The Five Categories of Community Investment Financial Centralization

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The speakers discuss the importance of endowment funds for Islam, citing studies and personal experiences. They emphasize the need for a stable financial system for Islam's well-being, citing examples such as the success of the current administration in containing the virus. The speakers also mention a man named Ali and his desire to become a federal judge.

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Oh What

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should I do

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mother Madonna was

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a shadow

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Madonna was

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Hamdulillah he from Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Ramadan who want to study you know who want to study he wants to still futile who want to stun Cyril

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when I will be learning in shadow rien fusina Amin said Dr. Molina but you had been learning for Hua limited woman you believe fell into g the Allahu Allah Yom Murshida worship

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Illa Illa Allah Hua hula Sharika

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Isla Hanwha hidden Ahad Ensenada let me get the hidden saw he button Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who wanna

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wash her do Anana be Jana are we mana Mohammed Abdullah he was sudo also Vu home in Hawaii or Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine are bad yaku Jalla Jalla Allahu freemarker Nikita method will Lavina you

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know whom he said ed law he can make fairly button but Sebastiana been equally zoom Bula team to hug Allah Who bar if we miasha will love worse you're on Eileen. The subpoena without of the parable of the believer who spends his wealth or her wealth for the sake of Allah is that of a single grain

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that is grown in the earth and many ears come out of it. And each year there's 100 grain that is the example that Allah subhanaw taala gives of how he takes any of your sadaqa any of your acts of charity in times in full upon fold.

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This is the codebook where I talk about the fifth or final category of community investments and I've talked about the first four so far and actually becoming to kind of wrap it all up inshallah with a final right talk about maybe how we can possibly move forward. But the five categories of community investment are not they're not sacred by any by any means. Just the five categories. I think probably we have the appeal

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allows you to actually invest in like, we have the ability to do it. And there will be definitely a lot of impact if we if we choose or decide that you want to do it. Again, there may be many more categories that you may feel or think are more important. And you could be right.

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However, this is what I think we can do. Because I think there's a difference sometimes between what we hope and what we can, what is right and what is real, what the ambitions are, what the possibilities are. And I think we have to start with what we are capable of doing. Because if we don't do what we're capable of, and we continue to aim for that which is at this moment for us impossible, then we'll just stay where we are hoping for things to happen. And that that's not a very effective way or that's not very positive.

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So the four, we've talked about so far talked about investing in education, talks about investing in mentorship, and advocacy, and outreach and explained each one of them, and they're very different from one another. And today, the final category of investments I looked at till the end, because it's really not my domain by any means. It is not something I have the ability to actually help with at all. But I think we need something called financial centralization. Let me explain to you something about

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people. In order for a group of people to be called a community, you have to centralize one of four things. If you have no centralization of any of these four things, then they aren't a population. They are just a population of people who have similarities or similar, who look alike, or have similar beliefs, who have similar ethnic backgrounds, etc. But if you want to call them a community, and you have to centralize something for them, there has to be some degree of centralization. So either you centralize their politics, and as a religious group, that's not possible. It's not we can advocate, we can have advocacy group, that's fine. But we can't centralize our politics. At least as

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far as I, as I understand the politics of this country. We can't do that one, or you centralize their religious leadership. And I don't think that's possible either.

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Take it from someone who stands up here, that's not possible either. That's not happening. Not now. Not almost ever Are you centralize their social aspect of existence, maybe they all live in the same place. If you've ever been to big cities, you know, that there's Chinatown, a little Italy, and there's all these places where people from similar backgrounds, they all clump up and live there. So there's a social centralization for this group of people, grants them, their community, or you centralize their finances, or you centralize them, this is the one I think we can do. I don't think that you can do the first three, now you can prove me wrong. And if you do, may Allah bless you and

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your children to a day of judgment, but I just don't think it's possible. I don't see that we have the tools to actually centralize our politics or religious leadership or our social existence. However, I think we can centralize our finances. I think that's possible, it may say seem insane, but honestly all ideas that change the world themed and say that the first moment and where do I get this from? I get this from the prophets of Allah, Allah, who sent him his life. What he said when he stood in front of

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the customer, when he spoke to the people of yesterday,

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the day that they became the answer, the day they became the and sought after bad to have a fernea. He told them that I am coming to you there are five conditions. And the second condition was in fact fulfill your city will also you will put your money, you will put your wealth, whether you have a lot or you have a little Were there times are easy or times are difficult. I'm going to put your wealth and they said okay, we'll put our wealth and they did and the 100% did and that allowed the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to maneuver within his community and within his country.

