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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the upcoming trial of various women, including their behavior and emotions. They also touch upon the use of "good deed" in situations where actions lead to evil behavior and the importance of avoiding offense towards others. The speakers emphasize the need for a "good deed" to protect one's health and beauty, as well as finding success in prayer and learning. They also mention the importance of pursuing a career as a Jana and finding success in learning and working for a lifetime.
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snarl shenana Rahim Al hamdu lillahi Narayana, do you want to stay in Hoonah stuff you don't want to study why don't you know be when that's all I can rally when are all to be lovely men surely unfold fusina Woman see RTR Marlena and yeah de la Jota Allah Fela mobile Allah woman your lil Fernando de de la Hua Li and Murshida are Chateau la, la la vida hula serie killer la Holman cola unhemmed up where you need to how your name would be Eddie Hill higher Hua Hua aqualisa In cadet, Shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi You who were Khalid Abdullah, Manitoba lava risotto na Sahil OMA, well Kashif alumna what's rockin Arlen mahadji Little by law legal How can I hurry? Hello yas Eva Unha

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Illa Halleck Farley off to La sala to automata Sneem are an early he was so happy he womanist hymnody Suniti he either yo Medina Allama Jana Amin home Amin Alladhina amanu, Amina Flylady, how to Ottawa so we'll help you also the sub. I mean, it'll be the I mean, we'll see come when FCB Trakula. Well, I'm Alana, but we'll call it Allah you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Allah haka Ducati. He went to moeten Illa, anti Muslim on your NASA tokoto Bakula de holla. Kakuma nevsun Wahid or Hello caminhadas Jaha Bethanien humare jar and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up Allah Allah Lita, sir I don't want to be here without harm in Allah Hakuna Alikum Rocky, but you're Latina. I'm an otaku.

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Allah wa Pulu colons, Khadija, you'll come out another way of looking at the Nova comm. One that you'll put in LA Sula, who forgot the first 1000 of Lima from Ahmedabad. We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and declare His greatness and declare His perfection and declare His Oneness. And we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon His Messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, his family, his companions, and those that follow until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst them a lot more. I mean, dear brothers and sisters, over the last few weeks, we've been talking about this concept of building your legacy and investing in

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something greater than yourself, and the mansion with ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Tada, and what you will see on the day of judgment, and what will continue to bear you good, even after you depart from this world, but at the end of the day, it's about your own personal drive. It's about what attracts you and what appeals to you. It's about what gets you moving, it's about what keeps you up at night, you know, SubhanAllah. Interestingly enough, almost every person in the world when they go to sleep, they have stress, they have home and hormone, right? They're constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, when you're going to sleep. What is it that's keeping you up? What is it that's occupying your

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thoughts? What is it that's making you cry? What is it that's making you sigh? And and, you know, grown and, and feel a sense of urgency? Is it something of this world? Or is it something with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, how quickly do you respond to a call from Allah subhanaw taala as opposed to a call from the shape one. And this is something that's very powerful, because in essence, we hear what we want to hear and we respond to what we want to respond to. And the quicker that we respond to something, the more that shows that there was already an anticipation and an anxiety towards that thing. Allah subhana wa Tada tells us the very famous idea that on the Day of Judgment, the speech

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of Sheikh lon is in the law of logic and why didn't help that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has made you a promise, while while I took him for a laugh to come, and I made you a promise, but I betrayed that promise. In essence, Allah subhanho wa Taala is always in your ear shape on is always in the other ear, you're always being called to one direction. And what you are inclined towards is what you're going to end up going towards in the first place. So it's, you know, as far as how well the shape on can decorate something, how well the shape on can make something seem appealing. You know, that's all, that's all important. And that's all something to be studied in and of itself. But at

