Layers of Misguidance

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Alright everyone, so now I come around until I ricotta has been asking me Are you gonna shave on our gym?

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I mean, what are you mean? What are people too much caffeine a lot more slowly. And methodically, I have Dakota suica Mohammed in Salalah while he was alone, while Ernie he also had he was selling to seen in kathira. So, you know, we've been covering this verse in quite some detail and just reflecting on some of the components of it.

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But what I'd like to do, you know, Lazarus had mentioned at the end of this like a feed balerion Bear eat that Verily, they are far You know, they are in error, but a lost contact of particularly uses bear eat, which means they are far away from Allah subhana wa Tada, hula ecoffee, la linbury, they've gone far straight. Now, obviously, we spoke about the different components of this person, right. So this is a person who doesn't just love the world too much, but loves it so much that they would do anything for it, including ruining their own hereafter, and not only ruin their own hereafter, but they would divert others from this path as well. And not only that, but they would

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twist this path to make it less threatening to their worldly interest and to their intoxication with this dunya and so it would like a feed London and Barry, these are people that are far away from the truth and, you know, a straight. Now, there are different ways that a lot describes being straight in the Koran. And I want to talk about this and perhaps next week, inshallah, we'll we'll start by talking about that he can do that he can focus it can be of that he can focus and will be in a lot of talks about layers of success here, a lot of talks about layers of misguidance how astray a person can be. And so you'll see what on and buried, you'll see blood out in movies, you'll see

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blood on and can be up. So I just wanted to reflect a bit on the difference between these three, but the scholars have pointed out, like a feedlot and buried refers to the distance a person is away from Allah, on their path of misguidance. And this is important because you know, one of the things that shape bond wants you to do in your temporary low point is enough to keep you there. And in order to keep you away from Allah keep on drilling you down and down and down. shelana is to is to is to dig your well, right, so to basically dig further and further and further away, distancing you from Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, last week when we were reflecting on the Hadith of the Prophet

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slicin. And where, you know, he talked about the shape on on the top of all of these divergent paths that call you away from the straight path, it doesn't mean it doesn't matter which door you enter. The point is that you enter one of those doors, that's not on the straight path back to Allah. And the goal is then to pull you as deep into that path as possible so that you don't come back. And the beauty of our Lord is that, you know, all you have to do is initiate the process of Toba initiate the process of turning back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then there is no distance that is too far away from him, as evidenced even by the hadith of that man that killed 99 people and asked someone

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you know, ask the worshiper if he had a chance of being forgiven, and the man told him, No, you killed 99 people, and he killed that man to be killed 100 people goes to a scholar, and the scholar tells him who can stand between you and the mercy of Allah, the forgiveness of Allah, but you've got to change, you've got to actually, you know, make a change in your life, not just seek forgiveness, but you have to start over. And he died on the way to that new land that he was going to settle. And that was enough for a loss of hundreds out to forgive him, even if he was closer to the land that he left in actuality, Allah subhanaw taala allowing the earth to shift for this person to actually be

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closer his body to be closer to the land that he was going to. Because that's how Allah subhanaw taala is when a person turns back to him and so the shape on will pull you far away and then tell you you're too far. To go back. You might as well not even try to turn around. A lot tells you if you just start turning around, then that is sufficient for Toba or at least for the process of Toba to take place. And then a person finds himself in the favor of a loss of hundreds as soon as they start to turn back to him. So London and buried is someone far away. A loss specifically though, when you look at the usages of fallen and buried in the Quran. It refers to that person who is not

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just a stray themselves, but they take others with them. And so Allah says in alladhina Capital will subdue and Sabine Allah, but Bahlul lalaland are either that those who have disbelieved and then diverted people from the path of Allah, that they have gone astray, far astray, lalala and buried and so it's the lesser common usage of Lalanne of misery.

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guidance in the end, but it's someone who seeks it out and then seeks to lead others astray as well. Which is just a sign of not just disbelief, but really rebellion against God right and that a person is is actively making themselves an opponent of a loss of Hannah Montana May Allah protect us from that balandin will been is one of you know which which means clear error you are in clear error. It's something that we find used frequently in the Quran. So this these words of Allah Allah in movies are frequently used in the Quran. And it's pretty self explanatory. Well being means plain error. And so you'll see it with Ibrahim it his salon, for example, challenging his people on their

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idol worshipers, you know, or on their idol worship that, you know, how is it that you're worshiping these things that don't bring you any benefit, they don't do any good for you. He's trying to call them using common sense. He's he's using observable proofs, hedges against them. And when they say that, you know, this is what we found our fathers upon, he said, You and your father's are feedlot on and we'll be in in clear error. Right. So London and mobian refers to clear error. But Alan Kabir, this, which means great error, usually is used in regards to the consequences of that error. So when someone is is doing something that is harmful to themselves, but they don't see the harm of

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it, because the harm is not worldly or present in this world, but it is a harm that awaits them in the hereafter. And so they belittle the consequences of their actions, because they're belittling the consequences in the Hereafter, and, you know, belittling the notion of a hereafter altogether, then in anthem in Lafayette balandin can be right, some sort of milk, for example, which we recite nightly,

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you know, when a person is being spoken to, you know, about the consequences of the hereafter for their, for their coup for until Leon and they're voting for their for their, their rejection, wickedness and all of these things, in antem, in Luffy, a lot out in COVID, you know, you are in massive error here. So it's speaking to the consequences. So again, bollin burried balandin varied is someone who seeks it out and leads who seeks out misguidance and leads others astray as well. lalaland mobian, which is the most common one is clear error. So it's speaking to the arguments that are being put forth against against faith as opposed to those that are being put forward. And the

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observable proofs and lalala and COVID refers to the consequences that a person is not considering the consequences of those actions of those deeds, as they do them. Why because they're too intoxicated with the love of this world to even start to see the hereafter to understand the implications of their actions and their deeds in this world. In the Hereafter, what they mean for them in the hereafter. And inshallah tada as I said, next week in sha Allah will talk about phones that are leaned closer and will be infused with computer the different layers of success. But of course, all of these things

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refer to or they speak to the different realities of error. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala guide us and keep us upon guidance make a steadfast on the path of guidance and allow us to attain the goal of guidance being his pleasure and his paradise alone. I mean, does that mean little Hayden was set out to lie here?