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Now I can go through the Quran if you like we can just make this whole by an hour and a half. And I can just recite upon you just recite upon you the verses where Allah Subhanallah talks about the importance of Africa well method will let you know you know if you're a murderer who will be with you got a mobility law he will just be a minimum fusi him MSAT Jana team Babu 18 Asaba technical Kula hell we are Fany

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wherever you don't topple Allah who be my family whenever so you yeah you Allah Dina

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Holmium by Ghiberti America submit to him when we met a Hogenakkal

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well at a young man will hobbies I mean who don't want us to be Earth easy he told me goofy well Allah, Allah Helwani Yun Hamid yeah you are Latina for me my meal to moolah by your own fee whatever hola tune wala shafa I tune will care if you're gonna move on the moon when not to people mean hiring for your own physical when I tune people with elaborative or when I tune people will mean hiring us

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to Villa moon. People mentioned in FISA de la he will finally come to LA to have lemon I can go on and on. I can go on and on. It is very easy. One of the easiest topics if you want to make the Imams are the hot leaves like easy tell him to talk about in fact, he said it's very simple. You

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got to do is just write the word in fop in a, in a in a search in a search engine for the piano, just stand on the middle and read the verses. Very simple because Allah subhanaw taala emphasized this point. Well I do the homeless tell me what you want me to do about the line as you prepare yourselves as you prepare yourself for those who show you animosity you you strength and you need to put your wealth. We're going to be about the height we need to have wealth in Allah has dominated Mina and foster home one right? To pilot with Allah keep we're in a transaction with Allah. He is offering us Jana and return you once our lives and our wealth.

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This sounds to some of you to be very sketchy. I know. I know. I'll tell you I'll explain why. The reason that this sounds sketchy to some people is because we've lost trust, there has been a gap in trust within communities. That's why to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam never touched wealth and use it for himself. He made an explicitly clear,

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extremely obvious case of making sure that it was that everyone saw that he took nothing for himself. Even the portion that was his right. Even the person that was his rights, he he he like everyone else he was he was granted a share from the wealth that came but he'd made a point of spending it and giving it before he entered his house. This caused his wives to find it difficult to live with him. And there had to be verses in the Quran to tell them this is how he is either stay with him the way he is, or we will grant you, a a dignified divorce with a lot of wealth. Don't feel bad. It's hard to live the way he lives out of himself to a sinner.

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Just to make it very clear that there is no way there is no way for there to be any form of corruption and something like this.

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When he tells where they tell it and it sells to the private it is salatu salam, ala Isla and Zuccotti or Julian is moving even a little via

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Zuccotti Bani Salim. So the provider you sought to assemble, have people they would their jobs were to go and get and gathers occur. And obviously I'm gonna talk about that in a moment. That's important. That's really where this is coming from is from that one concept. But I wanted to make sure that the trust piece is I put that aside you understand it's very important.

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You use this person to go gather this account. So he did and he came back and when he came back he said Hi, this

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is Erica ohada. Maria ilina and this is a gift I was given the problem that you saw those same set of gift. Oh really? You're given a gift.

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How about you stay home and see if they'll send you the gift? Stay home next year and see will they send you the gifts when you're at home? And the guy started to just stutter right if you still if you stay at home and you never went to but he said him to actually go to the cut would Benny Chalene put this gift together and send it to your home?

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No they wouldn't. So this is not really a gift isn't and you got to remember

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oh almost feel bad for you to be here. How many years are there amongst us today?

