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Snark manmohini net Hamdulillah He not gonna do we're gonna start you know when to stop? We're gonna study. We're not going to be here when I talk Kehlani he went through the winner in our liniment surely unforeseen elements say RTR Marina, when you had the LA Jota Allah for la mala woman your blue color her the Allah which had to Allah either hitting La La wider hola Shreeka level one call out hemmed up where you meet oh hi Jana emotes via the Hellfire Wahoo either Cooley shaitan Kadir, shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul wasafi Who will have a look at the Manitoba law results also Halal on Akasha fell on WhatsApp I can imagine a lot Lido How can a hearty her legacy Ivana Illa Allah

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karate off the last Allah to automata slim while early he was so happy when Minister Nabil Suniti he you know your Medina Lama Jana minhang Lemina Alladhina amanu Amina Milani, how to also be happy with also the sabe I mean, Oberon Amin will see come when FCB Tukwila are called Mr. Rana will help Wirkkala to Allah you will Adina Amador Tapachula haka to car T whether to mutran illa Anta Muslim on your nurse to tap on Bakula the Halacha come in Epson Wahida Well, hello, come in has Jaha Oberth Amin hamari jar and cathedra on one Isa, what's up Allah Allah data set I'm gonna be here a lot of harm in Allah Khanna Alikum Rocky, but you will Adina ammonoid Triple La La Kulu colon so either

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your local

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welfare law comes back home for my daughter Allah wa rasool Allah who are called the first 1000 are Lima from my bed. We begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and declaring his oneness and declaring his perfection and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. Subhana And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, and those that follow until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them. Lama Amin, the brothers and sisters, if I was to ask everyone,

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and I'm not going to I don't want you to respond. But as soon as this news of the armed anti Islam rallies being all over the country, your first course of action was probably to open it up and see if it was your message or not. And if it was your message it if it was Valley Ranch masjid, which hamdulillah Valley Ranch was not on the list of the masajid where you had protests today, you might have gone to another masjid, you might have decided to avoid the entire scene. And you might have thought to yourself, well, thank God, it's not us. And that type of attitude. Subhanallah is very dangerous. And you know, I'm speaking for myself, at least today that I actually was not going to

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give the ultimate today I was actually planning to go to one of those massages, not because I liked confrontation, or because I plan to fight with any protesters or argue with anybody, but Subhanallah just to see that scene and to constantly be reminded of the times that we are in right now and to analyze how we should be responding to this entire thing. And I think it's absolutely no secret that when we look to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's very easy to read about his difficult times and to feel a sense of emotion and sympathy for him. But what's far more difficult is to look at his difficult times and to actually find the inspiration to be strong in

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your own difficult times. Though our difficult times are far less than the difficult times of the Prophet sallallahu. It was some of them. The burden that we've been placed under is a far less burden than what the Prophet saw why Selim was placed under and so our problems appear to be miniscule. Anytime we look to his sera sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, when you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, primarily one of the and I know there have been many cultivars, and I'm not going to repeat that topic of how to respond to insults how the prophets like some responded to insults, but there is no doubt that one of the purposes of insulting the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to bring the Prophet slice alum down to their level was to have the Prophet slice and and respond in like manner. In fact, you can find explicit conversations between Abu Sofia and Earth webinar Robbia who's asked actually seen or I'm sorry, I'd be more eat, who's actually asking about Sofia, why they're not leaving the profit size so I'm alone. And one of the answers of bubble Sofia and at the time was hoping that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do something that would lower his dignity and lower his status in the sight of his followers. It would have been absolutely golden for the Islamophobes of the Prophet slice and as time goes on,

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And for Islamophobes for all times had the profit slice and I'm responded in like manner because when we look at the profit slice alum we hold him so I sell them to that standard of excellence as Allah subhanaw taala held the profit slice. And if you remember when the Prophet slice Allah was asked why he doesn't kill Abdullah and obey bin Salman, who deserve to be killed, who deserved you know, for the treason that he committed for years and years and years against the prophets lie Selim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Lyor Cohen and the Mohammed and Kenny up to us have I don't want them to say later on that the profit slice and him that Mohammed used to kill his