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the end of the day, if you're already set on disobeying Allah subhanaw taala you're going to disobey Allah subhanaw taala and if you're set on finding a way to obey Allah subhanaw taala you will find a way to obey Allah subhanaw taala no matter what stands between you and doing that act of obedience, and there's something very special about that. Any member of Rahim Allah, He says that there was once a king, that ad that told his sons that I have a general that I love more than you that my general I love him more than I love you. And they said why they said, you know, we're obedient children, you tell us to do something, we do it. And he wanted to give them an example. He wanted to

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display why that general would be more beloved to him than his own children. So when he goes out, at one point in the journey, he asked for a glass of water. So the kids automatically go and they

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They get the water for him. At another point in the journey a little bit further ahead. He simply stops and he looks up, and he clears his throat. And before he can even say anything, his general knew to go and get him a glass of water. And he told his kids, that's why I love him more than you. He did. I didn't even need to tell him. I'm thirsty. I didn't need to tell him Go get me a glass of water. He recognized that this is something that I probably wanted and I'm inclined towards, and he was paying close attention to me, and he rushed towards it. And that's what Abu Bakr Siddiq are they allowed to always at the end of the day, so back on Nikoli hate as it used to be thought about the

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law, I know describes him, he always is at the front of every opportunity to do a good deed before you can before you think of a good deed, apobec it on the law and who has not only thought of it, he's already done it and perfected it, because his heart was always turned towards Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah and he was always looking for a way to please Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And this is the beauty of the quality of the companions of the messengers leissner Obviously, when you talk about the Sahaba, sometimes it's hard to relate. Right? But they were always ready, ready to please Allah subhanaw taala ready to leave anything that stood in between them and Allah Subhana

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Allah to Allah. So you see that you know, the famous incident of Abdullah bin Masood, or the low tide that he was walking outside to the masjid. And the prophets like Selim says, EDG li su sit down, and he sat down outside, he didn't he didn't even come inside the messages to sit down, because he heard the prophets lie. Some say sit down, close that and then sit down. He heard something from the messenger slice of them, they were ready, you know, a summer worked out, we hear and we obey. And so there are two things to be studied here. Number one, how easily you inclined towards a good deed. Number two, how easily you inclined towards disobedience of Allah subhanaw

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taala how quickly you will make an excuse to disobey Allah subhanaw taala as opposed to how quickly you will make an excuse to not do an act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala as an asymptomatic or the low tide of animal because we obviously start off with the sinful part of that. And it's symptomatic of what the Allah I know he says that when the revelation came down, forbidding alcohol forbidding a Hummer. Now realize these were people that were used to drinking, okay, drinking was very normal in their culture. They were big drinkers, they used to drink a lot. But Subhan Allah when the idea was revealed, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has prohibited alcohol that he's that He

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prohibited intoxicants, right. They didn't sit there with their glasses in their hand and say, Well, I wonder if this is included in combo, because this is not technically made from grapes. Maybe the alcohol percentage and this drink is not going to be to the extent that Allah's Conte has taught, well, I've already got it in my mouth. Let me just swallow what's already in my mouth. I've already got the glass in my head. Let me finish the glass in my hand, not what we're already at a gathering head on. We can't waste the the alcohol that's here in this gathering. Let's drink it first. And then we'll apply this prohibit none of that. None of that. They heard it. And when they heard it,

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those who had the drinks in their hands, they broke them, you know, they broke the glasses, those who had alcohol in their mouths, spit it out. And in fact MSL the one who says some of those Sahaba started to actually put their fingers down their throat to gag what was already in their system, even though that wasn't required of them. But that's how they were. Right. So nowadays, someone comes and says, Well, you know, marijuana, not necessarily. Right common is just referring to a drink. It's an intoxicants combo doesn't mean a drink, Commodus, anything that intoxicates that, that covers your mind. So I've actually seen a thread from some Muslims that say that, well, if it's

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not made from grapes, it's okay. If it's not made from grapes, what Allah was referring to is referring to that which is made from grapes. And some of you are looking at me, and I feel like you're gonna cut me off for the rest of the Ultima. But the point is, no, it doesn't work that way. Right? It's not you know, you can't say well, now this is how that and that's how it Hollis Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Don't do it, you don't do it. And at the end of the day, a diseased heart will incline towards disease more easily. And it's important for us to address that that hastiness or lack of hastiness towards good. And vice versa. When it comes to sin and Subhanallah we can apply

