How You Act From A Place of Power

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All right, so now I come around to it but uh Carter I would ask him to start off and I'm right handed in I mean there's one a lot and a lot of people to do my check in on Sunday was that the methodical avocado speaker Mohammed Saleh it was seldom find it only he was lucky he was an interesting and concealer. I hope you all are doing well in sha Allah. Actually, in about 30 minutes I'm going to be recording our the hedges series in Charlottetown. So I'll be heading over to studio start recording. So make your offer that that it goes well. I pray that it will be beneficial to everyone did tonight. And tomorrow night in sha Allah. So as I said, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,

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I'll be doing a nightly reminder on Tuesday nights. The next three Tuesdays, I'm going to be going through the life of Ibrahim it said on the life of the Prophet Abraham peace be upon him to give us some background, some historical context sort of the the way that the story plays out in sha Allah. And hint, it will make you appreciate that that hedges series that much more. Now, right now we're just developing some thoughts or just extrapolating some of the gems that come from sort of Abraham, but again, I'm really just touching on something that might be mentioned in brief, and then take it to, you know, a very practical lesson in our life. So this isn't meant to really be a theater

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lesson, as much as just a way for us to reflect on some of the concepts that we can derive from this. After a loss penalty. I'd have mentioned to us that he is Aziz al Hamid, he is the Almighty and the innately praiseworthy, the very next versus Allah hidden levy level math is somehow at a massive outflow even in caffeine I mean are the oven Shaheed typically you're used to Allah hula de a lot of Latina you know who, because it's a lot and then it'll describe, you know, some of the attributes the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. Here, it is a continuation of the disease of Hamid Allah, right. So it's a continuation of the previous verse. And it describes a loss of hunter which

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Allah Allah Hilaire, the law, who manifests somehow it will map it out, it is a lot to Whom belongs all that is in the heavens, and all that is in the earth and well to those who reject the truth from a severe chastisement. Now, because it's a direct connection to Aziz and Hamid, what it refers to is the fact that as we said, that Allah is innately praiseworthy in that he is praiseworthy, whether you praise him or not, or he is Almighty, He does not derive his strength or his power from anyone else here to say that the heavens and the earth belong to Allah subhanaw taala. This law is a little honey, a lot is completely independent, meaning the heavens and the earth belong to a lot in the

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first place. And there's something to be said about this. You know, in the modern world, there's a lot of discussion about who God should be. And so first, it makes the divine abstract unknown, and then we assign using our limited comprehension. Using our false understandings of the world, we assign dimensions to the Creator, to what the divine should be, like, we assign all sorts of attributes to the divine, as we should understand it, right? God should do this, and God should do that. So it's really it's really an interesting projection.

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But the fact of the matter is that Allah is who he is, as he described himself to us, we don't get to project upon Allah subhanho wa Taala anything we know a lot by how he described himself and we connect with a loss of hundreds alibi supplicating to him by making your act to him using the names and the attributes that he gave to us with the rules that he gave us. And what comes from this or one of the implications of this, is that Allah does not wrong though he could wrong right in the sense that Allah subhanho wa Taala no one could check a lost power. No one could say to Allah, that you have to be like this or you should be like this. But the fact that Allah subhanho to Allah is

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the Most Merciful the man over him. He has given himself those names and those attributes no one else gives them to him. It's very beautiful and very powerful. And that's why when Allah subhanaw taala tells us not to wrong in the Hadith glitzy, yeah, Daddy, oh, my servants in the harem to watermelon FC, I may learn how long for me I made it forbidden for me, which I do lubaina mahatama and then I made it forbidden between you, right? So do not wrong one another. And the idea here is that Allah subhana wa tada is saying, look, some people that oppress or that transgress they do so out of a false sense of power. Allah has all power and he does not wrong anyone. Allah subhanaw

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taala is not one lamb a loss pantai does not wrong

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anyone, not even the worst enemy of God, Allah will not wrong that person who lost pets, I will only deal with that person with perfect justice. So what's the lesson for us? Okay? It is much easier to ascribe to noble ideals when you're in a position of weakness to say that if I was on the other side, I would act with this, it's a lot harder when you're in a position where human beings, other human beings can't check you. And that's where a person loses their way, sometimes, okay, they lose their way, sometimes they lose those noble qualities and those noble ideals. Sometimes, when they're in a position of power, something changes, okay. And this is not the way that the believer behaves,

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we find, you know, a very powerful statement from the amount of neuro phobia monitored, I know, he says up to the nabbit, blah, blah, first of all, now up to the universal law philosopher, he said, we were tested with hardship, and we were patient, then we were tested with ease, and we did not find ourselves patient. Now, obviously, I've met him their oath is one of the 10 promised paradise, a generous man, a great companion, who sets the example. But these people held themselves to a higher standard. So when he says this, what he's saying is a sub eyeless. shallot is harder, sometimes on solid Island, to be patient with desires to control yourself, when you have power is

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sometimes harder than controlling yourself when you are being persecuted. Or when you're in a place of poverty, and hardship, you have access, and you still recognize your place, even when you're in that in that space, when you're in that state in that moment where you have power. And that's where you choose to forgive. That's where you choose to pardon. That's where you choose to show grace. That's where you choose patience. That's where your most beautiful qualities shine, right? Not that you're afraid of anyone else checking you if you don't show noble, noble qualities, but those noble qualities actually being of you, of you, and things that you manifest for a loss and kind of what's

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added even when you're in a place of power, even when you're in a place of privilege, even when there is no other human being to check you. And so that's just the lesson that I wanted to share tonight. It's a very small lesson, but it is but it is a really important one, you know,

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the power to forgive when you're in a place to forgive the power to show grace when you're in a place to show grace, the power to be just when you're in a place where if you wronged you would get away with it in this life, the power to overcome your desires, when you have access to those desires, and there is no dunya we know worldly barrier between you and those desires. It's It's It's a beautiful expression of faith and a beautiful way of clinging to a loss of Hannah Montana. And it allows you to demonstrate a level of character and faith that you would not be able to do so. Or that you would not be able to demonstrate in a place of hardship. So both in hardship and ease,

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there are ways to cling back to a loss of Hannah Montana and to show our best selves and to show that we're living up to the potential of those human qualities that Allah subhanaw taala has put in us that bring us closer to the qualities of the prophets like Selim, who demonstrates the epitome of human potential.

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To to be patient, the to be noble, whether we are in hardship or we are an ease to always coming back to him and to be humbled by knowing that anything that we have in this life, anything that we have of goodness is from Allah subhanho it's out of the source of all good, I mean, because I can Hello Hey Don, so tomorrow night again, inshallah, I'll see you for the first session of the life of a boy whom I used to them and then Wednesday, we'll get back to our short reminders inshallah, so don't want to lie.