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companions, I'm not gonna give them their material. And so the prophets lie Selim had that result, not just for the Islamophobes of his time, but for Islamophobes for all times to come that when they criticize our prophets lie Selim, when they attack his Sierra, they cannot attack him honestly. They can't bring out incidents without taking them out of context and attack his character, some Allah Azza wa salam, because there is no material because there is nothing that was immoral about the way the prophets lie, some carried himself and the way the prophets lie, some behave, they have to resort to lies, and what a blessing that is for our community, because even had the prophets lie,

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some shown justifiable retaliation. In certain instances, it still would have placed us in a difficult situation, but the only thing they have to capitalize on his our own ignorance of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the full context of the incidence that they bring about, you know, the mention of the Prophet sly, some acting in a manner that seems to be unjustified and seems to be immoral. It was meant to break him SallAllahu wasallam they wanted to get something out of him. They wanted the prophets lie some to stop smiling. They wanted the prophets lie some to hate life. They wanted the prophets lie some to wish for death. They wanted the prophets lie some to say

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to the people of Mecca, you know what, I'm not gonna do that we're here anymore because you people are not giving me an audience and because of the way you're, you're treating me I'm going to go to a shop where they have you know, at least you know, some form of Abrahamic roots. Maybe they'll listen to this maybe though, maybe there'll be more receptive than you also lost my solemn cert to Mecca as he was leaving Mecca that had your people not turned me out, I would have never left you. The profit slice for all of those years, bore their their insults and their hardships and did not say, You know what, guys, I'm moving on because of the way that you're talking to me. And because I don't like the

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way that you're treating me. Until it became a matter of life and death. Rasulullah sly Salam he stayed the course. And he maintained his resolve, and he continued to make them look bad. By the way, the prophets like Selim, by the way he continued to respond to them. And subhanAllah it's very easy for someone outside of the community, to mock our version of the story of Thoth. When we say that the prophets lie Selim, after having been insulted and abused for all of this time, and after having been covered in blood and walking through the residence of a city as they insulted him and abused him, that Allah sent the angel Jibreel Allah His salam to him with an angel that can move the

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mountains and ask the prophets lie Selim. If he wanted these people to be crushed between those two mountains, we can quote that story comfortably. And the people on the outside would say that that's all fable and that's all made up. There's, you know, that whole story is made up and that doesn't make sense. And you know what, for their theological reasoning, because they don't believe it'll Sula sly Salam is a messenger of Allah. Of course, we can't force that version of the story on them. But what we can say very comfortably, is that the circumstances that the prophets lie some lived under, in the boycott of bento Hashim, and Ben will follow up on the profit slice and him and his

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family were excommunicated by their people forced into the ghettos. People were not allowed to marry from them. People were not allowed to buy and sell for them. People were not allowed to send food to them. Subhanallah even charity was not sent to them. You talk about a terrible situation, family members were barred from sending charity to them. And that's one of the most painful things in the world. And, and there are many people in here. And you can ask them, those who have relatives that are in war torn countries and in territories where their money cannot even reach their family members. There's an intense feeling of guilt that my family is scrapping. And I can't reach them

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with my money. I have it but I can't get it to them. Can you imagine how much more that pain is when you live only two miles away from your family members when your family members are there and you can't deliver aid to them. And that was meant to break the profits by some it was meant to break his followers and for the past.

