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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of setting a daily recitation of the Quran to improve one's productivity. They suggest reciting 30 Jews and setting a goal of 50-50% of the plan after the first 10 days of the day to achieve their goal. The goal is to bring their discoveration of the Bible into their daily routine.
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Hello, everyone, welcome back to normal blonde strong. So one of the things that we try to do a normal dawn obviously is acquaint ourselves with the you've got this evening recitation in the masjid, but somebody else is reciting it right the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we tend to flock to the massages and to enjoy the 200 prayer later on in the night, and still someone else is reading the portal and, and we often forget in that that it's our job to establish our own regimen of the recitation of the Quran. And that a lot as those that has tasked us with it, and we need to develop a habit that continues to after Ramadan. So by now you're about to experience the Ramadan dip. And

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what many people don't take into consideration is that the perfect time to catch up on your Ramadan goal is the middle 10 days because the first 10 days are still getting used to fasting the last 10 days you are engaging into and 200 and again, usually praying behind someone else. The middle 10 days which are the slowest days of Ramadan are the days in which you could recapture your momentum when it comes to reading the Quran. So a few points to mention here in sha Allah Tada. Number one, if your initial goal that you set seems to be completely out of reach now, then readjust the goal, don't abandon it. So if you set out for example, to do three huts, most of the plan, you're going to

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recite three but you're finding that reciting the plan three times in total is becoming too difficult for you then go ahead and make it two instead. But don't abandon your goal altogether. If you set a goal for yourself, and you're 50 to 75% of that goal in the first 10 then motivate yourself to catch up in the next 10 inshallah, so let's say that you said that you want to read 30 Jews meaning the entire plan over the month, and it's 10 days in and you've gotten, you know, six or seven done.

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Don't despair, even if you're at four or five, you know what, push yourself to catch up and Sharla and these next 10 days, so that you can reconnect once again. And then one thing that I'd also like to say is that it's important for us to set a goal for ourselves to acquaint ourselves with after Ramadan from now, what does that look like? You know, Ramadan is not a time for you to just set a block goal for yourself and and try to catch it all in a few days. No, the point is a daily recitation of the Quran. So if I'm going to do five pages instead of 10, that's fine. But after Ramadan, what I like to do is called the one third rule from now think about a goal that you can

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keep one third of or one half of inshallah as a habit after level one. Remember the goal is to bring Ramadan into our lives as a daily habit in sha Allah Tada. So if I'm going to do a desert Ramadan, I want to do half every month inshallah, after Ramadan, may Allah make us people couldn't keep up your Home Alarm strong and shot a lot. So I want to come home to life at a counter.

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