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luck, luck.

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luck luck battle luck. Ah Wacka

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Hi Lulla

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Rasulo love ya

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I share the one more hum mother Rasul Allah or

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hey Arlo Salah

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Hey Are those Salah

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coffee I love

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luck luck luck

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so now Rahman Rahim Alhamdulillah enough medical Minister enough stuff you're gonna study. We're not gonna be here when I tell a killer Allah He won't be learning I'll leave even surely and fusina Amin se RT Imani pneumonia de la Jota Allah Fela medulla woman ewag Lil feller her the Ella shadow La ilaha illallah wa hinda who la sharika Holman call out Hamed you meet Ohio nya more to be edhill Hi, well who are the coolie Satan Kadir shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who are solo or Sophie you who were Khalil? Adel, Amanda, Manitoba. lavori Sanatana Sahil Illuma Wakasa Fulham what's rockin Ireland mahadji Tilbury Law Legal How can a hearty hello is Eva and her Illa Hurlock valley from Oslo to a

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terminal to steam while early he was talking to he woman a seminary so Nettie Isla yo Medina, llama Jana minhang Amina Alladhina amanu Samuel Sliney how to Ottawa southern hockey Ottawa silver sub Amin Allah Alameen wa will seek and when FCB Tapachula what Amara Anna will help what color to Allah you will Adina am an otaku. La haka Ducati, he will attend more tuna Illa into Muslim on UN NASA taco Rebecca Mala dhikala Kakuma nevsun worried well hello come in has about seven humare John and Kathy are on one ESA WhatsApp hola hola. De Tessa Luna b He will or ham in Allah can Alikum Raptiva you Hello Adina almond otaku Allahu wa Kulu colons, Khadija, your la Kumar Malecon way of relaxing

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with the no back home woman you'll play Allah wa Sudha, who for the first 1000 Alima from Ahmedabad begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bearing witness that man has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them What am I mean? The brothers and sisters last week in my hotbar, which was the first football I spoke about the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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as he was ascending the mandala as he was ascending the pulpit he said, mean three times with each step and Rasul Allah say some informal Sahaba that Gibreel at his salaam was there and that Djibouti Ronnie his salaam was making a dirt

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and debris Ronnie his salaam says Rahim. And for me his nose be stuffed into the dirt harbor hustle. He has completely failed and lost. And he made the art against three particular people, the one upon whom Ramadan comes and goes and he's not forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning Ramadan is a month that contains within it so much mercy and so much forgiveness that there is no way that you can be even half a decent Muslim and Ramadan comes upon you, and leaves you except that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah would forgive you. And so if a person manages to miss the Rama have the Most Merciful in general, the mercy of the Most Merciful, even outside of the month of Ramadan. You know,

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Allah is so merciful that if you manage to find your

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myself in an unfavorable position with Allah subhanaw taala you have to do something extremely bad. I'm going to bin Abdul Aziz Rahim. Allah to Allah says local haba hustler man Harada and Rahmatullah. allottee was here at Kula Sheikh said, you know, truly a person has failed and lost in life when they've managed to find themselves outside of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that encompasses all things. Allah's Mercy is so so all encompassing that how can you possibly find yourself not qualifying for His Mercy Subhana Allah to Allah, and add on top of that one of the NEFA hats, one of the seasons of mercy that Allah sends Ramadan in particular where Allah is even more

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merciful, and, you know, multiplies your awards even more, and you still manage to not be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, the prophet slice Allah mentioned, the one who hears his name, and does not invoke Salawat upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's very common. Now when you hear people talking about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they'll say the prophets that they'll say Mohammed without saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's a sign of a very arrogant person, and a person who's ungrateful to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for all that he did for him, this man almost died, this man almost died for you. On several occasions,

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this man, blood he sweats, he cried constantly for your sake. And you don't even have the decency to fulfill that the smallest write up that he has upon you sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is at least to pray for him, at least to thank him by sending Salawat upon him. And it should be natural, that the believer automatically is pushed towards doing that to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then thirdly, the one whose parents reach old age in his lifetime, and he doesn't enter Jannah by one or both of them. Meaning what, you know, if your parents have reached old age in your lifetime, that means that you are also old enough to recognize the favor that they've that they that they have