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You got to remember and you said now dependent I mean combination and your multi year multi family seller home on the Day of Judgment I'm going to know people who took what that which was not theirs. But I do Nia hydrocodone

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iba Karachi Lahore

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OB OB patella haha OB OB OB OB Shatin pay out don't come under the judgment and you're pulling with you a cow that is making noise being it's making. It's making a lot of noise that people can see that what you took, which was not yours.

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You took something that wasn't yours. And then he turned his head hands to the sky like this until they saw the until until his sleeve felt he could see the beginning of his armpit. I call it Allahumma hell a lot. Oh Allah be my witness that I have told them.

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It was a big deal. In your in your in your mind. You're like what's the what the problem was a gift you did? As long as you didn't? As long as he did? No,

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no, no one. You understand conflict of intelligence and conflict of interest is no you don't take it. Of course you don't

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lose weight on it. You're slow to sit down. But he did centralize it.

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He centralize it in the master doctrine for karate. Well, Mr. Keeney are the enemy, Lina Alia and those who go and gather it, and those who go and gather it. So it was like I was going to be distributed to eight groups of people. One of them are those who go and gather it. Now it's something that you're supposed to just give on your own. I know we do that. You must do that. Obviously. You have your new cyborgs aka your peers aka technically speaking, you shouldn't be doing it that way. Technically, someone should come and gather it from you.

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And then they will distribute it. And when the Muslims after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away

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when the Prophet Alia sauce and passed away,

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we had a number of wars. We call it

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Federal Government, that's how they call it. They call it the words of apostasy. They're really not fully apostasy if you want to be. If you're going to be accurate historically, the people didn't really stop believing in Allah. He didn't start. Most of them, at least for the majority, the vast majority of them, they didn't bring back the snom. Again, know, what they did was that they said, We're not giving you our account anymore. We're not giving it to you, we'll pay it, but we're not giving it to you. We gave it to law school, allah sallallahu sallam, but you're not Rasulullah so we're not giving it to you, we will give it well distributed amongst ourselves.

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Okay, as long as they're getting it, so because it No, Hola, hello, my now, if you don't know who that is hula hula fighters to humare. If they stopped giving me a piece of fabric, they used to get the profit out of your sauce and that is owed. I'm going to fight them for it. And because he did that we sit here today. This is one of the unanimously agreed upon moments within Islamic history that scholars look at and say that decision, that decision is why we are Muslim today. Because had he not done that? Has he decided that? No, we don't need any of that there would have been no Muslim country. There'll be no Muslim empire that we know Khilafah it would have been stuck in a very small

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area within the Middle East at the end of it. The reason that the majority of us sitting today and myself included are Muslim is because it will become said, no, no, no, no, no, this stays centralized. This stays centralized. And he fought them for it. And he continued to gathers and distributed and build and he built the OMA without the centralization of finances. Something that profit either you saw to us that I'm taught is something the Quran explained. And it's one of the most important decisions that will become a doula and who made in his life. Today, we have a problem with this issue. We will call ourselves a community and we have no centralization of any sort. I

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challenge that we're not really a community, we're a population. You want to become a community, centralize something I think this is possible. I think we can centralize something regarding finance, who only heard our stuff that Allah have you were looking for still if you'll be able to Lakonia Fosun mustafina stuff

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Hamdulillah he was the author of Allah who was telling them about like I'm a learner be about how early he was so happy humanitarian. Jehovah had gone he was working well because he had to look to Saudi to do your turn. Islamia Toon Boom two years. Quran

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in cathedra upon a fee hum, whenever you start Allahu Allahu Allahu Salam kinda had Hadiya who if you hire it? Well, yeah, he will work because Allah you salatu salam ala DeLuca when we were invited to here we've got all the Allahu Anhu Allah, Lola and Noah who interpret the radical motif of Shuja

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Imam Alladhina Magna Carta and who are the Allahu Anhu Islamic