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Twice allow him to maintain the morale not only in his own household, but in his community for three years, three years living under those circumstances is 300 years. It's a lifetime, three years of living under that, under those brutal conditions. You know, it's enough to drive anyone crazy. You talk about what what, what what prison does to people and what solitary confinement does to people. And you look at the people in the boycott. And you listen to the narration of Syed and Robbie Wakasa, the Allahu Anhu it says, we ran out of food, to the point that we became so hungry that one day I went out to to urinate. And when I was urinating, I heard I heard that, you know, the surface

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of what I was urinating on was heart. So I discovered under the soil that it was it was a bone. And because I had nothing to eat, I clean that bone and I crushed it. And that was the food for my family had a law that would drive anyone crazy. Not would put anyone into a state of being unethical, and then doing things that are contrary to all of the principles they had, because at that point, everything is fair game, right. And when you look at the profit slice, and what he went through himself, losing a whole palette, and then losing leads over the lawn, and then bearing the guilt, the natural guilt of what his followers are going through because of the message that he

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brought Salallahu it with somebody.

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And you can imagine how difficult it was for the prophets lie some to keep standing, to keep walking, to keep smiling, to keep calling to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And he doesn't stop. And you know what the cruelty that was shown to him would move the hardest of hearts. Even Ebola had himself timber to the Avila hub in water.

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The one who Allah subhanaw taala cursed and doomed to eternal damnation when he stood in front of the prophet slicin And he cursed the prophets ISIL in you know, in a time when the prophets lie, some needed his uncle, when the prophets like Selim called the people for the first time and Safa the one who stood up and Kirsten, and humiliated him the one who's who used to who had his two sons divorced the two daughters of the prophets lie summon the one whose wife used to put obstacles in front of his house third dead cats over his wall you know all of the things that they did tell me when I'm Allah have came to see the prophets lie some after the job of the Allah and had passed away

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directly due to the the malnourishment and the and the circumstances that they were placed in. And the prophets lie some opened the door and he saw the redness of the eyes of the prophets lie Selim, the amount of crying and weeping that the Prophet slice and I'm did even Ebola was rendered speechless. Even a man of that much hardness in his heart, stopped for a moment and actually reconsidered whether or not he wanted to continue showing cruelty to the prophets of Allah Hardy he was so even that man

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who amassed some 100 out of sealed his fate, in the earliest days of Islam, that there is no chance that this man will ever make tau but other people will make Toba will not have will not make Toba. Ebola will not repent. But there is a little spark of fitrah a little spark of human nature when he saw the cruelty that he contributed to.

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And what it did to his nephew, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he just lost his wife.

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And our prophets lie some cried a lot. And he could see it in his face. And so how are some of the scars of CLSA that I'm gonna have for a time for a time for a temporary period decided not to continue with this persecution that he went back to it. And we know how his ending was. But the point is that that even moved the hardest of hearts. And what ends the boycotts of the people of the problem of bento harassment, minimal follow up was not that the oppressor started to feel that. And somehow this is a very important point. It was the neutral observers.

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It was the people of Makkah, that were not Muslims, that could not bear to see that level of persecution and that level of cruelty. And it was those people that started to protest and to petition and of course, only by the help of Allah subhanaw taala ended that boycott on those on the Prophet sly summon his family, but it was the neutral observers that became sympathizers and he found them to be Rahim Allah to Allah. He talks about this if you either love the experiment let's see here some for either love the Bina karabiner who idolatry and Kanda Hua Lian Amin, if y'all can come forward and charlatan as much as you can. When Allah Subhana Allah says, respond to evil with

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that which is better and you will find that your I do your enemy, the person who's most cruel to you, he might find softness in his heart, and he might turn back to Allah subhanaw taala he might become your close protecting fun he

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might become your ally. And so what about them? And this is a very powerful point from an ortho. He says, What about them? The people who are not your enemies, but the people that are watching

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the people that are watching the Adamawa between you, they're watching this all unfold, what would happen to their hearts? And what would change within them? And how close would they come to the prophets lie Selim now if you lived in the time of the Prophet slice, I'm in the boycott, If I lived there, we'd probably all be going up to the prophets lie Selim and saying enough is enough. Enough is enough. At what point do we do we start, you know, going out and resort and resorting to the tactics that they're employing against us enough is enough, we can't take this anymore. At what point do we become like them? I guarantee you had we lived in that time, we probably would

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collectively be asking the profit slice of that question.

