off with huddling with terpene and Lavina umina bill right. This is a guidance for

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the believers, those who believe in the unseen that's the beginning of the book at the end of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah tells us and sorbitan us to seek refuge in Allah from the shape on and amongst the functions of the shape on a levy us Swiss Wolfie sudo dinars, mineralogy. nuttiness are the whispers and the doubts that he brings you. So you're constantly in this struggle, and you are between the beginning and the end of the lab. And that is your solution to the struggle. So law starts off with this is the guidance for those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala, who believe in the unseen and a lot ends off with the shape on who whispers and who whispers and gives us doubts

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and how we have to constantly fight the shape on by seeking refuge. And the one who sent in guidance in the first place a loss of Hannah Horton. So you start off with asking a lot for guidance, no fathia Allah mentions this is guidance in the book that Allah has sent you guidance. And Allah gives us briefly the traits of three types of people because there are three ways that revelation will be received. Okay, those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala and who want to accept that guidance. Those who purposely turn away from guidance cut him Allah, Allah coleauxv him or Allah cemetery him while I applaud him with a shower. And because they turn away from Allah, Allah seals their hearts,

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he seals their eyes, he seals their ears and Allah mentions the hypocrites that are not actually sincerely seeking guidance, but they will use guidance to their worldly benefit when they see fit. So Allah gives us the way that guidance will be received, either the believers will take it sincerely. And this is this is approved for them on the day of judgment and Allah will help them and see them through it. Or they will reject it with arrogance, the way that the disbelievers would reject it or they would be hypocrites and they would utilize guidance, they would utilize divine guidance only for lowly, worldly material benefits. Okay, so they're not sincerely seeking that

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guidance, but rather, they are simply hypocrites, then Allah subhanaw taala starts to give us these stories and they're not random. So Pamela, they are beautiful. Allah gives us the story of the first man and other money his Salah, and what would cause Adam and Eve his Salaam to fall and Allah gives us the story of a police who was a guided jinn guided from a from a species from from the jinn. And he still left guidance, he fell away from guidance. So lush shows us how Adam and his salon fell, and how it least fell obviously with varying with with with much different degrees. But the way that people seem to miss guidance, the way that a person can lose guidance, in the case of Adam and in

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his salon, it was his simple desire. So shadow. Desire is a means of a person missing out guidance when they let their desires get the best of them. And so they would turn away from guidance for that reason, in the case of a police in the case of the devil, it's pride itself and spent a lot when a person suffers from the disease of pride, they find it much harder to come back to a loss of hundreds rather than a person that suffering from simple desire. In the case of Adam and Eve. It was simple desire that caused him to temporarily disconnect himself from that guidance of Allah, which was explicit, do not eat from this tree. And in the case of obliques, it was a destructive

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characteristic a destructive flaw of pride, which would cause employees to permanently turn away from guidance. So you have two reasons for turning away from guidance. One of them is desire and it's temporary. The other one is pride. And it's permanent because of at least insisting on that permanence. Now, in the case of other money Salaam, he comes back to Allah, he comes back to guidance and Allah subhana wa tada says, Furman, Toby budaya Farah whoa finale him without whom he has no. Allah says to add the mighty his Salaam and his descendants, as they've come to this earth, that as long as you follow my guidance, there will be no fear upon you, nor shall you grieve. So

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once again this idea of turning back to guidance. So you have these two ways

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desire and pride. Now if you go to the people of Musa alayhis salaam and fit around as it transitions to Benny saw he, then he is slightly initially turned away from Allah Subhana Allah do their due to their desires. And of course, as they insisted upon their desires that became a form of pride in its own right, but they were always wavering, right? Sometimes they came back to a law, sometimes they pulled away from Allah. And so Allah subhanaw taala gives us an example of how, when your desires get the best of you, they can eventually lead you far, far, far astray. But in the case of fiddletown, you have the equivalent of shape on and a human being. So Pamela, you have for their