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Islamic Ummah What am I putting in your mouth today in assessing what happened a Muslim in the hunters horn aka the insane Itami Alhaji Jambo era which tema in a Muslim owner fee after Lea

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a volume and they'll be in Canada and then after unfortunate be killing metal in Muslim IS LM Nicola Dana Monica ze she MMR Kezia CSC

00:18:25--> 00:18:38

MMR Kezia Dini yella Ibn Mohan waymarkers ischaemia a wow that they have so no yeah and you know and that's it that the young man with the issue female Kenyan why do I tell me what Monica Xia took this idea

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to Saudi Arabia

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the runner up

00:18:44--> 00:18:55

in February to beta now but you know how to do you to filter only to fit females Lena, Muslim young. He should he cut in Cobra us haha. Phone Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah Yeoman will later be feeding him Kalia to noir

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whenever oedema and ebene it Mala yin

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and works in Islam me and call it a half a normal Catherine

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cathedra hustle that Phil mildly.

00:19:18--> 00:19:19

Funny enough for a nurse I'm in

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summary, I'm rolling him over the Ahmadiyya Muslim in looking

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at the origin and knows how much time and energy and I understand very clearly that there are issues of trust when it comes to starting Islamic endowment funds. I understand. But the thing is that the majority of people here have their money tied up in investments in funds that are run by people who don't know God at all, or care about Allah in any form or manner don't even know where the fibula is. They couldn't care less about any of that stuff. And you put your money in the hundreds of 1000s or millions. When we talk about an Islamic endowment funds suddenly we are gonna take a

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A very, you're gonna take a cold and go and fine comb through everything. I'm not saying we shouldn't do it, but it's still worth doing, it is still worth doing even though it's going to require a lot of bending trust again. But we have to have something like that for a lot of reasons. You need stability as a community, our organization's needs financial stability, you have no idea how pathetic it is, for us to sit down and talk about trying to find a program. And what you need is a couple of maybe 10 $15,000. And that's actually something you have to spend time thinking about, we're gonna get that is pathetic. That shouldn't be the case, unless we are a community that is

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extremely poor than that should not be the case. But it was Islamic organizations sit around a table and argue over starting programs or doing things and the amount of money that is required to fund it is extremely, extremely small in comparison to what other organizations charitable organizations are able to are capable of doing. Another piece of this is that the if you if you open the Quran, you read that verse again in the Masada today, for Cara, you will find in the midst of it that Allah subhanaw taala says that a part of this account should go to Liberty.

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You understand that. And what I love about you are those who accepted Islam, but aren't really a part of the practicing Muslims community yet, like they're not really there yet. They're Muslim, but then you don't really attend anything. And they're just not there's this distance between them and the associate and any form of practice. But they're Muslim to get their shahada and they're Muslim. We are actually in the Quran tool that a portion of the Canon should be paid to them. Why? To incentivize, to incentivize being Muslim.

00:21:37--> 00:21:38

People follow the money.

00:21:39--> 00:22:03

Alright, people always follow the money. It's not right. But it is real. And if you want our next generation to have Islam in them, incentivize being a practicing Muslim, practicing Muslim, make, there's some perks for it, that if you join this community, you become a part of the Messiah, you volunteer you put, then there's something in it for you. A fund an endowment fund that helps

00:22:05--> 00:22:42

helps people get married, helps them buy homes, toss them start their businesses, takes care of the Muslims who can't take care of themselves, allow us to have some sort of insurance life insurance and disability instead of the, instead of the huge and senior rip off that we have to go through at all times. As human beings living in the West, there are so many things you can do with an endowment fund, if we can figure out a way to start, I have zero idea how that's going to happen. Zero, I understand nothing. When it comes to money. If it wasn't for the fact that my wife manage our money, I wouldn't have enough money to buy clothing. I don't know how to manage money. This is not my