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this to every single aspect of our lives. How quick are you to make an excuse for someone personally, when you hear something bad about someone, or when someone makes a mistake, how quick are you to make an excuse for them, as opposed to how quick are you to make an excuse to attack them? You know, we talked about and it's not a hadith the 70 excuses that you make 70 excuses for your brother. It's the saying of the self, though, from the predecessors that you will make 70 excuses for your brother

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When you can't make an excuse for your brother, then you'll say to yourself, maybe here he has an excuse that I just don't know about it. You still make an excuse, there's still a level of personnel and some how to run now people, you know, forget about 70 excuses or 50x. Let's talk about one excuse. People will make an excuse to attack. They won't make an excuse to preserve they'll make an excuse to destroy when you're sitting in a gathering, how many excuse? You know, how quick will you be to say something bad about someone, as opposed to saying something good about when someone's names comes up? How quick Do you inclined towards the Riba? And then Amina the backbiting and the

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gossip and the slandering and so forth as opposed to saying something good about that person, praising them praising some good qualities, that's a direct reflection of you your inability to see beauty in people is actually a reflection of ugliness or a lack of beauty within you, I'm gonna Jamia Naira inland Jana, a beautiful person only sees beauty He sees positive things he sees goodness in people, right. So when you have an issue, and you immediately inclined towards the worst possible conclusion, you know, subhanAllah you get to the masjid and you know, you see something wrong and right away, you jumped you have all these conspiracy theories right away about this

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brother, this and this brother that this person listen this person that, you know, and this is such a stark difference between us and the companions of the Prophet sly sudden, when the prophets lie Selim saw someone missing from the masjid, for example. Right a lot of the Sahaba would go to the worst possible outcome. Oh na Kaka, this person is a hypocrite. He stopped coming to the mercy of the holdover quota. But this person this this person that was almost asylums, answer would not be that the prophets lie Selim would say, I wonder what's wrong with that person? Why am I not seeing that person? When he inquired about that person, he inquired, with a sense of goodness, it wasn't a

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bad conclusion. It wasn't a bad thought about that person. He automatically assumed something good that something must be holding them back. And in fact, he took it a step further, he inquired about them. You know, when he saw that woman missing from cleaning the Masjid. He didn't say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah this woman she used to clean the masjid she probably got a job somewhere else now and she can clean someone's maybe she's cleaning Ebola herbs house or Abuja, his house now and she's getting paid this much money and she no longer cares. He didn't do any of that. The prophets lie Selim asked, he knew there must be something stopping her. What is it, he assumed the best possible

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thing about her Subhan Allah and what turned out to be the case she passed away she died and the prophets lysozyme went and he prayed janazah on her that's a reflection of the beauty of the Prophet slice, that he automatically assumed a good thing rather than a bad thing. When something happens to you on a personal level, how quick are you to question Allah Subhana Allah to Allah rather than to think Allah subhanaw taala how quick are you to show impatience as opposed to patience to show ingratitude as opposed to gratitude because the prophets bison, I'm taught that a suburb true patience is one and the submittal all with the first strike. Patience is not that when something

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happens to you, you say all the ugly things that you can possibly say and then go, but it hamdulillah and handling Alhamdulillah at the end of that all you think Allah subhana wa to add, what is that? Right? No, at the very beginning, when something happens you assume good of who you assume good of Allah. It's hasna Vaughn Billa that in Allah Juana la Raja rune, Alhamdulillah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah, you know to Allah, we belong to Allah, we return All praises are due to him, what he decreed has happened hamdulillah no complaints, that's true somewhere that you immediately inclined towards good, as opposed to evil. And this is something that's very, very