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upon you, and all that they've done for you. So at least you would have the decency to treat them well in those moments and to appreciate that now that you yourself are being thrusted into a similar role. Now, if you look at those three things, and this is the transition into today's topic, all three of those things involve more of not doing something

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okay? Or, or disqualifying yourself from the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when it's so easy to achieve. And that's that's the point when we're talking about Ramadan and we're talking about what Allah subhanaw taala seeks to bring out of us cootie by Lake mostly I'm Okemah cootie Bala, Medina and Cobley Camilla Allah contacter goon going, that fasting was prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those who came before you so that you could gain a sense of Taqwa Taqwa teaches us something very, very important here, that God consciousness and that piety is not about praying more. It's not about reading more Quran. It's not about doing more good deeds. As Omar bin Abdulaziz

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Rahim Allah to Allah said, taqwa is not praying long into the night or fasting long into the day, but instead it's abandoning that which is displeasing to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Anything beyond that is excellent. Anything beyond that is excellence. And to have axon without Taqwa is impossible. Right? Taqwa is a total morality, abandoning the things that will serve as a barrier between you and Allah subhanaw taala son is going beyond the TUC law is to acknowledge the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon you exon is to do tuck the ear of it exon is to honor the sight of Allah upon you. So tuck was that you at least have the decency knowing that Allah is watching you not to

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do anything that's going to be did not only disobedient, but disrespectful. Hassan is one you've already passed that stage. You know Allah is watching you and you have the decency not to disobey Allah subhanaw taala as he's watching you, but now you take it a step further and you honor the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon him so you embellish your reputation you show more into Allah Subhana Allah to Allah of love and of Salah and of reading Quran and so on so forth. Now why is this so crucial when we're understanding our EVA dots in particular, because there isn't a single a bad or good deed except that ALLAH or the messenger slice Allah mentioned that there is a way to

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completely devoid of all blessings. One of the first warnings in the Quran did not come to the kuffar did not come to the disbelievers or the will nothing. Allah Azza just says fell away. You know little mousseline, where you don't kneel, Mussolini. Woe to those who pray. Think about that. Woe to those who pray. Allah warns those who pray early on in the Revelation, Allah azza wa jal sends a stern warning to people

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Who do Salah right? Aside from all the warnings to the people that are burying their daughters alive, the people that are committing adultery, the people that are committing injustice, the people that are committing Siddiq, there is a warning to people who pray. Why Alladhina home Ancelotti? Ahimsa Hoon Allah the you know you are all now I am their own in my own people that show off with their prayer you've managed to take something that is meant to be your we saw your connection to Allah subhana wa Tada Salah comes from sila it's a connection, what what's meant to be a connection between you and Allah subhanaw taala what's meant to be the ultimate determining factor for whether

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or not you would enter Jannah or not? When we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us it's meant to be the main connection between you and Allah subhanaw taala and you managed to take something so beautiful and spoil it by making it more about your reputation and how people view you.

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Salah was supposed to be a connection between you and Allah, you turned it into a way to gain reputation and to gain the respect of the people. And so you show up in the masjid not because Allah azza wa jal called you to do so. Not because either No the other solid teaming Yomi Juma it Festo, Ina Vickery Allah run to the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you show up to Joomla because you don't want people to say Hey, how come you don't go to Joomla

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and not only that, you might even come really really really early. Not because you want to get the reward of coming early. But you don't want people to say hey, you've been coming in Jim are late.

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You don't go tarisha Salah because Isha, if you pray Aisha and Jamar it's like you've prayed half the night and fudgy it's like you've prayed the other half of the night completing the maintenance the family. You don't go there because of that. You go there so that you can enjoy the social gathering and so that people can say, my salah he showed up to Russia, you know taraweeh it's only natural you're supposed to be at Halloween, you're supposed to be an Orisha. You took an institution that's so beautiful. And that is the crux of this religion. As the prophets lie Selim says lithography, Dini law require a fee. There is no good in a religion without record without salon,

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you managed to take that and turn it into something ugly.

