Yahya Ibrahim – Musa & the Love of Allah

Yahya Ibrahim
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Long Sundiata intermediate

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Salam aleikum. Warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah sallAllahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa was willing to sleep and cathedral

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a lot more Sunday we're selling mostly to have Eric ala Nabina Muhammad in Villa where he also Lee was selling was it to have Eric others he didn't ever have met him Phil actually in Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali Muhammad Rahim, Allah from Alleman mo merger in them, you know, and then I'll leave or they're coming home and Oh, CNET Allahumma Finland the new winner where it's rough and Effie Emelina a lot of the competitor or Ventana? Allah who is Mana Mana Vidya now Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. worman never Yuna was so the Athena shahada was started here in Hassan Iike, Rafi, Allah I mean, it's always a distinct pleasure to gather around the study

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of the Quran, even more so at hamdulillah to be honored to be a visitor with my dear brothers, my dear sisters, as part of this wonderful Quranic initiative of the British Board of scholars and Imams. This is an incredible organization Subhan Allah who I was blessed to see it kind of transitioned through some of the great

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struggles of the previous years, some of the wonderful initiatives that have come out of it, both in public and in private, had been a testament that hamdulillah to the belief in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the commitment to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sends His divine light and his providence upon those who were initial in bringing this great venture into being in the beginning, that Allah subhanho wa Taala leads them with his nor have hidayah and allows them to be voices of reason and peace and happiness and solidarity for their fellow man for many more years to come. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow

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the leadership of the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be knowledge based and faithful, and one that is just more than activism. But one that is geared towards a correct understanding of the hikma of His Word and of the teaching of the Nebia some Allahu alayhi wa salam. Today we have a great adventure. We want to insha Allah look at the great life of our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, through the life of Musa alayhis salam you might find that strange that you know we say we want to invest ourselves in our video Salalah alayhi wa sallam, by looking beyond him into the life of his fellow brethren. And in particular, Musa alayhis

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salam. Now that name Musa it's got this regality to it, it's got this draw to it. The word Musa of course is a descriptive term, it means the one drawn out of water in any of us who are familiar with the biblical narrative and the Quranic narrative, the complete Quranic narrative, the completing ironic narrative would appreciate why that name is so beautiful, Musa alayhis salam is one who is loved by Allah. Now I want to kind of contextualize that, right? We say that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Habibollah is the most Beloved of Allah. And there's this incredible statement of the rasool Allah or you will sell them in the

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in the realm of the Hadith of the prophets, or I sell them it is quoted that as the Sahaba were sitting inside his masjid, yet at karuna, Fabul MBA. They were discussing the various

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points of blessing and virtuousness of the great prophets and messengers of God coming home and pile them out when woman Hala Allah Adam was the first to be created by a bot surely he is favored and honored. And others said what Ibrahim Musa Lila and others spoke about Musa alayhis salam for Inaho Kaleem Allah, the One who is taken to be spoken to by Allah BNF who jobs no need for,

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you know, an intermediate terrier translator not even Gibreel was necessary in that regard. And other spoke about isa now pretty much Allah Allahu Allah that ISA is the word of Allah Coonan FEHA Khun, and he is you know one who Allah ordered that the soul be blown into the mother of his womb created immaculate

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clean, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam exited upon them. And he said, they are as all of you have said, when I kidney Habibollah, but I am the Beloved of Allah, meaning that they're the one who is spoken to by Allah who is befriended by Allah, the One who is, you know, created by that incredible occurrence of the Immaculate Conception. All of them are dignified and are elevated and who they are, but I am ascended on account of being the beloved and the Beloved of Allah Subhana Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore when we speak about the love of Allah, for those who are lesser than them in that context, it then solidifies the love that Allah has for our wa

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Muhammad's allies. So today, we're going to focus on surah Taha, now of course, we're going to draw elements from other chapters of the Quran. Whenever we look at Musa we're looking at a carbon copy, that the Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was modeling himself after in very particular ways. And of the most spoken prophets of the Quran and messengers to our NMBS ally sell them as an example is Musa there are two very distinct Prophets and Messengers Ibrahim was a symbol of Tawheed, a symbol of what it means to sacrifice for the, for the

