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These are all the Allahu Anhu was on her way to the Prophet slice and I'm with a tray of food, when you beat it is that I'm keen to the prophets lie Selim to give her the glad tidings of a palace of Jannah, where she will be served. When you think about the Inaugural Address of the prophets lie Selim in Medina, spread Salaam and feed the people. Imagine the one who used to bring Salam and sustenance not to the people, but to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and what nourishment awaits her in paradise. And imagine sitting with her in her living room with the profit slice of them and the angel serving all of us together.

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So you enter Jannah and you want to feast? What does that first meal look like? All you have to do is order it because the chef's have Janna, make what you want. So whether it's biryani or Mokulua, or Mendi, or burgers or Jurriaan, or jello fries, you name it, whatever you want, order it and it will be served to you as you wish. And it may be food that you couldn't have in this dunya just like you can't have wine here but you can have it there. And you think about when Western Muslims find a McDonald's in the Middle East or the first time you have pizza with Halal pepperoni. The point is, nothing's off limits in Jannah and you have what you want. Now is the food of Jannah. Even similar

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to what we have here in any way. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Quran Allah ma Rosie Coleman Hammond Samaritan restaurant Kalu, Heather Lavie Rosa Kaname in Kabul, that every single time they see another fruit, they say, this is what we had before. Meaning the fruit is familiar enough in name and on the exterior to where you recognize it. But then once you bite into it, it's next level. So it's sort of like an American mango versus Pakistani or Bengali mangoes, and I'm gonna let you sort out which ones are better, but biting it is different than what it looks like on the outside. And even I Bessell the Allahu Anhu said in Jannah, nothing resembles anything of this world except

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by its name. And some of the scholars said, the higher you go up, the more exotic the fruits get to a point that they have no comparison, just like how in the prophets lie, Selim was ascending on the night of Illustra, when Meraj, the tree started to become unrecognizable, to the point that he was unable SallAllahu I use them to describe the colors of Siddhartha and winter hat in worldly terms. So the Prophet slice I mentioned bananas, and then he mentioned clusters of grapes. And there was a bedwin that asked the prophets lie, some of the excitement, yada, so Allah, they have grape and Jana, and the prophets lie, some said yes, he said, how big is a bundle of grapes in Jannah, and the

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Prophet slice and M said, the distance of a month for a flying CRO, which never gets exhausted, and flies without pause. And every time you pick a fruit in Jannah, it's automatically replenished, and the tree branches lower their fruit for you. So you don't have to work for them. Just like you used to ascend to good deeds with effort, the fruits now descend to you with no effort. These are the people who the Prophet slice and I'm said, would reach for emaan in the sky. These are the people who the prophets lie, some said would hold on to faith, even when it's like a burning hot coal. And so these are the people then who received the book in the right hand given to them after their hard

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work. And now, the fruits of Jannah lower themselves to them for eternity. These are the fruits of your labor, literally. So if these are the fruits, what about the food and the cooked meals? Now amazing things are going to happen that day, some of which we can't process at all. So for example, the prophet slice and I'm said, Allah will take the entire land of assembly from the day of judgment, turn it into a single loaf of bread, then throw it to the people of generosity. So the appetizer is the earth as a loaf of bread. And when the profit slice and I was asked, well, what will be the welcoming meal in paradise? He said that there's a bull that is grazing now in Jannah,

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and it will be sacrificed upon arrival. And he said, sallAllahu, it was salam, a will, from whose excessive liver 70,000 people would be able to eat so a rare delicacy known as Tebbutt, that hoot the liver of a whale. Now, you might think to yourself, you know, the bread of the Day of Judgment and fish liver doesn't sound very appetizing, and you might not even like seafood, but this is Jana. And just think of the idea that the animal that's going to be sacrificed for you is already grazing in Jannah right now. And Allah says, Well, let me play it in Minaya.

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stone, and then you can have the flesh of any delicate bird that you desire. So you look around in Jannah and you see these huge birds flying around. And these birds are specifically for consumption. And the Prophet Sly Stone said their necks are like the necks of camels and Armadyl the law and when he heard that, he said, What blessed birds these are in the Prophet sighs um, said, No, the ones who eat them are even more blessed. So, how does that even work? Do you hunt in Jannah? Do you pick up a gun in Jannah? Do you have something to shoot them with? No, the prophets lie Selim said, effortless. You look at a bird in paradise and desire it and it immediately falls on your plate

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roasted to perfection, just like the fruits lower themselves to you. Now this is what we somewhat can recognize. And the ease by which it comes to us cooked or fresh as we please is part of the genuine experience. But then you have the buffet of Jannah that has meals that we've never even heard of them. No am Rahim Allah said that 70 dishes of gold will be passed around them. Each dish will have a different type of food that is not in the other. And the best part of it is that in Jannah, there is no weight gain. There is no waste, you don't get bloated in Gemina, you don't get full. It's just pure Shaohua pure desire. And Allah subhanaw taala says, even in the vessels, golden

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trays and cups with endless servants circling around. The Platters themselves are art that is pleasing for you to stare at our ReRAM and filled Walton with crystal glasses and golden platters. And then come these about these pictures that have handles and they're shiny, but you can still see the content on the inside of them. And it's already measured to exactly how much you would want not to sit more or a SIP less. So what would you like to have to drink with your food in Jannah now imagine a menu of these mixed cocktails and drinks from the rivers and springs of Jamaica. Now remember, there's no filter needed for these but the mixes are even better. And some places Allah

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mentions drinks that are flavored with camphor, other drinks from the spring of salsa bead flavored with ginger. And as we said Tasneem is the drink of the Mikado global and those who are closest to Allah Subhana Allah. But Allah says, You scone a middle a heaping Maktoum, that a bottle of pure wine sealed with musk, with your name on it is presented to you. How old is the wine, it's been stored in the cellars of Jannah this whole time, t Tom will who misc. The last sip is flavored with musk and Allah Subhana Allah says, well if he that he can finally attend office in Santa Fe soon. So let that be what you compete over. Forget about the wine and wealth of this world. This is the party

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you want to work for. What you'll notice is that some of these things are not even drinkable in this world like drinking musk. And the things that are drinkable have issues and harms in this world like Wine, wine makes you sick and wine makes you sinful in this world. But the wine of Jannah is different. And the people who drink that wine are different as well. Pay attention to how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not drink in the vessels of gold and silver and do not eat in their plates. It is for them meaning the disbelievers in this world and it is for you in the Hereafter. And in the same way the profit slice and I'm said Whoever drinks wine in this world will

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not drink it in the hereafter. Here we only consumed what is hella in the next life we consume whatever we want. The mindset that brings it all together is to serve others now and be served by Allah later. Restrain yourself for Allah now and be rewarded by Allah later Kulu wash through Abu honey Bhima has left and fill a yarmulke Alia eat and drink at ease for that which used to do in days past yeah

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