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Instead of making it a connection between you and Allah subhanaw taala you made it a means of Allah waging war on you, because you weren't doing it for his sake. Because when Allah says wait to you, when Allah warns you and threatens you in the Quran, he threatens you for good reason. It's not a means of you gaining reputation. That's why the Prophet slice Allah mentioned that the hypocrites find legit and Aisha most difficult it wasn't because of the sleep schedule. It was because back in the day when you went to federal inertia, no one would see you. Okay, so the hypocrites would show up to the horror answer and Missouri because they get that reputation they'd get, they'd get the

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points with the people by showing up to those Salah and they wouldn't even bother coming to federal and Aisha because who's going to be a federal issue anyway? So Allah azza wa jal talks about a beautiful institution of Salah, the most important institution of your religion, and you managed to mess it up.

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When Allah azza wa jal talks about Al Hajj, Fela Rafa Rafa Zuko Allah G Darla Phil hutch, don't argue, don't fight. Don't become foolish. Don't become silly. Don't reduce yourself and reduce the institution of Hajj by bringing your ego to a place that you are supposed to come begging for Allah Subhana Allah has mercy and forgiveness in absolute humility. You come stripped of your clothes only in your head on but you still bring your ego and your bad manners with you to Hajj Allah doesn't want that hatch.

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Turned back away with tone even bother taking your clothes off and putting a hat on and putting those two towels on. Because the ego the the veil, the spiritual veils that you have are far more destructive than those clothes that ego in those bad manners you bring to Hajj Allah doesn't even want to see you and Hajj if you're gonna bring that attitude to it. You could actually end up coming to Hajj and doing more harm than good. If you're gonna go there and start yelling and screaming and fighting and complaining about the food and complaining about the hotels and so on so forth. Just turn back away then. Right? And then you talk about ously I'm fasting when the prophets lie Selim

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says manlam Yoda, colas, Zoom income, while ama Louie whoever does not leave fuller speech, idle speech, whoever doesn't leave their bad behavior behind and acting upon that foolish speech. But he said the law he had be another parama who was Sourabh Allah azza wa jal is not interested in you leaving your food in your drink. Fasting is meant to achieve something different from you. It's not about you know, think about it and hedge. You don't find the profit slice. I'm talking about how much the loss you made.

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or how many you know how long you stood up and did this or that. Instead law Rafa Allah for Zuko Allah de dolphin Hajj likewise and fasting. You don't find a single command from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that stipulates a number of rock as to pray at night a number of litmus to do right how many times you're supposed to read the Quran, you don't find all that just don't mess it up. Literally the message is, don't mess it up. When we find an authentic hadith and Muslim Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah to Allah from obaidul, the Allahu taala, anyone also selama and Xena that there were two women at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that complained that

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their stomachs were hurting and that they needed to vomit and it was a day of fasting. They had nothing in their system. And the prophets like Selim, he went to the, you know, when the message came to him about these two women, he said, Take two bowls and put those bowls in front of them, and tell them to just go ahead and vomits. And when those two bowls were placed in front of them, they actually started to vomit human meat.

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Not lamb or sheep or camel, human meat. And the people were absolutely disgusted. Including obviously, first and foremost, those two women

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and Allah azza wa jal decided to send a message to the OMA through those two women. So this must not have been some ordinary backbiting This must have been some serious backbiting and the prophets lice and M says these two have taken their share of haram while abandoning that which was hella they filled themselves with that which is haram and they abandon that which was headed What does Allah want with that? What does Allah what would that see with that cin with that form of fasting? And now when it comes to the institution of charity, just suppose to be a means of purifying your wealth? And instead Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you Alladhina Amendola, Tumulty, Rosada, cardi, convenient

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many will other Oh, you who believe don't void your charity. Don't ruin your charity, by boasting. And by harming the people that you're giving charity to. You give them such an attitude. When you give charity you've completely taken the bulk out of the charity. You don't give it like a humble servants. That's pleased that Allah Subhana Allah put them in a position where they could give for their own sake. Instead you see yourself as the ultimate giver, rather than the means by which Allah subhanaw taala gifts. You you see yourself in that capacity. So you boast and you brag, with your charity with your sunblock and everything else that you do. I've been serving this community for 10

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years. Guess what, by your one sentence you might have just voided that 10 years

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I've been doing this I've done this I've done that Allah Subhana Allah Allah could strip all of the baraka away from that, by your boasting by your bracket. I've been here and I founded this masjid and I founded this Islamic school, and I was there when no one else was there. And 40 years ago, when the entire Ummah was sleeping, I was the one that came and said, Hey guys, we need to establish organizations then it's not it's not mass, all of them were established because of me.