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understanding and the implementation of the Oneness of Allah subhana Hemanta Anna, the one who would be unexpired his family, the one who would be expelled from his homeland, the one who had to journey for Allah, the One who was his own relatives, many of them did not accept fate, the one who had to struggle to maintain a way of logical understanding of telehealth that they could project onto others and have them understand it. That symbol of telehealth, Ibrahim alayhis salam, Sophie Ibrahim, we're Musa the second was legislation Moses or SLM. So belief and faith and practice and faith is Ibrahim and that his practice and the legitimacy of the legitimacy of the orthodoxy of

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following the laws and the dictates and the governesses of Allah subhanaw taala is Musa so you find in the great hadith of Surat al Maharaj, the one who invites the prophet to return back to Allah subhana wa Tirana after 50 Salah are declared is Musa alayhis salam legislation was in the realm of ye Mohammed take a look at Musa the struggles he had with his people. Musa specifically says to the prophets I sell them on Java to Bani Israel. Third jameelah Arabic I've been tested, and I've had this with the Israelites return to your Lord 50 is too much to earn abuse of Allah, whether you sell them takes heat, as we know in that discussion, Musa alayhis salam Allah refers to him in various

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ways, and shows us that everything almost entirely everything moves that invoked Allah for supplicated Allah for was then given as a material to the prophets I send them before request. So Musa alayhis salam, he says LM Por La Biche, roughly slavery my Lord expand my chest more return to this Durand. Allah says to r&b so I sell them and then natural laka saltdogg Have I not prepared you already by expanding your chest by giving you this self confidence, the self awareness by removing trepidation and anxiety from it when you are facing an advocate and an opponent to you. Musa alayhis salam is one who becomes a copy that I will be a subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam is encouraged to

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learn from the lessons that he was blessed with. And one of those incredible moments in the life of Musa is that moment where he's standing on the mountain of tourists say now.

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Now I want you to kind of imagine, Musa alayhis salam has killed a man in Egypt. And he has found himself in Mandaean being chased out of his land ha even near talakad looking over his shoulder fearful of capture and he makes it out of Egypt makes it out of their territory. He enters into met yet and the man asks him who he's interested in marrying his daughter who's the giver of law in that land. Paula Malhotra book, you know, give me your story. You know and he is truthful. He says you know I killed somebody in Egypt and I'm a fugitive me being in your tent me being in your society now is actually endangering it and

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That level of transparency and truthfulness is the hallmark of Musa alayhis salam when Allah asked Musa women it can be a meanie carrier Musa color here are soya at work or Ali, who should be highly offended me. What do you have here hammer ARIBO okra what's in your right hand Moses? Oh it's my staff I use it to lean on and restrain my sheep and I have other uses for it yeah you know if you ask me what you know what do you use your what's in your hand oh it's my pen. I don't tell you you know I write my books with it or I correct my students works and assignments with it. I don't give you its functions, but that level of transparency that are that are some truthfulness of Musa was a

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hallmark of his being. It was an unrestrained transparency, peace and blessings be upon him. And all of that were things that the prophets I seldom was to assume so Musa is on that mountain. He has arrived to the people of Meridian has fulfilled 10 had cycled the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indicated to us when he performed Hajj that in magical hive, which still is found in Minar, that Musa was one of the 70 Plus prophets and messengers of Allah who prayed in that area. Musa alayhis salam performed Hajj upon the rituals of Ibrahim, he visited that land, he was married into an Arabic tradition, and took on a wife from the descendants of Israel. And therefore, you know, the

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people have been ESR eel are almost as if you can say cousins in faith to us in that regard. Musa alayhis salam, after fulfilling 10 years as a contract of his marriage, for whatever reason is, as you know, desires to leave that society and journey and make his own fortune and is not commanded by Allah to do so. But by an inner drive and an intuition, driven by the way of Allah that is soon to arrive to him. Last in the desert, they see he sees a light up on top, and in that moment, Musa alayhis salam, he says to his family in the US to Naira at first in the IRA, I see and then he says, add us to well, you you can't see it, but I feel it. I know it's there. And wait here, I'm going to

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go up. I can't guarantee the ID Algeo, perhaps I will bring back fire or, you know, at least guidance to save us from being lost in this desert region. And upon arriving, Allah speaks to Musa directly in the LA Houda ilaha illa ineffability I am the only one who is Allah worship me. You know I'm the one who is the god of your forefathers the God of Ibrahim the God of Israel. I am the one who will deliver the people of BDS right here in Atlanta I live in Nicaragua. Por remove your feet. Embrace we're standing at Lima you have not it's ma'am and you have not just here what is stemette absorb all of the frequency and the radiant and even absorb it by your feet Let every moment of this

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count for you yeah Musa.