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significant. With every individual sin, every individual sin as the moment of Hazari are people who Allah to Allah, He said, But you answered the call or to misguidance when he calls upon you. Well, you know, at the moment, we'll call him Allah to Allah, he talks about the process of committing the sin. You know, there's a process there as well. And he says, First, it's a Fatra or a hotrod. It's a passing thoughts, just something that's passing by. And then if you entertain that thought, it becomes fickle. It becomes a subtle thoughts. And once you start allowing the thought to decorate itself, you let the shape on in your head and you say, Come on, explain it to me, tell me how this

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is great. advertise it, make it beautiful. After that, then eventually it will become a knee, it will become an intention. And then after you intend to do something evil, the double standard of the human being is that he will make an excuse to commit that sin, but he'll quickly excused himself from not doing a good deed. You know, when you make an intention to do something good. The first thing that gets in the way Ah, you know what, it's not going to work in the mill amount of money.

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that actions are bought by intention and shall allow get the good deed. Or when it comes to something evil, what happens? You've intended to commit that sin, you're going to do it. So after the NIA comes alive Azima you become determined to commit that sin. After you become determined, it becomes a hammer, it becomes an action, you commit the sin, then once you do it once what happens? It becomes ad, it becomes a habit. You've become desensitized to that sin. So not you know what, at least the first time you approached us and there was some hesitation, there was some feeling of discomfort, right Subhan Allah that first penny of riba hurts that first penny of interest hurts

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after that $100,000 In riba doesn't matter anymore. That first moment of saying something bad about your brother. I know I probably shouldn't be saying this, you know, when someone starts off their conversation and says, you know, I, you know, I know we're not supposed to backbiting talk about people. But once the word button got in there, as in, I've already justified it. Now let me start, it's done about another dadadada.

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You go off, now you're completing out you're not just sharing one piece of information backbiting. It started off backbiting about one thing about the brother now you back by the 10 things about the brother, right? While I'm in this sin, why don't I just continue, and that's even when it comes to the minor sins, right? And that's why as I remember the hobby Rahim, Allah to Allah said, to insist upon a Selena to insist upon a minor sin becomes a Kabira becomes a major sin. When you do the same minor sin over and over and over again, no restraint, no restriction, nothing holds you back, you just keep going back to it over and over and over again, you're showing a level of disregard to

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And that disregard is far more offensive than the sin that you're committing the fact that you don't even hesitate anymore to commit that sin. Right. It's like if a parent tells their child something over and over and over again, it might be something small that they're censoring their child over. But the fact that you're doing it right in front of me and you don't even care anymore, offends me far more than what you were doing in the first place. And so when you when you don't have that hesitation anymore, you just keep on doing it over and over and over again. There's something very offensive about that to ALLAH SubhanA hota. And so Allah subhanho

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wa Taala describes the believer Allah so it just says in Alladhina, taco either massamba effeminate shape Juanita that Kuru for either Himachal statehood, the valey those who feel a loss of Hunter they have that consciousness of Allah they're aware of Allah subhanaw taala in their muscle boy formula shaitan you know, say farm gets a hold of their thoughts a farm starts telling them about something, say farm starts guiding them to something, God forbid, sometimes you actually fall and commit the sin once or twice. But the point is, whenever Satan gets in your head to that Kuru, you remember Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and for either on mobile Sealord you know, when you read the

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ayah, it says, if now they can see, you know, when someone's eyes get big, because they just came to a realization like, wait a minute, of course, I'm not going to do that. Of course, I won't respond to the call of shaper. Now Subhan Allah, you take that, and then you compare it to our laziness and pursuing Allah subhanaw taala and pursuing his pleasure and the manga primo Allah to Allah he says woman, Raja, el mocha Allah Buddha like, I mean, what would you say in LA? What Hunter and humatrope were female up to Ken Hurrah. He said, one of the strangest things is that you know that you need him, you know, Allah subhanaw taala is completely independent of you. You need him, and you need to