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Save it, it's just keep it to yourself at that point. Allah Azza doesn't want to hear your boasting. Keep it to yourself. Where's the humility? Number one, that's an exaggeration. Number two, where's your humility? Where's your humility? Where's your unhemmed Allah Allah put me in a position to serve and handle Allah Allah put me in a position to give. And Allah gives a powerful example. And this is Ken Levy, UniFi Comala Huria and NAS well are you know, biller he will Yeoman

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Slyke a person who gives so that people can see him and he doesn't really believe in Allah and the Last Day that's a harsh accusation from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada isn't that when you harm people when you give them charity or when you boast about the good that you do? Then there is a deficiency in your belief and Allah subhanaw taala in the last day, why because if you really had a strong belief in Allah subhanaw taala, then you would much rather Allah praise you than the people praise you. And if you really believed in the Hereafter, then you would go leaps and bounds to make sure that you don't sacrifice the reward of the Hereafter in order to gain a petty reward of praise in this world.

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Now you want me to be lying? Well, Yeoman Atha. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that this is a person committed he's offline in LA he took off the Al Sabah Hua be known for Fatah cat who soldered it up.

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It's like a stone that's that's covered in dirt or what appears to be fertile soil. But then rain comes in the soil goes away and it leaves it bare. Meaning what eventually, the ugliness prevails. It looks like fertile ground, but eventually, just the small rain and you know Subhanallah rain is water right? Just the small rain comes rain comes into play.

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wipes it all off. And guess what you're laid exposed and bear, meaning what you gave and you did so that people would praise you. But now people are like, Man, that guy never, never is quiet. I don't want to use another word that that person never stays quiet about the good that they've done. We're sick of hearing it from him. Like I don't even want to go ask him for anything anymore. Just keeps talking about this stuff. The people even despise you. So you didn't get the reward of the Hereafter nor did you get the reward of this world. And Allah exposes your intentions and Allah exposes your name and you're left there. Why are you giving? Why are you fasting? Why are you praying? Why are

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you doing? Which brings me to a very powerful Hadith from the Prophet slice and Amina Subhan Allah. Today I was absolutely fascinated by this hadith.

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I've given hope to about this hadith before but Subhanallah this there's something very profound about this so Sula, Sai Salam says, we're in a su l holo key. That verily bad character. Now you've seen ulama bad character spoils your good deeds. Camera you'll see the hull Alas, and the way that vinegar would spoil honey.

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The example once again, what bad character does to your good deeds is what vinegar does to honey? Now here's the thing about that hadith, and acid, even Scientifically speaking, subhanAllah honey never spoils. In fact, honey can go 1000 years and it will never spoil. They gather honey from sources and they've been sitting there for 1000s of years. Honey never spoils.

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But the prophets lysozyme says the way that bad character would spoil your good deeds is the way that vinegar would spoil honey. And what the messenger sly Selim is saying is that what bad character you know, bad character has the potential to spoil the unspoiled evil.

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What bad character would do to your good deeds Subhan Allah is what vinegar would do to honey. And you know why he gives that example sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because although honey can't spoil, the one thing you can do to honey is taken away its taste, you can't do anything else with its properties, you can only take away its sweetness. And the only thing that would take away its sweetness is something that's vinegar or the like of vinegar, something to sour it. So it's still there. But instead of being sweet, it becomes sour and not in a good way. Okay. Instead of being sweet, it becomes sour. And if now chi Rahim, Allah to Allah, He says that on the Day of Judgment,

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you know, talking about this concept on the Day of Judgment, those good deeds that you did for other than Allah Subhana Allah to add on that you spoiled with bad character, not only are they not going to benefit you, they'll still be there. Not only are they not going to, you know, disappear, they'll be used against you, when

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they actually come back and testify against you. You turn your good deeds into bad deeds, you turn that which was sweet, into that which was bitter.

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And you think about that notion that the messenger slice and I was putting forth here, that bad character has the ability to spoil it all. Your whole look, the way you act, when you do good, the way you treat people, it has the ability to ruin it all. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that with his personal Holyoake, a person with good character will be able to ascend amongst Daraja to a messiah.