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In that moment, Musa is experiencing a divine nearness and presence directly spoken to by Allah or cannula Mala for Musa attack Lima and at that moment, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala invites Musa to take on the journey if habit you left around in that Mutata color visually soldering, my lowered expand my chest allow me to believe in that I can fulfill this mission and fearful inside and nor in many places in the Quran. Allah says putting down don't be scared lotta hotter you and Harun Don't be fearful in the markoma I'm with you both. So there's this fear and Allah opens his chest allows him to believe in them which way assembly Emery make easy my task is making dua that Pharaoh will listen

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to what he has to say. What can we also determine listen, you have told the untie. At the moment I'm speaking to pero the impediment of my tongue that they may understand what I'm to say. And in fact when he arrives to Pharaoh while I occurred to you be Who is this man? Isn't he the one who can't even speak because he used to stutter and stammer peace and blessings be upon him.

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Eventually Musa although he has the power of Allah now within reach within his dua and his command, you can converse with Allah directly. Musa alayhis salam asks Allah for an assistance of another human being.

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I will see my you know, give me my brother, how rude and as he pushed to be here

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So he strengthened me with him while actually coffee every allow him to be partner in this journey with me pain was somebody I Kathira when a Karaca Kathira How will he be great as helped to me we will make tests be hope you together and shook review together. This is an incredible lesson as as well to our interviews Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam that it is not by my power. It is not by numbers, that victory will be arrived that against that I owned or against Abu Jaffe. And we're in the moments of the day battle embedded in the last, you know, the 17th of the month of Ramadan. And in these days of victory of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's not by an either or

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it's not by your weaponry or the numbers of men that you bring defeat, it's by your inclination towards Allah. So Moses making dua to Allah asking, asking, asking if it's Carla, who details like everyone's like, Allah says, Whatever you ask, it's like one request anyway, I will give you everything you ask, what has caught men and now Ali Cammarata and Oprah, have you forgotten? Do you not account for all of the blessings that has already preceded? Now Allah begins to say and show to Musa all of the blessings that He has been given up to that moment that Musa had not consciously assessed as being providence and grace and near Amma from the Lord Almighty Subhana and wants to add

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what augmented Nalli came up with and okra is a hyena either Myka may have what makes Musa and what made Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So incredible is their journeys, as much so before revelation, as after revelation, look at the supporting cast around Musa and how whenever you say salam Musa was raised up by incredible women, as was our NW sola, Selim, even their names were very distinctive, right? There was Baraka or the Allahu Akbar wa, then was Halima Salah idea. There was his mother Amina, right. All these incredible women, even their names are indicative of the Divine Love that Allah had for the prophets I sent him that he, you know, people with even just soft needs

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Kai names, merciful names, in his vicinity. Then there was Musa, the man of two mothers, he had his biological mother who was near to Allah, who was favored by Allah favorite so much by Allah that Allah returns her son back to her Kayla Tyson isn't so that you feel no sorrow, and that she is not aggrieved at his loss. It's not for moves as sake alone, but it is out of Allah's love for her that he returns to her her son, and his adoptive mother, who is the wife of Pharaoh, you know, asiyah Even her name is the one who, you know, has seen a lot of sad, you know, you know, difficulties in her life, you can take her name in that sense that she is one who struggled for her for the praise

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of Allah to arrive to her the one who demonstrated faithfulness in her commitment to Allah. Imagine this woman who picks up a child out of a river Musa drawn from the water. And she says, I'm gonna name him Musa, you know, she's the one to name gives him that nickname and name. And she draws him out of the water. And she confronts fair Island, she says, I'm keeping this child and fair was like, but I ordered the death of every one of these firstborn kids. This is gotta be one of those children. I'm gonna test them I'm gonna, you know, Jesus, you do what may but this is my child, we're gonna take him as our own son, we're gonna raise him like our own. And that's a powerful,

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powerful moment that you know, to the face of power to the face of, you know, a man who said, I am the I am the God of Egypt, that the Kingdom of Egypt flows beneath me that I have this omnipotent power. You do what I say she's telling him no, this is what's going to happen. Musa alayhis salam has its elder sister walking through the reads, his mother has seen visions of how to say even build a watertight basket casts him out in you know, in incredible verse in Surah causes the greatest, most miraculous statement where Allah gives two orders to prohibitions, two predictions into the future in one idea