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do the things to please Him because you do need him. But at the same time, you're turning away from him, he doesn't need you, you need him, but you're turning away from him and rushing towards the things that would earn his wrath and his anger, rushing towards the things that would only further distance you from him. And so when you look at the terminologies that Allah uses in the Quran, it's very interesting. Allah Subhana Allah Tada and I just want you to follow this, those of you that were here from the beginning, follow the pace here. When Allah Subhana Allah, Allah mentions pursuit of this world when he mentioned pursuit of this dunya Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, thumb Shu

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fime and Kibi. How Akuto Marisa HeyWhat elite in a short, uncertain world, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, walk amongst the slopes of this earth, eat of its provision, and to Him as the return to Him as the resurrection. Allah mentioned walking, and they're ill and that they say because it's not appropriate for a believer to be running after this world. Allah would never use even though we're told to pursue our livelihood, even though we're told to do the things that we need to do to live a decent life.

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And to make things comfortable for ourselves and our families, but at the same time, Allah would never use the word run because the believer does not have run and dunya in the same sentence, it's not going to happen, that you don't have that anticipation and anxiety for the matters of this world. But you're setting yourself you're doing what you have to do. But at the end of the day, your concern is not with this world.

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You know, that doesn't mean that you come home. And you know, if you're in school, you get a C or you get a D, and you say, well, a loss. Pantai says Femto female could be so I was walking to class, and that's why I got there, 10 minutes late, it doesn't work that way, or I didn't care to know that psalm is prescribed there as well. Excellence is prescribed there as well. But Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is showing us the way that we should internally be pursuing this world. So I'm Sophie min akebia, you walk on the slopes of this world, you do what you have to do, but at the same time, you do not become attached to it. And the fact of the matter is that many times we are satisfied with

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the absolute least in matters relating to this religion and relating to the hereafter, but we will settle for no less than the best when it comes to a worldly matter. Right when it comes to something that has to do with my dunya I will not settle for anything less than this. When it comes to matter of Deen then I'll be as mediocre as they come. So Allah subhanaw taala says walk but at the same time when you are called for Allah subhanho wa Taala do not hold back and I'm going to mention a charity reference here and that's why I'm going to say immediately the qualifier always give no fundraiser today but there's a charity mentioned here as well. When Allah subhanho To Allah mentions

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that you're called to spend for the sake of Allah subhanahu wata and what is it that holds a person back from spending for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the prophets like Selim, he mentioned to us that every single night to angels come down and they say Allahumma our team one Falcon, Khalifa Oh Allah give to the one who gave and the other one says Allah Almighty mumsy can tell her Oh Allah hold back from the one who holds back destroy the one who holds back and then you might have no Josie Rahim Allah makes a very powerful comments here. He says notice that the angels make dua for and against your worldly affairs. Why would they're not asking Allah to destroy you in the

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hereafter no withhold from that person. Why? Because it was the dunya that held you back from Allah subhanho wa taala. Your thoughts of of things of this world that are disposable held you back from giving towards something that would benefit you for eternity? There isn't. There is something about that attitude of sadaqa as well. That attitude of charity as well that the prophets like Selim said was sadaqa to Mohana charity is a proof it's a proof of your faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. Now when Allah subhanaw taala talks about a Salah when he talks about a Juma what does he say either knew the salah teeming yo mille Juma, it fasted, either decreed LA, when you are called to the

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prayer on the day of Friday, rush, rush to the remembrance of Allah subhanho to add, you know, Sam, is what Allah describes fit our own as doing when Fidel was was pacing and trying to deal with Musa it is Salam. It's what Allah describes the loving electone or the Allahu Anhu when it comes running to the prophets Lysander with a sense of urgency. I literally mean that Allah make Allah teach me from what Allah taught you. So you're rushing with a sense of urgency, you're not going slow, you're not dragging your feet. And since we're towards the end of the hotbar, I mentioned the Hadith from Abu Huraira will be allowed Toronto in Al Bukhari, that masala spice and I'm said, Whoever performs

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the hosel on the day of Friday, and then he goes to Juma, then he is like the one who gave a camel in charity. And whoever goes in the second hour of the day of Jamal, so that's the first hour he said, Whoever goes in the second hour is like the one who gave a cow in charity. And whoever goes in the third hour is like the one who gave a ram and charity and whoever goes in the fourth hour is like the one who gave a chicken integrity. And whoever goes in the fifth hour is like the one who gave an egg and charity. And when the Imams come out, the angels are present listening to the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and they shut their books when the Imam comes, there

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was an opportunity, right?