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own, a man who insists upon his pride, a man who literally puts his pride before not only divine guidance, but humanitarianism, before any sense of empathy. he worships himself in the true sense of the word and expects everyone to worship Him in the true sense of the word. So for their own insists on pride, Benny is slightly insists on desire, some of Benny Islam even comes back to Allah subhanaw taala, as did Adam it, his Salah, and some of them insist until the desire hardens their heart, until it becomes a place of pride until it becomes a you know, a form of pride that is satanic. And of course, in the case of film, you once again have pride. So Subhanallah, you have these these

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divergent paths that are being mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala. It starts off with guidance, how audiences in general will receive guidance, then the story of Adam and his beliefs and the story of Musa alayhis salam and bending a slide and fit around that Allah Subhana Allah, it's interesting, it's interesting, Allah mentions to us stood a man at his salon. And the reason why should a man at his Saddam's mansion is so significant along this theme, is because soon a man had access to his desires, and he had all of the elements that would usually make a person full of pride. So he had all he had a kingdom greater than the kingdom of throne, and he had access to the desires the way

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that many saw you could have only dreamed of having access to. Yet still soon a man at his salon was able to take those elements and to channel them in a way that would bring him closer to Allah Subhana Allah and make him a beacon of guidance, rather than one who turns away from guidance. While not kefalos Selena was killed in a sale, Lena cafaro sued a man at his salon did not disbelieve. Rather, it was the sale Thien that disbelief. So in such a manner, Islam, you have a man that that has kingdom, he has access to his desires, he has everything that would lead a person astray. But instead he uses that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and becomes rightly guided shortly after

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you have the mention of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and Ibrahim alayhis. Salam. Our father Abraham is significant for many reasons. But in this context, there are the children of Adam and Eve his Salaam and then there is a uniqueness, the uniqueness from all of the children of Adam and his Salaam and those who follow the way of Abraham it has set up the Abrahamic paths, a Deen on hanifa the Abrahamic way, the way that Allah subhanaw taala inspired Ibrahim alayhis salaam and the way that we are expected to live up to the path of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. So this next layer of uniqueness is now inserted in Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, and of course, the third layer of uniquenesses and

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following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but here in the Abrahamic way, and following Ibrahim it is. So Allah Subhana, Allah mentions the children of Adam that follow the way of Abraham the way the way of Abraham is Allah. Allah praises his character in many different ways, this beautiful epitome of one who is truthful to Allah have one who always seeks guidance, and of one who, no matter what is thrown at him. He constantly responds in the way that's pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala the example of submission to the guidance that's been sent to you, not questioning Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, not finding loopholes. The way that Benny is saw he did not not not

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feeling a sense of pride by the great position that Allah gave him. Ibrahim alayhis salam represents everything that a person would want or that a person would want to achieve. In coming close to Allah Subhana Allah if Allah Allahu Allahu Aslam Allah, Islam to the noble and I mean, every time Allah told this man to submit, he said that I submit myself to the Lord of all of all the world's meaning Ibrahim alayhis salam never showed stubbornness. He never showed preference to his desires over what Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to do. He always preferred the way of Allah subhana wa tada and there is so much beauty in that so Allah mentions his character.

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And what he wanted to see from his children, not terrible doing them in Burundi,

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you know, giving, giving the will to his children to continue to worship Allah and stick to guidance, and what he wished to see from his offspring and from his nation from his progeny. And that's one alum mentions to us his Dr. Robin Weber. I feed him a lawsuit and Minh home, yet to allay him AR Tikka. While you are in limbo, Makita will hikma why use a ki O Allah sent from amongst them a messenger that would that would recite upon them the verses and that would teach them the book and its wisdom. So we teach them the book and its wisdom and the wisdom here is the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as Imam Shafi Rahim Allah to Allah Narita consensus on the sinner is what is

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what allows us to actually understand the Quran and approach the Quran properly. So Allah sends us the guidance, he sends us the implementation of that guidance and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was at key him and to purify them, purify them of what of the things that we've already seen that took people away from guidance of the desires, that they would give preference to over what Allah subhanaw taala commands them to do. And of the pride that could cause a person to permanently insist on misguidance until they meet the most humiliating and so purification and of course, there's preference to that, as we see later on in the answer to money. So Allah please test