00:22:42--> 00:23:19

domain, not my stronghold. However, in our society, I know for a fact, there is a lot of wealth, there's a lot of wealth, there's a lot of money here, we're just not using it for our own interest. As a society, we're really not. If we can find some way to centralize our finances, just have some form of endowment fund that takes care of key points within our Muslim society, maybe just takes care of the five categories I pointed out, make sure that educational programs and schools are always being funded and taking care of making sure there's always a lot of outreach occurring, making sure that we're able to pay for advocacy. We can pay lawyers and we can pay lobbyists to

00:23:19--> 00:23:47

actually go and advocate and give us your voice and at the tables where we are not represented where people feel very comfortable calling us names and saying things about us because none of us are sitting there to defend us maybe we just something like that. I know call me crazy for dreaming that big but I don't but I think it's at least worthy of of trying to provide value saw to Saddam did this. He was standing he would say we need money for this. And then people would put their money. And those who had nothing would come with a date.

00:23:48--> 00:24:07

Those who had nothing would come with a date. They want a date is not a date as in a later date, something to eat. They go to their houses, what do we have? What do we have to give? What do we have to support this OMA we have nothing here. What food do we have? We just have the data listed for the kids give me the date he put the date. And then then when I feel pain would laugh at them.

00:24:08--> 00:24:25

And the clown will come and say you're screwing them in himself. Yet Allah hoomin from Allah laughs at them. Because that's how this is done. You put whatever you've got. Why? Because how else are you going to stabilize? How else are we going to be called a community right now? I don't think we're a community. Not yet. We're a population. We're pretty big one.

00:24:27--> 00:24:58

A lot of good things that we got here. But we're, we're lacking a centralization of some sort. And without that we can't we can't grow the way we want. We have no strength. We have no voice. Those of you who have been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala with the with wealth or with the ability to manage it, or with the mindset that allows him to think down these lines, you are obligated to start thinking down these lines and connecting yourself with those who do the same and figure out a way to get this done.

00:25:00--> 00:25:34

grayed out, I don't know I will. I'm my life is dedicated is the education mentorship part. I'll do the outreach. I'll do that piece. I don't know how to do this one. This one has to be done by others. But it's definitely needed or else the rest of the categories don't really won't really thrive. They don't really thrive. As long as I have to sit around and ask her Oh, can we hire a teacher? Well, how much is there? Oh, 12,000 a year? Well, we have to go see if someone as long as we're speaking that language and that's what we're thinking about worrying about. Yeah, this is not going to go very well. This won't go well. So we need to think down those lines. That's what I have

00:25:34--> 00:26:14

to share with you today. Inshallah, next week, I'll do a bit of a summary you know, point out some some ideas of how to move forward but I hope that was a benefit for you. While I'm waiting Aloha, I'm gonna be Emery now Lehman for call in Hola. Hola, Mila Equateur who use Aluna Alain de un Levine Manuel solo Ali. He recently moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed, the masa later, Ibrahima early below him with Erica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Gamma DR. Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Amin in Nikka, Hamid Majeed, word of Allah Houma and in our battle hood of the telephone. I'll be back tomorrow with Man Why do you what Allah Who man is watching on my heart, meaning one early HIPAA up

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and upon hitting while also harbor tea Hill already in Miami wanted to be in elementary or home be a certain era Yomi didn't wanna get off medica of hamara he mean Allahu meltan fairly Muslim you know, well Muslim at well, meaning you know, well me not. Even when Walmart Allahumma Federici, whom Allah Muhammad Amin when a free school Reuben microbeam waterfowl Emanuel Malcolm will mean water by bull Manuel blue mean in Dima and oedema and Muslimeen. Allahu Munsell equine and Ellinwood oddly enough emsg de la casa de Lena Vinaya gilauri Bl Bella Mia, Donna geomatica Eleague ego you know Dini garden Jamila watching mockery McKenna Dini out but I mean whether Allah put water in an alley you

00:26:57--> 00:27:15

know about Allah in Allah mubeen ideally well if certainly what you eat is the orba we enhance Russia you will Moon carry well belly Yeah, it will come like coming to the karoun Inshallah, after Salah we have a brother who wants to take shahada so if you want to stay here for a few minutes and witness it to make dua for them and and