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So last night, Sam tells us that the angels prey upon the people in the first row, there's an opportunity for all of us that there is a sense of urgency towards a solid, high alpha rush back to the rush to success. Right when you hear that call, Hey, Island fella rush to success. Are you really convinced that there is success within your prayer? Or do you see prayer as a distraction from your true worldly pursuit of success? Like let me go get this prayer out of the way so I can get back to making myself successful? Or do you actually view success within that prayer? And when Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentions Allah Jana so when he mentions this world, Allah azza wa jal says

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walk when he mentions the salah ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah says to rush, when Allah mentions paradise when he mentioned a Jana Allah says sabe qu. O Sadie, ooh, compete race. Like you've got to beat everyone else out. Ilana Filati Rebecca maganda DiNardo Hassan, Alex will rush and run and race and compete with one another overdone. That's what you really should be competing of. That's what you know, when you see someone that's outdoing you and doing the actions of the people of paradise. That's when you should feel a sense of positive envy. Where you know what I need to catch up. I'm slacking, I don't have any excuses. Look at that person. I have absolutely no excuses in my life.

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And you know, subhanAllah there's something very beautiful about that drive for agenda. Number one, it creates anticipation. Number two, it creates a lifelong drive, because you don't get it until you leave. In our beloved robotic Rahim Allah to Allah. He studied and he considered he continued in seeking knowledge until his very old age because there's this idea that you know, you go study for some years, and then you become a teacher. But he continued traveling the world not just as a teacher, but as a students even into his old age, right when he had gray hair and he was tired and losing his health and he was asked, When are you going to stop studying? And you know what he said?

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He said, When I find the word that will save me from hellfire. When I find that Kadima, that word that's gonna save me from hellfire. I'll stop. Otherwise, I've got to keep going. He's racing are made of nanometer the Allahu anhu, the great companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam are made all the a long time. I know before the Battle of Dudu. You know, he asked the Prophet sallallaahu Selim, you know, what's in it for us? What are we going to what are we getting at the end of this? And also last night, some said Jana paradise said,

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just like whoa, he had dates in his hand. He said, If I live to eat these dates, then I'm a loser. How to love I live long enough to even eat these dates. If you mean Jana is in front of me right now. I'm gonna go get Jana. Right away, the attachment becomes to Jana. And so you rush and you run and you race towards Jana. And finally, Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah says, fulfill rule it Allah.

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Flee, escape to Allah Subhana Allah

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Subhan Allah, the pace changes every time Allah subhanho wa Taala ups the stakes when he talks about something more noble, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada increases your pace as well. Flee to Allah subhanho wa taala. Run back to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and when you're fleeing, you're naturally running away from something Flee to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and rush to Him and do not be deterred from anything that will take you away from Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to be pleased with us and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bring us closer to Him and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forgive us when we pursue things that are not permissible or we pursue

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things that take us away from him. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us when we are lazy and pursuing that which is pleasing to Him. Allah Amin Akula, Cody hada was stuck with Allah he will accompany certain I'm assuming first off in the who will go for Rahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen when are we going to learn what I mean when I'm about to begin with screen a lot more Saudi was selling robotic and Abdi camera so they can Mohammed and SallAllahu it was seller. Already he was trying to sell them to Seaman cathedra. The brothers and sisters are the man of milk and Rahim Allah to Allah. He says Lisa ijzerman Abyssinia Takata Babu Illa ye while you're seated in a while I Kindle agile mannequin yet acabo Isla de while you're seeing it, like he said, it's not you know, it's not unusual to find a slave or someone in a low position trying to get in good with his king or with someone that's above him, or have higher authority to try to better