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in their 50 LP video, you want to harpy whether that has any Naraku elated, middle mode serene, that she knows her son is set for greatness. She says to assist her follow keep an eye on the back

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Ask it, make sure it doesn't go under. And that's a lesson to our interviewees or SLM that although you believe and trust in the power of Allah, take your precaution, you know, have somebody watching over that basket, and she sees where it lands and it's not where they intended, you know, they didn't want the basket to go to the house of Pharaoh to be picked up by the wife of Pharaoh. But she has the courage to walk in and say this child isn't able to suckle I can get you a woman who he's heard her Brzeski will accept and she brings him to his mother follow that now who either omega k Takamura you know how other than that she may find joy again and not feel sorrow.

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All of this is miraculous, his wife Sephora,

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you know Tenshi Allah Steffi actually approached him with such higher she saw in him Yeah, but is that Judo enough? Agra minister, Jonathan, are we You mean, give us in, in marriage, keep one of us in marriage, the best of those you can choose to work for us by being married to me, is the one who is my at and the one who is trustworthy. You'll see he's very transparent. And that's what moves approves. Through his honesty to her father, he gives up the story of his life.

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This is of such great favor, to Musa alayhis salam. And the prophet is asked to look into his life and to see such great favor into his life that preceded his feet. And it's not just in Allah giving you ease but it's also in difficulty. If Adelita neffs and Phantom J in their Cabanel him of the favor of Allah upon Uriah Musa is that you killed a living being you killed another human being and I saved you from the inequality and humiliation and the threat that was upon you.

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What allow you to add a camera habit and money here is the idea. And I cast down I shrouded you with my love. Yeah Musa Subhan Allah. Did Allah love Musa as a wanted fugitive? Who was crossing the desert to met him? Yes. Did Allah love him because of the death that he brought? No. Did Allah love him for who he was at that moment know that Allah love him for his actions that he identifies? Call Allah heard them and I'm going to show you why this was a wicked act

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so fiddly for her for Allah, my Lord, forgive me and he was forgiving. Allah loved him for who he had as a potential in his heart, and the reflection that I share with you, my dear brother, my dear sister, that the prophets are essential and all of us are taught through the message of Musa al salaam, the importance of redemption, the importance of trusting the clutter of Allah and Allah says to Musa when to add our country I was after recounting all of this, you will have come according to your clutter. If you came yesterday, the holy bush that is that I speak to you through would not be here. And if you came tomorrow it would not be here. You came on an appointed time as per your cover

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up that there are things in your life you must encounter there are moments you must go through there are difficulties you must endure there will be hardships that you must traverse that there will be difficulties that you must take upon your shoulder and work hard to overcome them. There will be sins that you must elevate above and there will be transitions in your life that will come all because of the love that I have for you and that I love that I have for you may not be for who you are today but what you will be tomorrow that is not yet acquainted to you but it is a potential of energy in your heart in your being that you can bring into fruition yeah Musa you can do and will do

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great things Yeah, well have met take a lesson of my love that it is covered and it is hidden behind struggle and strife. The greater of Nabi EULA that would share to us viral profits I sell them Allahumma inni as a Luca from back Oh Allah I asked you for your love.

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And you know when you ask Allah for his love, it's not you're asking Allah for ease and comfort alone. The prophets I said limb says either Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah that when Allah loves an individual Allah trials that test them, it fitna surrounds you, and fitna can be in ease and comfort and luxury or it can be in hardship and austerity. And both of them are a severe test in fact at the maverick middle fight you meet says, and in particular with Noreen Aqsa I should do with them if they do they will talk to be tested by Allah giving you the

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blessing in the grace of life is more difficult of a test to pass then to be tested by hardship because hardship you turn back to Allah Oh Allah helped me Oh ALLAH says assist me Allah protect me. But when you have been given facilities sometimes the eyes may be blinded to the reality of the test that one finds themselves consumed in facing in life. May Allah allow us to pass pass the difficult difficult test of comfort and ease and and happiness and joy and may Allah allow us to pass the difficulties and with sub in the difficulties that we face in life Allahumma Amin, the three interchanging words that you find in the sequence of surah Taha