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On the Day of Judgment, they would find themselves amongst people who used to pray all night and use the fast all day by virtue of their good character. So by virtue of your good character, you would attain the ranks of people that have done amazing deeds. But by virtue or not by virtue rather but by punishment of your bad character, you would spoil what's apparently unspeakable, you would ruin the beautiful things that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you that are a means of bringing you close to him. The message of this all dear brothers and sisters, to summarize all of this, this entire notion, Allah subhanho wa Taala is basically telling you don't mess it up.

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The number one thing you can do for your spirituality, don't corrupt the number one thing you can do for your fasting for the for your charity for your prayer, don't mess it up.

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The most productive thing you can do in these last 10 Nights is to not do anything unproductive. Right The last thing you want to do with these last tonight is to backbite during the night where all doesn't matter how much to hedge you do prayed at that point, he would have spoiled it. That's the most productive thing you can do with your time and with what Allah subhanaw taala has given to you. Allah appreciate small things with good character. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah does away with big things due to bad character. And I'm gonna we're gonna have Tabo the Allahu Taala and he's

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says that we're in the shadow your corner fee just at two o'clock in hustler that a young man might have nine good characteristics. But one bad characteristic one bad attributes, one bad attribute and nine good attributes. And he says on the Allah Tada I know that that one good attribute that one bad attribute would spoil the rest of the night. It makes all of the nine go back. It only takes one bitter agent to ruin it all. So the way that we approach Allah Subhana Allah first and foremost, don't mess it up. And it goes perfectly in accordance with the Hadith that we talked about last week of Ramadan is here. How bad do you have to be? How bad do you have to mess it up to not be forgiven

00:25:46--> 00:26:06

by Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet slice Salam, as mentioned amongst you, how stingy and Bucklin do you have to be to not even say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Because that's a sign of bad character with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It's so other than followup with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your parents reach old age amongst you?

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How bad would you have to be to hurt them even in that situation? And say something disrespectful as the messengers, like some mentions in that hadith, right, what brings a person to the states and what brings a person to corrupt all that is good. And, you know, subhanAllah, I was the reason why the Hadith fascinated me as well, in that regard, in particular, how we deal with one another, you know, psychologically, you can, there's, I actually like to read the living science blog all the time. And they actually have a paper about how bad memories are etched into our memory as opposed to good memories. We embellish good memories, right? And we think about good things, we tend to either

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embellish them or deny them all together. So if we want to remember them, not only will we remember them, will make them more rosy and flowery than they actually were. If we want to forget them, we can forget them in an instance. But bad things and that's why you have things that are escalated to a level of trauma. We remember them in absolute detail. You remember them accurately. And what we have to be able to do obviously is we have to be able to control ourselves, to not let the bad things do away with the good things when we're dealing with people the profit slice. I mentioned that with spouses you look for in a home or for that rarely they disbelieved they disbelieve in what

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Yasuda yuck for a bit of a shear. they disbelieve on the profit side so I'm just talking about husband and wife. They will you know, yet for on the profit side. Some said they disbelieve they said the Eldest Allah are you talking? Are you saying they become kuffaar they become disbelievers. He says no. He says one bad thing happens and your spouse would say, I've never seen anything good from you.

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We're human beings. That's how we operate. So the province like Sam said, it's a tendency you've never done anything good for me. You've never taken me out. It's like what are you talking about? We went out to a restaurant last week. You've never take you've never taken me out you've never taken me anywhere dad you've never taken me anywhere Mom, we were at Disney World Three months ago, what are you talking about? But as human beings we tend to unfortunately due to something bad or that we perceive as bad do away with everything. Allah on the other hand, and this is just the little hope at the end of it all the light at the end of the tunnel. Allah subhana wa Tada is not just la for in

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which he covers

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Allah azza wa jal is also Allahu Allah pardons and lets it go. And that's why the prophets lie Selim said the best dua you can be making in these last 10 Nights Allahumma in Kathu, one to hibel Alpha 510 Allah, you're not just forgiving you pardon, you let it go. You won't even bring it up. You won't even bring it up on the day of judgment if Subhanallah you will not even harm the person who disobeyed you by mentioning it to him if he sought forgiveness for it. Not only that, you know, when we forgive sometimes when we pardon, we pardon grudgingly right? It's like fine, I'll forget about it. But it's still there. And the minute something else happens, you'll it'll go back you'll rehash

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everything bad that happened in the past. Right? Rasul Allah, Allah Islam is saying, say to Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, to him, will

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you actually love to forget it? Allah loves to forget it. Allah azza wa jal doesn't want to put you in that situation on the Day of Judgment.