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But the prophet slice and um exhibited strength, that strength for him to be able to walk through those lines, and have people cursing. And by the way, if any of you have walked through the lines of those protesters, whether it was in Garland or wherever it may be, there's it just starts to boil inside of you like oh, the biller? Are we really at this point. Well, guess what, for the prophets lie some they weren't just holding signs and yelling, degrading things about the prophets lie Selim. They were Yeah, they were hitting the Prophet slicin. They were stoning the Prophet seitzer They were spitting on the profit slice them, he didn't have police protection. He didn't have anyone, any

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human beings to stand there and protect. Imagine, then what happens to that strength on the part of the profit slice of them to stand there with that result, and to still not become like them?

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will lie that strength. I don't know any I know for a fact that we don't have that level of strength. And I don't know if any of us have even an Adam's worth of the strength. But that strength, that resolve of the messenger slice of them to see things through and to see what would happen to those who were watching on the side, and what would change and what hearts would move. Because the prophets lie. Some knew that Allah subhanaw taala changes hearts. We've seen it many times. And so yes, the Islamophobia against the prophets lie. Selim, actually, at the end of the day ended up feeding into Islam.

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What happens to us today, as a community, this you know, what happened with ashrama? right in our backyard? Subhan Allah, I'm in Hajj and the headlines of the Saudi Gazette was the stet. I stand with Athens.

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And I'm sitting there thinking to myself, like Subhanallah that's weird. That's strange. But you know what? That discrimination that took place against him, you know, how many hearts that moved? You know, how many people at that point, would resolve and say, enough is enough? This is injustice. Even if they Subhanallah no matter what religion they are, this is injustice. We're not okay with that. And look, what ended up happening there. It blew up in their faces. You know, we talked about some how a last year and hedge was, was was our brother for St. Abdullah making sujood in the endzone. Again, it's on the front page over there. Subhanallah it's, it's, you know, and getting a

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flag and Hamdulillah that referee through that flag. Thank God, that referee didn't hesitate. And Hamdulillah that referee threw that flag, because look what it ended up doing.

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It moves people. People hate a bully. No one likes to see a bully. And at the end of the day, bullies expose themselves, and they end up ruining everything that they were pursuing. It's election here. And we have you know, Donald Trump, who very few people take seriously unless they're on the same intellectual level as Donald Trump. And you have Ben Carson. And guess what Ben Carson is where Herman Cain was last election cycle. How many people remember him? How many people remember him that were shouting those bigoted words and you know what people like that Subhanallah ended up ruining themselves, whether their local politicians or national politicians, they ended up putting their

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foot in their mouths with other people who it's not socially acceptable to discriminate against, eventually they'll they'll end up saying something insensitive to someone other than Muslims and they'll commit they'll commit political suicide. They'll ruin themselves. And guess what? It's all part of the plan of Allah subhanho attack

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and inshallah to Allah will make it out. We always do, not because of our own strength, but because Allah subhanho To Allah will not allow those people to succeed. They don't succeed. They're temporary. They shout out their slogans of bigotry. At the end of the day, they lose, they always do lose and they ended up losing every one that was somewhat neutral and the hearts that were somewhat inclining. To towards, they ended up losing and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes them out to be the fools

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So when it was the Arizona protest, the counter protest was a lot larger. And there were people that came to the masjid that had never come to a masjid before. You know, today I was just seeing the picture Subhanallah they came out of Washington DC where the largest counter protest, the largest armed protests was plant. And it was around Majid Mohamed in Washington DC. And the non Muslim neighbors went around putting signs up on the polls that said, Hate Free Zone, we stand with message Muhammad, Hate Free Zone, we stand with message Muhammad, they are not shooting themselves in the foot. It always happens that way. And that is the beauty of what the prophets lie some tells us in

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the law that you are you do have the deen but what you refer to