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his situation. But it's strange when you see the King of all kings calling upon his lowest Subhanallah the lowest of servants and Allah subhanaw taala getting close to him. And that's the beauty of this all that Allah subhanho wa Taala only it will take from you whatever you give to him and Allah subhanaw taala title will come at you at a faster pace. When you are inclined towards something good ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada inclines towards you faster in attorney MC a title Hello Allah. When it comes to me walking I go to him running. You know Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal he tells us in the Quran Yeah, you and Adina Ave Mala comida Tila C'mon Pharaoh visa vie de la, da Alton, il

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and this is obviously talking about Tabuk right ALLAH SubhanA

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Jota Allah says, oh you believe why is it that when you're told to go out for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, suddenly you find yourselves clinging towards the Earth. Now, obviously that was a call towards a noble battle and a noble struggle, right? But if you look at the amorphous seed on the scholars of Tafseer they say take this idea and apply it to everything in this world when you're called towards good. When you're called towards the allotted budget in the masjid, suddenly, your bed becomes so much more comfortable. suddenly thought, you actually clean towards your bed, not towards the Earth, you cling to your bed, all of a sudden, this bed becomes so comfortable. You

00:30:40--> 00:31:14

know, whenever you're called to do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala suddenly you will make a million excuses. A million excuses between you and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and say, You know what? My head hurts. So I don't think I'm gonna go to the Holika today, when did you ever say My head hurts, so I don't think I'm gonna go to that wedding tonight. Right? I don't think I'm gonna go to that down at that party, that Zuma whatever it is that you want to call it. I'm not going to go to the party tonight. I'm not going to go watch the football game. I got a little bit of a headache. I'm getting a little bit tired. But Subhanallah you're called to something good. And you

00:31:14--> 00:31:52

make excuses. The and message of this hotbar is give your excuses of Blackeye do not let anything come in between you and Allah Subhana Allah, when you're called when you hear of something good to do for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Don't sit there and start crunching things in your head and start analyzing and start doing this and doing that. Just do it's when Allah Subhana Allah Allah calls you towards it. And when you are called from the Shavon towards anything that's displeasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah don't start trying to become a Mufti because Shavon will become a Great Mufti at those times. Shavon will give you fatwah after photo after photo, and he will give you all

00:31:52--> 00:31:54

kinds of delete and evidences to do something how to

00:31:55--> 00:32:28

shut that voice up as soon as you hear it. And that's an attitude change and that's something that when we have then we naturally find ourselves inclining towards good we ask Allah Subhana Allah to out to make us the people that always inclined towards him and that rush towards pleasing Him with our health, with our wealth and with everything that he's enabled us with. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings and forgive us when we turn away from Him and we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to make us amongst those that are told that bake and that say to Allah subhana wa has had the big that are told come and we say to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, here we come.

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Allah McFarland what meaning I want more minutes well Muslim in our Muslim not even humble march in Mecca Samia and curry booty boo there what a llama Finland our why for Anna went to Libnah Romana, alumna and fusina. Were in lambda for Lana otter Hannah Nana, Nana middle class in Allahumma. In California and Karima to Hibbeler for fat for Anna Allahumma Fuli while Idina from their humble man came out a bonus era Robin I have an animal as well do you know the reality now? Kurata Aryan? What Jana Pina Imam Allah Matsuda one animal still Dafina FEMA shadow of the Omaha Ruby Allahumma Annika wine Amina with vitamin welcome to Dinner with one of them and beanie him so the mean everybody to

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lock in Allah yet little bit ugly with their son but your quarterback, well you inherited fascia you have one carry well very common Allah come to the karoun fefco La Jolla Scotto wash Kuru Valentina, is it local. What are the Allahu Akbar Allah Yeah, animal medicine our own welcome