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kiya before in a love place purification, before knowledge, because if a person is a slave to their desires, or to their own ego or pride, then they will inevitably use the guidance that Allah sends to only fulfill those two lowly goals. So Allah subhanaw taala, switch the order of test kiya and purification and knowledge and his response. And so that's what, that's what Ibrahim is wish to see in this oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so hamdulillah after that Allah mentions the change of the fibula, the change of the direction of the prayer, from Jerusalem, to the Kava, and it's beautiful because Allah is mentioning to us Ibrahim alayhis salaam and is married and he is

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Salam. Building the carrabba asking Allah for acceptance asking a lot to send about a prophet that would live that would live up to those expectations to those standards and that Allah mentions that Prophet coming and his oma being commanded to face that very house that was built by Ibrahim it has set up as he and his son as married may do app for the prophets lysozyme and his nation. So we face the way of Imani Salaam, both physically and spiritually. We adapt that standard, we adopt that standard that Ibrahim Ali Salaam, wish to see in his progeny and wish to see in the form of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Allah Subhana Allah mentions quickly barren eco

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mausoleum. Qmr cootie van de la Vina in Cabo de con la la comme teta porn, that Allah has prescribed upon you fasting, as he prescribed it on those who came before you so that you could gain taqwa, so that you could gain piety. And in the beginning of circle buckler, who then Lin Mata Ki, it's only a guidance for people of taqwa. So fasting is to give you the taqwa so that you can properly bring guidance into your life to bring guidance into your life. And in fact, when Allah mentions Ramadan, under the unzila, he'll call and the month in which the Quran was revealed and in fact the profits license said all of the scriptures were revealed within the month of Ramadan coinciding with the

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month of Ramadan. So guidance comes in Ramadan. And the goal of Ramadan is to give you taqwa is to give you the tool, the piety to be able to really inculcate that guidance into your own life. And allow some hands on says when he took me to the data, worry to kept Billa Allah has come when I will Allah contest Quran, not only do you gain piety and become aware of Allah Subhana Allah, as you finish the month of Ramadan, you glorify a loss of Hannah Montana, you praise Him, you declare his greatness, and you thank him for what to kibito Lucha Allah maha.com you thank him for that guidance, you realize that that guidance is not imposing it's not harsh mountains and not illegal or

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annalee Tasha it's not to cause you stress it's not to cause you anxiety, but it's to give you the best of this world and the best of the next. So you thank Allah for guidance. Once you have Taqwa, which you achieve if you practice Ramadan and practice fasting, the way that Allah Subhana Allah commanded you to practice fasting so so Pamela, the plan starts with a draft for guidance, and then Al Baqarah. The story of the chapter of abakada tells us how to be good

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it and then Allah mentions Ramadan as the month in which we really really value guidance we learn to come to value guidance and then Allah mentions that again so started off with the deer in certain fatty

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and adapt particularly for guidance, a deer out particularly for guidance and then it came to a loss of Hannah Montana mentioning to you that he sent you guidance and then adura what either said or alarm mentioning the importance of dura what either sir like Eva de Annie for in need or re orgy whoo they're out there either there and fell yesterday Woody, what do you mean will be there along the ocean? Allah subhanaw taala says when my servant asks of me, I am near to him Oh gee Buddha with a daring either I answer the call of the caller when he calls upon me. So let them answer my call and let them believe in me so that they may manifest guidance like unlock your shadows so that they

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can gain guidance rushed is a level above hedaya it's even greater guidance. It's when guidance manifests itself in your ml in your actions as well. So some of the scholars who said he Daya is guidance towards knowledge it's guidance to the path rushed his guidance in your Mmm it's guidance in your actual actions it's when it manifests itself in guidance that's why they're called adhaalath that allows he doing the on the righteous Khilafat they are guided in both they're in and he died and in their action in rushed so Allah says when you call upon me and when you answer my call, you will achieve guidance in every single way and somehow love we fast forward we fast forward a little