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sometimes Allah subhanaw taala supports this religion with a wicked person that allegedly finds the context of that hadith by the way. It's very powerful. That on the day of the Battle of budget, there is a man from the side of the Muslims we typically interpret the statements always mean non Muslims, there was a Sahabi, a man from the side of the Muslims that was fighting so bravely, that he managed to kill seven of the enemy. And you know, the Sahaba were chanting out that this is a man from an agenda. This is a brave man from Paradise, fighting on the side of the believers and the Prophet slice and I'm says Belle, who I'm in Atlanta, rather, he's from the people of hellfire. And

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the Sahaba were shocked until they found him at the end of the battle, that he had committed suicide. But after he killed seven he was wounded. And he put his sword into the ground into the dirt and he basically threw himself onto that sword he committed suicide.

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And the prophets lie Selim says in the law you are you do have the need, like you are you do have the deen but Rajaraja Allah supports the religion sometimes through a wicked man. This is a person on the side of the Muslims. But if you take this hadith and the expanded meaning and really what we can take from it, the lessons we can take from it, everyone has their agendas. There are Islamophobes that have their agendas. There are politicians that have their agendas. There are Muslims that are countering Islamophobia that have agendas other than pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. But you know what, at the end of the day, they can all have their agendas. Allah subhanaw taala has

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his and at the end of the day, that's the one that's going to overwhelm all of them. So if the disbeliever who hates Islam, and who is an enemy to Islam and who hates, you know, who is unjust and fighting against people, and calling for bigotry, if that person thinks they're going to succeed, they will fail. And if we as Muslims only respond and you know, for the sake of our own lowly selves are in fact we do any good work, we do any good dare Well, Allah subhanaw taala might establish amazing things through us. Allah might use us for great things. But if we're not sincere, guess what we fail as well. And we fell in the hill, we fell in the hereafter. At the end of the day, it's all

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falling, except for the plan of Allah subhanaw taala. Everything, even your noble plans, with corrupt intentions, they fail, but Allah subhanaw taala carries out his plan, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Except make sure that your intention is proper. And make sure that you are doing what Allah subhanaw taala has called you to do for the right reasons. So that's all that you can possibly do in this situation. And that doesn't mean this hadith doesn't mean that we sit around and we wait for the 5g to bring about victory to wait for a wicked person, Allah subhanaw taala to establish victory through that wicked person. That's not what the prophets lie some did. However,

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guess what? Omega Mohalla did that or to belittle the Allahu Anhu without even knowing it?

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And these people that brought people out in droves to the massager, they are ascending hearts towards the massage is without even knowing it's Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has a plan. And we should not think to ourselves in a defeatist mentality that it's all over and we need to walk away. No, we need to continue doing what Allah subhanaw taala told us to do. We need to continue calling as Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to call and we need to move forward understanding that at the end of the day success and failure is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and there is nothing that can change that Subhanallah we see the the heartbreaking scenes of what's happening and most of the

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OXA and do not get me wrong. So how don't don't take from this in any way. That it's okay for us to be passive as Muslims. It's not okay, you tie your camel and you put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala but you see what's happening in Uppsala. And you know what? There was a time when there was a man who was upset that too many people were going to the cab that the cab held up a place of prominence in the hearts of the Arabs that was greater than what he had established.

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So that was greater than the church that he had built and that is umbra. And that's before Islam even exists Subhanallah in that area, and he's upset that the kava has more prominence than his church. And you know what he does? He does, he decides he's going to destroy that, that Canva he decides he's going to wipe it up. But you know what ends up happening instead, not not only does Allah subhanaw taala destroy him. Not only does Allah subhanaw taala humiliate him in his arm, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has more people longing for that house after the prophets lie Selim comes and calls people now you are people in the girls that are coming saying the bake Allahu mela bake here

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we come, Oh Allah, here we come. The love for the love to come to the house of Allah subhanaw taala was increased. So Allah subhanaw taala did not just humiliate him, he foiled his plans as well. He foiled his plot in his plans as well. And there are legendary words of optimal polyp who's not even a Muslim Subhanallah who's not even a Muslim. But sometimes again, the truth can come on the tongue of any man he was a noble man, even though he was not a Muslim. And when he says about this house, that little Beatty Robin, you mean that at the end of the day, this cabin has a lord that will protect it. We know that most of the lochsa has a lord has robbed that will protect it. But what is