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al hate to Anika Mohabbat and Minnie, I cast my love upon you even in that moment where he was not yet a messenger and a prophet of a loss that throughout your life as a young baby, sheltered by these women sheltered by your sin, that would protect you from being one who lived in the house of Pharaoh. You had to commit that sin for you to find Allah Subhana Allah to add it, you had to commit that senior Musa for you to be worthy to be purged of your errors and recognize that greatness is yet to come and wander the desert for you to stand before me as you are today. Why don't you think I'm better mini when you were Geeta Allah Kataria Musa, you arrived as per your father, that

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everything is fated for us, and the good and the bad and the sweet and the sour and the feature in our life is all in the Command of Allah subhana wa Tada that we are not questioned about what happened to us as much so as we are questioned about how we reacted to it, that the circumstances you are in, may be divinely ordained upon you but what is meant to be shown from you is your return to Allah your commitment to Allah your riba with Allah which

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Musa and finally was one that took a lien FC. I manufactured you I prepared you I raised you to this degree in what I wish of you yeah Musa, everything that you will have faced in life, my dear brother, my dear sister, everything that Musa alayhis salam faced everything that I wouldn't be as I said, Look face was a preparation for the mission at hand. I went via some Allahu alayhi wa sallam was orphaned of his father before birth, orphaned of his mother in his very young, tender age, orphaned of his uncle orphan of his grandfather orphaned of Hamza, he was, you know, deprived and widowed from Khadija the Allama. Anna has only wife up until that moment, there were all these

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circumstances that were happening, all of that prepared, the personality, that persona of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you can see the symmetry between the life of the prophets I send them and the life of Musa alayhis salam. The three essential messages that I wish for you to take and build upon today in your reflection and personal study of the Quran is to search for the love of Allah in your life, to search for the love of Allah in the dark places, and see that in the mallards, we use that. In fact, Allah has always accompanied us whether we are in the cave, as our V as I said, that was a fellow in his Hydra with Abu Bakr, encircled by the people of Quraysh. Whether

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it is in the journey of Musa as he's lost in the deserts of Meridian, and he arrives in that moment on the Mount of Tory say that, that there are circumstances in my life and your life, dark as they may be that they become the turning point of light. And the darkest hour of the night is the one that precedes the dawn when fed you what Doha was Shamsi waddle ha ha. All become symbolic of the rising sun, that a fracture of the darkness with Dawn and of the Sun as it brightens after it's risen. All of them are imagery of our Nabil Mohamed salah. I sell them success after hardship. The second lesson that I want you to take in your life and personal reflection to build on is that

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without struggle, there can be no gain. And there is no acquaintance with Allah without us becoming of need of Allah subhanho To Allah searching for Allah. As Musa climbs up into that mountain looking for fire. He's looking for more than that. And that light of the fire, it's not fire it is the light that Allah cast that only he could see is a light that perhaps you're the only one in the darkness could see the way out. You're the one who can see that there is a path to a dire a path to redemption from our sins and from our mistakes.

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And in following the light of guidance, our chest will be expanded and our deeds will be forgiven and our hasna will be a grid will be increased in our relationship with Allah subhana wa Tirana. Third and finally, do not ignore the supporting cast of your life because without them, you will not be the man and woman that you aren't today. Musa is not moves that without those four incredible women in his life, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not complete without the supporting cast of his life. Musa needed help goon as much as he has the power of Allah subhanho wa taala. Through his discussion and his words with Allah, he understands that he needs one to remind him of his

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relationship with Allah. take seriously the relationships you have in life and invest in them completely. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala opens our heart to a greater depth and study of the Quran makes it stories that are in it more meaningful in our morality and in our ethical viewpoints. And then Allah Subhana Allah blesses us all with an understanding of the Quran of what we are not yet knowing, and a reminder of what we may have been led to forget Allahumma aluminum in the Quran, imagine in that when were the cube Namic who man who Sina, Allah Amin, may Allah make you and i The people of the Quran, who are the special Hazza of the people of Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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bless us with a study and a reading and a practice and an implementation of the laws of His Word. May Allah Subhana Allah protect my dear brothers and sisters at the British Board of scholars and Imams, make them luminaries for their community and the broader community in the United Kingdom and abroad of them. It's an honor to be associated with them and as as an associate Imam here in Australia, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us our sins and elevate us and protect us from all harm a lot. I mean, are suddenly left most recently was it was Eric Alessi, Ed Now have you been known to be either Mohamed salah or Aliki early or Sufi or suddenly Subhan Allah might be handy. I

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should warn you that I started to leave

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