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Allah mentions Yeah, he will Edina Amina Whoo hoo Rufus Sydney Kapha. What are two tiberiu hota watershape en O you who believe enter into submission entirely, enter into Islam entirely the way that Ibrahim alayhis salaam did and do not follow the footsteps of shape on the way that atomized on temporarily did but he came back to a loss of Hannah Montana. Don't follow the footsteps of shape on the way that Benny is slightly insisted on doing an urn their destruction. Don't follow the footsteps of shape on like for their own and so on so forth. follow the way of the villa Imani Salaam, follow the way of Adam is them who came back to Allah follow the way of musante is set up

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who did not let the obstacles in life deter him follow that odorheiu facility cafa enter into Islam all together enter fully into submission and do not follow the path of shavon and at the end of the surah it's beautiful Allah says law you can leave alone Epson Illa was aha this guidance is not overbearing. A lot does not burden you beyond your scope. A lot did not give Adam is not something he could not handle a lot did not give Benny Islam in what he could not handle a lot that it makes it around too powerful to where he wouldn't be able to find guidance because today man it is so landed a loss of Hannah Montana does not overburden a person law you can only falafel Neff son in

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law was Allah will not give you more than you can handle in the form of this guidance, which he expects you to submit to Lucha Kesava to aneja mechta server so every soul will have what is within its scope. And Allah once again gives us your app. So it started off with the dotnet 31 It ends with a giraffe in Al Baqarah. In Al Fatiha, you're asking Allah for guidance at the end of Al Baqarah. You're asking Allah Subhana Allah to keep you firm on that guidance, you see the beautiful correlation. So Pamela, the way that they come together. So at the end of certain bacala, these two, these last two verses and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given these two verses

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directly under the throne of a loss of Hannah Montana in these last two verses, there's an affirmation man below your melodica to he were called to be he also he that they all believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala they believe in the angels. They believe in all of the books, they believe in all of the messengers we are accepting this entire, you know, platform of guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us we believe in the Day of Judgment, and we are we are submitters to that we submit fully to that guidance. Okay? And then you ask Allah Subhana Allah, but I've been allowed to ask him in the center of Allah do not take us to task if we forget or we or we do things

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out of mistake, or Ben our chairman Elena Islam cannot have elder who Allah Latina man Kadena and all lot don't place upon us a burden like you placed on those who came before our banner whether to have Milena Manor top Atlanta be an O Allah do not give us what we don't have the ability to be able to

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To carry and submit to work for welfare Elana or pardon us, forgive us and have mercy upon us. And this month we will be asking a lot of love in a careful one Kadima to hibel Africa. Fat for me, Oh Allah, you are the partner you love to pardon. So Pardon me. So you're acknowledging that Oh Allah, you love to forgive you love to pardon. I know that I will never be able to. I will not be infallible I will make mistakes I will trail off at sometimes from guidance but makes a lot helped me stay firm on that guidance that I asked you for. Help me stay committed to it helped me submit to it. And forgive me when I inevitably fall and fail at times. wire for an Wafula now or Hamner.

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antimo Lana from sadhana lol, Coleman Kathleen, you are our protector. So support us against against those who reject you against those who oppress us against those who try to divert us also do an answer vilella those who try to take us from your path. So protect us, Allah give us victory give us firmness. It's beautiful. So Pamela it starts off with the duality. It ends with the duality. And everything about infinity hat and bacala is about guidance and guidance is the purpose of life. As long as you submit to it. You can ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will guide you and Allah will answer you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us and to make us firm

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upon that guidance and to not burden us beyond our scope. We ask Allah to grant a sincerity. We ask a lot to grant us the qualities of the profits that are beloved to him and we ask a lot to join us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and all of the prophets and the writers and the martyrs in the highest level, Jonathan for those who love nermeen so inshallah tada that summarizes certain buckler 1300 Bukhara tomorrow we'll go ahead and we'll start with some audio Milan and Shalane will summarize the third just so you just got the first two pages and a little more actually completed. I'll see you guys tomorrow on chocolates either hopefully at three

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o'clock, Central Time, four o'clock eastern does a little fade on please do share the video with all that you everyone that you know, and forgive me if I'm a minute or two off every single day. This is going to be an interesting and interesting experience. So we'll see how it goes. So that when it comes to law here