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our role and what is our part and we need to make sure that we're not being passive, but at the same time, we're demonstrating strength, and part of strength is remaining dignified and ethical. No matter what your enemy resorts to. No matter what the people that hate you resort to, you continue to do what Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded you to do? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant a strengthen our resolve, and to and to grant a sincerity and our intentions and in our actions and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make all that we do for his sake and to put success in it for his sake. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to help us in our difficult

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times to help the believers that are in far greater times of distress, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to support them and to grant them victory and to protect his house to protect the Masjid Al Aqsa, and to protect the believing men and the believing women and all of those that are oppressed and all of those that are wronged and to put us in our in their cause alarm, I mean, Akula called Eva was tough Allah he will accompany certain and Muslim festival in the whole world of affordable him.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whenever we want to learn about I mean when asked about to attain Allahumma salli wa Salam o Baraka I'm Dakota suka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was talking to sell him to see him and cathedra your brothers and sisters, of course, the message is a repeated message while attacking all attacks and one to one, Ilona and Clinton, what mean that do not be deflated, do not be depressed, do not be hopeless. And you are the believers, Allah subhanaw taala has assured us certain things and Allah subhanaw taala does not break his promises. And Allah does not break his covenants. It's election year, and basically lie to Allah, we will make it

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through the Islamophobia of this year and whatever else is in store for us, so long as we're doing that which we need to do in sha Allah Tada. So long as we're doing that, which we need to do. And let's not forget that there are communities that have been targeted and communities that have been harmed in far worse ways than us. And we should be in their costs. You know, it's, it lightens up my heart, but at the same time, it hurts me that anytime something like this happens, my phone has a bunch of text messages from you know, preachers and even Subhanallah rabbis reaching out and saying, What can we do to help your message? What can we do to help your community, it lightens my heart,

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and it makes me happy to see that and hamdulillah there are still good people and that the the minority of bigots should not make us forget that we still have great people around us that wants to help us and that are neutral, and whose hearts inclined towards us when they see our community being targeted, and being discriminated against. But at the same time, that should be our response as well. When other places of worship are threatened, when other communities are targeted. 17 black churches have been burned down this year 1717 We're not just talking about armed rallies. And so coalition building is something that's very important for us to take into consideration as well. I

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pray that in sha Allah to honor that through these difficult times we have long lasting coalition's but the 92 out of that were a part of that we can not only, you know, be protected and have strong alliances that assure us in these difficult times, but also that put us in a position to better do what Allah subhanaw taala sent us to do, and to protect and guard people as well and to be in the cause of those that are vulnerable and oppressed as well. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to assist us in doing so and to keep us sincere in that process. A lot more filet mignon are not well Muslim. Meanwhile, Muslim out here even Holman emirate in Mecca Samia and periurban Majid without Allah

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I'm gonna put it on our wire for an hour or two. But then alumna info center we're in I'm tougher than our top 100 an akuna minal ha serene la either illa Anta Subhana Allah in Hakuna immunoblot Amin La ilaha illa Anta Subhana kiddin I couldn't I mean, I've lied. I mean, a lot more fiddly while Idina while they're humble man Kamara bonus Ihara have been a habit and I mean as well as you know the reality of Kurata Aryan subpoena in mama llama is number one Muslimeen dealership killing machine with Mr. Dean Allah one so this one and most of our fina female shout out to my Barbie llama aliquid Vitamina with like I mean I footage now what if one and I mean beating him study me about

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the law in the law a little bit I do an accent when he turned in quarterback we inherited fracture you wouldn't want to carry well Barry Manilow come to the corona festival Allah has gotta come wash crew and Erina is it luck? What are the Corolla? Hey Akbar Allahu Jana Matheson, our own prima Sala.