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Five one, so pardon me and forgive me. What that means is the brothers and sisters in this last week, we have that chance in sha Allah to Allah, to put everything that's been done in the past in the past, once and for all, correct our character and don't mess it up. Allah has given you so much and Allah's mercy is so encompassing. Don't mess it up. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst those that are included in his mercy in his favor. And we ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings and we ask Allah to give us good

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character and to give us sincerity. And to not put you not to not put anything within us that would corrupt our good deeds or render them void and we ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us when we do those things unknowingly, or when we do it when we do them knowingly Allahumma Amin Akula, Cody hada was talking about he will come, but he certainly must have been festival festival in the hole affordable.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Ileana Blondie meanwhile Optiva to limit supreme Allah masala was selling roboticle Avocado Sudan Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while earning he will sack me or sell them to Sleeman Kathira We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forgive us and to have mercy upon us and to accept our Ramadan and to accept our Laila to Qatar We ask Allah azza wa jal that we had, that we that he allows us to be amongst those who are fortunate to have caught it or will catch it. In the next coming nights we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that if we sleep through Laylatul Qadr or that if we ruin it with some with some foolish talk or silly talk that we should

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not be speaking about, or if we let it go by with something that's that's not beneficial to us. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to overlook that. And to accept it from us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to add that all the salah that we've done in Ramadan, that is an outside of Ramadan, that it's all for his sake and no one else and that if there was any inclination inside of us to come to Salah for the sake of people that Allah azza wa jal overlooks that inserra insincerity we ask ALLAH SubhanA huzzah Allah, that our recitation of Quran be only for his sake that our fasting be only for his sake and that He purify our intentions. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that any sadaqa that we've given

00:31:42--> 00:32:20

in this month, any charity we've given in this month or outside of this month, that Allah azza wa jal purifies it and accepts it. And that if there was any inkling of any inclination within us to gain the praise of the people that Allah azza wa jal removes that from our hearts and removes that from our action that Allah subhanaw taala accepts it as purely for his sake we ask Allah azza wa jal to give us good character and to allow us to reach a goal that is that we can aspire for in regards to personal Holyoake and to allow us to come as close as we can, to the perfect character of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we ask Allah azza wa jal to join us with him, and with the

00:32:20--> 00:32:57

companions and with those and with his family and with the righteous and the shahada and the prophets that came before in the highest level of generative for those Allah mean a lot more credit than what we need. Not when Muslim men are Muslim out here even human minds in the Kissimmee are on Caribbean Mooji with their words, Lama Quinlan our Hamner, wife one now Allah to Idlib. Now Robin alumna and for Santa when I'm tougher, or Hamlet an akuna minal ha serene llama in a careful when carrying on to Hebron, alpha fat for Anna Wamena careful when carrying when to Hibbeler for fat for Anna Allahumma. Yeah, Isla Hannah Aleem Yeah, I feel yeah Corinne Yeah, her for that for Lana or

00:32:57--> 00:33:03

Hamner. Allahumma Illa Hannah, Arlene. Yeah jabariya Allah.

00:33:05--> 00:33:39

We ask you Oh Allah not to make us amongst those who fail to reach your mercy. We ask you Yeah, Allah that we don't be amongst those that find themselves outside of your mercy and we ask you, Oh Allah, not to make us from an Maduro mean not to make us from those who are deprived and we ask Allah to forgive our parents to forgive our spouses, to forgive our our children, to forgive all of us and to make us amongst the righteous and we ask you Oh Allah, to make it easy for our brothers and sisters all over the world that are struggling this Ramadan and striving rebel to Allah and Allah Hi, I'm Robin I had to deal with their son when he took the collarbone here and in fact he

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

wouldn't want to carry well lovely Yeah, and look I'm gonna come to the Coronavirus court Allah has caught up on West kuruva and and that and that is it luck on what are the coli Akbar Allah Yama toss. Now welcome